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Gov. Newsom at fireside chat. (Photo: youtube screen capture)

Another Newsom Rumor Catches Fire: First Partner Cancelled UN Trip Over Female Staffer

Capitol media silent for months amid loudening whispers of relationship with Deputy Chief of Staff

By Katy Grimes, November 9, 2021 6:20 pm

Rumors of California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s involvement with one of his cabinet staff members have persisted since March 2021. We bring this up because this same rumor plays into Gov. Newsom’s recent disappearance from the public and his cancellation of the UN Climate Change conference.

The Globe was set to publish a story about Newsom’s rumored involvement with a staff member in March 2021 when news and gossip began to percolate about the identity of the alleged mistress. The Globe got a tip that she was Deputy Chief of Staff Lindsey Cobia. We immediately noticed something interesting. Ms. Cobia’s name had begun to trend on Google, along with related queries such as “gavin newsom,” “newsom affair” and “gavin newsom affair.” While that is certainly not proof of an affair, from the point of view of describing the buzz among California’s political reporters, it was evidence that the Globe was not alone in checking out Ms. Cobia, whom the governor promoted just five days prior, as the push to recall him reached fever pitch in March.

Google trends shows name of Newsom staffer. Photo: screen capture)

Ultimately, the Globe decided not to publish a story at that time on the grounds that any relationship that may exist did not appear to be interfering with the governor’s official duties. With a suddenly canceled trip that the governor’s own team described as critically important, that calculus looks to be changing.

Recently, Gov. Newsom appeared to have been missing in action for at least 10 days following his last public appearance on October 27th, when he received a coronavirus booster shot. Then, only two days later on October 29th, citing “family obligations,” Gov. Gavin Newsom abruptly cancelled his much anticipated trip to Scotland to attend the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, the Globe reported.

We reported on Saturday that rumors flying around State Capitol circles about his absence from the public included:

Could this disappearance be a 10-day quarantine? Does he have COVID?

Some speculate that Newsom may have had an adverse reaction to the booster shot.

Others say there are problems of a more personal and marital nature – the rumor mill is active in Sacramento.

Still others say the Scotland climate change conference cancellation was because Newsom did not want to share the international stage with President Joe Biden.

Whatever the reason, Newsom’s disappearance is/was highly unusual.

Then he was spotted in attendance at the Vogue wedding of the year in San Francisco, as he and Mrs. Newsom attended the huge Getty family wedding over the weekend. RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar found two photos out of 100 on the Vogue story, in which Newsom and his wife were identifiable.

Today, the Globe received a credible tip from an even more credible source that it was Mrs. Newsom, the First Partner, who cancelled the big international trip to Glasgow because she discovered that the governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff Lindsey Cobia was on the list of the governor’s staff traveling to the Scotland UN conference.

Sunday evening, Sacramento Bee reporter Sophia Bollag posted on Twitter: “Gavin Newsom’s office has refused to say what ‘family obligations’ caused him to cancel his trip to the big UN climate change conference in Scotland. Seems like that’s what his wife, First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom, is referencing here.”

The First Partner almost immediately deleted her Tweet, but not before Bollag took a screen shot.

Jennifer Newsom deleted Tweet. (Photo: Twitter)

The Globe has filed a California Public Records Request with the Governor’s office as well as his press office, requesting a complete and official listing of everyone scheduled and approved for travel with the governor to Glasgow: Gov. Newsom’s cabinet level staff, his support staff, all Legislators, legislative staff, all agency directors and their support staff, as well as First Partner Jennifer Newsom and her staff.

Just before noon today, Gov. Newsom did his first live/video press conference attempting to put to rest the rumors about his health, and vaccine reactions, and instead played up how he made the decision to give up the UN Conference on Climate Change because it would take place during Halloween, and his kids were upset he and the First Partner would be gone. “Mom and dad missing Halloween, for them (it was) worse than missing Christmas,” he said.

