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Re-Open California StateCapitol protest. (Photo: Doug Tatara)

Thousands at Peaceful Sacramento Capitol Protest to #EndtheLockdown

‘Gavin needs a beach day’

By Katy Grimes, May 1, 2020 7:40 pm

Thousands of flag-waving Californians descended upon the State Capitol Friday for a protest of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s statewide stay-at-home lockdown order, which has caused millions of residents to lose their jobs and businesses.

Re-Open California State Capitol protest. (Photo: Doug Tatara)

This peaceful, respectful protest was depicted in mainstream news outlets as something else entirely.

There were “hundreds” of California Capitol protesters Friday at the State Capitol, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, when there were very clearly thousands of people stacked many layers deep on the sidewalks surrounding the Capitol grounds carrying American flags, Trump 2020 flags and protest signs, and another thousand plus in cars, big rigs and motorcycles on the streets adjacent to the Capitol.

Notably, while thousands of California residents traveled to the State Capitol from as far away as San Diego and Los Angeles, and the Northern most parts of the state to protest the lockdown, Gov. Gavin Newsom noted in his daily press conference that today is May Day – International Workers Day, which is a Communist worker celebration.

California Capitol state lockdown protester. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

KOVR Channel 13 in Sacramento said there were 500 cars around the Capitol.

California Globe was live broadcasting from a very lovely RV with Sacramento radio talk show host Phil Cowan of AM1380 The Answer, and was caught up in the gridlock of far more than 500 cars, for well over one hour – our estimate is more than 1,000 cars.

“The demonstration was unauthorized and not permitted by the California Highway Patrol,” the LA Times reported. Organizers applied for a permit but were denied. And the First Amendment is the only authorization actually needed for a protest.

To see the headlines from mainstream media, one would think it was one wild day full of arrests of riff-raff:

Rowdy crowd protests lockdowns at California State Capitol the Los Angeles Times reported.

Cops face off with protesters at California’s Capitol as they demand end to stay-at-home order the Sacramento Bee reported.


For the record, “Rowdy” means: “A rough, disorderly person; A riotous, turbulent fellow; a person given to quarreling and fighting; a rough.”

At Friday’s protest, there were mostly families, couples, kids, young people, moms, dads, bikers (on their motorcycles), all cheering, and holding patriotic signs.

One Facebook post from a friend explained the protest well: “Massive MASSIVE protest at the Capitol after CHP refused to issue a permit. People are rightfully upset. We have 1 branch of government in power right now, and it’s all shoot-from-the-hip reactionary governance by a guy who thumbs his nose at the Constitution and the will of voters.”

California Capitol state lockdown protester. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

California Globe spoke to many of the protesters who said while masks were suggested, they said the coronavirus has been overstated, and the data shows this.

Overhead, a plane had been rented which trailed a banner with Gov. Newsom’s photo which said, “End his Tyranny.”

The gist of the protest was the loss of jobs and the business closures, which many we spoke with said was gross overreach by state government. A court reporter from San Francisco said she’s been unable to work since the courts closed. She’s an independent contractor, and is doubly hit by Assembly Bill 5, which killed most freelance and independent contractor jobs in more than 300 industries in the state.

Business owners we spoke with said they were fed up and planned on reopening their businesses despite the Governor’s orders.

Most of the people in attendance are not regular agitators and were only there to push for the reopening of the state. Several noted that “we are not all in this together” as “government employees are not missing any paychecks.”

As one SacBee commenter said, “No hostile crowd as you wrote. No hordes of angry citizens as you portray. And you wonder why we call you FAKE NEWS. I also know of people who were there and have video of their own.”

California Capitol state lockdown protest. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)
California Capitol state lockdown protester. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)
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14 thoughts on “Thousands at Peaceful Sacramento Capitol Protest to #EndtheLockdown

  1. I love it! Gavin needs a beach day. He also needs an early retirement courtesy of the Californian voter.
    Thanks to all who practiced their first amendment right!
    Great report!

  2. Thank you Katy Grimes for being an ACTUAL GENUINE REPORTER!!! Thank you for telling the Truth! Myself, my husband, and our children were all there today and the most recent gridlock protest and neither one were violent or in any way small numbers! Thousands upon thousands were there!

  3. Yes, I was there and it was peaceful. Many came for the first time ever to stand up for our first amendment rights. It’s time to “shut down the shut down”. ⁷

  4. I also have friends that were there and one of them is a body guard for Senators and highly respected. He told me the crowd has grown 3 times the size since last week when he was there exercising his Constitutional Rights, he said the CHP in Riot/Intimidation Gear was a bit much at one point they pushed them down the Capitol’s Steps come on now you bunch of Coward CHP Officers, you swore an oath to uphold the United States of Americas Constitution you definitely violated every clause that gives us rights… You blew it big time if you stood in that line, no badge numbers revealed, no way to identify you as the thugs you are and you wonder why the people are beginning to turn on you… we are the people who pay your salaries, put our lives on the line to save yours when your in trouble and a criminal is about to take yours… serve and protect now has to be removed, because yesterday you made this a Police State, you are nothing more than common thugs, I cannot use to wide of a brush for those men and women in Blue, who defy the orders of these Govenors you are heroes, Sherrifs, Police Commanders thank you. This is not over even without loaded guns, batons, shields, dogs and horses and your guys on the roof of the capital taking pictures and video you guys are nothing more than,” flag draped Nazis.” And you are no more a Patriot than Puten is, hate to tell ya, your in the wrong Country to do be doing those things… As an American Patriot I am disgusted and sickened by the men and women who stood in that line of Blue, do you know how many Patriots gave there lives to protect freedom they were not Democrats/ Republicans or Independents they were American Patriots whose blood you disrespected you should be ashamed of yourselves… Rock on American Protestors of Freedom. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH…

    1. Right on! I have seen the CHP patrolling my neighborhood for what I don’t know but when I am driving on the freeway I see hardly any. People on the freeways are out of control and the CHP are absentee landlords. I always said nice things about the CHP, how they were heroes and all, but I am seeing a really bad side of them now. SAD.

  5. Wonder what Gruesome’s next move will be. He needs to be beached along with his auntie. Many thanks to all California Patriots and to California Globe for their honest reporting.

    1. It’s okay, whatever it is, it will be countered. This blowback of thousands and thousands really surprised and threw him, you can tell when you see him speaking. He knows that his side can’t produce “grass roots” protests — he and those like him depend on calling out the union hacks and the paid protestors and the zombies, etc. — so when this kind of an Anti-Gruesome authentic grass roots movement shows up in such numbers it really scares the stuffing out of them. And the protests received national news coverage because so many people turned out. He doesn’t want that, with his presidential aspirations!

  6. The Sacramento Bee is a leftist rag of the highest order. Thank you Katy for being there with us to report the REAL story. We were stuck in our car on the Capitol Mall forever, but at least we made it half way around the Capitol. I guess California has not gone full lefty yet. California still has a pulse, America don’t count us out yet.

  7. Thank you for honest reporting. This is a lost art and I’ve noticed that your publication has been truthful and getting it right. It’s so appreciated to know that there are news sources we can rely on to tell the whole truth!

  8. Lead the charge, Katy!!!

    Californians are FINALLY waking up to Democrat control freak tendencies and their smug “we’re smarter than you” attitudes….


  9. Please contact me so I can let u know of other events coming .. I work w the organizers A lot and I’m part of a group called California valley patriots. You can find us on Facebook. But the freedom angels and CVP are planning something big I’d like you to be a part of. We appreciate your honest reporting and would love to be able to give u notice of other events.
    We will be making him more uncomfortable very soon????

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