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Congresswoman Karen Bass. (Photo: @RepKarenBass, Twitter)

Source: Coelho Pushing Biden to Pick Bass

Former Representative and Dem big says VP down to Karen Bass or Tammy Duckworth

By Ken Kurson, July 23, 2020 1:50 pm

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NOTE: This story has been updated to add comment from Tony Coelho.

SACRAMENTO—Tony Coelho, the former California Member of Congress, has been pushing hard for Joe Biden to select Rep. Karen Bass (D-37) as his running mate, the Globe has learned.

According to a highly placed source in Sacramento, Coelho, whose 10-year stint included many atop the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, has been in close contact with the Bass camp. The source told the Globe that Coelho told another person that “Biden’s folks told Bass it’s her or Duckworth.”

Through a spokesman, Mr. Coelho denied saying the remarks the source attributed to him, telling the Globe, “No one involved with Congressmember Bass has ever made a statement remotely like that to me.”

Congresswoman Karen Bass has seen her profile rise in the Veepstakes. (US Congress)

The former Vice President and presumed Democratic nominee has already pledged that his selection would be a woman. So Rep. Bass and Sen. Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq war veteran from Illinois, have both been mentioned in the speculation surrounding the choice.

Bass’ stock has lately been rising, along with her profile. Earlier today, the Wall Street Journal released a video in which the Congresswoman attacked President Trump’s use of federal forces to quell protests in American cities.

Bass has been in Congress for ten years. She’s spent the last two chairing the Congressional Black Caucus at a time of unprecedented reconsideration of race in American politics. Biden’s history of supporting measures that some believe contributed to mass incarceration, as well as occasional gaffes when discussing racial matters, have led some to theorize that he’d be well-advised to choose a Black running mate. Others point to Biden’s having loyally carried out his duties serving alongside America’s first Black president. They theorize that the Delaware candidate has already “checked the box” and have advised him to select a centrist, presumably white running mate.

Has the vetting already begun?

DC power lawyer Bob Lenhard at Covington has been leading the vetting process.

Robert D. Lenhard, senior attorney in the Election and Political Law Practice Group of Covington & Burling LLP., is leading the legal team on vetting potential Democratic vice presidential nominees.

Lenhard declined to confirm that he’s been vetting Bass, telling the Globe, “I cannot talk to the press on any topic without the campaign’s permission.”

Before being elected to Congress, Bass served in the California State Assembly for six years, including the final two as Speaker. Those who put stock in election voodoo point to a further sign of Bass’ possible selection. From January through May of this year, her Wikipedia page was edited a total of 26 times. In June, it was 35. And so far in July, there have been 24 adjustments.

While denying having said that the decision boiled down to the two women, Coelho told the Globe, “I do feel that both Bass and Duckworth are well qualified and top contenders to be selected as the Vice Presidential nominee. But that is very different from what you have reported.”

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188 thoughts on “Source: Coelho Pushing Biden to Pick Bass

  1. ha ha ha
    biden is toast and adding a far left hate monger like bass will make his lose that much worse

    1. It’s Emperor Blowhard who is toast for his moronic handling of the virus crisis. He will be humiliated and will try to stay on from his Furhrer Bunker until the troops eject him.

      1. You been lisening to to much CNN, NBC, CBS, etc. to get the real truth on President Trump. Please go to underground news on Redpill78, Black Conservative Patriot, etc. to get the real news. President Trump is trying to make America Great again but the Dimm’s fight him every inch of the way for the past 4 years.

        1. You are kidding, right? Even Fox News is starting to realize that Trump is full of crap. He doesn’t want to make America great, he just wants to make himself great. Stop accepting lies.

          1. You’re a fucking moron! 40+ state crushing by Trump over the hapless Biden in Nov. Can’t wait to see snivelers like you whining on 11.4…it will make the snowflake groaning when Hillary lost look like amateur hour!