“I’ve been on this damn treadmill, we’ve gone from crisis to crisis,” Newsom said during his “fireside chat” while at an economic summit in Monterey. “The kids, literally, they kind of had an intervention. They said they couldn’t believe that I was going to miss Halloween.”

Why didn’t the governor just say this on October 29th? It could have been a simple, sincere statement, rather than citing “family obligations.”

Elex Michaelson of FoxLA also asked why this wasn’t the original statement: “Would the narrative/speculation been different if Gov. said at the time: ‘I’m cancelling our trip so I can spend time trick or treating with my kids. It’s been a long year and it’s most important I spend time with them right now. I’m grateful the Lt. Gov will go in my place.'”

At today’s fireside chat, Newsom also said he had a “productive week” working on issues like port problems and vaccines away from cameras. “It’s been probably the most productive week I’ve had since I’ve been governor,” Newsom said.

Many are saying they don’t buy it. Newsom’s explanation at the fireside chat is the nearly identical scripted statement the Globe received last evening from his press secretary Daniel Lopez:

“Last week Governor Newsom worked in the Capitol with staff on urgent issues including COVID-19 vaccines for kids, boosters, ports, the forthcoming state budget and California’s continued economic recovery. He will have public events this week related to the economy and vaccines.”

“Also, the Governor had no adverse reaction to his booster shot.”

Perhaps as ironic and relevant was his attendance at the Getty wedding. “Newsom’s father, Bill, was a lifelong friend of Gordon Getty, the son of oil magnate J. Paul Getty — they attended high school together,” the LA Times reported in 2018. “Bill Newsom later managed the Getty family trust on behalf of Gordon.” With the closest of family relations with the Getty family, it’s not a stretch to believe that this event was always on the Newsom’s calendar.

“I’m so sorry I can’t make the climate change summit and will instead be attending the wedding of the year where 90% of attendees fly in on private jets,” one skeptical Twitter commenter ironically said. 

This is from the Globe’s California Public Records Act request to the Governor:

Please provide a complete listing of the entire official California delegation scheduled and approved for travel to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland October 31,2021 through November 12, 2021, including Gov. Gavin Newsom, Governor’s cabinet and staff, all support staff, Legislators (Assembly and Senate members), all legislative staff, all agency directors, all agency directors’ support staff, First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom, First Partner’s support staff, senior Administration officials, including but not limited to:

    • Governor Newsom’s Chief of Staff, Jim DiBoo, Deputy Chief of Staff Lindsey Cobia, Cabinet Secretary Ana Matosantos, Special Advisor to the Governor Angie Wei, Communications Director Nathan Click, etc. and other cabinet level staff
    • First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom
    • Senator Josh Becker (D-Menlo Park)
    • Senator Lena Gonzalez (D-Long Beach)
    • Senator Robert Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys)
    • Senator John Laird (D-Santa Cruz)
    • Senator Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont)
    • Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood)
    • Assemblymember Isaac Bryan (D-Los Angeles)
    • Assemblymember Lisa Calderon (D-Whittier)
    • Assemblymember Laura Friedman (D-Glendale)
    • Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella)
    • Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath (D-Encinitas)
    • Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance)
    • Assemblymember Luz Rivas (D-Arleta)
    • Assemblymember Mark Stone (D-Scotts Valley)
    • Assemblymember Christopher Ward (D-San Diego).
    • Senior Climate Advisor for the Governor Lauren Sanchez
    • California Environmental Protection Agency Secretary Jared Blumenfeld
    • California Natural Resources Agency Secretary Wade Crowfoot
    • California Department of Food and Agriculture Secretary Karen Ross
    • California Air Resources Board Chair Liane Randolph
    • California Energy Commission Chair David Hochschild

This list was issued by Gov. Newsom’s office October 25th.

