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COVID-19 mask. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Why I’m Not Wearing A Mask

With a transmission rate of only 0.2% in an active social arena, wearing masks in a casual environment does not reduce flu infection rates

By Michael Robertson, May 5, 2020 6:23 am

San Diego County health officials recently ordered that everyone wear face coverings “anywhere in public when they come within 6 feet of another person” starting May 1, 2020. I  do not plan on complying because the scientific research says it does not help and may actually harm people.

Mask wearing is ordered in an earnest attempt to reduce coronavirus infections. It’s explained that donning a mask means the infected will spread less virus and the uninfected will be less likely to be infected. Maybe most importantly it will reduce transmission by those who are infected but do not know it because they are at early infection stages or simply never show symptoms as happens with about 50% of those infected.

While this seems logical, the science says it is false. Wearing masks does not reduce influenza infection rate according to an examination of 10 studies looking at this claim. To determine the effectiveness of a procedure requires a randomized controlled test (RCT). Within a population some are given the treatment and others not. By comparing the two populations one can determine if the protocol is effective.

The Center for Disease Control did a pool analysis of 10 RCTs that examined the impact of face masks on reducing influenza infections within a community. They concluded that these studies “found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks.” These studies covered a wide range of environmental settings from University dorms to households, but the results were the same across them all.

“There is limited evidence for their [masks] effectiveness in preventing influenza virus transmission,” they found. This applied to masks “worn by the infected person for source control OR when worn by uninfected persons.” They unambiguously concluded that there was “no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.”

Since we know that flu viruses are spread through aspiration, coughing or sneezing, such a result would seem to defy common sense. However it is explainable when examining more closely how the flu spreads. It is spread through continuous extended close contact, and not casual connections.

Research by the National Center for Immunization Research and Surveillance in Australia shows that transmission in COVID-19 infected people, even in close contact with others in a high intensity school environment, is tiny. They arrived at this conclusion by identifying 18 COVID-19 infected individuals and tracing their movements from March to Mid-April 2020. Nine infected students and 9 infected staff across 15 schools were followed. Collectively they had 862 close contacts over this time period. A “close contact” was defined as face to face contact for 15 minutes or in the same room for a minimum of two hours with an infected person. Those in close contact were tested via swabs or blood tests. Of the 735 students and 128 staff members who came in close contact with these 18 cases only 2 infections were identified

With a transmission rate of only 0.2% in an active social arena such as a school without masks, it’s easy to see how wearing masks in a casual environment would not reduce flu infection rates. Specifically since the likelihood of infection from a brief interaction such as a store is so small masks are irrelevant. 

It’s reasonable to ask if there’s possible harm from mask usage. Anyone who has worn one while painting or construction or any extended period of time knows they quickly become moist and slimy, which is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Pathogens trapped in the mask have ideal conditions to grow exposing the wearer to an increased risk unless the mask is disposed of after every use or chemically disinfected.

One study looked at 1607 medical care workers and found that cloth masks lead to higher respiratory infection rates. “The rate of influenza-like illness is statistically significantly higher” with cloth masks they concluded. Disturbingly, COVID-19 is an influenza-like virus which attacks the respiratory system, so it’s possible cloth mask wearers may have a higher rate of contracting COVID-19. They speculate that, Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection.” 

There’s much we’re learning about this pandemic, but the best science we have shows that mask wearing will not reduce transmission because casual contact is not a common source of transmission. Furthermore the cloth masks that many are resorting to may actually increase the likelihood of an infection achieving the exact opposite of the intended result. I call on health officials to look more closely at the science and withdraw their order for mask wearing because the data says it will do more harm than good to residents. 

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323 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Wearing A Mask

  1. Glad to see this article. I won’t wear a mask — which will probably become a problem soon — because we are being made to wear them as a symbol and manifestation of fear. Our lying leaders want that culture of fear to be maintained —- even as the science clearly shows that the masks are not necessary and may even be harmful.

    1. Who are the lying leaders? The President is the lying leader.! The VP had a call with all the Governors. It’s not red or blue. Nice try playing the blame game.

      1. How would the DNC’s Racist Organized Criminal Enterprise stay in business without it’s low IQ Uneducated Useful Idiots the likes of you?!?

        1. What. Wrong. With. This. World. No. One. Wants. To. Look. Like. A. Clown. Wear. Mask. The. Corona. Was. Made. In. China. In. Chinese. !ab. I. Will. Never. Wear. Mask. It. Is. My. Right. I. Have. Family. Any. Friends go. To. Store. For. Me.


        1. Fauci lied about masks! He said not useful, then flip flopped. Pic of him with mask halfway off at a baseball game recently says it all…..

          1. I. Have. Never. Worn. Face. Mask. Not. For. Me. My. Mom. Said. Any. One. Wears. Face. Mask. Looks. Likes. There. Going. To. Attack. Someone. I. Have. Rights

        2. President. Trump. Said. He. Will. Never. Wear. That. Piece. Of. Crap. Face. Mask. Why. Should. We. Get. Bugged. To. Wear. The. Mask. Any. One. Wear. Mask. Look. Crazy. Mask. Are. For. Loosers

          1. I. Hate. Face. Mask. And. The. World. To. To. Controlling. I. Have. Family. And. Friends. Go. To. Store. For. Me. I. Don’t care. About. Going. In. Any. Stores. If. I. Have. To. Wear. Mask. Drugee. Like. Wearing. Face. Mask. That. Why. They. Don’t. Mind. Wear. Mask. I. Will. Put. That. Mask. On. My. Nose. And. Mouth. I. Could. Not. Breathe. If. I. Had. Mask. On. If. Any. One. Is. That. Stupid. And. Thinks. Face. Mask. Will. Do. Something. There. Drugee. Loosers

          2. I agree! We have rights! We weren’t born with masks on our faces! People need to educate themselves. Covering your face up for long periods of times and over this cause of time can and WILL cause long term breathing issues. It’s in the science people open your fucking eyes! Stop being sheep and DO YOUR RESEARCH. Face masks unless used for hospital reasons (surgical masks for nurses) should NOT be worn like this! You are decreasing the amount of oxygen into the lungs and you are re-breathing in your own carbon dioxide. I’m exempt luckily but even if I wasn’t I wouldn’t wear one. I don’t give a shit. What’s the point in trying to save the stupid percent of the population by killing ourselves in the process. People of dying WITH Corona not BY Corona. My family work for the NHS and it’s common knowledge there! You are all crying over what the media and what the puppets are telling you. Live your own fucking life, grow a pair and say NO. And if you don’t and argue back against those of us who use our free will and rather not die by face mask then not being funny but I couldn’t care less you can die of an asthma attack if you like but I already have severe asthma so see how I care. Bye Felicia.

          3. and what ended up happening you retarded fuck? oh right. Millions of people dead because of dubasses like you who probably say vaccines are bad and we should stick to natural healing. Also you ass hat, the lopsided orange you call president is wearing a mask.


          1. Lana you’re clearly a mask enforcing, person judging, gonna-get-asthma-worse-than-i-do-when-this-is-over shit stain. Go rot somewhere. Fucking Tory.

        4. Wow, you are an idiot, Michael. Where’s your medical degree? Yeah that’s what I thought. Stick to technology, instead of cherry picking “facts” from a field you clearly know nothing about. It calls into question your so-called expertise in your chosen profession as well.

        1. Do. We. Have. Rights. Yes. Then. Why. Do. We. Have. To. Be. Told. To. Wear. Mask. In. Stores. Restaurants. Shopping. Malls. They. Are. To. Control. Want. To. Boss. Every. One. I. Will. Never. Wear. Face. Clown. Mask. What. Wrong. With. This. Bossy. World. Mask. Make. People. Like. There. On. Drugs. They. Do. Not. Look. All.there

          1. ur an idiot. remember when integration became illegal? people kept there signs and kept us out of their pools. stop fucking crying and killing other people’s family, it’s better to hide the bags on ur ugly fucking old man face anyways.

      2. How about a common sense view?
        There were 8 deaths from corona virus in the whole state of California when every school was shut down. The shutdowns were never justified. The original goal of securing the hospitals were met and yet the power hungry were never satisfied.

        1. Debra. Right! Lets just look at the facts. NO REAL SCIENCE proves that wearing a mask reduces viruses. There are many case studies with influenza. INCONCLUSIVE! Leaning toward. No, it does not help. .008 is lower than influenza related deaths…..it has a vaccine! (Of course it’s no guarantee, just like a vaccined for this would be no guarantee….) Damn it’s so obviously a control, mind game! Symbolically it’s very obvious too. Shut up! Don’t speak to each other. Isolate! Sounds like communism and brainwashing to me.

          1. how is wearing a mask brainwashing you? Its no different than wearing glasses you wear everyday and you may not kill 1 more persons grandmother it seems fairly simple to help out…

          2. Then why does Kapan lead the world in fewest Covid and Flu cases per capita. 90 percent of the population there wears a mask every winter.

          3. Lana you’re clearly a mask enforcing, person judging, gonna-get-asthma-worse-than-i-do-when-this-is-over shit stain. Go rot somewhere. Fucking Tory.

          4. Totally agree Susan. And Rich – never heard of subliminal messaging? They’ve got you walking round like fucking idiots wearing a piece of fabric that has more chance of making you die of a severe asthma attack than stopping a WAY OVER EXAGGERATED “virus”. Come the fuck on and educate yourselves. The higher ups have been doing it for years. Television literally means tell lies to your vision. This isn’t conspiracy it’s a well known fact. Look it up. I didn’t believe this stuff before till I did and now I’m like how the fuck have I been living with my eyes closed all this time. Watch the movie “They live” says it all. And no movies are not just movies. This shit happens and it’s happening now and you can die from carbon dioxide poisoning due to you not being able to exhale your own breath efficiently but I DAMN WELL AM NOT.

          5. Also Rich – you are brainwashed. It’s a flimsly piece of fabric. It cannot stop a spread of a virus but it will restrict your breathing. What you call simple, I call torture. Btw people do have physical and MENTAL health issues. Masks are fucking horrible to someone like me who suffers severe mental health issues if someone so much as puts their hand near my face I’d break it off.

        2. you also have the right to get very sick and die. now i think you would not like that , or would you? because it seems like you would. if you were not ok with getting sick and DIEING you would stop being so fucking prideful and put on your god damn mask!!you want to be able to go out in public and not have social distance the put on your mask! PLEASE!

          1. I’m glad this article is out. I did not wear a mask all last year and never got sick. My frist week back to work where they make it mandatory to wear a mask i got sick. They said i got covid i don’t know if i did i felt like i had a cold. I got sick from wearing a mask probably in part that I touch my face way more now that I wear a mask. I work in the movie industry and just makes me mad I am forced to do something that doesn’t work and actually made me sick. I hope more people read this article. Because I don’t know how much longer I can do this because I’m getting sick again

          2. Why would i give away my freedoms to protect myself against a virus that has less than a one percent chance of killing me. It makes absolutely no sense to me why all you sheeple are following these fear mongering mandates so willingly.

      3. Why. Don’t. You. Drugee. Smart. Mouths. Go. Get. A. Job. Worthless. Piece. Of. Crap. When. You. Drugee. See. Some. One. With. No. Face. Mask. Stop. Calling. Them. Cuss. Names. If. Humans. Do. Not. Have. To. Wear. Drugee. Face. Mask. It. Is. None. Of. Your. Businesses. Stop. Yelling. And. Cussing. People. Out. That. Will. Never. Have. To. Wear. Drugee. Face. Mask. Grow. Up. Retards.

        1. Because Amazon is the only place hiring for jobs and unless you are a seller and or working from home, wearing a damn mask is required. Which is so ridiculous since Amazon created this stupid virus. Whether it was on purpose or not needs more investigating.

      4. You are stupid mindless and compliant and will do whatever the mainstream media tells you to, because in all of this you have lost the ability to think and reason. You have the right to remain clueless, but the rest of us will fight for the truth and I am making that my mission, starting today, starting with you.

    2. We’ll soon find the results of Darwin’s Theory when all the non-mask wearers pass the virus among themselves.

        1. Agree Dr. Faz. Herd immunity is being heard loud and clear here! The only thing that makes sense. It’s not the black plague. That has been proven even with the skewed numbers they are feeding us!

        2. I. Will. Never. Wear. Mask. I. Hate. Any. Thing. On. My. Face. I. Feel. I. Can’t. Breathe. If. I. Wore. One. Store. Workers. Are. Rude. I. Was. Told. By. A. Friend. Restaurant. Workers. Are. Rude. To. Any. One. Eat. In. Restaurant. This. Dum. Corona. Was. Made. Up. In. China. In. A. Chinese. Lab. How. It. Got. All. Over. The. World. Chinese. Are. Not. All. There. They. Steal. Dogs. Boil. Them. Alive. Touch. There. Fur. Off. Eat. Dog. Cook. The. Dogs. Live. On. Cook. Out. That. So. Sad. This. Fake. Corona. Is. Making. People. Sad.