          2. Norbert Nutbutter ( sung to the tune of Maria….).

            The most beautiful sounds I‘Ve ever heard
            Norbert Nutbutter, Norbert Nutbutter, Norbert Nutbutter
            All the beautiful sounds of the world in two words
            Norbert Nutbutter, Norbert Nutbutter, Norbert Nutbutter
            I’ve just met a Nutbutter named Norbert
            And suddenly that name
            Will never be the same
            To me

          3. Dems like their women shrill and unattractive, their blacks perpetually aggrieved and mean, and their white men self loathing, and wimpy.

          1. You’re a fucking moron! 40+ state crushing by Trump over the hapless Biden in Nov. Can’t wait to see snivelers like you whining on 11.4…it will make the snowflake groaning when Hillary lost look like amateur hour!

          2. Probably not a good move to accept a candidate from a state he already has control over. It would be best to pick a VP from a purple state, and turn it blue. Whomever he picks is going to turn the fence walkers one way or another.

        2. I concur , Our Mr. President Donald J. Trump hasn’t been able to focus on his duly Elected Job since He has been in Office, He deserves a Mulroney for his First full term.

        3. Know this, Biden won’t make it 6 months if he’s elected, he’s barely cognisant of where he is now. So whatever far left nutter he selects would be the president…God help us. It will be the end of the United States of America. Look what the left is doing right now, is the trailer for the whole country if you’re foolish enough to vote democrat, certainly the dead will vote democrat, if you’re living think twice. Before we were blindsided by this hyped virus, Trump had this country humming along like a well oiled machine and he’ll do it again.

          1. If Biden won, he would not be able to serve, so VP would step in. She would resign or go away shortly after.
            Then……Speaker of the house, Nancy P would be your POTUS. That is the plan.

        4. Trump is trying to make “America Great Again”? I hope you’re sarcastic. He had his chance and screwed up badly! His handling of the COVID pandemic was horrible and all he is interested is himself. He doesn’t give a crap for our country.

      2. Haven’t we seen this before? Democrat with a 16 point lead going into election night and you get your a** handed to you. You go ahead and believe to polls like you did in 2016????

          1. It was 98% of the Polls indicating a Hillary landslide victory a day before the 2016 elections. Turned out to be a sweeping victory by Trump.
            Amazingly enough, CNN, ABC and CNBC had declared that there is ZERO MATHEMATICAL possibility for Trump to end up victorious, days leading to the election.

      3. What about collusion with Russia? Isn’t that what was supposed to drive him from office? Or was it Stormy Daniels? Gee, it’s hard to keep track of all the schemes you Wile E. Coyote lefties are cooking up. Watch out for that train, lefties.

        1. Tump’s days are done as soon as Schiff presents everything he saw in his own eyes about the collusion.

          1. Speaking of Schiff….if he is re-elected in November, it will prove beyond any doubt, reasonable or otherwise, that voters in California, especially in the 28th district in which he represents, are full of absolute morons that don’t mind getting lied to their faces and look at Schiff like he is some kind of demigod for his relentless mission to unseat the bad orange man. The 28th district is a huge expensive piece of the Southern California electoral pie that will never see a Republican or any other party representing it. The 28th district contains the Hollywood Hills, West Hollywood, Pasadena and the gentrified Echo Park and Silver Lake, amongst others.

        2. Don’t forget their big one! Impeachment over a phone call. A recorded and released phone call where neither party did anything wrong.

      4. Wow. Can you explain what Biden or the operations committee would have done differently and why it would have made a significant difference?

      5. The esteemed Senator Romney in another article commented not to count out Trump yet. Though polls have him toasted the Senator cautions that these weigh heavily on younger tech attuned generations less reliable to actually vote than readily chat with pollsters on cell phones and ‘click on’ than to participate in online polling. And that minorities tend less to turn out even with early voting and proposed mail in voting. Trumpers too are more reticent to reveal their predilections and thus undercounted until election day. As well Michael Moore was correct in ’16 about complacency.

        1. Bingo – got a winner! We are a Republic ….. it is NOT the president’s responsibility …. what about at the State / local level or any of the 1000 or so bloated .gov health and safety orgs …

      6. Yeah, I’m sure Trump is toast, the Democrats had the last 4 years to select a better candidate than Hillary to beat him, and that is Joe Biden. It just goes to show the world’s smartest woman is not as competent as a senile old creeper man.

