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Gender neutral bathroom. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Transgender Takeover: A Breeding Ground for Sexual Assault

An anorexic patient should not be medically advised to continue starving themselves to validate their own personal truth

By Adina Flores, May 1, 2023 3:01 pm

Go woke, or go broke!

If you have recently applied for a job in the State of California, you may have noticed the lengthy list of genders one may select to identify themselves. According to Medical Author Shaziya Allarakha, MD and Medical Reviewer Pallavi Suyog Uttekar, MD, an individual may now choose to identify with one of the 72 different genders.

According to the aforementioned study, genders include ” Femfluid (the person is fluid or fluctuating regarding the feminine genders) Genderpuck (the person resists to fit in societal norms concerning genders), Cassflux (there is a fluctuating intensity of irrelevance toward gender)”, etc.

How does this new and questionable science resonate for those with traditional faith based beliefs? As stated in the Bible, “Genesis 1:27 – So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Should those who abide by biblical teachings be forced to sacrifice their own beliefs to accommodate the latter?

Recently, our nation has seen an uprising of diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in the workplace. Does “inclusion” apply to everyone or are these principles selective? Where do those who hold traditional values fall within this spectrum, as Governor Newsom accelerates the state’s efforts towards progressivism?

CNS News reported that Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital, stated “that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder. By encouraging those who are already mentally unstable to further embrace their disorder, we are preparing these individuals for their own demise.

This concept is no different regarding eating disorders, as an anorexic patient should not be medically advised to continue starving themselves to validate their own personal truth. As stated in a 2022 article from The New York Post, “according to an online survey of detransitioners conducted by Dr. Lisa Littman…40% said their gender dysphoria was caused by a mental-health condition and 62% felt medical professionals did not investigate whether trauma was a factor in their transition decisions.”

There are a plethora of inquiries which surround the origin of one’s desire to identify with a gender other than the one biologically presented at birth. For example, was the adult or child previously subjected to sexual, emotional, or physical abuse, drug usage or chemical toxicity? How will puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgeries affect our youth as they progress to adulthood? While a person may alter their external appearance, this does not change their inherent sex.

In recent weeks, our nation has seen a prodigious drive to advocate for policies, laws and programs supporting transgender rights. While all United States citizens deserve equal representation, biological women are being silenced regarding the effects of these ventures.

In January, National Review reported that “a female minor is speaking out against the YMCA’s transgender inclusion policy after she encountered a naked man while showering in the women’s locker room at a San Diego location. 17-year-old Rebecca Phillips was showering at the Santee facility after her swim workout when she noticed a naked man in the women’s locker room. Phillips immediately went back into the shower terrified and hid behind the curtain until he was gone.”

While there may genuinely be persons which consider themselves to fall within the transgender rainbow, what checks and balances are being enacted surrounding these policies? Are YMCA employees being trained to cross reference sexual predator databases with their membership rosters? How can staff differentiate between those who fall within the spectrum, and those who chose to adorn themselves as the opposite sex to simply gain entrance to previously unwelcome locations?

California Penal Code 314 PC defines the sex crime of “indecent exposure.” This statute “prohibits willfully exposing your private parts in a public place in the presence of another person who might be annoyed or offended.”

When referring to transgenderism vs. exhibtionism, the lines are blurred. As published by Author S. Nicole Lane, “Exhibitionism is categorized as a paraphilic disorder marked by the urge, fantasy and subsequent act of exposing one’s genitals to unsuspecting or non consenting adults or children, most oftentimes strangers,” explained David A. Landry, Psy.D., a licensed clinical psychologist and certified sex offender treatment specialist from Florida.

Exhbitionism potentially induces trauma associated with violation and sexual intrusion which may lead to other ludicrous acts such as rape or molestation. These concerns do not present a safe atmosphere for adults, let alone children who have been dropped off by their parents at summer camp.