          1. The bizarre way you are writing your posts is extremely irritating…or perhaps that was your intent. In any case, we are NOT impressed!!

          2. ugh, people like you are so fucking delusional and retarded mentally and physically shut the fuck with your failure of life a dumbass just say you can’t afford a fucking mask and get on with your day everyone knows your a broke fuck go live in your dumpster truck and go suck my dick in a prostitution site cuz we know broke bitches like you can’t make money in an ethical way red neck little shit.

      1. Darwin’s theory is a survival of the fittest…Which would suggest that all the mask wearing idiots are of the lower end of the fitness/intellect scale. They are obviously afraid of building up a significant immune system response, afraid of biological evolutionary change, and afraid of being healthy through immunity. Mask wearing is akin to anti-vaccination… It serves as a false sense of security. We have a CFD analysis to show that a mask causes the same amount of respiratory droplet dispersal as not wearing a mask, the only change was in its dispersal pattern. As a mask is worn longer and respiratory droplets are condensed on the subsurface and surface of the mask. This creates a film of condensation on the exterior and interior of the mask, reducing any effectiveness it may have had. As a normal person cannot wear a mask correctly or avoid touching the mask hundreds of times in a day, they have just created enough cross contamination to actually be worse than someone sneezing freely into the air. We have gone from a society that was able to build up natural immunity to a society that is plagued by fear and ignorance. People swoon to the tune of “may have an effect,” which really means there is zero evidence to support it will do anything. Even papers that are supposedly used to validate the “masks are effective” claim, only state that a mask “COULD” help… Could implies opinion, it does not constitute evidence. A mask is a one time use device, not something that should be work the second you leave the house and continue to put it on, take it off, adjust it, play with it, shove it in your pocket, wear it half-assed, pull it down to speak, etc… You wear a mask for the social interaction where you CANNOT avoid being in someone’s bubble, and practice good hygiene. Don’t touch it, don’t reuse it, don’t play with it. The length of time you can wear a mask before its compromised depends on the amount of water vapor in your breath. Ergo, over time a mask is no longer effective; ergo, continued use of a mask throughout the day is ineffective. If you are afraid of a virus, don’t leave your house. If you are high risk of experiencing a severe reaction, don’t leave your house. If you could potentially spread it to someone who is high risk…Don’t leave your house. Common sense has left the world and been replaced with mob mentality and a lack of understanding.

        1. Alex i love your comments. I hope this reaches far and wide. it seems that the heard mentality is if you don’t have a degree or phd in science your opinion isn’t valid. Survival of the fittest! the strong will survive. we are all here because our ancestors survived countless wars and plagues. we will live on without mask and be stronger. we will die off as a race if we wear mask and don’t allow our systems to become immune.

        2. Well said. My family will not be wearing masks everywhere in public for 2-3 years as Canada’s wonderful Dr Tam is now suggesting . We will continue to get outside and be active everyday, eat well, and fear less.

      2. So if the author of this article gets severely ill or dies from the virus I will have zero sympathy for then

        1. he has a 99% chance of Survival. You aren’t seeing the bigger picture. This is about control. Go back to Hither days. One personal liberty at a time. My body my choice. You worry about you, I’ll worry about me

          1. That is so right on. I am more than tired of this push to think about your neighbor, do the right thing, keep others safe. We are now in everyway being told that we are responsible for the safety and health of everyone everywhere. Everything we do has to be with that in mind. When did we stop being responsible for ourselves? When did it become the norm for sick and unhealthy people to sit there and do nothing while the rest of us cater to them, avoid them, mask up for them, spend our entire day and life plan on how to keep everyone else safe from this virus? Like the guy above said, if you are fit and healthy and have strong genes and immunity and also a positive outlook on your health you will survive as your ancestors passed that down to you. Those who won’t have weakness and poor health, most of the time due to poor decision-making, poor life and health choices and living extremely high-risk or sedentary existences. Those who are in that is not our responsibility.

      3. Pity true Darwinism doesn’t really exist anymore as you wouldn’t be here to make that stupid comment! Honestly there is ko virus at all, no extra deaths, people who have the alightest symptom that we would normally lable a cold or chest infection are instantly labeled as a CV case, to boost these fake figures, even in the ONS (uk national statistics) the extra deaths that are shown come with a caveat that the registered death may be counted twice is more than one cause is on the death cert. As for masks they are inherently bad for you and you shouldn’t ware one unless the enviroment you are in dictates it such as surgery, clean room electronics, or hazardous enviroment and even in those it should be the shortest time possible and not doing anything strenuous. If you are pushing your self where your heart rate and breathing increases you should have a reciruclator mask to increase air flow, and even these shouldn’t be worn for prolonged instance because your are still putting your heart and lungs under extra strain, increasing your CO2 intake and reducing your O2 sats (ignore the whole sitting round wearing your mask videos by moronic doctors who seem to forget the basic principle that any hindrance to your airways will increase how hard your body works to breathe especially when up and about!) Not to then go on and mention its a huge breading ground for pathogens, a nice moist warm enviroment! Again these masks should only be work in clean environments and disposed of after a short use.

        1. Hate when stupid people who dont understand the concept of pseudo science try to pass it off as real, like they are not just repeating someone elses ignorant crap they overheard. YOU ARE NOT AN EXPERT because you heard someone say something that supports your decision to be a dumbass. Your uneducated ignorant life choices put us all in danger and make us all look stupid to the rest of the world. I wish you all would just die. There is no point to argue here. Its a stone cold fact. This virus is real, science is real and there are things we can do to stop it; like wearing a mask but people like you dont understand facts and science. You should be denied help when you get sick. And dont even start that individual liberty crap as anyone who can critically think sees the flaws in that argument. You cant walk down the street pointing a gun at people and say its your right and not wearing a mask to prevent a deadly virus is assault just the same. Really, there is no logical reason to not wear a mask. You just want to complain and say look at me Im the intelligent one when really your the dangerous ignorant one who society needs to be rid of. Your type will argue with anyone about anything and make Americans look so stupid to the global population. It is embarrassing. Youre probably a holocaust denier too.

          1. You are one of the most self righteous, pathetically stupid, and hopelessly moronic people who ever made a comment in a comments section of anything ever. I would say that “i hope you just die” but i would never ever say that about anyone for any reason whatsoever, but especially not about people exercising their RIGHTS AS FREE PEOPLE TO NOT WEAR A GD MF-ING MASK WHEN THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR ANYONE TO BE WEARING ONE IN THE FIRST PLACE OTHER THAN FOR TYRANNY AND CONFORMITY AND OBEDIENCE AND COMPLIANCE. Keep running off at the mouth about wishing people dead and see how much you like your Karma Sandwich that comes with that you Twit.

          2. What randomized study reflects that mask wearing is truly effective? Haven’t found one yet. I know several families now where only 3 out of 5 family members got covid. How easily does this thing really transmit when family members staying in the same house; eating in same kitchen, sometimes sleeping in same bed, breathing the same air, etc., fail to transmit to other family members. Seriously, common sense says your not going to get covid unless you are coughing or breathing directly on someone. Why do you think this thing was so rampant in the nursing home. Because when your bathing someone, feeding that same one, assisting with bathroom activities, that is exactly what you are doing. Furthermore, according to CDC provisional death counts, 96% of copied deaths in US had an average of 2.6 underlying conditions. So like some one said if you are worried about covid stay home. Order your groceries online. CDC numbers say your just not going to die unless you have an underlying condition. Go look it up CDC provisional death data under age and sex.

          3. Not saying anything one way or another everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I work in a grocery store deli we have mandatory masking 90 % of people grab their masks touch their faces wear their masks below their noses and I imagine it’s like that in most cities just an observation

          4. To: Science is Real, You are seriously brainwashed and too indoctrinated to realize you suffer from serious cognitive dissonance.

          5. Science is real: you’re the one who makes Americans look stupid love. I’m English and all we say is how fucking dumb people like you are in America forcing shit you don’t have proof of upon others. You’re calling people out for FACTS where are yours? What you’ve just heard from the ‘who’ or whatever the fuck they’re called. Brainwashed Hun, you’re fucking brainwashed. Good luck being a slave to your own free will cause you have NONE.

      4. The non mask wearers, like myself, will thrive because we haven’t destroyed our immune system. I’ve never worn a mask or even used hand sanitizer, and I haven’t even had a common cold in over two years. The media and the government has everyone believing you will die if you get covid. Trying to use fear to control us. The truth is this virus isn’t any more dangerous than anything else we’ve faced before. The statistics on the amount of deaths are completely false because no matter how someone may die, if they test positive for covid they consider it a death due to covid just so hospitals can get money. Just like everything in this world, it’s all about money.

        1. You ignorant asshole! Go visit a hospital where medical staff are overworked and struggling to find hospital beds and equipment due to being over capacity. I hope all you non-mask wearing, online doctors, catch this virus!!!

          1. and like the others said 96% (do you realize that is almost all of them?) that are there “due to covid” have underlying conditions that are the PRIMARY reason they are there, aggravated by covid and covid infected because of their pre-existing sickness. Those people would likely have been there ANYWAY and are because they didn’t stay home or they allowed others to come into their home without using caution. If they are sick and want to remain unexposed as much as possible it is up to them to exercise caustion and concern over their lives, it is not up to the rest of the world to be on the lookout for them. We are all responsible for our own choices and actions, and the consequences of those, both good and bad. We cannot continually go around blaming everyone else for our bad luck, our situations, our accidents. It is just the way things work, and the sooner we all realize and own up to our responsibilities for ourselves, the sooner things will begin to move in a more positive direction. The longer we continue this little sheep waiting for our shepherd to say move, or to say don’t move, and we continue to fail to exercise our God-given common logic and realistic view of the world around us, the longer this shit will go on. Does anyone know how to think anymore? And don’t act like you know what the reality is or try to tell someone who demonstrates being responsible and owning that we make our own choices ultimately that they are an asshole. Only assholes would say that because they are too ignorant to get the truth for themselves, so they just spit out nonsense. Kinda like the telephone game, you pass along what you think you are hearing but in reality it is completely off by the time it reaches the end of the line.

          2. Zoltan you’re dumb af. My family work at hospitals and it’s no more over run than normal. People sat in a&e cause they got pissed and fell off a curb. Stop reading the news and get our your wet blanket of a life.

      5. Excellent point… this points to the purpose of viriluses in nature. Though the studies are being censored, there are a growing number of scientists and physicians revealing that the little packet of coded information, called a virus, is actually natures way of distributing genetic upgrades amongst the population. It has been suggested that nature is attempting to modify all species to adapt to the earth changes occuring across the globe. Just as your computer receives updates to programming, nature is distributing updates to all life on the planet. We should be allowing the virus to do what it was designed to do in order to create the collective upgrades within all populations.

    3. You honestly cannot be this stupid. Wearing a mask is a “symbol and manifestation of fear”? Seriously? You had better throw out all your fire extinguishers and never put on your seat belt again. For safe measure, disable your air bags too.

      1. There is a reason why nurses only wear n95s. They even appeared in the news protesting hospitals only giving surgical masks

    4. Well put! Manifestation of fear on our part, active suppression of Smiles, Ease of Speech, Breathing – on the part of the authorities against us!

    5. You guys are all ignorant and childish. Can’t comply with rules for everyone’s safety, and cherry picking “scientific data” to support this ridiculous assertion. First off, influenza and SARS-CoV-2 (virus that causes COVID-19) are not the same. They do not spread in an identical manner and do not bind to human cells in the same way, nor to the same degree. So, taking any study of influenza and trying to apply it directly to a novel/hybrid bat coronavirus is not scientific and will not yield results that are true or correct. Secondly, the facts on masks that you use are purely in reference to cotton cloth masks, the most useless mask for prophylactic use, but a design that can aid in reducing transmission, and, as the article correctly stated, most importantly it can reduce transmission by unwitting silent spreaders, who are asymptomatic and/or have such mild symptoms they do not seem to have COVID-19. These are now known to be up to 70% of “positive” cases! I don’t know why that study in Australia found that the 2019 novel coronavirus does not spread readily nor rapidly. There are plenty of studies that have been conducted, many of them peer reviewed or in prepublication to be reviewed, the majority of which find the opposite to be true. I would venture to guess that the testing that found only 18 (or whatever the number was) community-spread cases is faulty, administered wrongly, or the students and faculty were particularly healthy and live in an area with ample Selenium occurring naturally in their diet, and the virus simply hadn’t been able to replicate enough at the time of testing to cause a positive result. This doesn’t mean the virus suddenly has a way lower rate of transmission than all the other studies and data show. I do wish there was more info out there about the link between selenium levels and the development of hospitalization-level COVID-19 in people exposed to the virus. There’s a very clear link between ample selenium levels and survivability in people who have been exposed to SARS-CoV (SARS), MERS and SARS-CoV-2. The areas with lowest levels of ambient selenium are the same areas with highest levels of deaths and ICU admission relating to these SARS-type coronaviruses.