        1. Of all the people that could have been the Democrat nominee, for two elections in a row they’ve chosen somebody they literally have to prop up.
          The Democrat Party had to get behind her and literally prop her up because she couldn’t stand up, she couldn’t go up the steps of a bus. She was impaired in all of the ways. She couldn’t do any public appearances ’cause she didn’t draw a crowd.
          And yet she was the nominee.
          And so they had to sequester her, they had to keep her quarantined, essentially. And the same thing is true of Biden. Now, in Hillary’s case, the more invisible she was, the higher her numbers were because the negatives declined. And it’s the same thing with Biden. Now you have the Democrat Party with two elections in a row working as hard as they can to prop up two seasoned citizens that are not all there. It is the strangest thing. I mean, they’re really working hard to prop them up. About Biden is who is it that’s propping him up? Who is it that’s actually going to be president? Is it one person or is it a committee?
          I just find it fascinating. Of all the people that could have been the Democrat nominee, for two elections in a row they’ve chosen somebody they literally have to prop up, that cannot stand up on their own, cannot function. Even with a teleprompter it’s still a risk putting Joe Biden out there.
          Liberalism is the most gutless choice you can make, and I mean precisely that.
          There’s a Obligation to the Nation – Liberals must be defeated not convinced

      7. If you believe this, you’ll be REALLY disappointed in November.

        Get your clean shorts ready, you’ll need them. Biden stands no chance, but you’ll believe the media the same way you did when they said Hillary had it in the bag with a o8% chance. Stay naive, and get buried.

        1. Don’t bet on that.
          No one knows the outcome of the election. It’s likely Trump wins a second term.
          Incumbent presidents rarely lose… George H. W. Bush is one of the rare incumbent presidents to actually ever lose, and Trump has peace and prosperity. He has a personality that no Democrat can match.
          Trump Voters Love Him More Than Ever
          You know, go back to 1968, the Democrats lost big because they were seen as tied to this stuff. And I’m gonna tell you, any Republican out there, if you’re worried about the election in November, don’t be. Just figure out a way to tie all of this to the Democrat Party because that’s where its home is.

          What you’re watching in all these blue states when you watch these riots, you are watching the Democrat Party’s chickens come home to roost. This is what the Democrat Party has been guaranteeing will happen for 50 years. They’ve been lying to their voters. They have been lying to the American people.
          Liberalism is the most gutless choice you can make, and I mean precisely that.
          There’s an Obligation to the Nation Liberals must be defeated not convinced

      8. How will the Democrats in power handle COVID-19 any differently than current methods. We have seen Democrat Gov Cuomo’s response: high death rate; send CIVID-19 folks to nursing homes. Yeah, really bright!

        1. Hey if you look at numbers you will see that NYS is doing just fine now, despite being dealt the worst hand. Even look at the percentage of deaths in nursing homes, about as low as you get. Go figure, there is something to this science stuff.

      9. “handling of the virus crisis.”? What has congress done. If you want a country run like California vote democrat, you’ll be sorry.

      10. Trump has handled the Chinese Virus as well as a president could. Exactly WHAT and WHEN would you have done differently? Or do you just want to spout shit?

      11. How would you handle the virus you didn’t ask for?
        It is not in the Presidents job description. How many governors have told him to go pound sand? Stay out of their responsibilities?
        States rights – It’s in the Constitution. The governors are responsible for the safety of the residents. The federal government (Trump) provides the equip / other support as governors request.
        The federal government (Trump) provides the equip / other support as governors request. It is preposterous to believe that Trump got us here.

        Liberalism is the most gutless choice you can make, and I mean precisely that.

        1. The defense agencies were tracking this in December or earlier and would have been prepared for any scenario. But Trump prefers his gut to anything else, and that has been a big loss for the American people, especially the 150,000 that have lost their lives, and their family members.

      12. “Furhrer bunker” extenuates your argument. You might as well just say, “Trump bad man”.

