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Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Gov. Newsom’s ‘Legal Unit’ Denies Globe Request for his Public Schedule

Word salad: ‘Only meetings and other matters scheduled in advance are reflected on the calendar’

By Katy Grimes, November 19, 2021 9:35 am

With California Gov. Gavin Newsom missing in action for nearly two weeks following his October 27th COVID booster shot, the Globe sent his press office a request for his public schedule.

On November 8, 2021, the Globe emailed the Governor‘s Press Office, asking for “the Governor‘s public schedule that week: Monday November 8 through Saturday November 13.”

We did not receive a reply until Thursday November 18th, 10 days later, denying our request. Below is the Bolshevik-era response from the Governor’s legal unit.

Our favorite part in the letter is this:

“We anticipate that the Governor’s calendar for November 2021 will be available in January 2022. This timeline provides us an opportunity to review the calendar, to redact information that is exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Act (as discussed below), and to standardize our production dates for all requesters seeking copies of the Governor’s calendar.” (emphasis ours)

And this unbelievable word salad claims he does not keep a traditional calendar:

It may be helpful to understand that the Governor’s official calendar is not maintained in a traditional appointment book or calendar. Instead, daily schedules are maintained in a computer program and are subject to revision. Like many people’s calendars, the Governor’s calendar is not a complete record of what the Governor has done, or with whom he has met. Only meetings and other matters scheduled in advance are reflected on the calendar. The calendar may or may not be updated after the fact if a scheduled meeting does not take place. Some of the Governor’s work does not involve scheduled meetings, so some meetings and activities may not appear on the calendar.

We did not specify what type of “calendar” device Gov. Newsom uses to keep his schedule; we just asked for his “public schedule.”

The Governor’s Legal Unit included:

“In order to protect the personal security of the First Partner as well as the Governor and his staff, calendar entries that contain certain travel information and information about the First Partner or the Governor’s security detail will not be produced.”

The Globe did not ask for personal information – we merely asked for the Governor’s public schedule. It should be easy to print out the electronic version and redact anything legal or personal, now, and not in January 2022.

This response from the Governor’s legal unit begs the question: “Why hide Gov. Newsom’s schedule?”

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20 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom’s ‘Legal Unit’ Denies Globe Request for his Public Schedule

  1. Why does the globe need the governor’s public schedule? Probably just so this site can take more shots at him.
    Need to give it a rest.

    1. Because the Globe is asking on behalf of the public. The leader of the world’s 5th-largest economy is entitled to a vacation – but not to disappear for 2 weeks without explanation. The simplicity of an office stating it in advance – or anytime over 14 days – suggests that their failure to do so was an effort to hide something. Makes zero sense.

    2. He needs to be a whole lot more open to the people who are paying his salary.
      Unless he’s hiding something, then it’s ok to tell the people to go F _ _ _ themselves. Apparently he’s hiding something because he has told the people numerous times to go “F” themselves.

  2. Yes, a big French Laundry chef salad in that letter. My first thought is it is hilarious that his November public calendar will be available next year! Firstly, it’s just hilarious and secondly, why would it take 2-3 months to edit the calendar with rainbows and unicorns? Keep putting the pressure on these fools Katy!

  3. The fact that the Legal Unit would respond to a generic and innocent request for an ELECTED official’s schedule
    gives credence to rumors of forthcoming Military tribunal for Treason/Sedition much more credibility.
    ‘Bolshevik-Era’ nailed it, fits the profile of his Alumnus Membership in World Economic Forum ‘Young Global Leaders’ (They have an Agenda, and intend to achieve it by any means and cost to the citizenry of the State)
    ‘Word Salad’ – Did the CA Bar lower their standards awhile back?
    If you serve in the interest of the people, why would there be a concern over Security?, unless it’s because people
    are starting to die and suffer adverse affects from the vax mandate, and soon the children? -0r- gearing up for
    Dark Winter (small pox) to further the agenda, lockdown, hide the deaths. In which case, it might be considered ‘Knowingly’, as there was a Military Drill (June22-23, 2001) at Andrews Air Base “Operation Dark Winter” bioterrorism. Most would welcome interaction, exchange of ideas, with the people they serve if their actions were good, true, honest, and fair… so what’s up?

    1. Marilyn you were right about everything except the bioterrorism drill which actually happened last month in NYC from Oct 18 – 29th. According to NBC New York, the Mass Transit Authority (MTA) and DHS say the objective is to test the city’s and the federal government’s response to a weapon of mass destruction attack, as well as the public’s ability to recognize one. The drill simulated “the aerosol release of a biological agent in a densely populated urban environment,” If I remember correctly there was controversy because they did not warn the public before hand and subway commuters were experiencing adverse reactions to whatever they released down there. On the 16th if Nov. Dr./Countet Terririst Expert/Eugenist Bill Gates was on TV warn of a potential Small Pox Attack. The very next day they found several empty vials labeled Small Pox near a vaccine research center in Pennsylvania. What all this means only they know, but if history teaches us anything then might we see a False Flag small pox Terrorist attack in NYC??? Right Wing Unvaccinated Trump extremists could be the boggie man, which puts a green light on all of us. As far as the military tribunal you mentioned, wouldn’t that be wonderfull. Instead of going after a few politicians for treason they should clean house all around the world. Gates, Sonos, Schwab, the ceo and boards members of Pfizer, Black Rock, State Street, and the Vanguard Group must meet the same fate as the worst of the Nazi Party met at Nuremberg. The second level politicians should be sent to prison for life, and media who lied to the public so all of them should face lengthy prison terms, the nazi companies they let slide through the cracks should be dismantled and the funds they have as well as the Gates Foundation, and Sonos should be used to fund this operation and the Rockefeller foundation as well as should be dismantled and all their funds confiscated for a century of being a cancer on mankind as well as the Rothschild, and the Federal Reserve, I’m sure I’m forgetting names. Of course this will never happen but can you imagine the world without these psychopaths in it? In all seriousness something has to be done soon. A couple days ago Austria announced every citizen in that country will have till the 1st of Feb 2022 to be vaccinated by order of Their new Covid Law. So literally its a crime to be unvaccinated from the covid shot there. After decades away from the spotlight the Nazi’s have finally returned.

    2. And when a real disease comes along, like a new smallpox the people will be very reluctant to get a vaccination. The way this administration is saying whoever wants to come in can just walk across the border unimpeded and is distributed all across the United States the new disease is probably already here.

  4. This jaw-dropping response from the Gov’s “legal unit” deserves a theatrical reading. On a stage. With an audience. Big Laughs Guaranteed!

  5. Thank you, Ms. Grimes, for at least trying.
    Funny, I don’t hold office, but at my job I must be accountable for my time and am required to keep a written schedule of work. I can’t imagine why an elected official – beholden to the people of CA – would be able to get away with anything less.
    Newsom has a long way to go to be regarded as open, honest or fair.
    Luckily, we have an opportunity to vote him out next year.

  6. W16521 why do give you unconditional support and love to a politician? This does not care about you or the quality of your life. Why do you keep making these comments that make yourself look so foolish. Give yourself a break already!

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