      I digress. My point was that this article assumes too much, and conveniently highlights narrow slices of data to support its conclusion. If people keep their masks clean, or use disposable masks, the “danger” of masks causing respiratory infections and other issues is very remote. Is using common sense and being hygenic too much to expect from grown adults? It seems you think so, since apparently masks are a health hazard. Don’t forget, doctors perform surgery wearing masks. Do you think they are being irresponsible and risking their health? Oh wait. Those aren’t cloth masks! Which was my point. Not everyone is wearing cloth masks. One last question – if masks literally make no difference in reducing transmission of airborne/aerosolized viruses, why do doctors wear them when they’re performing surgery? If the mask reduces contamination and infection via tiny droplets that are exhaled from the medical professional’s mouth and nose, why would they be ineffective at lowering the transmission of coronaviruses such as SARS-CoV-2 via the same mechanism? I could go on forever but you get my point , I trust.

      1. You want to fall prey to this simpering, fearful tripe, be my guest. I will have no part of it. Besides, if that face diaper works that well for you then you don’t need sheeplike compliance from me.

      2. i will not wear a mask its to stupid and manipulated control . you wear it into a restaurant then take it off with everyone in the place not wearing one , how dumb can you be, are there any animal contracting CCV any birds ?

      3. You can go on but you don’t have anything real to go on with. you are using bits and pieces of information that is not relevant to your claims. like the surgeons and staff wearing masks. that is to keep the operating field sterile. Mostly from BACTERIA, not viruses. they are not the same. They have been doing that for centuries. And additionally when HIV/AIDS was rampant, gloves and masks were worn, particularly in medical settings where blood and body fluids might be exchanged due to orifices or possible skin abrasions and cuts. This practice is relatively recent and has nothing to do with respiratory spread of viruses, so you need to make sure you are making relevant comparisons when you spout out your opinions. And masks, the data is too wishy washy to be meaningful enough to use as a guide to mandate their use. Besides how many people can wear it for any length of time without touching it, adjusting it, lowering to talk when someone can’t hear you, taking it off when they are in their car, to eat, drink, etc. It is not humanly possible to keep that on all day without doing those things. If we were meant to live that way we would have been born with a mask or our whole face would have been created differently. And if you logically break down any arguments for the ineffectiveness of masks in the general community, you will see that they all make much more sense and sound much more reasonable than any argument that they are helping contain the virus. And I might add: IF THEY ARE HELPING TO CONTAIN THE VIRUS THEN WHY IS IT STILL SPREADING AND CASES CONTINUING TO RISE? And don’t say because people don’t wear them right. That is not an option. You need something better than that. Go on.

    6. You people are stupid sheep. There’s evidence by the CDC and Mayo Clinic showing it helps reduce droplets in the air. But by all means read one article from a crap site and take it as the truth… Idiots

    7. I hope all of you who dont wear masks die and there will less of you idiots out there.
      Use your brain please, if masks dont work why doctors or dentists use them? Asia has way less covid now because people wear masks! You guys are idiots.

      1. No, you are a cowering, stupid sheep that will follow anyone over anything and cannot think for yourself. Moron.


      2. Best response I’ve read!!! Assholes don’t wear masks. Go visit the understaffed, overworked healthcare workers in hospitals and tell them this bullshit about not wearing masks! These people care about nobody. Go fight our wars you maskless, fearless, ignorant, assholes. I bet most of you took the damned stimulus money!!!

      3. You know if you are of a lesser quality human being, you will die regardless of whether or not you wear a mask. Wearing one really only does one thing: tells the world you feel you are a lesser quality human being and you are trying (uselessly) to protect yourself. The rest of the world does not need to wear a mask because of their built in higher quality of being human. It’s not defiance that drives that, it is superior knowledge and logical understanding of survival of the fittest. So sorry.

    8. Whatever, put on a freaking mask, how hard is that, what is the problem with people. I do not like wearing a mask either but I do it because, I do not want to be that one person, inside let’s say a home depot, who is not wearing a mask and looking like an idiot. I do not want people looking at me, saying things about me, maybe even confronting me, I do not want an employee telling me in front of everybody to put on a mask or leave the store, or wherever you may be. What you non wearing mask people are, you need Drama, you go out without a mask hoping someone says something to you so you can get into it with them, you need that drama and attention, you need people talking about you, pointing at you, whispering to each other about you. Let’s sum it up right here, (Cluster B personality disorders represent those people who seek—if not revel in—drama, become worked up over small problems, and tend to see themselves as the center of their all-too-frenetic universe)

    9. I’m glad this article is out. I did not wear a mask all last year and never got sick. My frist week back to work where they make it mandatory to wear a mask i got sick. They said i got covid i don’t know if i did i felt like i had a cold. I got sick from wearing a mask probably in part that I touch my face way more now that I wear a mask. I work in the movie industry and just makes me mad I am forced to do something that doesn’t work and actually made me sick. I hope more people read this article. Because I don’t know how much longer I can do this because I’m getting sick again

      1. What a misleading article that is being perpetuated by misinformed public. The study he points to studied the difference between surgical masks and cloth masks, they did not have a “no-mask” control group. The authors have even responded stating as such. At best this article is misinformed click bate and it could be intentionally misleading and dangerous.

        1. Speaking of ‘misinformed public’ and ‘checking sources’, I guess that means you already called the coronavirus hotline and found out that covid19 is nothing more than the common cold from 2019. How misleading and dangerous to not buy into the fear porn!!

          1. You clearly have done no research in to any of this. Please inform yourself so your family doesn’t suffer for your mistakes

    1. Pat yourself on the back Steve. A true hero. The genuine article. We are all so proud of you. Yup

      1. Why. Do. Some. People. Think. Face. Mask. Is. The. Best. Face. Mask. Is. Garbage. On. The. News. It. Said. No. One. Should. Be. Wearing. Face. Mask. On. The. News. It. Said. Face. Mask. Can. Make. Not. Breathe. With. That. Garbage. Face. Mask. On. Your. Nose. And. Mouth. If. All. You. Ding. A lungs. Want. To. Wear. Garbage. Face. Mask. You. Will. Look. Like. A. Drugee

      1. Regardless, wearing any mask for prolonged periods of time outside of either a clean enviroment (surgery, clean rooms etc.) Will result in a build up of pathogens giving them a nice breading ground and easy access to your nose and mouth, not to mention your breathing rate will increase to compensate for the fact you have something over your Airways, regardless if its a bit of cloth or if its a surgical mask. Even when the benefits outlay the negatives (wearing one for surgery or in a hazardous enviroment) it should be done for short as time as possible and preferably not while exerting your self as this vastly increases the strain on breathing, (I wore one last week as I was cutting wood up for a fence and had to stop every 5 mins as I couldn’t breathe, my o2 stats fell, funny enough I could go on a 12 mile bike ride without anything covering my face and I’m fine!) Not to mention it is a way of perpetuating the fear of this fake pandemic and virus. Peoples ignorance completely astonishes me, but not as much as peoples ease in handing over their freedoms that so many have died for! … even if this whole thing was real (and its not) I would rather live my life free and enjoy it than spend it cowering in my home or under the tyrany of the ever insidious nature of those who are governing us!

        1. I can not get over how far your stupidity reaches and how dangerous you are not to mention complete nutjob conspiracy theorist and traitor. This has nothing to do with individual freedom and if you dont understand why you have got problems. You shouldnt be here.

          1. Yada yada yada here comes another pro masker who’s all about “wearing a mask is an act of love” love, love, so full of love and acceptance aren’t you? When all you maskers do is bully and berate and try to control other people’s behaviour. Pissweak Fear porn mongers and Hypocrites all of you.

          2. No-. YOU should not be here, and if you think you have the right to regulate others than you shouldn’t be ANYWHERE.

        2. So you are one of those, why don’t you go talk to someone like me who lost someone to this Virus, calling it a fake pandemic, come say that to me. I bet you are one of those who think that the Holocaust was fake, probably think all of the School shootings in this country were made up, probably believe that you are being followed by Helicopters when you go out.

    2. Right on, Steve! I’m a 73 y.o. female in Sonoma County, CA. Our well-stocked neighborhood Market requires masks, so I end up wearing one a few times, PER WEEK….otherwise, nada!! No apparent Police “enforcement” (at least not in my area)…and that’s in spite of our corrupt “smarmy” Governor.

      1. I am an elderly grandmother and have never worn a mask. I have never used toxic hand sanitizer. This has been by far the healthiest year of my life. Fresh air, exercise, sunlight, wholesome food is the key. Nobody I know has had this phantom virus. I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who has had it— in multiple countries. Hospitals I see are empty of patients, not overwhelmed. Hospital staff are standing around idle. Turn off the TV and lose the fear.

  2. Gavin Nuisance has a Billion reasons to force you to wear a face mask. Meanwhile he is borrowing money to pay unemployment?

    1. . . . my thoughts also, the “sixth largest economy in the WORLD” is borrowing money from the Feds . . . maybe the one party super majority state is borrowing with the intention to NOT REPAY . . . and then threaten US with “we’re the sixth largest economy the world . . . ” (((( borrowing at zero perfect interest too . . . ))))

    2. Hey Einstein. Who are we borrowing from to cover the 2 trillion dollar stimulus package which in addition to the 1 trillion dollar 2017 tax cuts for the 1% adds up to uh umm like 3 more trillion dollars we are in debt?

  3. Here’s links to the various studies I referenced:

    Research on effectiveness of face masks

    Research showing low infection rate in school setting

    Research showing cloth masks lead to higher respiratory infection rate

    1. Outstanding. I applaud your article and well reasoned position. It is inspiring and I thank you.

    2. The study you referenced was the use of masks in a Flu pandemic. This is a SARs respiratory virus and your reference is invalid.
      The mask is a temporary public health effort to limit transmission. There are many at-risk people and it is a selfish vanity to not attempt to limit spread.
      I understand there is an odd and unfortunate political and psychological element to this. It is truly sad that there is such a lack of care for fellow countrymen.

      1. May I correct your mischaracterization? It want one study during a flu epidemic. It was 10 studies performed over decades.

        Since COVID19 is spread in the same fashion as the flu, the studies are in point to the core question: do masks use by the general public reduce the infection rate.

        It doesn’t matter if it’s “temporary”. It also doesn’t matter if you think it’s “caring”. What matters is, is it effective? And if it is effective, are their downside and what is the cost. That’s how you responsibly assess a hypothesis.

        The data is clear that mask use by the general public DOESN’T reduce the rate infection rate. Do you have any studies proving it does? You do not because they don’t exist. Furthermore if you read the article you know that cloth mask use actually increases the infection rate of wearers. That makes sens because they all get slimy and warm which is the perfect breeding ground for viruses and bacteria.

        Finally, if we waste time and money on dumb and ineffective steps, we will miss smart steps which can actually help people.

        1. Michael – can you please write an article about how all the non- mask wearers
          should unite and get a “DNT” – Do Not Treat- tattoo? Then my son-in-law, a doctor, and my daughter, a nurse, can choose to not treat you – ignore you/send you home if you get Covid? You don’t have to wear a mask! Charles Darwin would support you 100%. I have cancer. I’m in a high risk category if I get Covid. But you go with all your scientific research from your PhD in science? No? MD? No? Huh. Anyway, get the tattoo. If you get symptoms save do NOT go to a hospital. You don’t have the right.

          1. I thought mask-wearing was to protect others. Not ourselves. So your “DNT” tattoo *eyeroll* makes zero sense.

          2. Can you not separate mask usage from medical treatment? People should get medical treatment if they’re ill.

            My point is: we should focus on undertaking steps that have a basis in science to try and protect people. We should question everything because when we waste time and money on ceremonial things like masks, that’s less time and money to use on REAL steps to we can take to protect people.

          3. What all of you non-mask wearing people believe is that you’re ENTITLED to have someone care about you when you walk in the door of a hospital. But, frankly, if the medical staff knows you are a staunch “no-mask person,” which goes DIRECTLY AGAINST WHAT THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY IS ASKING YOU TO DO, they aren’t going to rush to help you. TJ wrote, “I thought mask wearing was to protect others.” That is correct, TJ. You would be wearing a mask to help others so they don’t get Coronavirus if you are asymptomatic. By not wearing a mask, you’re saying others don’t matter to you. When you walk into an ER with Coronavirus symptoms, and you come to the question on the intake form of “Have you been regularly wearing a mask?” are you going to be honest? Go ahead, say “no.” You should add, Mr. Robertson, that you have written an article about why wearing a mask is unnecessary – and see how the staff responds to you. I dated an ER nurse who said, for certain people, he walked a little slower to help them. Shocking, I know. Harsh reality – medical staff are human beings. Hopefully, none of you have him as a nurse. One option for you non-mask wearing people is to lie and say, “Yes! I have been wearing a mask- because I care about my fellow human beings and it’s been recommended by you – the hardworking medical community. ” My grandfather was editor of the Omaha World Herald. He would call your writing, Mr. Robertson, “unethical,” “dangerous” even – especially considering your audience.