        So you’re a Joe Biden man (sorry, person). The silent majority hasn’t been watching the news of protests (riots), celebrities denouncing themselves for literally nothing, BLM being forced fed to us all by the media and Renaissance corporations (who are also the target of BLM, btw), people kneeling before other people equal to them, the proverbial middle finger by China to the world, etc. 2016 could never repeat itself right?

        So Biden is your man. Okay. He’s far more coherent then Clinton. He’s not a part of the problem, right?

        Think about it. 2016 all over again. Remember this message.

        1. By TDS I’ll assume you mean Trump is a Di*k Sh*t ??

          Forgive me I’m new to all your Republican Cleverness.

      13. Please don’t interrupt when grown-ups are talking. I’m guessing you wern’t raised by loving parents who would have taught you to respect your elders. Obviously, you weren’t born the natural way. Methinks a vulture crapped you on top of a post and then raised by a pack of wolves. Geeeeeesh!!!!!

      14. If you say so.
        What world the armchair quarterback have done who is not aware of his own existence.

    2. Interesting his “lose”…. I wonder if we should be believing political foreshadowing from a person unfamiliar in the difference between “lose” and “loss” or correct capitalization. And yes Ms. Bass is a hate monger, unlike the current occupant of the White House who started his campaign by informing us that Mexicans are rapists and killers, though remember some are good. Again, clearly you are well informed.

      1. As a Vietnam combat veteran, retired Army officer and former ICE Special Agent-I think I can speak FOR veterans
        and not in favor of illegal aliens of ANY nationality. Deportation evens out criminal activity.
        Jane Fonda is giving a Biden fundraiser. That speaks volumes on loss of votes for Mr. Biden. But, he has VP
        and Congressional retirement-along with Ukraine enrichment family funds: he will be
        comfortable should he lose. In December, he won’t remember it…………….

        1. No please don’t speak for veterans you will be totally wrong. Speak for your self. Like me were taught as officers, make sure you tell your Soldiers to vote, but not who to “Vote For”.
          As a retired officer and also Combat Vet I adhere to the 7 values of the Military. Unfortunately President Trump does not have any of these. Therefore whether I agree with any of his policies I could never vote for such a person that degrades the office like he does.

          1. I am always amazed when people make weak moral arguments such as “I can’t lower my standards to vote for this guy, so I will vote for someone much worse”. It’s a pretty hollow argument. William Kristol has made a fool of himself doing the same thing.

          2. As a retired vet myself, you’re one of those
            “New age” fools who can’t get that the prior 50 years of service are not what you endured. You’ll be gravely upset come November this year, because you think you’re the first of your kind to hate traditional values. It’s okay, just have your Kleenex ready for what’s coming.

          3. So, Major, . .Sp4 Infantry grunt here, . . .do we vote for the party that has become a true force of evil? It’s going to be a matter of choosing who will be the less destructive force for the next 4 years.

      2. That you would use that already-debunked lie about Trump saying that Mexicans are rapists and killers proves what an ignorant dolt you are.

    3. this woman’s district has the highest number of prostitutes in the world – it is at figueroa and gage. this will be peak black lives matters when she is selected as it will be black pussy matters.

        1. Ron’s been kissing a lot of black tail that’s how he knows where all the prostitutes are located. LOL!

      1. @ don down

        Yeah ‘ he’s ‘ the idiot when you’re defending a corrupt pervert kook who mistakes his wife for his sister, fondles young girls, says he running for the senate, can’t get history or dates right, wanders off while speaking to people, turns around on a stage, stares at a wall and doesn’t know where he is, forgets his name and what century he is in, has conversations with voice recordings, forgets how many granddaughters he has, claims he was a professor after leaving the VP slot, forgets what state he’s in, claims things happened that didn’t, forgets what he’s saying in mid-sentance and actually fell asleep during a townhall.

        That’s just that last 6 months. No you are right, sloppy joe is the best and you’re not a hate-filled liberal moron loser.

        1. I have but two things to say:

          “(the corona virus) will go away like magic”

          “can we inject people (with Lysol)?”

          I’ll take malaprops over lies and insanity.

        2. Plus Biden has passed the AMAZING test Trump took for onset of Demensia where he can remember 5 words and 3 Animal pictures. When Biden can do that he will be up to Trump’s speed. That good Ivy league education and he talks like a 6th grader. Trumptard.

