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Gov. Gavin Newsom announces new statewide vaccine incentive program, May 27, 2021. (Photo: ca.gov video screenshot)

Where is Governor Newsom?

Could this disappearance be a 10-day COVID quarantine?

By Katy Grimes, November 6, 2021 2:48 pm

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s last public appearance was October 27th, when he received a coronavirus booster shot. Then, only two days later on October 29th, citing “family obligations,” Gov. Gavin Newsom abruptly cancelled his much anticipated trip to Scotland to attend the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, the Globe reported. An aide made the surprise announcement.

It’s been 10 days since Gov. Newsom has been seen by the public – unusual for a governor who did daily Coronavirus updates for nearly 18 months on end – and unusual for him to cancel such a high-profile international event where he could hobnob with world leaders.

Rumors have been flying around on social media, and in State Capitol circles.

Could this disappearance be a 10-day quarantine? Does he have COVID?

Some speculate that Newsom may have had a negative reaction to the coronavirus booster shot.

Others say there are problems of a more personal and marital nature – the rumor mill is active in Sacramento.

Yet others say the Scotland climate change conference cancellation was because Newsom did not want to share the international stage with President Joe Biden. (eye roll)

Whatever the reason, this disappearance is highly unusual. “Name one thing that would keep this showboat from attending the wokeapolozza,” a commenter posted.

“Newsom’s office did not respond to questions Friday about what the governor has been doing this week,” ABC 7 News reported. “Newsom spokesperson Erin Mellon said the governor will appear virtually at the U.N. conference next week.”

“The Governor will participate in a couple events next week focused on global efforts to advance zero emission vehicles and to move beyond oil,” she said Thursday.

The Legislature is in recess and the State Capitol is empty other than an occasional hearing. Someone from his administration claimed he was working from his office in the Capitol. That also is highly unlikely.

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73 thoughts on “Where is Governor Newsom?

  1. Gavin Newsom = overpaid, unqualified loser. Plain and simple.
    I only wish his mouth emitted zero emissions.

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      Recently firefighters, police, doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers and people from all walks of life have taken a stand — and said “NO” to employers mandating the vaccine. Across the nation and abroad, people are peacefully rising up in unity against vax mandates.

      This is the moment in history when we take back our God-given freedoms — or risk losing them forever. The tipping point has now been reached in this country: for 4 consecutive days, employees are striking against companies mandating the vaccine. Join the Nationwide Walkout & Stand for Freedom!*

    2. It was pretty well known within the recall camp last summer about the affair newsom was having -people in the know had been warned not to speak of it- no surprise here—-I don’t think that is a photo of him eitgher – dou ble-

  2. So the rumor mill is churning about Governor Frat-boy cheating on the “First Partner”, huh???

    This guy is pure SLIME…

  3. The article forgot to mention that it’s “unusual for someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder to not make himself the center of attention.”

  4. Maybe he got a real ‘Booster shot’ instead of placebo?
    Has anyone heard of the tunnels and city under the Getty? Is he wearing an ankle bracelet?
    Is Nancy Pelosi shopping for a retirement home in South Florida? She was on the same plane with MTG.

    1. When your refer to South Florida, I could only hope a little further south, like Cuba?
      Guantánamo Bay, a nice room overlooking the water.

    2. Marilyn wrote: “Maybe he got a real ‘Booster shot’ instead of placebo?”

      Precisely what many of us are wondering. Perhaps someone failed to tell him and those around him, that if you’re an elitist you’re supposed to get innocuous saline injection for the cameras, or use a fake needle, rather than actually take the “vaccine” the malignant totalitarians are so desperate to mainline into the “plebs.”

  5. I would like to add to the rumor mill.
    Let’s not forget his strange behavior during the recall campaign. Maybe he is seeking R&R in a rehab. He has not been looking well for quite awhile.

    1. Good point Cali Girl. His behavior was very weird and explosive and erratic —- in his infamous filmed editorial board interview, for one. And I agree he has been looking rather seedy and toad-like lately.

      1. Hi ShowandTell,
        I just took a moment to watch the video clip where he took the booster.
        Two things stand out for me:

        1. He makes a point to tell people he originally took the J&J shot he wanted to show people you can mix and match the shots, so he opted for the Moderna booster. I have over the year learned as much as I could about each mechanism. The J&J shot is an adenovirus shot that delivers the spike protein much different than the Moderna mRNA delivery. I have also read the Moderna has a greater amount of spike protein, and people can feel really sick after the second shot.

        2. When we all get a regular vaccine typically it is given by a nurse or medical assistant that has been trained to give shots. As we know there is a wrong way and an a right way. The CA PHD, Mark Ghaley did the honor of puncturing our arrogant Governor. My understanding when injecting mRNA into the deltoid of the arm it should not be pinched! Watch what Ghaley does, he pinches his arm during injection.
        I have also read that studies are being conducted in Europe that have found a link between the myocarditis and the shot being injected incorrectly.

        At the beginning of the “vaccine” campaign we told not to mix and match between manufacturers. All of a sudden one booster(Pfizer) is EAU FDA approved, so now the so called experts such as Ghaley and Newsom say it is ok to mix and match.