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49 thoughts on “Another Newsom Rumor Catches Fire: First Partner Cancelled UN Trip Over Female Staffer

  1. Great work Katy. It’s just what the doctor ordered. Obviously I’m not alone in once again experiencing that sinking feeling that always accompanies this governor’s endless nonsense, which has harmed and intruded upon the lives of so many Californians. Nor do I think I am alone in wanting to get to the bottom of it. Once and for all, if possible. Tired of the lies of Gavin Newsom and everyone who props him up.
    Appreciate so much all of your efforts.

  2. Already spewing the ‘Dark Winter’ and Covid case uptick (4x that of Florida) to justify holding his “Power”
    when he could easily change his strategy to that of the ‘Winning’ FL Gov (no wonder Nancy’s house-shopping in Florida!) It must have been a difficult and exhausting 3 days, directing the Getty’s away from the homeless camps to their various destinations. Newsome’s Vax Mandates have ended his Political Career aspirations… people are done. His policies /regulations are directly responsible for waning Calif. oil production, Ports, job losses, and inflation. He should be with his family… we’ll find a Governor worthy of California.
    California will not accept his global manifesto, and inability to address issues. Glad he still has his family, he will need them.

    1. He has tons of support among Californians. He beat the recall handily. He will be re-elected next year in a landslide. If you dislike the things he does for the state, you are free to move to a red state.

      1. Negative. Stay and fight. We do not want anymore feel the heat run people that allow change to occur for the worst.

          1. What poster W16521 meant was that millions of fraudulent mail-in ballots and rigged voting machines voted “no” on the recall. No one except those who are part of the deep state Democrat Party cabal likes Gavin.

          2. W, if I may call you W; if you are married and have a pretty wife, keep her away from Gavin. This is the second time he has done this(that we know of) He is a narcissistic sociopath. Feel free to love the high crime, high taxes, deteriorating cities, terrible, but horribly expensive education system, dismal water management system and criminal forestry management. BTW these are some of the complaints raised by the Sac Bee, before Gavin gelded them and dispensed “home team” tee shirts for them to wear.

      2. Thanks First Partner. You’d think that your Tweet the other day about Gov Partner Gelhead would have been enough, but here you are, rearing your ugly head. Go back to sleep.

        1. Sure June. And you probably still live in the backwards 1950’s. Why don’t you move to a racist state? I hear TX, GA, and AK would be perfect for you bigots.

          1. When cornered and desperate, deep state Democrat clowns resort is to squealing “raycist” “raycist'”

          2. When they’re cornered and desperate, deep state Demcorat clowns always resort to squealing “raycist” “raycist”

          3. That’s original. Do you ever say anything new?
            It’s always odd that you guys come out of the woodwork and show up at The Globe when this stuff happens. Why say anything at all if Gavin Newsom has such broad support and backing, as you believe he does? You should be able to relax, right? Guess not

      3. If you can identify one accomplishment by Newsom, please share. As for him winning the recall election by a landslide, are you so sure that the outcome would have been the same if the mass ballot mailing that included those who voted illegal along with the use of Dominion voting machines? As for people moving out of CA, maybe you haven’t heard, but many are doing just that and many more are preparing to do the same.

      4. Working on it, too bad democrats have destroyed my home state of 65 years. Going to take two state pensions with us. He cheated

  3. So the original fake news story that he had a vaccine reaction has flopped so you’re making something else up instead?

    1. Newsom’s newest office fling was reported a number of weeks ago. Nothing surprises me, as Newsom has a reputation that does not include fidelity.

  4. I still find it hard to believe that a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate would require a Jab from an untested Vaccine. Some get the vaccine while others get a placebo. Really? That sounds like Covid is not that serious if you’re administering placebos to some people instead of the real poison. Oops! I mean vaccine.

    We will never forget what you did to CA Newsom. NEVER.
    Oh and btw…The homeless in San Francisco is still business as usual. As a matter of fact it’s become like a city within The City. And NO ONE IS DEAD ON THE STREETS. AND NO AMBULANCES EVER ROLL UP TO TAKE THE DEAD AWAY. Covid is the biggest LIE ever perpitrated upon the world and hopefully you guys will be judged for what you’ve done. And now trying to do to our children.