          1. @ trumpsux & major whitney

            All of that coming from two liberals just means so much.

            You liberal ‘ men ‘ are just a bunch of sissys anyway, so who cares. Lesbian women are tougher than you, LOL !!!!!

    4. Re: ‘…ha ha ha
      biden is toast and adding a far left hate monger like bass will make his lose that much worse…” {Deserttrek}
      Everywhere I look, (right-left-center), I see media articles which are, in some sense, ‘interchangeable’; here, an oversimplified example: “In ______(insert state / city name in space at left!), Biden is running 5-16 points ahead of Trump, etc.”
      Even with the illegal assistance from Putin, and…the Trump-Ukraine-influence-peddlers, including R. Giuliani, Lev Parnas, Igor Fruman, etc., Trump is extraordinarily likely to lose the presidency, and be indicted, shortly, thereafter, especially if the grand jury ‘result’, (if NOT the actual tax data examined by the current grand jury), being released!
      Q.) Do ALL republicans borrow from their science-denial accounts to cover this impending failure to recognize the Republican Party is fighting for it’s SURVIVAL…against Trumpian_Barbarians, ‘N, will be lucky to get anyone, elected, anywhere, 3.5 months hence?

      1. You underestimate the passion of Trump supporters and the stupidity of Democrats. A prime example if stupid Democrats is the candidate himself; have you listened to him speak? He should be in a rest home.

    5. Karen Bass –Hole, as she is referred to. The leader of the racist C B C, who won’t allow Whites or Hispanics to join. The C B C should be outlawed as discriminatory. Bass will only guarantee the votes of independents, Evangelicals, and the undecided, Finally Joe can call somebody a racist and it will be the TRUTH – KAREN BASS.

    6. The Democrats- The people who gave us slavery, Jim Crow, Poll Taxes, Dred Scott, Strom Thurman, Robert Byrd, Al Gore Sr. George Wallace, generational welfare, public housing, bad schools, wholesale abortion of Black babies, and the destruction of the Black family, and of course the now hijacked B L movement. The Democrats, who promise Blacks everything — Until after they get their vote, at which time they forget about the gullible fools until they need them again.

    7. Lest we forget, Bass led the blak kawkus delegation on a “Visit” to Cuba
      to hob nob with their fellow America hating Communist bedfellows.
      In the long run, Plugs the Pervert will “Pick” whoever Soros and Obama tell him to pick. Biden is a mindless puppet with zero control of who pulls his strings….

    8. I rather vote for Biden than The Twitter Traitor. TTT is someone who appointed a Russian foreign agent (Flynn) as his first national security adviser. He also gave a top secret/codeword document to the Kremlin. Also had family meet with Russian operatives at Trump Tower. Furthermore, selected Wilbur Ross as a cabinet member. That’s the person who served as V.P. of a Cypriot bank that’s notorious for Russian money laundering. Google: Dhekelia, to learn more

    9. She’s a Large Mouth Bass. Voraishous and will kill off everything in the swamp if left unchecked.
      What’s a duck worth? Not much. Greasy and doesn’t even make a good soup. Waddles around quacking all the time and craps all over the place.

    10. “Princeton professors argue that ‘Democrat’ may have to be canceled”

      Yes, the Democratic Party engaged in horrific and highly public attacks against Blacks. #BLACKLIVESMATTER #NewBLMparty #CancelDemocraticParty. The Democrat Party’s history is steep with supporting slavery and instrumental in putting up Confederate Monuments and Statues of pro-slavery leaders. The Democrat Party must now be torn down due to its Pro-Slavery past. Just seeing the Party Name of Democratic Party conjures up hateful anti-black and pro-slavery images from their past.
      REF: https://youtu.be/g_a7dQXilCo
      REF: https://www.libertynation.com/confederate-statues-why-republicans-let-democrats-build-them/
      REF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3q_oKLts10I
      #BLACKLIVESMATTER #NewBLMparty #CancelDemocraticParty

    11. Your moron Trump is going down like a dopey lead balloon. Can that guy be more dumb? Frightening that any intelligent person could ever fall into his con.