          4. By that logic, should we deny treatment to patients with diet induced diabetes because they won’t change their diet? Or should a smoker be denied treatment for their smoking acquired illnesses? I mean really! How angry are you at life right now for you to want medical professionals to tell people to die at home because of that person’s personal choices? People get sick and people die. That is a fact of life and it is unavoidable, but being a dick about it is optional.

          5. No one is talking about how all of you wearing a mask are improperly doing so…. I have witnessed so many people constantly adjusting them with their dirty hands in public. So now whatever you touched is on your mask and face. They put their mask in their pocket or purse or a dirty surface then proceed to put it on their face. They are touching their face more because they are constantly adjusting it which is defeating the purpose. If you are not using the proper procedure to putting on and taking off a mask you are doing more harm than good to yourself. If you feel the need to wear a mask why are you even going out in public? Please stay home. We don’t want you out. Stay home and be scared… I mean stay safe….You have more chances of dying in a car crash while wearing your mask then catching COVID-19.

          6. @Oneyearmaybe,
            It’s interesting that your argument against Michael is that he has no educational background in medical science. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t.. You know who actually doesn’t? How about Bill Gates. A college dropout, mediocre software developer, and most alarmingly a believer in eugenics that we’re all to believe is such a wonderful humanitarian. Vaccines for everyone because he loves all of us, the guru for human health lol. Where are his credentials? No where but he has a very “healthy” bank account that the WHO and various others are in love with. Bill would certainly dance on your grave as you will become one less mouth breather on the planet. Let me guess, it’s okay for Bill to spew his nonsense with no education, right?
            Way ahead of you as far as DNT/DNR, don’t need the tattoo because it’s already in my my medical records. In your shoes, I wouldn’t bother treating cancer, “Covid” or anything else. I’d rather let myself die because death is FAR better than being stuck on this ****hole planet. Please continue to breathe in your own CO2, since you want to be a proud, mask wearing individual. I’ve been going without a mask for this long and unfortunately still alive and well, so….. ????‍♀️

          7. I won’t go to a dr. or hospital.. No worries..stay the hell far away from the commie “med” professionals….
            In fact staying away from you nazi effs keeps me healthy..!

          8. How do you live your life in such fear? Stop believing so fully in your government overlords. They’ve been wrong most every step of the way, and this is no different.

            P.S. I pay the cost of mortgage each month for medical insurance. That makes me entitled to care whether you like it or not.

          9. Well if your son and daughter are truly medically trained then they will or should also know the problems with masks, the increases chances of repiriotry diseases and that when ymusing them they dispose of them immediately, they are not reused they re kot washed they are disposed of! Also they re not exerting them sleeves whilst covering the airways , even someone with no scientific back ground should know if you cover your face with soem cloth you have to breathe hard to fill your lungs, so try doj g that whilst walking round or up a hill or whilst your stacking Chelsea moving boxes in a shop, etc etc. I do have a Bsc (hons) in immunology. Worked in labs where I have had to wear masks, they are binned, we take regular breaks and all know the down sides to wearing them and I catahoricaly do not recommend the general public to wear them as they are not only inefective bit also increase risk of causing bretjing difficulties and infections (both respiratory and skin).

          10. Oh the irony. If you have cancer and your son in law doctor and daughter nurse haven’t even recommended cannabis oil, that shows how ignorant you really are. Read rockerfeller medicine men. Medical philanthropy is a complete scam and so is this whole ‘scamdemic’..

          11. When I went for medical treatment, I was killed in the hospital. I don’t need a doctor to help me die. When I came back to life ( because God I came back to life) the doctor was trying to kill me again trying to get my heart to pump again with a electric shock on my chest . Which would have definitely killed me. He gave me surgery I did not need and I did not give permission. Always a bad experience with every visit. I don’t need medical. I will die first. It must be time to go then. Why can’t doctor’s treat you today without handprint? They don’t need our identity to treat someone. They need our identity to tract us so we can’t run out on the bill.

        2. I was grateful to read your article. People are so quick to shut down dissenting voices in all this. I am of the camp that there has been a gross over-reaction to the virus. Recent CDC stats indicate a mortality rate only slightly greater than seasonal flu—.26%. And now I understand it is mandatory in California to wear masks, despite limited evidence of efficacy. I purchased a winter home in Riverside County last year and now I am questioning the wisdom of that purchase. I have no intention of walking around that beautiful community wearing a mask. I fear California will not be my winter home for long.

          1. I would just like to add that according to CDC data (CDC provisional death data, age and sex) 94% of all covid deaths involved an average of 2.6 underlying conditions. So in the other 6% of deaths that person still may have had up to an average of 2.6 underlying conditions. In addition, even though a person dying of covid may not have had an underlying condition, they may still have been old, a smoker, obese, or any combination thereof.

        3. How about this one – https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/06/200612172200.htm, or this one -https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-masks-science/masks-do-reduce-spread-of-flu-and-some-coronaviruses-study-finds-idUSKBN21L2BW, or this one – https://erj.ersjournals.com/content/early/2020/04/27/13993003.01260-2020, you want more, how about this one – https://www.ucdavis.edu/coronavirus/news/your-mask-cuts-own-risk-65-percent/, I can go on, and on, and on, if you want.

      2. It’s true that the studies referenced are for flu. But it has been shown that CV-19 is blowing through the cloth. My biggest fear is the MISHANDLING of the germy cloth and cross contamination. I fully expect a MRSA outbreak, at the very least. I personally think it’s nasty to wear cloth for hours at a time. For shift workers who are wearing the same piece of germy cloth for hours at a time, it’s like wearing dirty underwear. I would suggest doing your own research from infectious disease publications. Cloth masks may be OK for a quick trip to the store but with so many taking them on and off to talk on the phone, dangling from the rearview mirror, taking it off to cough or sneeze I’m not understanding what is going on here with the CDC’s 180. Appreciated the article and I believe that time will tell the non mask wearers keeping distance will fare better than the cloth mask wearers out and about.

      3. If you paid attention to the people who are wearing the masks, watched them all day long, you would see that not only is the mask NOT providing sufficient protection to either side of it, but it is probably so full of moisture, virus if indeed one side provided it and and who knows what else that the mask itself is a health hazard!

        My thing is this: if indeed the mask is a protective/preventive measure, then people who are wearing them need to know the proper protocol. This would insist that anyone entering a retail business that is requiring customers to wear masks provide such masks upon entry, removal of any self-provided masks, and then disposal of the store-provided mask upon leaving.
        And this: people who are wearing the masks have no idea how to properly remove and re-apply the masks and as I observe or not washing hands throughout the remove/reapply process, as well as while touching, adjusting and using cell phones while wearing the masks. This behaviour is only contradictory to how the mask can be protective/preventive.
        The reality: some people are so susceptible that they will become infected no matter what preventive/protective measures are taken, and others are so immune that they will not become infected no matter how exposed they may be; and that the general population resides closer to the latter, on a range and that even if they do become infected they are mildly- or non- symptomatic and also very unlikely to transmit the virus. The whole mask/glove/distancing theory has one major agenda – to instill fear and submission in the most emotionally vulnerable among the population; to instill guilt and compliance in those who disagree and feel these measures are unnecessarily restrictive.

        1. 100% Agree. Why aren’t more intelligent people speaking up about this? Don’t get me started on those who fetishize PPE.. which I think is weird. (It’s not a fashion accessory)

      4. Korn, you are correct that the studies are using a different virus. However, every study that is being used to say masks are effective are also using other viruses. Basic facts are that the average size of the sars-cov-2 virus is 70-90nm average size of the influenza virus is 80-120nm the average n95 filters 95% of particles that are 300nm or larger. Study or no study, basic math can help in concluding the effectiveness of masks.

      5. And you have fallen for one of the oldest rhetorics I the book of control “ots for the people” this so called made up virus is a flu virus, there are many different sub sets of viruses and all vary in size (from about 3nm to 300nm) but they are all viruses. We are also talking g about other pathogens so, fungal and bacterial which will also have a lovely time breading in that mask of your regardless if its a bit of cloth or a surgical mask. Also everything I ha e written in other comments above (I’m not rewriting them!) This is soly and utterly a power and control grab. Fear is sued to control people, they used to use religion and now that most people are either non practicing or atheist in the modern world they haven’t been able to use that, so they use things like terror and now illness. This entire thing when you take a step back is obviously fake look at the information that’s been realised not just in your own country but every country its all disjointed alot of it is complete and utter nonsesne (unfortunately most people didn’t study biology last high-school) and people are ignorant to what is real or not but people can use common sense and would quickly find that this is all nonsense. I live in an area where the majority of the people are pensioners, not one death, mot a single one of them wear masks (I’ve seen more of them since the start of all this nonsese than I have since I moved here years ago) every person I know up and down the UK and other countries I have spoken to, does not know a single person who has died from this or has even had this so called fast spreading deadly virus, and most of them have paid little to no attention to the faux social distancing laws!

    3. Sir, you quote the cloth mask study and make it seem as if cloth masks increase your likelihood of infection as compared to wearing nothing. Quoting from the article directly:

      “An analysis by mask use showed ILI (RR=6.64, 95% CI 1.45 to 28.65) and laboratory-confirmed virus (RR=1.72, 95% CI 1.01 to 2.94) were significantly higher in the cloth masks group compared with the medical masks group.”

      The study was comparing cloth masks to medical masks, nowhere does it state that wearing a cloth mask will increase you risk of infection over wearing no mask at all.

      You state elsewhere in the comments that there is no research indicating masks are effective but there are recent studies that are asserting that:




      1. Bob – thanks for the thoughtful response. It’s refreshing! Let me respond: First all the “research” you list are just opinions – not randomized controlled trials. Masks proponents use this logic: masks reduce droplets or at least droplet size and therefore there SHOULD be less infections. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not true. There are many, many factors not just droplets. For example, people wearing masks actually touch their faces far more than others so you could be increasing the likelihood of transmission. Maybe.

        The way you determine if a hypothesis is correct is a controlled trial. None exist saying that mask usage by the general public reduce infections. None. Nowhere in the world. Don’t you find that odd? If it’s so clear wouldn’t mask companies happily commission such research? Then they could sell billions of masks! Yeah.

        There ARE trials which shows that masks are NOT effective at reducing infections in aerosol transmitted infections. So one view has the actual trials and the other has opinions.

        As for cloth masks, your observation is correct but incomplete. They found “Penetration of cloth masks by particles was almost 97%” suggesting cloth masks achieve very little. Furthermore they state “Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection.” It would have been nice if they had a controlled group that didn’t use masks at all.

        I’m grateful you’re looking at the actual science. That’s awesome!

        1. Pure common sense can tell you that they are worse than not wearing any. You ha e a peice of material, regardless of it being surgical grade or just a bit of clothe, over your mouth. Its becomes both koist and warm not to mention plenty of nutrients for pathogens to multiply (more likely to be bacteria and fungal) you can either breathe these in, have them obviously also bread on your skin under the mask and the obvious spreading by touching the mask, adjusting it taking it off moving over your chin, etc… so forget about this current made up flu virus just general spreading of genuine pathogens from a mask you ha e worn. Not to mention all the other harmful side effects of wearing marks for prolonged periods.

    4. Thank you! I was just about to ask if I could see your sources! I agree with you 100% on this, but I like to do my own research.

    5. -You think that an RCT is a ‘randomly controlled test.’

      -You describe yourself as ‘accomplished.’ (Accomplished people let others choose that description.)

      -The study you reference finds that cloth masks result in higher infection *relative to the benchmark of surgical masks* (https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/5/4/e006577).

      -You say: “With a transmission rate of only 0.2% in an active social arena such as a school without masks, it’s easy to see how wearing masks in a casual environment would not reduce flu infection rates.” This. Does. Not. Follow. At. All.

      Your sentences are jumbled, confused, lacking all syntax, structure, logic, flow. This is painful to read.

      In all honesty, you seem to have dementia. That sounds cruel, but I’m not saying it to be cruel, I’m saying it because you deserve to know.

      1. Please no personal attacks. Instead use logic and reason to make your point.

        The only logical point I see is that the cloth mask test are comparing them to surgical masks. That’s true, however the study also says that cloth masks are 97% ineffective. Add to that the greater risk of infection and I think people should think twice before using cloth masks.

        Not sure why you’re not grasping the point about low transmission rates in causal interactions. There are other studies showing infections are mostly in extended close contact like in homes or offices where people aren’t wearing masks. Is that clearer now?

      2. Painful to read? Here’s a perfect example: “This. Does. Not. Follow. At. All.” Jesus H. Christ, talk about torture to read! Masks are not effective. They represent either virtue signalling, or fearful ignorance. They prevent corona virus as much as a pink ribbon prevents breast cancer.

    6. Ummm the study says that medical masks are more effective than cloth so they should not be used by Healthcare workers in a medical setting. It does not compare cloth masks to not wearing masks at all.
      Conclusions This study is the first RCT of cloth masks, and the results caution against the use of cloth masks. This is an important finding to inform occupational health and safety. Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection. Further research is needed to inform the widespread use of cloth masks globally. However, as a precautionary measure, cloth masks should not be recommended for HCWs, particularly in high-risk situations, and guidelines need to be updated.

