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The Sleight of Hand Election of 2020

This sort of imbalance defies the laws of Mathematics, Statistics, Gravity and Jimmy the Greek

By Craig Keshishian, November 12, 2020 4:45 pm

I’m no magician but I know a couple of great ones, including my broker, who is famous in both professions (welcome to LA), but I doubt even my friend Stan can pull off the sort of trick I saw taking place at, oh, 2:00 in the morning of November 4th as I was watching the live feeds from Michigan and Pennsylvania roll in.

I’m pretty good at counting votes before and after an election. Did it for Presidents and Prime Ministers, Senators and Governors as a pollster and strategist, so watching returns, doing the splits, figuring out the precincts that come in favorably for your guy or girl versus the ones that don’t, all come second nature to me. Mostly because I’ve been doing it for forty years, and when I’m not counting votes, I’m counting cards ( that’s another article). So when you see – in the middle of the night – a “dump” of votes of about 28,000 come in for one candidate, Joe Biden, and NOT one single offsetting vote for Trump, then it raises more than just my eyebrow.

I understand voting pattern infusions and realize there are hardworking, honest people trying to tally up huge numbers of votes from large states under enormous pressure of time. What I don’t understand is when huge batches of votes — tens of thousands at a time— come in ALL for one candidate, without ANY compensating votes for the other.

This sort of imbalance – and that’s an understatement – defies the laws of Mathematics, Statistics, Gravity and Jimmy the Greek. In fact, for an occurrence like this to have taken effect, a statistician put those odds at about one millionth of one percent. You have better prospect of finding a unicorn in your garage tomorrow morning.

When you see vote totals streaming into a registrar’s office, they are usually variegated, (ie. 628 for Candidate Smith versus 327 for Candidate Jones). In my experience, I have never seen a segregated infusion like this ever. And I’ve run elections in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, and observed them in even sketchier places. Never seen it happen. Ever.

So what does this lead me to believe?

From my perspective, there must be a massive software back door hack. Don’t take my word for it – just look up Diebold Voting Systems and all the controversy surrounding the glitches and security failures raised by members of both political parties.

In 2009, California Democratic Secretary of State Debra Bowen, decertified Diebold’s GEMS version, 1.18.19 after the Humboldt County Election Transparency Project discovered that GEMS had silently dropped 197 ballots from its tallying score fin a single precinct in Eureka, California.

There are more egregious examples of backdoor break ins, memory card attacks conducted by independent security consultants, that give me ample evidence of proof that these systems are hardly bulletproof and and vulnerable to a hack.

Did this happen?

My late father always told me that the truth “will out.” I believed him then as I do today. By the way, Diebold voting systems division was acquired by Dominion Voting Systems, which is at the eye of this current voting hurricane scandal. What our friends from both parties need to do pronto, is a complete forensic audit of these systems, for these machines and the nefarious actors behind them may have warped the integrity of this election, and surely have shaken the voters’ confidence in our democratic republic.

For Without faith in the integrity of our vote, we won’t have a Democratic Republic for much longer.

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58 thoughts on “The Sleight of Hand Election of 2020

  1. Shorter: They want us to believe a basement dweller who could not draw flies to his few events beat the guy who filled stadiums

    1. Your right the truth will come out or should I say it’s in process. People know as they did when it was happening. Trump knows and his advisors know , now …….. they’re just trying to pin the tale on the donkey.

    2. Well put! We refuse to believe it for a minute. Arizona most definitely went for Trump, and the support for him in Pima County, a liberal stronghold, was overwhelming. The rally in Tucson had thousands. There were truck parades and flag waves. Every weekend. The few Biden rallies that I am aware of for drew anywhere from six supporters on a street corner to no more than 100. HUGE difference!

      1. They done this before steal the election in the election of Obama andMitt Romney in 2012 Romney did not pursue it and he got away with it! YOU HAVE THE BIDEN VIDEO SAYING IT

    3. Not only filled stadiums but airports! I got this off a meme but it rings true, it said I flipped a coin 138,000 and it was heads every time do you believe me. You know Kamala did more campaigning than Joe did for a reason, if they win, she’s going to be the 46th!

    4. My sentiment exactly. Guess this is another clue that Biden/Harris knew the “fix” was in so there was no need to do rallies. (You know…COVID-19, fear tactic) Trump is still my President????????

  2. The FBI in a normal world should seize all programming used in the election as evidence and then perform forensics to find the “glitches”. There are two examples out there , showing votes taken from trump and given to Biden. One was 6000 votes and was caught innocently during the election. The other is a screenshot somebody caught of CNN . THERE MUST BE OTHERS

    1. Please don’t get the FBI involved. They had Hunter’s laptop for 10 months and hid it before the store owner sent the evidence to Rudy Giuliani and then it went to the New York Post. FBI would just bury the evidence: “Nothing to see here, machines are fine. Just go on living your lives while we raid the country.”