One may ask which billionaire philanthropists and corporations are funding these narratives in the State of California. Over the past month a County of Sonoma nonprofit, Landpaths, has been under fire for hosting Camp Trillium: LGBTQIA+ Youth & Allies for children ages 9-14. Landpaths regularly utilizes campsites such as the Bohemia Ecological Preserve, in the western hills of Sonoma County.

As published by Jacoba Charles,”the preserve is surrounded by a lot of other undeveloped land, including the 3,000-acre Bohemian Grove (yes, that Bohemian Grove–known for its connection to economic and political power brokers) and several outdoors-oriented camps”. In 2019, the County of Sonoma Board of Supervisors initiated a contract with the Bohemian Grove to provide standby sheriff’s deputies to the all-male summer encampment. Although the female Supervisors expressed outrage, the contract was pushed forward. As referenced in The Press Democrat, Sonoma County Supervisor James Gore spoke to the controversy: “Gore, in his comments, acknowledged his own status as a privileged ‘white dude’ and his obligation to ‘be aware’ in his actions.'”

The Press Democrat also quoted Sonoma County Supervisor Lynda Hopkins as follows, “We are having our rights taken away,” she said. “There have been at least three states that have taken away reproductive rights of women, so yeah, it’s scary right now to be a woman. We need to speak up and let our voices be heard.”

“The Grove is part of a paradigm that has disempowered women for hundreds of years,” she wrote. “The most powerful thing you can do is to acknowledge that fact – and as you continue to have your fun in the redwoods, try to do other things in your life to help out those who aren’t ‘lucky enough’ (either anatomically or socially speaking) to be members of your precious Club.” Given that Ms. Hopkins has fanatically promoted newfounded gender ideologies, one may inquire if this pertains to her desire to allow women access to the Bohemian Grove campground. Ms. Hopkins has seemingly showcased a totalitarian view regarding vaccination mandates and continually dismissed faith based concerns, therefore her advocacy for women’s rights appears to be selective and self serving.

Sonoma County Supervisor Lynda Hopkins has a vested interest in Landpaths, as her spouse, Mr. Emmett Hopkins is the former Community Stewardship Manager for the nonprofit (2018-2020). Despite her husband’s position as indicated on her statement of economic interest, Ms. Hopkins failed to abstain from motions at Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Meetings. For instance, Ms. Hopkins voted in approval to allocate $20,000 to Landpaths from the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Tourism Impact Fund Awards. The Fair Political Practices Commission has been investigating this matter since February 2022, as indicated in Case # 2022-00207.

Landpaths has continually partnered with other local groups including North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP). Ms. Belén Lopez-Grady is a current Board Director for Landpaths, as well as the Deputy Director of the North Bay Organizing Project. According to their corporate filing, NBOP is also legally known as Gamaliel of California. Former U.S. President Barack Obama originally began his political career as a Community Organizer for The Gamaliel Foundation. As referenced by Capital Research Group, “in the Bible (Acts 5:39), the Pharisee Gamaliel is a defender of Christ’s followers. He speaks on their behalf before the Sanhedrin, a council of judges in Israel, warning it against persecuting Christ’s apostles, saying ‘refrain from these men, for if this work be of men, it will come to naught, but if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it, lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.’ Gamaliel’s funding comes from left-leaning foundation grant makers. Since 2000, Gamaliel has received $3.4 million from the Ford Foundation, over $1.5 million from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, $525,000 from the Marguerite Casey Foundation, about $195,000 from George Soros’s Open Society Institute, $186,000 from the Tides Foundation, and $150,000 from the Bauman Family Foundation.”