    7. the CDC study looks at people in long prolonged contact with each other. It looks at people on a pilgrimage, people living in halls together and the other were people in a household. Prolonged contact with ANYTHING is going to end up beating your PPE. Idiot. The other article cited by your piss ant article from the BMJ even has a correction added to it. lol. The article is comparing actual PPE for healthcare workers to cloth masks. Newsflash, medical masks are better. DUH. idiot. Tells me you didn’t even check the sources yourself.

  4. Mask wearing is important. It is a way to show support for the government, and faith in the mass media. It also sends an important message: “I’m better than you!.” It also makes people feel good; as if they are doing something to fight this pandemic, much as some people believe they are “saving the planet by “recycling,” when much of what is placed in recycling bins ends up in landfills anyway.

    None of this applies to the few people that might have medical reasons to wear masks.

    I won’t wear a mask. I won’t shop at stores that require customers to wear masks, and will never again shop at them. Business owners have their rights, but in the long run, the customer can still be the boss.

    The points made in this article are very well taken.

    By the way, why is it that the same demagogic politicians that called for “resistance” when President Trump was elected are the same ones that today call for unquestioning obedience?

    1. I began reading your comment thinking “Oh, boy, here we go”, but ended up thinking, “You are my people!”.
      I am not currently in California but I know it’s usually around 100 degrees at this time of year in Palm Springs. I’m guessing you will be one of very few people not gagging for air through your mask. Have a really good day.

    2. Amazing! Great article. Well researched and delivered. So very refreshing amongst the uneducated hysteria that seems to be drowning out the voice of reason today. I have also enjoyed the comment section.

  5. When State Governments let you go to the grocery store, hardware store, liquor store, pot dispensary store, but demands mail-in voting, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH!

  6. Mike, something food for thought: “To some, wearing a mask means admitting a fear they may not have consciously confronted yet, said David Abrams, a clinical psychologist and professor of social and behavioral science at New York University’s School of Global Public Health.
    Many view the mask as a walking symbol of vulnerability that tells others you’re scared about contracting the virus. So to compensate for that fear, and as a show of strength, they may reject the masks entirely, he said.”

    1. Wow, I must have really hit a nerve. Who knew? Would you mind sharing with us what your stake is in having everyone walk around with masks that are unnecessary and likely harmful, as outlined (with citations) in the article above?

    2. Possibly. And then there are people who don’t wear masks because they have educated themselves about the actual science and realize that masks are useless virtue signalling.

  7. If you really believed your B.S. you would show yourself in a Covid-19 ward interacting without a mask.

    1. That’s ridiculous and not an accurate representation of real-life exposure unless you’re a professional within that ward.

      In any case, in that scenario it’s the PEOPLE WHO ARE SICK who should be wearing the mask, NOT the healthy person.

  8. Yeah, so using studies infection rates
    of masks (of CLOTH masks vs paper masks, which is bad faith in itself) for INFUENZA with coronavirus, which is novel, meaning we know little about it. It’s a new sport for conservatives to lie about a novel virus because it’s so easy to do, and takes little effort.

    By all means head out to coronavirus wards mask-free when no one is around to look after your childish stunts and demonstrate the power of positive thinking to eradicate this virus. Please don’t siphon off coronavirus treatments and equipment from those who chose to take precautions — and we all know the facemasks are just the tip of the iceberg for people who have the conservative attitude. It has long ago stopped being an ideology, because conservatives have been shedding any principles for decades now.

    Politicizing a pandemic? Don’t blame me, it was your orange false idol you should complain to, as he politicized this pandemic at the outset. Almost like he had already made his decision when spy agencies started briefings about it in November and quickly, suddenly put his DC Trump hotel (cash cow) up for sale soon afterwards.

  9. All through history slaves have been forced to cover their faces, so as to remain anonymous to their masters.

  10. As a retired county worker, I was required to wear N95 masks while running a power broom, mower or other equipment with dusty conditions. They filter some of the dust out, but when you were done, you would still cough up dust loogies. They simply do not filter everything . We ended up changing to gas mask type protection. Anyone telling you they are full proof is bonkers

  11. Those citing Fauci’s recs should check their dates. Research and data are changing constantly. As the research changes, so do the recommendations.

    Btw, no one said face masks are 100% going to “stop” infection, but they serve a purpose to prevent the unnecessary spread of the infection and to protect vulnerable populations.

    Check it out (from early April):

    The Cliff’s Notes:
    Americans should wear face masks as a way to help stifle the spread of COVID-19, said Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the nation’s top doctors leading the public health fight against the coronavirus pandemic — a departure from previous government guidance to only wear a mask if you were caring for someone with the illness or had it yourself.

    “If everybody does that, we’re each protecting each other,” Fauci said.

    1. For the protection of those who are ill – STAY HOME. coming out and being among the healthy population is the reason the virus is still spreading, not because healthy people are not wearing masks. Its kinda like the work environment, or school used to be – come in or else. And people did, and still do, because: they don’t want to miss anything; they may discover that life goes one even when they are absent and that would be a major downer!

      And, per my response a few posts up, most people don’t follow the correct protocol when wearing a mask so they are either completely ineffective or more problematic than not wearing one at all!

    2. Fauci is a lying sack. The science hasn’t changed, only public statements have changed for political reasons.

  12. There is no “new research” showing mask usage by the general public reduces infection rates. All the research shows it is not effective at reducing infections.

    Nobody is saying masks are 100% effective. That’s called a strawman where you make up a position the other side isn’t taking and arguing against that.
    What’s changed is the mob and mania has grown stronger forcing most to bend their knee or face attack from the pitchforks.

  13. To all of you non-mask wearers: I’m starting a data base of protesters like you, including using photo software recognition. It will be going out to all applicable hospitals in the United States. Kind of like a “Most Wanted” list. You all understand there is no law that says everyone is entitled to good medical care. If you think a doctor and/or nurse HAS to help you -to the best of his/her ability- you’re sadly mistaken. They won’t.

    1. You’re a real authoritarian bootlicker huh? You would have fit right in with the NKVD or Gestapo.

    2. One year maybe, I am a nurse and will soon be a nurse practitioner, physicians and nurses are trained to treat everyone no matter what. Mask or no mask you will receive the same care. However, you should be advised that there is no evidence showing masks to be effective. Stating all health care professionals are pro masks is a false statement. Yes I wear my mask at work because I am forced to, outside of work I do not and most of my coworkers share the same beliefs.

  14. I agree with your review of some of the evidence. But the case for mass masking is a more nuanced debate than we seem to be having. It is likely that a public choice to wear masks will have a positive impact on the country as a whole. Hank Kong and s. Korea’s success, not due to mask masking entirely certainly was derived in part. The mechanical benefit is real but it operates at the level of the population and not the individual. Perhaps this simply must be accepted as a cost to all citizens of the values we live by. More Americans must die because we reserve the right to act as we as individuals see fit. This value will kill more people in the USA than the Vietnam war in the next year. But I see it as a choice. The challenge here is that those who elect to act in one way will no doubt cost the lives of some who do not. The best and most recent review of the topic of mass masking I have come across:

    1. Thank you for sharing the link to the Lancet article. One of the points that resonated with me from this article was the following: “But absence of evidence of effectiveness from clinical trials on mass masking should not be equated with evidence of ineffectiveness. There are mechanistic reasons for covering the mouth to reduce respiratory droplet transmission and, indeed, cough etiquette is based on these considerations and not on evidence from clinical trials”.

  15. I agree there are nuances. Perhaps the biggest is that the virus isn’t going away. You can hide but it won’t be eradicated. So it will come back. Even if masks worked, thisc would only delay infections. Only herd immunity will truly make it go away.

    I don’t understand the “it doesn’t work on individuals, only the larger population” don’t make any sense. If masks worked then the trials world record reduced infections. But it does not.

    The evidence you offer suggesting mask works is inadequate. It only measures reduced droplets. That isn’t infections. It doesn’t matter if people THINK that reduces infection only if it is measured to do so.

  16. You ought to stick to your day job as you clearly have not done the research and know nothing about the nonsense that you spew. I’d do the readers of this publication a favor and prove your arguement wrong but I have neither the time nor the inclination to waste any on you as it appears from the comments above that that job has already been undertaken and done well.

  17. Where are your references?? For the studies you discuss in this editorial? You should have provided a reference list with links to the studies you mentioned, as well as citations. Without it, The information you are sharing here has no evidentiary value and cannot be fact checked. People are sharing your opinion piece as if it’s laced with scientific fact. Very irresponsible!!

  18. Heidi, I included links to all the studies I cited in the comments section. Here they are again.

    Research on effectiveness of face masks

    Research showing low infection rate in school setting

    Research showing cloth masks lead to higher respiratory infection rate

  19. It’s almost always a conservative tech guying selling the snake oil. Yes, there are scientists who think CLOTH masks are not effective, but the N95 certainly is, and there are plenty. There is other evidence that cloth masks, which prevent droplets from being exhaled at some percentage, and inhaled by some percentage, reduce transmission. The studies that they increase infection are bullshit in that they assume wearers are doing things people can be educated to NOT do. I realize the lowest common denominator wants to act like a toddler and not be told what to do, but it’s an easy measure with evidence that it can be effective and resisting this simple measure is just really not adulting. Grow up.

    1. I find many of the pro-mask commenters above, so tiring, It’s the typical liberal attempt to attack anyone who disagrees with them or their leaders. regardless of any pesky facts. To them it’s always a “feel good” thing and declaring superiority over those who won’t blindly follow them or their favorite “leaders”. Some independent thinking would be refreshing, but sheep must follow, so I won’t hold my breath.

    2. The N95 mask will filter the air coming IN as to protect the wearer which is why painters and carpenters wear these types of masks to improve the quality of air coming IN. However, when the air is pushed out (ie you exhale) the air is NOT FILTERED. Why would it have to be? So therefore all the N95 mask wearers who think they are protecting other people from a virus… is BULLSHIT!

  20. “None of the household studies reported a significant reduction in secondary laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the face mask group (11–13,15,17,34,35). Most studies were underpowered because of limited sample size, and some studies also reported suboptimal adherence in the face mask group.”

    So they admit that the results were based on a very small group, and with people not adhering to the guidelines set out for them.

    Aka, you’re cherry picking. The fact that you leave out the very next sentence in the CDC study is completely indicative of it.

    The study doesn’t say that they aren’t effective, but that they couldn’t prove that they were due to small sample size and poor controls. That’s a massive difference.

  21. Way back in the beginning stages of this irrational fear, a couple of epidemiologists and a doctor from the East Coast said that masks don’t keep you from getting it, but they can keep from spreading it if you have it. That was good enough for me, since it was so early that politics hadn’t been involved yet. I didn’t have it, (still don’t), and don’t wear a mask, either. But like the author, I did my own independent thinking, and came to my own conclusion based on data I trusted.

  22. I can tell you that no one is wearing the mask properly. They should never be touched until you take them off and dispose of them in a certain way and then wash your hands. I am afraid if we have a resurgence of the virus it may be led by the contamination of the mask.

    Here are the instructions by the CDC. I am not sure why they allow this level of casual wear.

    What the CDC says about proper mask protocol.

    How to safely wear and take off a cloth face covering

    The Dangers of Wearing a Cloth mask.

    The mask is recommended to be worn to protect others from those with Asymptomatic Covid-19 if the affected person “wears” the mask. They say nothing about healthy people wearing masks for protection. In fact, wearing a mask for protection is not recommended by CDC and WHO. It is more dangerous to wear the mask for protection than wear nothing making sure you are honoring the safety protocols.

    A test if you have the virus.

    I have asked this question many times.

    Do you wear the mask at home with your family? If not, why not. Few answer this question because the answer is no. Why don’t they wear the mask at home, because they do not believe they have the virus because the family is symptom free.

    So why are you wearing a mask to protect strangers when you don’t even have the virus. Quite silly. One fellow said he wore it, realizing from the above test he didn’t have the virus, for a “courtesy”. I said is that what we are going to do all wear it for a courtesy not science.

    You can quit wearing the mask today in public. Of course, still following the safety protocols.

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Masks and Gloves

    The mask can be much more dangerous than not wearing one if it is not worn and handled correctly. I am afraid if we have a resurgence of the virus it may be led by the contamination of the casual wearing of the mask. Watch the Safeway, Walmart or Costco employee constantly touching and adjusting the mask as do most of the “mask wearers”. The mask is a petri dish constantly spreading any bacteria or virus to your mouth, nose and things around you. I saw a friend pull her mask out of her purse and put in on her face, I cringed. Dr. Faucie pull a mask out of his pocket. With this level of ignorance of how to wear a mask, I can assure you the virus will be spread more with the mask than without.

    What the CDC says about proper mask protocol.
    How to safely wear and take off a cloth face covering


    Read “Why do you need to wear cloth face coverings.”

    “This is to protect people around you if you are infected but do not have symptoms.”

    Read “How does one safely remove a used cloth face covering?”

