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President Donald Trump at the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland, February 23, 2018. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

It’s Not Over Yet: Election 2020 Legal Challenges

‘This is recount country’

By Katy Grimes, November 4, 2020 6:30 pm

With dubious election results in several states following Tuesday’s Presidential Election, by Wednesday President Donald Trump’s campaign filed suit in Michigan and then Pennsylvania.  The President is questioning outcomes in battleground states, particularly as more than 138,000 ballots magically appeared overnight in Michigan, all voting for challenger Joe Biden.

The lawsuits join existing Republican legal challenges in Pennsylvania and Nevada, demanding access for campaign observers to be present where ballots are still being counted, as Trump said in a Tweet today:

However, as one of President Trump’s attorneys, Jenna Ellis explained, at a Detroit, Michigan location, poll watchers were kept away, as ballots were counted. Poll workers even covered windows with paper.

In Georgia, poll watchers were kept away from watching the ballot counting for 20 hours.

In Pennsylvania, 3 million mail-in ballots were allowed after Election Day was over.

In Wisconsin, there were numerous voting “irregularities.”

Three million Nevada absentee votes haven’t been counted, showing the state is undecided.

As Ellis explained, the Biden campaign keeps saying they want “all votes counted.” But this means all duplicative votes, spoiled votes, and votes received after the election deadline. “All manner of fraud to count,” she said. “The media keeps reporting, ‘the President is trying to stop the count.'”

But some states actually halted their counts Tuesday evening, if Biden was losing. “We want meaningful access to the counting,” Ellis said. “We are preserving and protecting the U.S. Constitution and free and fair elections.”

This is the actual status of several states, and why President Trump’s attorneys are fighting legally for poll watching, recounts and even getting the judiciary involved:

Wisconsin: Media said Biden was up by 17%. Reality: Wisconsin is within 1%. “That is recount territory,” a friend commented.

Michigan: Many outlying counties still need to be counted. Trump won Michigan in 2016, and his team is confident a victory includes Michigan.

Pennsylvania: Five Western PA pro-Trump counties remain uncounted. The Trump team says this adds up to a 40,000-vote win, even if Biden gets 95% of outstanding ballots in Philadelphia.

Nevada: Late-breaking absentee ballots and voter mail-in votes likely gets Trump a win by a margin of 5,500. Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt said he believes there is a path to a Trump victory.  

Georgia: Trump has a healthy lead and that is expected to be maintained.

Arizona: Very much still in play, despite FOX News calling AZ last evening ahead of 600,000 remaining votes from Maricopa County being counted. Trump is projected to keep pulling 2:1 of remaining votes. 

North Carolina: Still leaning toward a Trump victory, and is expected to continue to do so.

California anomalies: Has California ever seen such huge margins between Democrat Congressional wins and their Republican challengers? Not since Secretary of State Alex Padilla was elected in 2014. Expect legal challenges from some candidates.

Nevada AG Adam Laxalt said President Donald Trump would have won last night in a normal election.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Not Over Yet: Election 2020 Legal Challenges

  1. I fondly remember the “old days of voting”. In those days you registered at least thirty days before the election, then you received a sample ballot in the mail for you to mark on the candidates, propositions, and initiatives. You would take that sample ballot with you to the voting booth on election day and vote. Also included in the mailing with the sample ballot was an application to APPLY for an absentee ballot. You would state your reason on the application why you will be unavailable to vote on election day. If the register of voters granted you the absentee ballot you were instructed to return it by election day. Absentee ballots received after election day would not be counted, in other words SOL. I don’t seem to remember any problems back then when you voted on election day unlike the problems we are having with this election. I have been voting for forty six years.

    1. Totally with you, John. Those DO seem now like halcyon days, and they were.
      Just the fact that the politicians work so hard to constantly change the voting rules, bring in new (and VERY expensive) voting machines, centralize the polling places, and otherwise in so many ways throw out the simple voting methods that were working perfectly well, SHOWS us, if you ask me, that they are up to no good and are trying to “give the advantage to the house,” as they say in the gaming industry.

      I remember going to a “special” school board meeting eons ago where the focus was on monkeying with how school board members were elected. The standing method was working perfectly well but if there was one thing those clowns knew it was that they had a much better chance of getting re-elected and getting in their favored people on the board if they changed to a by-district (vs. at-large) method, or a ranked-vote method, made the election a stand-alone election…. or whatever worked.

      These people also know that most people in the district don’t pay attention to this stuff and couldn’t care less about it.

  2. So appreciative of this summary/list of the madness, Katy Grimes. It seems easier to discern patterns of skullduggery this way.

    In spite of the obvious national mess and delay, etc., I think I am actually glad we are having this opportunity to focus on voter fraud and lack of election integrity. Now it’s PERSONAL, not just academic, and thus more people can come to an understanding of what is going on in this country, in this state. We have a better chance of fixing it if more people know about it and understand the awful result of it.

    As with many other issues (e.g. water and energy), voting and election integrity is FUNDAMENTAL but is often regarded as too boring and complicated to garner much interest and attention under normal circumstances.

  3. The was the most conservative bias I have ever seen in an article, nothing that I was expecting especially coming from a California website. I wont speak on much however, why would you question mailed in ballots that came in after the deadline when they were mailed and stamped before the November 3rd deadline. The reason this is such an issue for republicans is because they know full well the majority of mail in votes will be democratic. Stop playing the victim and except defeat.

    1. So if 200,000 ballots post marked Nov 3 (or not post marked at all) happened to start arriving, the majority for republican, your position would be that they should be counted and the election should be reassessed and updated as they come in?
      Its weird that the people who caused these issues and conundrums, by reconfiguring the system, are totally fine with a delay (e.g. late ballots) when it benefits them but some how have no patience for going through and checking / certifying these things that have become far more complex and difficult to determine (again, because of the screwy system they insisted on).
      That’s corrupt even if there wasn’t any corrupt intent.

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