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California State Capitol.(Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

What Is in California’s Code of Regulations Title 26?


By Chris Micheli, May 7, 2022 3:56 pm

The California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 26 is one of 27 Titles that contain state regulations. Title 26, called “Toxics,” contains 4 Divisions. There are also numerous chapters and articles containing regulatory sections, or individual regulations. The following is a broad overview of CCR Title 26.

Division 1. State Lands Commission (Title 2) [Removed]

Division 2. Department of Food and Agriculture (Title 3) [Removed]

Division 3. Bureau of Home Furnishings (Title 4) [Removed]

Division 4. California Occupational Safety and Health Regulations (Cal/OSHA) (Title 8)

Division 5. Insurance Commissioner (Title 10) [Removed]

Division 5.1. Department of Motor Vehicles (Title 13) [Removed]

Division 6. California Highway Patrol (Title 13) [Removed]

Division 7. Air Resources Board (Title 13) [Removed]

Division 8. Department of Forestry (Title 14) – 7 Sections

Division 9. Department of Conservation – Division of Oil and Gas (Title 14) [Removed]

Division 10. Department of Parks and Recreation (Title 14) [Removed]

Division 10.1 California Integrated Waste Management Board (Title 14) [Removed]

Division 11. State Board of Fabric Care (Title 16) – 6 Sections

Division 12. Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (Title 16) [Removed]

Division 13. Cemetery and Funeral Bureau (Title 16) [Removed]

Division 14. Board of Pharmacy (Title 16) [Removed]

Division 15. Structural Pest Control Board (Title 16) [Removed]

Division 16. Bureau of Automotive Repair (Title 16) [Removed]

Division 17. Department of Public Health (Title 17) [Removed]

Division 18. Air Resources Board (Title 17) [Removed]

Division 18.1. State Board of Equalization (Title 18) [Removed]

Division 19. State Fire Marshal (Title 19) [Removed]

Division 19.1. Office of Emergency Services (Title 19) [Removed]

Division 20. State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission (Title 20) [Removed]

Division 21. Department of Transportation (Title 21) [Removed]

Division 21.5. Health and Welfare Agency

Division 22. Department of Public Health [Removed]

Division 23. State Water Resources Control Board (Title 23) [Removed]

Division 27. Environmental Protection Agency (Title 27) [Removed]

Title 26 contains 13 Sections.

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