    1. The experimental COVID-19 mRNA jabs are still in clinical trials, and everyone that received the jabs is automatically included in the clinical trials. Therefore, you assume 100% health risks and financial liability for a lifetime as no one knows the long-term health risks with experimental mRNA jabs. In addition, the experimental COVID-19 mRNA jabs do NOT promise any immunity and may lessen COVID-19 symptoms. Germ/Viral Theory is a scam and based on junk science. Terrain Theory is the road to health. Search online for a free pdf book by Dr. Thomas Cowan titled “The Contagion Myth.” See and share this website https://thebigvirushoax.com/viruses

    2. The placebo distribution is required as part of a Phase III clinical trial, which is what this EUA lab-rat experiment on live (soon to be dead or damaged) people…
      Problem is, no one knows which lots are placebos and which deliver the clot-shot…
      We aren’t interested in spinning that Russian Roulette wheel for the globalist depopulation/tracking/social-credit platform/sheep-herding/transhumanism BS

      FREEDOM and LIBERTY, not medical TYRANNY… this is our 1776 rallying time, people…

  5. Once a cheater always a cheater, in elections and in relationships. I have no sympathy for his pathetic excuse of being on a “damn treadmill.” I will admit lying day in and out can be stressful!

  6. Well if he is having an affair, I certainly hope he’s using all the appropriate protection: Masks, vaccines, temperature check, physical distancing, washing hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, … oh and condoms.

  7. Why in the world are assembly members from Encinitas and San Diego, among other CA locales, traveling to Scotland for 2 week vacation on the taxpayers dime?!

    1. I wondered the same thing… Zoom & WebEx don’t reach Scotland these days??? These political a-holes have to FLY there in person??? Uh, huh…

      Everybody else has to work from home and wear a damn mask while doing so (exaggeration) but they jet off for whatever they are going to do in their enviro-whack cabal huddles???

      I wonder if the “First Partner” went all Elin Nordegren on Governor Dippity Doo’s melon????

  8. Every title on that list is legit and defined…EXCEPT “First Partner.” Where duff-uque did THAT come from?

  9. Is it really Gov. Newsom or is maybe it’s a compter generated image (CGI) of him? Run the video at 50% and you’ll see his left hand movements are the same over and over again with fracturing horizontal lines across his hand/fingers. Also his face and skin appear to not be flexible? Watch along the outline of his face, head, neck and shoulders. it looks like they assembled Newsom from multiple videos then superimposed the head, hands onto the suit? Is Gavin in such bad shape that they had to make a digital Gavin?

  10. I totally agree with Samantha take on it And he was sitting at the fireside chat making it so he didn’t have to stand and who was there of the media . If he did take the booster and had a reaction looks like BGS. Droopy face. The Pelosi’s and the Getty’s got him in the position of Governor, mayor etc. and now the Getty’s got one of there own as prosecutor in SF. Evil peeps.

  11. “California Governor Puzzled By Reaction To His Absence” bakersfieldnow.com

    Ha ha LOL – A twist of the tongue to make it about rabbit holes, conspiracy theories (now
    called ‘Spoiler Alerts’), and social media misinformation being weaponized. Were you
    expecting something different?

  12. Very good work, and, investigative effort Katy!!! This Evil California Governor is responsible for the Horrific Deaths of Millions of our beloved forest animals (as they burned to death), by means of his Utter Failure to properly take measures to stop forest fires from being Too Big to Handle! Just as he has Viciously Blown Trillions of gallons of OUR Water Uselessly into the Sea~, to PURPOSEFULLY Destroy Thousands of our Farmers, Ranchers, Orchards, & Vineyards in OUR Great Central Valley~!!!!!!!!

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