      1. Your fear shows through, can’t wait for you to be suicidal this fall when Biden tanks and you are left with the same fear and loathing you have now and nothing new.

        I’d bet my fortune you’ll see “your guy” who has senile dementia lose. Loving watching you people squirm as of you have confidence, it’ll make your loss that much more fun to me.

      1. There won’t be any Tsunami this time around….not for Trump and I say that as someone who voted for the jerk the last time around.

    12. Seeing that smiling face of Rep. Bass reminded me of a quote from Uriah Heep:
      “Heep’s the name. Grinning’s the game.”

    13. Democrat + “Woman of Color” + (Probably) Lesbian* = Massive Fail.

      The only thing she lacks is a hyphenated last name. (Her daughter took up the slack in that department.)

      Also, per her bio, grew up around West L.A. “Jewish leftist circles”: https://keywiki.org/Karen_Bass

      The Democrats must have a death wish. That, or they want to start a second Civil War.

      Just a thought.


      *Search results were unclear. Anybody have a definitive answer?

    1. Re: “Bass or Duckworth is literally Orwell in action… Four legs good…two legs better!!!” {Podein}

      “War is peace… Ignorance is strength… Freedom is slavery…” {‘Ingsoc’, Geo. Orwell, 1984′}
      …Plagiarized by Admiral Bonespurs, (D/B/A: D.J. Trump), intended by this ‘administration’ to replace the ‘Star Spangled Banner’…

    1. are you not paying attention to America? the vast majority of humans with brains in this country are done with Trump. But keep dreaming, fella.

      1. @ helen

        No the country is fed up with you brain-dead, heartless, tin-foil hat liberals. You kooks are running from the flu that’s so dangerous you don’t even know you have it like a person scared by their own shadow.

      2. By your comment the vast majority of humans in the US have no brains. MAGA Trump in 2020. Democrats are welcome to vote for him as well. Those with brains.

    1. @ archibald

      Not when it comes to you democrats. You all equally hate.

      Democrats fought a war to keep blacks slaves and used the kkk to threaten, bully and intimidate them for decades. What part of that don’t you understand?

  2. Duckworth’s story is inspirational. Purple Heart-winning helicopter pilot who left two legs in Iraq.

    Fox “News” polls released today have Biden +13 (!) in Florida, +9 in Michigan, and +11 in Pennsylvania. But let me guess – Fox is now part of the conspiracy against Trump, right?

  3. At this point, Biden could pick Stormy Daniels, and still win. Trump is despised that much, and has demonstrated quite clearly that:
    1) The Republican Party should be dissolved and all prosecuted for Treason.
    2) Trump was indeed unfit, unqualified, wholly unsuited for this role.
    3) Trump’s “victory” in 2016 was not brought about by constitutional or legal means.

    Trump and GOP cheated in their 2016 power grab and now the country is predictably in a free fall. We’re now at 143,000+ people who have died because of Trump and Republicans. Trump and Republicans have completely obliterated the great, expanding economy they were give courtesy of the great Barack Obama. Trump is using the military to attack peaceful protestors. He’s emboldened white supremacists nationwide, further dividing the nation. Tax breaks for the rich while everyone else goes to hell. The list is endless and the daily barrage of incompetence, malicious acts, and depravity by Trump and his deranged right-wing colleagues is quite disturbing. This illegitimate presidency must ultimately be ANNULLED.

    1. Wow! You live on the same planet I do Roman? Trump took an anemic economy sputtering along and turned it into a juggernaut. Democrats push a lie of collusion with Russia and impeach him because they have the majority while fighting him every step of the way after illegally spying on his campaign. Thanks for the smooth transition Obama. If that’s not treasonous…. You whine about Trump and then how he won and somehow he cheated. Wut? The words ‘Expanding economy’ and ‘great’ and ‘Barack Obama’ should not be in the same sentence. Notice you blame Trump for the economy now but no mention of China and the global pandemic they released and then lied about. Thank goodness Obama didn’t divide our nation, it’s all Trump’s fault right? Unemployment the lowest ever recorded with help for all Americans and a booming economy pre covid. We don’t need more anarchy with higher taxes/regulations and open borders with Biden. The incompetence and malicious acts by the media and the Dems deranged left wing colleagues is quite disturbing.