NBOP’s donors include contributors such as The Tides Foundation and United Way. According to Capital Research Center, “in 2020 alone, six networks raked in a stunning $3.7 billion in “dark money,” funds used largely for political activism whose donors are difficult—if not impossible—to trace. Some of these networks are familiar to those who follow the money, such as the Tides Foundation.” As stated in a 2017 edition of The Washington Free Beacon,”Soros’ Open Society Foundations has donated at least $1.75 million to the Tides Foundation.” Over the past several decades, Billionaire Philanthropist and United Nations advisor George Soros has radically campaigned to remake the entire world. As quoted in a 2011 interview with The Insider, Mr. Soros stated, “The sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.” The archives of the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Reading Room house a library of documents pertaining to the “New World Order.” A 1985 article by Thomas G. Gulick elaborates on the United Nations’ war against the west. The article elaborates on the U.N.’s pattern of supporting left-winged and Communist backed guerilla movements, as well as the desire to create a New World Order which cuts off the United States and NATO nations.

Why is such a copious amount of funding backed by major players to global and national governments being allocated to local youth camps? With the symbolism presented and biblical ties, are the best interests of our youth the focus, or is a “New World Order” regime masquerading through social justice groups? Are our California adolescents being educated or indoctrinated? Is Governor Newsom possibly omitting the true agenda behind his administration?

“A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right, and evil doesn’t become good, just because it’s accepted by a majority.” ― Booker T. Washington

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4 thoughts on “Transgender Takeover: A Breeding Ground for Sexual Assault

  1. “Is Governor Newsom possibly omitting the true agenda behind his administration?”

    Newsom’s “true agenda” is to make as much money as possible from whomever he can, whether that be $oro$, the WEF (Young Global Leader class of ’95, right?), the CCP (recall his no-bid contract for PPE from BYD, the same CCP-front for the trains to nowhere, as well as the C-19 plandemic protective gear, and whoever it was that was running that PCR test scam)

    The guy (and his sleazebucket wife, too) is a narcissistic, pathological grifter and strictly in politics for personal gain, just like Auntie Nancy was during her long-tenure at the public trough of insider information …

    California politics is a complete cesspool of self-dealing and favor-trading to the highest bidder…

  2. “Camp Trillium: LGBTQIA+ Youth & Allies,” blares the website’s banner. What a nightmare, and it’s just one example. Clearly the purpose of the funders who lurk in the background is to further indoctrinate armies of children to sow more seeds of societal destruction, or so they hope. Chaos, confusion, and lies are the name of the game. Bonus points for symbolically flipping the bird at what remains of our country’s valuable Judeo-Christian heart, which — let’s face it — is really the point of such exercises and programs. And it’s all so obscenely well-funded by the usual “philanthropic” and other suspects!
    Appreciate your work, Adina Flores. Funny, the quote chosen at the end resonated so well because a similar thought was in my mind the entire time I was reading the article.

  3. I really appreciate the detail of your writing, Ms. Flores.
    From the beginning of your writing, you nailed it. You ask, “Should those who abide by biblical teachings be forced to sacrifice their own beliefs to accommodate the latter?”
    It is imperative that this gender fluid movement bully all people including people of faith, most importantly Christians to go along with the big lie. It is the only way it succeeds.
    Well I for one, am not having it and I say,Hell No!

    Now if they threaten, bully and demand that we ignore biology then the Soros gang and all enemies from within can dismantle the family unit and weaken the foundation of this country which is the family unit.
    We will be coerced to reimagine a new family unit, one void of God, one void of natural law, one with no boundaries and no morals. The very foundation of this great country was founded on Judea Christian values.

    If they succeed, sometime soon in the future, the family unit will be conceived by a robotic AI womb. Pick your non gendered, fluid, cassflux, red headed, blue eyed baby, baked in love, in a pod. No need for cisgendered birthing parents! When the child is old enough to decide it’s gender then let the hormones and surgeries begin…
    If we buy into this transfantasy, the world will be a very dark place. At that point, all should look up because Jesus will shining bright and on his way to save those who have been left behind in this convoluted world.

  4. They want the state to pay for gender affirming surgery for minors ?
    If so, there will be no objection to minor receiving state funded boob jobs, foreskin removal and other cosmetic surgeries.
    Also, it is never a good idea to invite more government into of lives, our families and our homes.
    ps- just heard that transgender women can still get prostate cancer.

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