    1. Very sad but true all that showed up to support -will also will rise up to deliver us from the evil our country is about to be handed to. They Definitely needed Trump out of the White House because can’t hide all your evil doings when there’s not someone there that’s willing to participate and play your games. Funny how he went into the White House with millions and the others that we see that have held office recently went into the White House average and came out millionaires – how does that work?

  3. A viewer had posted a video of a 20,000 vote jump for Biden alone ..while recording the scrawl across the bottom of the screen.

    So, was this simply the Network updating their count to match the actual count, or did the actual State count change for Biden that fast?

    Did anyone confirm this? ..or we just assume the Network number reflects the exact election board numbers at the exact time?

  4. A viewer had posted a video of a 20,000 vote jump for Biden alone in PA while recording the scrawl across the bottom of the screen.

    So, were these incidents simply the Network updating their count to match the actual count, or did the State count actually change for Biden that fast?

    Did anyone confirm this? ..or we just assuming the Network number reflects the exact election board numbers at the exact time?

  5. I firmly believe Diebold has had “a fly in the ointment” this time around. To WATCH votes disappear has been very disconcerting. I am so glad somebody with a stronger voice than mine is questioning this company.

  6. Voting has been false for decades. Notice the maps all cities in every state go democratic. And how many states never go Republican. Its impossible. Were bankrupt with no voting system. Were circling the bowl. Lol

  7. The risk of cheating is weighed against “can I get away with it “ Democrats blatantly cheat because they know their comrades are fixed in positions of authority who will protect from exposure or prosecution their illegal acts. Hillary is sure example. Without JUSTICE what else can we expect?

  8. I think you are absolutely correct! I feel California has been cheating for decades. SOROS is a big instigator. I posted this on facebook for my friends. Thank you.

  9. Really nice article. They whole thing smells. This was too much to believe — I wonder if statistical arguments hold sway….in addition to all the affidavits…

  10. Many of you are gobsmacked that Biden votes FAR outnumbered Trump’s. You were certain he’d win by landslide because he SAID so. Because you are in Fox bubble, refusing to take other News, you are unaware the overwhelming majority DESPISE him. If you’d left the bubble, his crushing loss would not have been a shock. You would have been prepared for it and perhaps, you’ve learned a valuable lesson.

    1. I don’t think you can truthfully say that an “overwhelming majority” despise him..:at the very least half the country voted for him!! Don’t hold your breath, it’s not over yet!!





    2. Jane, are you for real? The “Fox bubble” is a myth, not least because Fox has gone to hell too. But conservatives hear nothing BUT leftist nonsense, all day in every way, from dawn to midnight, CONSTANTLY. We’re surrounded by it, it’s everywhere, this ugly what’s-now-become-marxist stuff you’re apparently so proud of. There’s no getting away from it, so stop with the “Fox bubble.” We’re actually right in there with you in your marxist bubble, but for us we’re forced into it. One day, and that day may have already come for all I know, you’re going to lose your country and then you will wish you had opened your ears and dropped your hatred and LISTENED to something other than this insane Dem nonsense you’re soaking in that apparently makes you feel like you are nice and good. When you’re not.

    3. We’ve seen the media lies and are well aware how many people have been infected by TDS. It’s terrifying, Trump’s lies and conspiracy theories are one thing, but watching the media repeat the same lies and perform an all out assault on free speech and our great president is a whole new level. But they were so obvious, yes it is hard to imagine you didn’t wake up yet.

  11. Joe Biden needs to go back to his basement and remain there. He is a disgrace to our Political system and ALL WHO FOLLOW HIM. President Trump has tried from the Get Go to clean up Washington DC and needs HELP from every American citizen to get our Dirty Politicians Removed from their Positions permanently.

  12. Well, Sidney Powell mentioned in passing Hammer and Scorecard (CIA programs for hacking and turning votes) and the MSM immediately labeled it a far-right conspiracy theory.

    We learn MI has “glitches in software” that threw maybe 6,000 votes to Biden but it wasn’t widespread. Then we discover it was the entire state. Now we know many states used electronic software.

    And then Scott Adams, who has good insider info, said something big is coming next week and “You haven’t seen the good stuff yet.”

    Then Pres T tweets yesterday they have evidence that 2.5M votes were flipped.

    Me thinks the Pres T tweet was for the media to explode in outrage and bite the hook–knowing what is coming out next week.

    Which helps explain Pompeo’s “Smooth transition into a second term” statement recently.

    Confirmation bias? Maybe. Is something afoot. Probably.