    “Individuals should be careful not to touch their eyes, nose, and mouth when removing their face covering and wash hands immediately after removing.”


    Please download this PDF from WHO.

    “However, there is currently no evidence that wearing a mask (whether medical or other types) by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including “universal community masking”, can prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.”

    Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19

    Here is a bit more information on masks for protection. I believe if you do not have the virus it is safer to not wear a mask. You have to dig deeper these days. My information first came from Dr. Fauci as he described the problems with wearing masks for protection.


    For most of the public, wearing a face mask offers very little protection from coronavirus even if supplies of surgical (rather than FFP3) masks were available. This is because:

    * Air breathed in tends to take the ‘path of least resistance’. Surgical masks are not closely fitted, so most air travels round the edges of the mask rather than through it. They therefore only protect against large droplets, not small, airborne particles.

    * Following social distancing and handwashing guidelines is more effective than wearing a mask. Large droplets are highly unlikely to spread more than 2 meters.

    * Wearing a face mask might also make you more likely to touch your face because they are uncomfortable or affecting your breathing.

    * Face masks can offer a false sense of security, making you think you’re protected against coronavirus and so more willing to take risks.

    * Most people don’t know how to put on, wear, take off or dispose of face masks effectively. This means they could expose themselves to the virus when putting the mask on or taking it off.

    Cloth Mask Danger

    Cloth masks are, relatively speaking, extremely ineffective at preventing virus getting through to the nose and mouth. The argument for wearing these to protect yourself against infection are even less compelling.

    * Up to 90% of particles penetrate cloth masks.

    * Once damp (after you have been breathing while wearing one for more than a few minutes) they may actually retain virus on their surfaces.

    * The European Centre for Disease Control states ‘common fabric cloth masks are not considered protective against respiratory viruses and their use should not be encouraged

    “One should not attack and insult those who have chosen not to wear a mask, as these studies suggest that is the wise choice to make.”

    Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks to The Healthy

    Many believe we should have just let the virus run it course. Basically, biting the bullet. Here is a liberal icon tout that cause.

    New Rule: Immunity Booster | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  23. Thank you for your article. I’m a liberal San Franciscan who is being rhetorically crucified by my peers for my position against cloth masks. The attacks, across the board, are personal and never substantiated by any research. It’s become such a partisan marker that nobody questions whether their opinion is well founded. Just like in these comments, if you don’t agree with the non-mask wearer, just attack them on a personal level. It’s very dispiriting.

    I have a whole lot of other research links i can add if it’s of interest. Most of them are studies, but NOT rtc’s, so not as core to the point as your article. Some are just articles from medical journals and health ministries in disagreement with the CDC.

    I would also add to your post that the infection and death rates of places without mask mandates compare favorably with the places that do have mask mandates. Mask proponents will always point to the apparent masking success of Hong Kong and some other Asian countries that have a combination of the earliest travel shutdowns, the best hygiene, the most experience and likely related immunity from past epidemics. But when you line up Australia, New Zealand, all of Scandinavia, and the early pre-mask success of Germany and Singapore, there just doesn’t appear to be any positive correlation between mask use and lower infection rate. One can do the same comparison with different states and their mask usage rates, and again find no correlation. Or one can look to a single example where i live, and see that 3 weeks after the mask mandate (the amount of estimated time from point of infection to data reporting) our infection rate didn’t decrease. It actually increased slightly. It just doesn’t add up, yet the groundswell for masks is enormous. San Francisco just mandated mask use for everything outside the home, including walking by yourself less than 30 feet from others. There is talk now of mandating mask use at HOME. This for something that rtc’s show could be more harmful than helpful. It’s insanity.

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful reply Mark. It’s always concerning when people won’t even allow debate. There’s some backstory to this article. I first sent it to my hometown paper. They refused to print it on their OpEd page because their OpEd editor Matthew Hall is believer in masks. I explained how I mostly quoted from research papers so the facts were strong and the logic was coherent. Nevertheless they refused to publish it. So I submitted to the CA Globe.

      The evidence suggesting masks are ineffective continues to mount. Here’s something new from the Annals of Internal Medicine:
      “Neither surgical nor cotton masks effectively filtered SARS–CoV-2 during coughs by infected patients. ”

  24. Scale matters. These studies are looking at discrete interactions on the individual level where one or the other (infected, not infected) are wearing a mask. At this scale, the difference may be small. When you look higher on the scale perspective, if everyone wore basic coverings that reduced transmission even by a small amount, the net effect would be profound. Scale matters. Don’t be a nerd and just wear a mask when you’re around people.

  25. Why do you think primarily Asian countries are the ones with cases on the decline right now? It’s because they are unified as a country, and are not putting emphasis on the individualistic self like the U.S. does. There is clear leadership and they are following the medical guidelines set forth by medical professionals which stipulate the wearing of masks. I’d also like to point out that you’ve left out pertinent information from these studies you have cited, and chose to base your judgement in disregard of that. In by doing so, you are also reinforcing a large population in this country that doesn’t want to wear a mask bc they feel it violates their civil liberties, and so has taken to the internet to find “scientific evidence” to justify this opinion. You are contributing to fueling this fire and as a result we have a divided country who refuses to get on the same page. If you don’t have any experience in infectious diseases then keep your mouth shut.

    1. Wow! “Keep your mouth shut”???!!! Once again the “sheep” are telling others to shut up and follow suit! Ever hear of a little thing called the FIRST AMENDMENT? If a person chooses not to wear a mask I guarantee you it’s NOT because they are an uncaring monster who wants to kill your grandma! It is our RIGHT as Americans to question our leaders and the status quo! Go ahead and keep on offending and insulting those of us “non-mask wearers” because you will only push us to more defiance! This virus is only going to go away after it has passed through the ENTIRE population and a herd immunity is created. Honestly I am glad to hear hot spots are popping up because I think finally people are getting it so we can get over it! The corona virus IS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE with a mortality rate that is adding up less than the flu! Get a grip! Save all the dramatics for Hollywood.

      1. The first amendment stops short of protecting the yelling of “Fire” in a crowded theater, which is exactly what this writer has done. And now all of us have to deal with the consequences of a resurgent virus.

  26. I tell them their assmask aint workin either. The wackadoos wearing face shields too are afraid of their own shadow.

  27. None of your opinions on this matter. Don’t read opinion pieces, read the current scientific research – which all clearly says that face coverings DO WORK TO SLOW THE TRANSMISSION OF COVID-19. The author vaguely references ‘scientific research’ that says masks don’t work??!!; have you READ any of it? Here’s some of it: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acsnano.0c03252 https://science.sciencemag.org/content/early/2020/05/27/science.abc6197 https://arxiv.org/abs/2004.13553 https://erj.ersjournals.com/content/early/2020/04/27/13993003.01260-2020#ref-6

    1. On. The. News. Trump. Said. He. Does. Not. Wear. Mask. No. One. Should. Have. To. Wear. Mask. Some. People. Can’t. Breathe. With. Mask. I. Hate. Masks. It. Is. Not. Halloween. And. I. Not. A. Kid

  28. I agree that people should rely on research not opinions. See the paragraphs on the importance of RCTs? A big chunk of my article is quoting directly from the research and i linked to the trials i relied upon in the comment section. I’ll paste it again below.

    You are incorrect that all the research shows makes slow infection. See the CDC published report below which looked at 10, yes 10 trials and concluded that makes are ineffective.

    I will look at your links but i likely have already seen them wand they fall into 2 categories:
    – studies looking at how masks impede sneezes. That’s fun 5th grade science project but the question is INFECTION RATE.
    – opinion pieces by people claiming authority and saying masks “should” work.

    Only RCTs should be persuasive.

    Research on effectiveness of face masks

    Research showing low infection rate in school setting

    Research showing cloth masks lead to higher respiratory infection rate

  29. Hmmmm…pretty quiet here the last few weeks. Where is the author now that it is clear that non-mask wearers have contributed significantly to then latest upswing in infections? If everyone had worn their masks, my kids would be able to go to school this fall. The willingness of people to listen to political hacks like this guy over the advice of public health officials like Fauci is tragicomic. (Like there is some conspiracy among all doctors all over the world…? grow up). Conservatives love their freedom as long as there is no responsibility to go with it (which there always is)

    1. This is the 1st time I’ve been called a political hack. And it’s odd because my editorial had nothing about politics and was only about science and research.

      I’d suggest that the last 3 months has affirmed my position that mask usage by the general public does not reduce the infection rate. In my county of San Diego masks have been required for months and adherence has been high and it did not prevent another outbreak.

      The reality is this virus is very virulent and and society is highly interconnected. This means the virus will work its way through the population no matter what we do. It can do this quickly like in New York City or slowly as were seeing in California comet but the virus will move through society. There’s nothing we can do to make it go away.

      We can engage in health theater like masks and social distancing which really have no impact or we can protect our vulnerable which means the old fat and sick which can truly save lives.

  30. This is the first time I’ve ever been called a political hack. And it’s odd because my editorial had no reference to politics whatsoever – just science.

    I’d suggest the last 3 months have affirmed the research showing that masks have no impact. In my county of San Diego masks have been mandatory almost everywhere and adherence had been very high. It didn’t prevent another outbreak.

    The reality is this virus very virulent and society is highly interconnected. This means the virus will move through the population regardless of what we do. It can move quickly like in NYC or slowly like its doing in CA but it will move through society.

    We can money around with health theater like masks and social distancing OR we can strive to protect the vulnerable (old, fat and sick) which will actually save lives.

  31. Michael, did you read the articles in the references to the first article you referred at the top of the page? As a chemist, I have encountered titles of articles constructed using key words/phrases to catch the eye of someone doing a literature search. More than once a title or abstract has provided me with the 30,000 foot view but after digging into the experimental design and discussion I had to reassess my initial conclusions. The real take home message in these articles after digging down is early and consistent adherence to properly wearing a mask and hygiene is what matters. The real problem is not the effectiveness of the mask or the hygiene but the inability of individuals to consistently follow correct procedures.

    1. This is EXACTLY correct! I mentioned something similar in my post. Cloth masks are least effective at prophylactic protection, but they are useful to curb transmission, and the “dangers” listed here are easily reduced or eliminated simply through good hygiene and proper procedure. I believe adult Americans can be trusted to only wear a clean mask, and to follow best practices when donning or removing the mask. If not, we are in a way worse state than that brought about by a pandemic.

  32. Have fun with your petri dishes attached to your faces. I hear designer masks are in the making…some even with one-way feeding tubes built in so you can make your governmental masters proud.

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  34. The only true nutjob conspiracy theorists, are the so-called political figures whom we hired into office whom are supposed to be working for us. They expect everybody to run and hide because they can’t handle a little flue-like virus. Ok, sure, people do die from it, but there is a 99.99 percent chance of not catching the damn thing. You are more likely to die from the actual flue than Coavid. When I go out in public I want people to see (me) my face; not some stupid piece of cloth. Asking people to stay away from each other and giving up freedoms that the soldgers have all given up their own lives for us to have, is fucking rediculous. Now they’re trying to suggest that people ask guests who come to their homes to wear masks too. Absolutely not. When guests come to my house, you’re welcome to show your face. What these over reactive political nut cases need to do, is stop trying to dictate our lives, and focus on helping the scientists develop the necessary medicine to kill this blasted thing. America was not ment to be apart and locked down. I’m the type of person who likes to be close and have close physical contact with others and I’ll be damned if I’m going to give that up due to some stupid virus.

    1. First, learn to read and write in American standard English. Soldgers is not a word, and neither is rediculous.

      Second, “there is a 99.99 percent chance of not catching the damn thing. You are more likely to die from the actual flue than Coavid” is utterly false, and I hope, by now (almost 4 months later), you’ve realized this.

      Third, all of the anti-mask, COVID is a joke, and similar sentiment likely cost Trump the election. Thank you very much for securing a Biden/Harris victory (admittedly, fraud was also to blame, but the anti-mask thing made many borderline voters scared to death).

      I often argue with progressives who assert that trump supporters and/or conservatives are somehow less intelligent, less enlightened, etc than progressives. Unfortunately, there are certain topics, like this one, where the truth is really somewhere in the middle, and the point of view expressed here is rather indefensible.

  35. The wearing of mask is an occult ritual, the god of government is showing who its slaves are, the mask wearers. Mask wearers serve your government god and waller in all the lies.
    And to think how many times have i heard the american people are to intelligent for etc and etc. etc…..
    Well the mask mandates has uncovered the actual intelligence of the americna people and each mask wearer lowers the IQ. scale.

  36. The NSW government study and i am Australian before anyone decides to attack, the reason there was minimal secondary infection or spread was because the minute a school was found with a single infection it was shutdown and everyone was tested.

    This study is severely misleading and damaging, all it shows is a result that was not from a single policy but many interacting together to protect the public. The study you citied do not take any of this into account

    Have a look at Victoria, the state below NSW for those who arent good at geography, they are currently recording cases from 200-700 a day which is the worst Australia has seen in this, the Death rate has increased, as has hospitalisation rates.