        I now think he has had a bad reaction and they are keeping it hidden from the general public.

        Of course this is conjecture on my part as I am not part of the health profession. I was recently vaccine injured from a tetanus shot last year. I had an inexperienced medical assistant hit it in a nerve. Ouch! One year later I am still having sensations in my shoulder.

        1. 10 days after my second pneumococcal vaccine, I had three months of diplopia – double vision – it irritated the cranial nerve that controls eye muscles. There was no other possible explanation besides the class proximity to the vaccine. I was lucky, I only had to be disabled by the vaccine for three months.

          Double-vision is a well-acknowledged adverse effect by eye professionals, but one that does not show up in the literature or in any informed consent disclosure before receiving this set of vaccinations – pretty much forced on Medicare recipients.

          Yes, it is reasonable to assume a vaccine adverse effect for Newsom. But it is even more reasonable to believe he got a fake “jab” since he did not even flinch, nor did it appear the doctor properly aspirated the syringe before injecting the full load to insure it was not going directly into blood vessel.

          Intra-muscular shots are the most painful of all – yet Newsom on camera appeared totally oblivious to what was allegedly going on. Just like all the other power-crazed politics who get their “jobs” on camera. Worst being Fake Fauci who was seen getting his “jab’ in one arm and then the very next day tapping his opposite arm claiming he had a little injection site soreness …… on the opposite arm.

        2. Cali Girl, really appreciate the information and your take on it. You have become impressively well-informed on this subject. I agree that what is likely happening is that he has had a reaction to the vaccine and it is being hidden from us. I only saw the twit-video of Newsom’s vaccination (probably shorter) and what I noticed was a nearly indiscernible spasm-like reaction in him after the vaxx and before the arm-flexing performance. It gave the impression that the injection didn’t go well and he was over-compensating with the Superman gesture, which fits with your fine analysis of it.
          As you know, whatever is actually happening, we will not be able to trust the official story (if we ever get one), given how much and how consistently we have been lied to. Not just re the COVID debacle but about EVERYTHING else, which of course was the case before the COVID mess, too.

          1. Jaye, thank you for sharing your experience. I am so happy to hear you have recovered but what a horrible experience for you.

            I appreciate your perspective and it really could have just been a saline injection. I could not tell if he aspirated the syringe. I did read in that study by not aspirating it can lead to being injected into the bloodstream hence sending the ingredients to damage the vascular system leading to micro clots.

            Ahh and the fake arm rub from Fauci, I totally forgot about that!

            Geez, I wonder where the mistrust comes from????

          2. Showandtell,
            Thank you for the kind words. I like to share what I learn and hope it can help someone else make an informed decision. I follow and read well respected doctors and scientists. As time goes on more discoveries will be made. I find it difficult to sit by and witness loved ones and children be damaged by these injections.

            Your are absolutely correct we may never know why Gov Gav all of a sudden became camera shy. I do lean toward a severe and even devastating reaction to the Moderna shot and considering who administered it, would be a PR nightmare for Ghaley and Newsom.

            If Eleni Kounalakis comes back to govern in his absence then that could indicate something serious is happening.

  6. Over 55,000 people have had a stroke as a result of the COVID vaccine. Maybe he is another one of the casualties.

  7. What’s creepy is that no one will say what is going on with Gov Gav, which of course means something is, and the answer isn’t that he and the wife, er, First Partner, secretly went to Esalen for a marriage encounter. Wasn’t there a rather ominous report that Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis was rushing back from the Greenie Meet in Scotland? I saw another report that he did not participate “virtually” in the Greenie Thing as he said he would; he was never on the agenda. And by the way, did the First Partner go to the Greenie Conference or not? If she did, WHY did she go? But I digress…
    Hope we find out what the heck is going on soon —- the suspense is killing me.

  8. If it had nothing to do with the booster shot, would’nt you want to put the public’s suspicions to be put to rest and tell people it has nothing to do with the booster. He could have made it clear that my absence has nothing to do with the booster.

    1. Exactly. Once again when it comes to these people and their games what ISN’T said and what ISN’T done is often more important and tells us more than what IS said and done.

  9. It appears Newsom had an adverse reaction to the COVID-19 booster toxic clot shot he received on October 27. He’s a wicked man that defies Almighty God and his wickedness has harmed millions of innocent people in California. May Almighty God’s wrath and judgement be upon him just like it was on the wicked King Herod.

  10. This is what really happened to Governor Climate Change. He was the “Grand Winner” at Scott Weeeeeeener’s “Drag Queen Pumpkin Carving Contest” and is taking a two week celebration vacation!

    1. No kidding John, the explanation could be as simple as that! HA
      After all, he bailed on the Greenie Confab for the Wiener pumpkin event, so it must be very important to him.