    1. The election results if Biden gets in office is what’s at stake here. Locking down the country. Government funding. Guns taken. Boarders opened. Text book Hitler on dem party’s part. Even left wing voters not just right wing are going to be under government rule if Biden is in office. This is facts. The bigger problem is coming if Biden takes office.

  13. You would have to have your head buried in the sand to not realize this election was “fixed”. The Dems put up a candidate that anyone with a pulse knew was not cognitively cappable of the office, and they were so non chalant about it. Had this planned the whole time. Probably tried it in 2016 but couldn’t get it to work. We can’t as Americans let this stand.

  14. Thank you for your article, I am having faith that the President and his team of lawyers have this. And regardless of the TRUE election outcome, what has gone on here MUST be revealed to All Americans. We know the Main Stream Media will choose to NOT reveal it, BUT We Patriots WILL always get the Word out! Thank you for continuing to do just that!!

  15. Increased vote percentages in every demographic group = election win.
    White males did not “abandon” Trump en masse after being demonized for both their whiteness and maleness by the Left. Not possible.

  16. Mr. Keshishian, Excellent article and you highlight well the absurdity of the 2020 Presidential Election and the results. I too hope the truth “will out.”

  17. Mr. Keshishian, Excellent article and you highlight well the absurdity of the 2020 Presidential Election and the results. I too hope the truth “will out.”

  18. I’m not surprised it was rigged, saw that one coming, that’s why absent minded Joe was able to stay in his basement, they were doing all the dirty work for him and he didn’t have to lift a finger. There is I believe people in Washington that had this planned, the liberal Democrats have no moral conscience, they would do anything that underhanded to win. I bet China is involved in some way.

  19. All different variations on the left are corrupted through and through. They are such desperate people. The only thing that is going to make significant changes is if they face litigation and or responsibility for their actions. This election is the least criminal act that has been committed by the left . Trump has given us an opportunity to expose them at every level and we need to make sure that he has our support.

  20. I noticed that for senate and house positions as well as the presidential voting that the votes were either very close, but (as an example in the case of Adam Schiff) the vote tallied are VERY lopsided. Has anyone looked into this?

  21. Its text book Hitler all over again. Under bidens plan is shut down the country. Government Funding. Take away our guns. Open back up boarders. So in reality do what the government tells you to or else you will starve. Under hitlers rule it was we will provide for you as long as you fightand accept Hitler’s ways. Well put and honestly told. That’s

  22. Don’t worry folks, Trump ain’t going nowhere. He will receive a second term and all the fraud, piling up to high heaven, will be exposed for ALL to see. However, when the election result is overturned, all hell will break loose, expect MAJOR CHAOS, expect assignation attempts, pray for Trump and his family’s safety daily and encourage others to do the same.

  23. Have we as a species become so bereft of simple God endowed VIRTUE, that half of us are willing to knowingly condone and contribute to an ill conceived scheme to subvert our perfect document for the sole purpose of enslaving and controlling the remaining half?

  24. Even if all else fells as long as Trump exposes the left fer what they truly are, CHEATERS being the LEAST, SUBVERSION, SEDITION, TREASON to name a few…

    OUR CONSTITUTION PROVIDES THE WAY in Article 12! It’s only been done twice in our history but, it is there!!! Article 12 basically says that if A sitting president gits elected out of office but DOES NOT/WILL NOT CONCEDE that the election will be NULL an VOID!!! At this time it is BROUGHT IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES WHO WILL THEN VOTE for who WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT.

    MAY NOT SOUND TO GOOD TO US TRUMPERS!!! Oh lordy, ole Nancy gits her say! AN THATS FINE FOLKS. BECAUSE, ALL of EACH STATES representatives DON’T/DOES NOT git to cast a vote!

    EACH STATE only gits to cast ONE VOTE!!! NOT each representative.

    So, wether or not them DEMS control the house doesnt matter!


    Leaving the left 13 lil ole votes!!!

  25. One thing bothered me severely, back in the so-called debates: Biden and Harris showed no visible sign whatsoever of thinking they might lose; almost like they knew they simply could not lose, what with all the, ah, arrangements that had been made for a “successful” election! Am I the only one that wondered about that overconfidence?

  26. What Mr. Keshishian claims in his article, simply didn’t happen. I know it’s fun to pretend that the election was fixed and liberals somehow changed millions of votes but none of it’s true and I think most of you know that. Democrats have never been remotely organized enough to pull that off. There is no evidence, anywhere, of any organized voter fraud. And Mr. Keshishian offers no evidence to back up his story. It’s just something he claims he saw on TV. We’ve been believing stories that aren’t backed up by evidence for too long. It’s time to stop. The votes were counted. The results are in. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it wasn’t fair.

    1. We’re not the halls of justice. If there’s nothing to hide then let it play out. We have no clue what hand they’re holding. You, me or the media don’t have that advantage.

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