    1. mate, you’re giving us (the Australians) a bad name. The “second wave” in Victoria was caused by corruption and incompetence within the state government. It’s got nothing to do with wearing or not wearing masks. Please do not post irrelevant comments that serve to confuse everyone even more.

      To me it seems as though Sweden is the only country (that I know of) that had enough sense and political will to employ the rational long-term approach. They seem to rely on facts and are brave enough to adopt a coherent, consistent strategy. What is Australia’s (can’t keep borders shut forever) or America’s long-term strategy for tackling this issue? Even Fauci has admitted that virus is here to stay and regardless of how effective/ineffective masks are, a piece of cloth over everyone’s face is most definitely not the answer.

      As economists say, we need to address this with soft hearts but hard heads.

  37. Not sure if you understand the context of the study. It is looking at close contact transmission within schools. It did not examine the spread outside of that environment.

    They identified about 850 close connects with infected students and staff with only 2 resulting infections. This suggests that school environments and kids are not a big spreader.

    It is not looking at the spread thought the country.

  38. I. Do. Not. Wear. Mask. I. Can. Not. Breathe. In. Mask. I. Pay. My. Family. And. Friends. To. Go. Store. For. Me. It. Is. Not. Right. We. Are. Treated. Like. Crap. I miss. Going. In. Stores. I. Not. Going. In. No. Stores. If. I. Have. To. Wear. Mask. I. Will. Not. Eat. In. Restaurants. You. Have. To. Wear. Mask. When. You. Go. In. Restaurant. I. Hope. Someday. Any. One. Can. Go. In. Stores. Restaurants. Do. Not. Have. To. Wear. Mask

  39. Let all who refuse to believe the science and the doctors do what they want. However they should develop their own little communities for non mask wears and leave those who choose to live, alone. Just as you are so sure you have rights, we who do have the right not to be infected by you. As they all die from following Trump, that means less evil people in this world.

  40. I. Hate. Face. Mask. I. Want. To. Go. In. A. Store. I. Can. Not. Wear. A. Mask. I. Feel. Every. One. Should. Have. A. Choice. To. Wear. A. Mask. I. Hope. Some. Day. Any. One. Goes. To. Store. Does. Not. Have. To. Wear. Mask. That. Is. To. Much. A. Sign. On. The. Door. At. The. Store. Said. If. You. Are. Not. Wearing. A. Mask. The. Workers. Will. Call. Cops. My. Friend. Went. In. The. Store. For me. My. Friend. You. Can. Not. Hear. What. They. Are. Saying. Wear. Mask.

  41. I will always remember California Globe as a publication for the terminally stupid thanis to this article on not wearing a mask.

  42. I refuse science. It was established by the nobility in the renaissance to make people easily controlled by authority. It’s taught at school (that place where basic mind control takes place and preparation to be a good little subservient). That’s why the most self indulgent overbearing personalities are always the ones to get on their soapbox to explain the ‘science’ behind something, and that’s that, you can’t reason with that kind of arrogance. Please send me along with all other anti maskers to live far far away without the tyrannical hypocrisy of pro maskers

  43. My question to the masses from day one when were were told this is a ‘serious’ issue in the United States is, “what do you really believe?” We see the masses believe EVERYTHING from news, media, social media; you name it. What happened to thinking on your own, free thinking, and formulating your own opinion based on what’s going on? That is always what has set the United States apart was our right and freedom to believe and chose what we do. People like us now get ridiculed because we have a hard time being forced to conformity. Everyone should have their own right to chose to wear/not to wear. Honestly, all of this just shows how easily the masses can be brainwashed and controlled.

  44. Politics and conspiracy theories aside, let’s start with few facts that everyone seems to agree on:
    1) The virus is not going anywhere (vaccine or no vaccine). Even Fauci agrees
    2) People will continue to die from covid (tiny overall proportion of all deaths), other viruses, and all other causes. You cannot save everyone.
    3) We cannot keep borders, economies, schools, etc. shut forever. So much damage has been done already but that’s another story
    4) In California (I’m currently living in the Bay Area) we were kept inside (shelter-in-place) for months, which proved to be ineffective at curbing the virus but highly effective at destroying economy, which in turn leads to more illness (incl mental illness) and loss of life.
    5) New York initially had a very high rate of infections but has since become one of the less affected states (nothing to do with masks).
    6) Regardless of how effective/ineffective masks are, the distinction must be made between wearing a mask and wearing a piece of dirty cloth over your face (particularly outside on the open air). Nobody is going to wash their “masks” regularly and use correct procedures to put them on/off.

    Given all of the above facts-which are universally agreed upon, and using some basic logic the question of wearing a piece of cloth over your face becomes redundant. Long term it’s not going to save any lives or prevent any deaths. It will definitely (as is evident from the comments section) pit people against each other. Hmmmm…

    In my humble opinion (following the logic above) Sweden seems to be the only country that’s doing something right. No lockdowns, no masks, elevated awareness and individual responsibility seems rational.

  45. Sure hope none of the anti-maskers get COVID and die, that would be a real shame… to someone… or just hilarious, depends on how you see it. Stupid, worthless MAGAts.

    1. And then, of course, there are the “stupid/worthless” bigots like you, fouling up the entire human gene pool. Pick your poison, as the old saying goes. And, by the way, since I’m using your own terminology here, how does it make YOU feel being on the “shite” end of the stick, hm?

      1. Victoria,
        You idiots think you’re invincible and don’t care if you’re an asymptomatic carrier. To hell with your grandma / grandpa right? F’ them!!! Who cares right?!!! They were going to die sometime in the future anyway, right?!

        The mindset of you idiots is just mind boggling level of stupidity.
        Now be a good girl and put that mask on, or f’off to a deserted island and go live on coconuts. Oh, you will not be given a vaccine either, ever.

  46. I’m embarrassed to share the same last name as you. Every death from not wearing a mask is on you now for putting this out to the public. This is on your conscience

  47. Uh…when discussing the study about how are cloth masks are ineffective and harmful, you FAILED TO MENTION THAT WAS IN COMPARISON TO SURGICAL MASKS NOT NO MASKS! That study found that cloth masks till offer MORE protection than no mask. Please do not misrepresent others work.

  48. I. Hate. Masks. Those. Dum. Masks. Look. Like. Something. You. Find. At. Walmart. Freaks. They. Wear. Any. Thing. That. Looks. Dum. I. Do. Not. Believe. The. Corona. Is. True. The. Corona. A. Fake. Chinese. Weirdos. Made. It. Up. In. A. Lab. In. China.

  49. Idiots. Everyone above me who doesn’t think surgical masks are effective, including the author, are idiots.

    You’re a lost cause and I truly wish you’d all join each other on a deserted island and stay away from the general population. You will not be given food,water or an appropriate vaccine. You will fend for yourselves, by yourselves.
    Stop infecting other people and stay the hell away from me.

  50. On. The. News. It. Said. Those. Face. Mask. Do. Nothing. The. News. Said. Face. Mask. Make. You. Like. A. Retard. I. Don’t. Care. What. Any. Loosers. Say. Is. Is. My. Freedom. The. Hell. With. Creepy. Face. Mask. I. Have. Never. Wore. Face. Mask. And. Never. Will. Wear. Face. Mask. Loosers. That. Are. Stick. There nose. In. What. Other. People. Are. Doing. Get. A. Life. Stop. Bugging. Humans. To. Wear. Creamy. Face. Mask we

  51. I. Never. Wear. Face. Mask. I. Do. Not. Want. That. Creepy. Face. Mask. On. My. Face. Some. People. Should. Grow. Up and. Stop. Bugging. Humans. That. Do. Not. Wear. Mask. Face. Mask. Are not. For. Me. My. Friend. Said. Any. One. Wear. Face. Mask. No. One. Can. Understand. What. They are. Saying. I. Will. Not. Be. Control. I. Never. Will. Wear. Face. Mask. What’s. Wrong. With. This. World

  52. My. Boss. Told. Me. Hates. Face. Mask. And. Said. No. One. Has. To. Wear. Face. Mask all. Right. Cool. I. Hate. Face. Mask. They. Are. Ulgy. Hard. To. Breathe. I. Am. Not. For. Holloween. Every. One. Wants. Lots. Of. Candy. Are. You. To. Old. To. Go. Trick. Or. Treating. Face. Mask. Suck.

    1. I. Never. Wear. Face. Mask. I. Am. Not. A. Retard. And. A. Drugee. If. Weirdos. Like. Wearing. Loosers. Face. Mask. Then. Be. A. Retard. What. Do. All. You. Tough. Dudes. Think. You. Are. Retard. Yes. All. You. Walmart. Freaks. Stop. Putting. Humans. Down. Cause. They. Hate. Face. Mask. And. Will. Never. Wear. Face. Mask. You. Can. Tell. Who. The. Retard. Drugee. Are. There. Wearing. Looser. Drugee. Face mask.


  54. You know what sucks? If everybody had followed common sense and followed shutdown orders for just a measly two weeks, this whole thing could have been dealt with AGES ago.

    But nooooo … we’re Amurucans! Nobody tells US what to do!

    Seriously, it’s BECAUSE of knuckleheads like you that over 185,000 American lives have been lost. All we needed to do was follow scientific guidance FOR TWO WEEKS. Now here we are nearly 7 months later, and you guys can’t even be bothered to put a bandana over your face.

    Thank you for all the good fickin times :[

    1. Any. One. That. Wears. Face. Mask. Are. You. Freaks. Ready. For. The. Circus. You. Weirdos. Think. Wearing. Mask. You. Freaks. Get. In. The. Circus. Free. No. Way. Do. You. Scumbags. Like. Being. People. Look. At. You. Stop. Cussing. People. Out. Cause. They. Are. Not. Freaks. That. Do. Not. Wear. Face. Mask. Grow. Up. Drugee. Stay. Off. Dope. That. Why. You. Wear. Face. Mask.

  55. You. Drugee. Go. Put. Your. Looser. Face. Mask. On. Give. Your. Mouth. A. Break. Drugee. Stop. Putting. Down. People. That. Never. Will. Wear. Looser. Face. Mask. Get. A. Life. Weirdos. Do. You. Drugee. Think. If. You. Wear. Loosers. Face. Mask. You. Could. Be. Human. Not. A. Chance. So. Loosers. Drugee. Stop. Bugging. Humans. You. Scum. Bags.

  56. Loosers. Do. Never. Yell. At. People. That. Do. Not. Wear. Drugee. Face. Mask. Loosers. Go. Put. As. Many. As. Your. Big. Mouth. Can. Hold. The. Drugee. Face. Mask


  57. All. You. Freaks. That. Says. Face. Mask. Is. The. Best. You. Freaks. Need. To. Go. Back. To. Jail. You. Freaks. Are. Used. To. Wearing. Face. Mask. In. Jail. Weirdos. Stop. Cussing. People. That. Are. Not. Crazy. Like. You. Freaks. For. Never. Wear. Face. Mask. You. Weirdos. Should. Leave. The. Face. Mask. On. Your. Big. Mouth. All. The. Time. Retard. Stop. Yelling. And. Cussing. Humans. Out. They. Not. Crazy. Humans. Do. Not. Need. A. Drugee. Face. Mask. No. Help. For. You. Weirdos.

  58. Loosers. That. Wear. Drugee. Face. Mask. Who. Are. You. Loosers. Hiding. From. Don’t. You. Loosers. Think. You. Are. To. Old. And. To. Big. To. Be. Playing. Peak. A. Boo. That. Is. Why. You. Drugee. Wear. Drugee. Face. Mask


    1. My. Mom. Told. Me. Any. One. Wears. Face. Mask. Looks. Like. There. Going. To. Attack. Someone. I. Hate. Face. Mask. I. Never. Wear. It

  60. Wow.
    The first study you link to is a review of 10 randomized control tests dating from 1946 (!!!) to 2018, of influenza, not a coronavirus. Not a test of mask effectiveness of COVID-19. The study is from HONG KONG, not the CDC, and from a post-grad student!

    The word “mask” isn’t even in the Australian study you link to (http://ncirs.org.au/sites/default/files/2020-04/NCIRS%20NSW%20Schools%20COVID_Summary_FINAL%20public_26%20April%202020.pdf).

    You certainly can ASK if there’s possible harm from mask usage, as you say in your article, but concluding that because they get sweaty means they might be dangerous, to the point of not recommending wearing them to prevent COVID-19 spread, doesn’t seem like something you’re qualified to assess.

    The 2015 study of 1607 medical workers was in Vietnam, and it was comparing cloth masks to medical masks. Not clear what kind of “cloth masks” they were testing, it’s not specified. Once again not a current coronavirus study of the CDC-recommended style of mask. Here’s the study. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/04/150422121724.htm

    This is an excellent example of cherry-picking data, weasel-wording your argument, and hoping your readers don’t check your sources. Current studies of COVID-19 and mask-wearing completely disputes your crappy science here.

  61. I don’t have to make a long list of why you need to. God’s finally here and you better figure it out are you done. Too much evil on the Earth read your Bible you’ll see it so what happened to them. Everybody wants to lie for money money money money completely ignorant.