    2. Congrats! No one has ever done a better job of detailing the Never Trump, America hating, Brick Throwing, 2×4 swinging radical communists now called the Democrats. Please, get off the computer and go try to assault a federal law enforcement officer. TRUMP 2020!

    3. Well, Stormy might be a better nominee than Biden. Trump has presided over the best economy, with lowest unemployment for all races ever, brought jobs back to America, brought tariff’s on Chinese goods, thus helping American labor markets, and had our troops fighting ISIS, instead of giving them and the Libyan terrorists arms. But that doesn’t matter because you are going to blame Trump, instead of the Chinese, for the virus. Even after the Chinese stopped internal travel from Wuhan, while allowing oversees travel from there, and persecuting doctors that released information on the virus. As for white supremacists, it is the Democrats, who switched their KKK to blackshirt mobs to cause racial divisions, while continually bringing race mongering into the conversation. Trump, on the other hand, had been given an award previously by the NAACP, because he wasn’t a racist, but that doesn’t matter, now that he’s in the opposition. Oh, and why did Obama, who was in power, along with Hillary and all the Democrats in power allow Trump to get in office if he stole the election? Because it didn’t happen, it was just BS to make you people angry for the next 4 years. They lied about that, and the whole Russian collusion thing. After 18 Democrat lawyers in the FBI investigated for 3 years, they found nothing. Nothing. The man is so squeaky clean they can’t believe it. Then Trump mentions allowing an investigator, who had the gall to investigate a company that Biden’s son work for, to get his job back and watch out, the Democrats circle the wagons to protect Biden, because they were all in on those kickbacks.

      1. @ helen

        Yeah, you’re right. Scott doesn’t know what he’s talking about because hillary’s already won.

        Oh wait a minute …

  4. You been lisening to to much CNN, NBC, CBS, etc. to get the real truth on President Trump. Please go to underground news on Redpill78, Black Conservative Patriot, etc. to get the real news. President Trump is trying to make America Great again but the Dimm’s fight him every inch of the way for the past 4 years.

  5. Donald Trump expressed a few good conservative Republican idea before the last election. Unfortunately, he appears to be unwilling and unable to execute them properly. He also has retained several past Democrat ideas, most relating to big, big spending, and Keynesian economic pump priming, which is probably all he can recall from his hazy days at Wharton. His ignorance of the rudiments of the Constitution, government operations and relations, economics, including fiscal and monetary matters, and even basic medical science is appalling, as is his need to become involved in attempting to micromanage matter that should not concern him, while failing to confront things that should. His vaunted negotiating abilities may apply to real estate, but even that is doubtful, and it certainly does not transfer to international relations, deals, and treaties. I am a conservative California Republican who feels Trump must go, even if it means four years of Joe Biden, whatever his flaws and those if his running mate. All and all, It leaves me sad and sick at heart. Thanks to those who do not know the difference between a conservative and a hot rock.

  6. Oh yeah. perfect! Does anyone remember a novelty item from a few years ago called “Big Mouth Bass”? Well, here we go again! Either Bass or Duckworth will be an Albatross around Sleepy Joe’s neck!

  7. Biden would be nuts to pick a Fidel Castro admirer as running mate. His mental state is already in question. That would pretty much settle the question.

  8. Biden should choose that Goldberg woman, then we’d have Loopy & Whoopi as our most appropriate leadership in truly crazy times..

  9. just have them all jump into a bucket of wet cement and add them all to 1st place, they are all winners…

  10. This comment section full of hate-filled republican scum. If you were dogs I would gladly leave you in a hot car with the windows rolled up.

  11. Curious if Kamala Harris did all the face work because she knew she was out of the running, or because she was trying to boost her chances? Former DNI Richard Grenell is worried Bass will be a business killer for the nation like she was for California.

      1. Richard@PressCalif. Next time clarify your milk snorts when you write them. Much easier that way to understand who or what you are laughing about.