    2. John,
      This is may favorite guess so far.
      Except now I have imagery in my head that I want to go away.

  11. With all the indictments he’s probably included in it. A lot of elitists have been “out of the spotlight” since they started.


    if he did in fact have a reaction to the vaccine then he should have a press conference and tell everyone before they inoculate all those children. Or, he’s just as greedy as the others that are trusting the “$cience”. But since his staff refuses to answer questions or is less honest than they should be, we will never know. All I can say is karma is a b*tch if he is having a reaction, for infringing on Californians rights to make their own medical decisions.

    1. A real leader like Newsom reminds and tells the people what they need to do. That is not lecturing. It is leading!

      1. W16521, you have your instructions…mix and match your jabs. Follow your dear leader to the end; and please as soon as possible.

  12. I concur with a number of people above. Ol’ Noisome got the real clot shot instead of the Sterile Saline Solution Show Shot he was expecting.

    Could not have happened to a nicer guy.

  13. Hope it was a super negative reaction to the jab. Hope he “doesn’t come back” if y’all get my drift. Maybe we can finally get someone with a fucking brain in there that won’t bar the healthy but unjabbed from getting a job. “ONLY NEW HIRES HAVE TO BE VAXXED” has been told to me on more than 2 job interviews. Equal opportunity much? Can we finally turn cali red? For the love of all things sane?

  14. The go to reason “family obligations” is what is always used to hide the truth. I just hope Newsom stay lost…the last two weeks have gone well for California.

  15. I am losing my job due to the Evil, Authoritarian Democrat party. I can not take the mRNA or J&J injections due to a heart condition and I will not be forced by any corrupt Democrat politician to take medicine which I do not want, nor need. I had Covid and have antibody TCells and Natural Immunity. So, you ask me do I hope that Gavin Newsom is OK? NO. I pray that he, Biden and the rest of them die of natural causes as soon as possible. You see.. THEY crossed the line in to purposely destroying my and millions of Americans lives.

    1. You are not alone. And you are doing the right thing. There are places that want to hire people like you. I would have done the same thing, but I am retired so I don’t face the same consequences not wanting to become a GMO.

      Too many major times the government brazenly lied about taking drugs that were supposed to be good for you – HRT in particular was strongly pushed by government health literature until it was finally shown to be causing women great harm for decades.. Then there was the DES nightmare, which also did not show up for years later in the daughters of women who took DES. Fauci badly bungled HIV and laid waste to anyone who opposed him at that time too.

      Nothing, from Day One has made sense about “covid”, except it was a cudgel the Democrats could exploit to get everything they wanted during an election year Covid as a deadly scourge has not made its case in data; but the media scored a home run turning it into the Zombie Apocalypse.

      I remain shocked they have been able to take this as far as they have on so flimsy an amount of facts. But once Democrats and the media drove us into a cul de sac, they now can’t get out. So many people do want to be and stay scared until “Daddy” fixes it for them. And Daddy Joe is now claiming only 100% vaccination will fix it. Which is another lie, but he got everyone scared and must now save face to get out of this.

      Take your shot for Uncle Joe so he does not have admit he was lying all along. Bingo – 100% vaccination and poof “covid” will disappear, and we will get back to just having the flu again. And people will get to die from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, CPOD, etc, …………………….. just like the good old days.

  16. Sure a lot of hate filled conservatives posting to this comment section.
    Our excellent governor is just fine. I would hope he is taking the time to prepare the state for lockdown due to the winter covid surge. The surge is going to be awful and everyone needs to be prepared.

      1. Call me a troll all you want. Your words prove my point that you conservatives cannot and will not
        listen to another point of view.

        1. Not on this topic, W… this is an act of bioterror and was used for nefarious political and social means… you libs have awakened the silent majority that just want to live their lives in peace….

          You started this….

    1. Sounds like someone is wearing a tin foil hat on their head. Need to remind that there is a less than .001% chance that someone is going to die of covid if they get vaccinated?

  17. OSHA now says employers don’t have to report any employee adverse reactions to their “mandated” shots…..because it might discourage others from getting vaccinated, and getting everyone vaccinated is the most important goal of all – right there on the official OSHA website they admit this.

    So not seeing your friends come back to work, or having a totally unrelated heart attacks, strokes or even their sudden demise is okay. But reporting these incidents as caused by the now mandatory vaccine to OSHA is now very much not-okay?

    it is hard to think like a Biden-person. Form over substance – protect the narrative.

  18. Alex Jones reported today that sources inside California law enforcement are saying that Governor Newsom had a health episode after receiving his COVID booster shot. Notably, Newsom is reported to have mixed different vaccines for each of his three doses, something that recipients are warned to avoid doing. Hmmm? Alex has been right before?

  19. Well now! Very intriguing,
    If this is proven to be true and Gov Gav reveals the truth. Will he fire Dr.Mark Ghaley who injected him? Will he do away with the school “vaccine mandates”?

    2 weeks is a long time for a megalomaniac to be out of the spot light.

  20. Hopefully he will be one of the rare cases whereby he dies. I am fully vaccinated by choice. NO ONE SHOULD EVER Be FORCED to take this shot. I BLAME CHINA’S Communist Party, Fairview, and our crazy open borders for allowing the Delta variant to enter our country.

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