  62. you can’t be actually this stupid

    like seriously


    Just wear a mask its not brainwashing even IF it doesnt protecc you from coronavirus it’s the law

    Just get a comfy mask for goodness sake and stop crying like babies about “waa i dont want mask”

  63. you can’t be actually this stupid

    like seriously


    Just wear a mask its not brainwashing even IF it doesnt protecc you from coronavirus it’s the law

    Just get a comfy mask for goodness sake and stop crying like babies about “waa i dont want mask”

    *all ya hippies*

  64. As far as a moist, slimy cloth facemask being the ideal growth media for nasty germs, I disagree. A PETRI DISH does a much better job. I suggest we should all lose the facemasks and figure out how to hang a petri-dish in front of our faces (perhaps inside of a mask). We could trap and propagate nasty infectious bugs even better than by trapping them via cloth masks alone. Once a ‘Bug’ gets by your mask, instead of being exhaled, it’s most likely going to stick on the moist, humid inside of the facemask *Petri-dish*. From there, the germs will multiply rapidly and instead of being able to escape, they are held to your mouth and nose, inside the growth area (which is the inside surface of the mask). The only place for the germs and viruses to go from here is down your pipes ! Facemasks are dangerous. Get the word out ! I think the CDC is smoking too much CRACK !!

  65. Dear Michael Robertson,
    I am a firm believer that everyone has a right to their own opinion, however, that opinion must not harm anyone physically or emotionally. I am not here to tell you your opinion is wrong, but I am here to tell you that you are not the only person who lives on this earth. It is very selfish of you to decide not to wear a mask in public whether you agree with it or not. Your argument is that there are studies that support a mask being useless during the pandemic. My argument is that this virus is so new that we do not know whether it is helpful or not. However, this virus is so deadly that it should not matter if we do not know yet. Any human being with an ounce of care for others should realize that the smallest sacrifice of wearing a mask in public is a small price to pay to possibly save someone’s life. I am not saying that your argument of the mask being useless is wrong, but I am saying that if there is even a small chance for myself to prevent someone who is immune compromised from getting the virus, then it is well worth the discomfort. In conclusion, Mr. Robertson, whether you are correct or not on how useful a mask is, everyone needs to be wearing one, so we at least have a chance of stopping this pandemic.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful reply. Here’s the problem with your analysis. When we do illogical and even harmful remedies, it distracts us from meaningful steps which will reduce harm and save lives. Masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer everywhere are pure theater. There’s no basis in science for any of those undertakings. Same is true with the hugely harmful shutdowns. Did you see the WHO news release today where they say that shutdowns create MORE harm than benefit? That’s what many of the critics have been saying since DAY 1.

      It never made sense to quarantine the healthy. We should have only quarantined the sick and vulnerable and let the rest of people continue living.

      1. Amen Brother. Finally, someone who has some sense. People are sheeple. Imposed mask wearing perpetuates the irrational fear and hysteria being promoted by a faithless and perverse generation

      2. I respect that we need to question things and shouldn’t follow any order or command from the government or authority blindly. From my research, covid can be spread be people who aren’t even showing signs so how can we say who should really be quarantined when we don’t know who’s actually sick? Heres my source, maybe give it some consideration and stay safe ya’ll!

  66. Well said, I have refused to wear a mask during this whole situation and I will always refuse to wear these mask in the future.

    1. Wake up people. This is a trial run in preparation for the mark of the beast. Can’t buy sell or trade without a mask. Neither will you be able lest you take the mark of beast.

  67. Amen Brother. Finally, someone who has some sense. People are sheeple. Imposed mask wearing perpetuates the irrational fear and hysteria being promoted by a faithless and perverse generation

  68. Unmasked sfbs in places where masked are required are just your typical narcissist pricks. Mostly Boomers and their dumb kids. I wear a mask in wal-mart etc. for one reason only. It has to be of some comfort to my poor fellow humans who need to work there to get you selfish pricks the things you want. Don’t care about anything else. You “Good Christians” can all go to hell if you can’t have any decency.

  69. I will definitely wear a mask. I don’t want to get sick. I don’t want to lose my job.
    Like this is all lies. I will wear a mask.

  70. Kind of hoping a whole load of liberal democrats are taken out by the virus that way that’s less morons complaining about a gimmick that really doesn’t help. Do yourself a favor get sick and catch corona once you overcome it the virus lays dormant in your body you are permanently infected. Eventually everyone will catch this virus at some point. Fear is what’s causing the chaos. you are a big human why be afraid of something so small.

    1. That’s very dumb since leftists are the ones who predominantly wear masks and social distance. Either way, it’s ridiculous that wearing a mask is political at all. Also, I like how you said you hope the virus takes out a bunch of Democrats, but ended your comment by saying the virus is so small. ????

  71. Do the mask wearers really care about others or is it that their worried about getting sick themselves? If they care about other people than surely someone should consider people who are unable to wear a mask and let them buy what is essential/ needed to live. What about disabled children and adults who can not wear a mask? are they being left out? What about the people with breathing health problems? They can’t buy clothes and other necessary essentials like medicine. The stores are telling those ordering essentials online they need to come in the store that they don’t have what they need online. That they don’t have most items in the store. You need to come in.the stores will only accept a bank card with a chip when ordering online. This eventually will lock everyone into cashless society. Total control. No one wants that! As much as I don’t want to tell it but it’s the truth and people everywhere needs to hear this. I use to trust doctors. I will never trust doctors or scientists never. I’ve had way too many bad things happen and I don’t like or want to sue anyone. I use to work for tenet hospitals and I’ve heard too many horror stories from patients told me they amputated the wrong leg. I quit working in medical. My doctor gave me surgery I did not need when I was in a unconscious state. He gave me a flat line that killed me. I am alive b/c Jesus! He is my only hero! I worked for a medical office (Matrix Medical in Largo FL) in 2018. I went to work and ambulances & firetrucks were in front of the building. I did not know why. I saw people being taken out and found out later they went to the hospital. I asked the OL at the front door about it and he said its ok go into the building to work. Later I was told that those people suffered a reaction to spray for bed bugs. Out of nowhere I started choking. I was dying. I dropped the call I was on. I could not talk. Later The doctor told me I suffered from breathing teargas. my lungs and throat are burnt. I am unable to breath. the matrix manager said in a meeting employees will go ( in a future) to every persons house and insist force them to get into a medical mobile van to get a physical weather they need it or not. How can anyone trust what’s going on here? Are the spray a disease out there? Is this man made pandemic? Who can trust this? I will not! I am a witness that Jesus is our only true hero and savior! There is no one like our God! Watch the movie The Island. It’s like today only the scientist want everyone to believe they have all the answers. It’s not true. They are only human. read the bible it is the only truth.

  72. Here’s my two cents! I don’t think any of this has anything to do with any conspiracies nor is wearing masks anything political related. We have a global pandemic which has so many of us getting sick and suffering and that’s what hurts me the most. I’m not able to help others as I am not a nurse nor someone in the medical field. Whatever I could do to help others… I will do to the best of my own degree.
    Now I get my news sources from NPR and the such mention the usefulness of masks. Since its no inconvenience for me and apparently helps me and others, I’m happy to know that I’m doing my best to not let this virus get the better of us. Here’s my source, maybe it will open your mind to different ideas:

  73. Just don’t go karen at store owners for telling you to get out because you don’t have a mask on. If it’s a store policy, please respect them.

  74. I. Been. In. Stores. I. Seen. Workers. Are. Never. Wear. Face. Mask. Why. Should. I. Wear. Face. Mask. No. Way. Face. Mask. Not. For. Me. I. Was. Watching. The. News. It. Said. The. Corona. Is. Fake. The. Corona. Was. Made. Up. In. A. Lab. In. China. Any. One. Wears face. Mask. Looks. Like. There. On. Dope. They. Do. Not. Look. Like. There. All. There. Any. One. Wears. Face. Mask. Looks. Mean. I. Have. Family. And. Friends. Go. To. Store. For. Me. My. Family. Any. Friends. Will. Wear. Face. Mask. The. World. Is. To. Controlling. Bossy. Let. Every. One. Live. Happy. No. Face. Mask.

  75. I hate. Face. Mask. I. Never. Wear. It. Stores. Deliver. Food. To. My. House. I. Hate. Any. Thing. On. My. Face. I. Went. To. The. Shopping. Mall. Today.
    I. Did. Not. See. No. One. Walking. In. The. Mall. No. Face. Mask. Workers. That. Work. At. Mall. They. We’re. Not. Wearing. Face. Mask. Face. Mask. Suck

  76. No. One. Wants. To. Wear. The. Retard. Looser. Face mask. That. Is. Sad. The. World. Is. Controlling. If. Any. Only. Is. Sick. And. Go. To. Store. They. Should. Wear. Face. Mask. For. Humans. They. Should. Never. Never. Never. Have. To. Wear. Looser. Face. Mask. I. Will. Never. Wear. Face. Mask. I. Have. To. Breathe. It. Would. No. Hard. To. Breathe. With. Face. Mask. On.

  77. The. Corona. Shots. Will. Be. Coming. Soon. Some. People. Will. Not. Want. The. Corona. Shot. To. Many. People. And. Pets. Die. From. Corona. It. Would. Be. Nice. To. Eat. In. A. Restaurant. Life. Should. Be. The. Way. It. Used. To. Be. No. Mask.

  78. I think the biggest problem with the Co-Vid response and the economic shutdown is that nobody is
    providing a full accounting of the deaths being caused which are non covid related. Why are there no statistics
    regarding non-covid deaths caused by people losing their jobs and livlihoods, homes, families, medical
    insurance. What about starving families, domestic abuse increase due to stress, increased drug and
    alcohol use, depression and yes suicide and people unable tom get proper medical treatment because
    they lost their job and hence their coverage. It is unbelievable to me with up to 40 million people out of
    work and if just one per cent of those unemployed are at risk of life that would be 400,000 people far
    more than the deaths attributed to co-vid. People need to wake up. Shutting down the economy and
    running around wearing masks is a bunch of baloney. Dr. Fauchi and the CDC are concerned only with
    the virus and not the fallout from shutting everything down. Wake Up America!!!

  79. Thank you so much. We’re losing our freedom of speech and with that we will lose our.
    That truth cannot be dismantled .
    Questions until you get an answer you are capable of knowing the truth realized that the TV has been programming people for many years. 86% of people spend no time at all researching are looking for information to know if they’re being told a lie or the truth. 96% of people ask the truth teller who said that how do you know who do you think you are God. And in doing that they hear nothing they listen not . the deniaL
    if it was not the truth it wouldn’t be so hard to hear the other side. Yes it has been debunked that is a short guarantee that it is the truth they never debunk a lie .I say look what do you see. You don’t see a plane. Answer well I see something. Yes you do but you know it’s not a plane. You can see the bullet hitting the front his head on the left side and his scalp getting blown out the back onto the trunk. But they tell you he was shot in the back of the head . and you The Name Caller believed IT

  80. This is not a matter of freedom. Its a matter of lives at state. Come back and tell me how you wont wear a mask when your family and friends are in the hospital grasping on to what little life they have left. The CDC study you referenced as well completely dismantles your argument. Did you even read it? It clearly states the study groups were not compliant, and therefore should not be used as evidence. It also states that masks should help prevent the spread, and have shown reduction of disease spread in the past. You are selfish. You are cruel. You are willingly killing others. Please, for the love of Christ, take a long reflection on your actions and gain some empathy.

    By the way, you’ve now also been used in a research paper, as an example of exactly what is wrong with America in this pandemic.

  81. Get. The. Shots. For. Coronavirus. Is. Has. Been. Hard. On. Every. One. No. One. Can. Eat. In. Restaurants. No. Get. With. Family. And. Friends. If. They. Are. Sick. Mask. Suck

  82. O.k. let’s face it (pardon the pun) I think we all know this is a form of government control (probably population control) It’s getting old fast. They are trying to start a civil war and mess with out minds. People are so cowardly and do what they are told like toy soldiers. This is just the beginning, Wait so see what they do to us next if you don’t show some backbone and stand up for your rights then things will get worse–Jimmy

  83. Ok folks here we are its april 22,2021 EARTH DAY what will the earth do with all the new garbage created by littering mask droppers,i see masks as the new cigarette butt they are everywhere on the ground in the trees in the water rotting with your germs growing and spreading to the animals and insects and fish,what will happen when your face mask makes you ask
    Wait,wheres my freedom gone?
    Fuck u cov19 freedom snatch u fuckers i hate masks they steal your smile and your soul

    1. I agree and we are already separate enough. We are so divided over this mask and COVID syndrome.
      I see three masks all over the ground, who are we protecting? Certainly not the precious lives around us. Only humans think they’re the center of the universe…..

  84. We all need to be mask free. Breathing back in with these mask on really does much more harm, especially if you have health issues.

  85. If everybody would have worn an N95 mask in the early days of the virus we probably could have shut down transmission by mid-2020. I think a lot of people need to beef up their science knowledge and stop being perpetually aggrieved.

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