  12. Biden’s vp choice will determine outcome of election. Given his obvious cognitive deficiencies, vp will be less than a heartbeat away from presidency. Tread carefully dems.

    1. Simon Simple “…vp will be less than a heartbeat away from presidency…”
      Yep, but it is not just a heartbeat away, it is a Dim whim away from the presidency. Anytime Biden doesn’t do their bidding, they acknowledge his dementia, and move on. If he really wants to stay in office, he needs to get life and health insurance, by picking a conservative VP. Otherwise he’s toast. Probably out within a year, then the Dems can have the first female president that they really want. The only question remains, which block of Democrats kingmakers will win out on the pick?

  13. Listen folks, Tulsi Gabbard needs to be his choice. Except for her pro-choice values, even the most conservative republicans respect and admire her. If the bar is a woman of color, or a veteran, Tulsi checks both of those boxes. But the reality is, she is young, smart, aggressive, and can take over when Joe doesn’t make it to the finish line. She should have stuck around longer, and the party should have propped her up more.

    1. Yes, but she pissed off the Jews with her anti-Israel stance. So that makes her poison.

      Also, she is anti 2nd, and that’s a red flag as well.

      Just a thought.


  14. Haven’t heard of this “bass” chick… is she really that hateful..?
    she’s a stealth compared to the others, but on the other hand she ‘s not totally fugly as them either
    tough choice when a woke poo’ sandwich is the special du jour and the 2nd choice is crow con queso..

  15. I have been a citizen of California since 1965 and I have to admit my State has become a complete disgrace. We expect complete freedom to kill babies at will and riot at any decision of the the Supreme Court to execute convicted murderers. We tax working people to support millions (the most in the USA) of people on welfare and then demand mail in voting without explaining where we are going to mail the ballots to the over 60, 000 people in our largest cities. Illegal aliens break laws and then get State provided Attorneys to fight deportation. Democrats control every Constitutional Office and yet continue to accept no responsibility for any State problems. We are people in a State completely controlled by Democrats who deny any responsibility for any of the problems we are experiencing. God help us if a Democrat from California gains access to the decision making process in the Oval Office.

  16. Biden won’t be the one picking. The establishment will choose for him. Biden can’t even tie his own shoelaces anymore apparently.

    1. Biden can’t do two terms, too old. People will do the entrigue vote like her husband. Michele Obama is the (lack of a better word) the dark horse!

  17. She’s spent the last two chairing the Congressional Black Caucus at a time of unprecedented reconsideration of race in American politics.

    Has the reporter heard of the Civil Rights Movement??

  18. Biden cannot talk without a teleprompter! During the upcoming debates there will little chance that can make any sense about anything. He is like a hamster that talks like a gerbil! I agree all of the media is now against Trump, but there are millions of Americans that will not voice their opinion until in the voting booth. Biden is just a senile old man that by nov may not even be able to zip his pants!

  19. Ha. Clearly no one has interviewed Tammy Duckworth- the ultimate “check-a-box” candidate. Dems see a veteran woman of color with no legs and see the perfect identity candidate. Sadly Tammy is dumber than dirt. You never see her on the talk shows. Her rare appearances are carefully scripted and rehearsed. She will fail any debate she is in.

  20. Tammy Duckworth abused her position when she was a State of Illinois employee after coming back from Iraq. Check her political closets… I’m sure there are more skeletons there. Perhaps he should pick her, just so the truth will finally come out about her.

  21. Duckworth was not born in America so how could she be prez? Probably why Biden would choose her though.

  22. Here’s my Karen Bass vetting. Leader of divisive Congressional Black Caucus means she’s a crook, she runs on divisive because that’s how representatives get elected in VRA black districts, but saying whitey screwed you and I’m going to get it back for us. And she’s been in the crooked racist grievances game for a looooong time, though not as old as Joe. I feel sorry for crooked Joe Biden but face it when he name’s a VP his popularity will do down. No good choice. Democrats are rotten people.

  23. Once more Biden will be the token white guy. Bass will lock him in the basement and feed him BS and pablum. Once or twice a year they will medicate him to the hilt and show him to the media in some sort of dog and pony show.

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