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University of California, Berkeley. (Photo: EQRoy, Shutterstock)

California Democrats Pushing Bill to Require CSU, UC and Community Colleges to Hire ‘Undocumented Noncitizens’

Hiring illegal aliens on campus would violate 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act

By Katy Grimes, June 5, 2024 10:37 am

Why are Democrats working so hard to replace Californians with illegal immigrants?

Earlier in the year, the University of California Board of Regents smartly voted to halt a plan to allow illegal immigrant students to apply for jobs on campus. The law is extremely clear, as Department of Homeland Security officials specifically warned UC that they could be facing administrative action or a lawsuit should they continue their efforts.

Notably, There are 44,000 undocumented college students in California, including nearly 4,000 enrolled in the UC system.

“Since October 2022, undocumented student leaders in the University of California (UC) system have pushed forward an ‘opportunity for all’ campaign aimed at expanding opportunities and protections for illegal immigrant students,” the Globe reported in January 2024. “In May of last year, they scored their first major victory, when the UC Board of Regents announced that they were in favor of removing hiring restrictions for undocumented students.”

Never letting a [border] crisis go to waste, California Democrats are fast tracking a bill to require the hiring of illegal immigrants at the University of California, California State University and California Community College systems.

Assemblyman David Alvarez (D-Chula Vista). (Photo: https://a80.asmdc.org)

Assembly Bill 2586 by Assemblyman David Alvarez (D-Chula Vista) would require California’s colleges to hire “undocumented noncitizens,” as Alvarez said in his bill. That’s about as contorted as “undocumented residents.”

AB 2586, the “Opportunity for All” bill “would allow students equal access to campus job opportunities, regardless of immigration status at the University of California, California State University, and California Community Colleges,” Assemblyman Alvarez’s website states.

This is the actual language used in Alvarez’s AB 2586:

This bill would prohibit a the University of California, California State University, or California Community College campus Colleges from disqualifying a student from being eligible to apply hired for an employment position at the campus due to their failure to provide proof of federal work authorization, except where that proof is required by federal law or where that proof is required as a condition of a grant that funds the particular employment position for which the student has applied.

This bill would provide that, for its purposes, each campus of the University of California, the California State University, and the California Community Colleges is are required to treat a specified prohibition in federal law on hiring unauthorized aliens undocumented noncitizens as inapplicable because that provision of federal law does notstate that it applies apply to any branch of state government. The bill would further provide that, to the extent student employment is considered a “benefit” for purposes of federal law, the bill constitutes authorization to provide that benefit for purposes of specified federal law.

Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California and a candidate for State Assembly noted that Democrats have fast-tracked passage of AB 2586 – it has already passed the Assembly by a 59-4 vote and now heads to the State Senate. Here’s that vote:

DeMaio criticized the bill for incentivizing illegal immigration.

Carl DeMaio. (Photo: Public Domain)

“By passing a law to mandate that illegal immigrants be hired for taxpayer-funded jobs in state government, California Democrats are not only making our border crisis worse, they are openly violating federal employment laws that prohibit the hiring of illegal immigrants!” said DeMaio.

“This outrageous proposal should be rejected immediately! Not only is it offensive to force taxpayers to fund government jobs for illegal immigrants, it opens these illegal immigrants – and state government managers who hire them – to the risk of federal prosecution for violating federal employment laws,” he continued.

The bill’s Assembly Floor Analysis claims, “The state has demonstrated a commitment to undocumented students by qualifying them for state aid programs that help make college more attainable.”

However, the analysis admits there are problems with the proposal:

“The UC does not have a position on AB 2586, but did send a letter of concern. In their letter they identified numerous potential issues that could come with hiring undocumented students. These include:

1) The exposure of UC’s undocumented students and their families to the possibility of criminal prosecution or deportation;

2) The possibility of employees involved in the hiring process like faculty, human resources, and legal professionals being subject to criminal or civil prosecution if they knowingly participate in practices deemed impermissible under federal law;

3) Civil fines, criminal penalties, or debarment from federal contracting if the UC is in violation of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA); and

4) The potential loss of billions of dollars in existing federal contracts and grants that are conditional on IRCA compliance.”

The California Community College Chancellor’s Office weighs in and says that it is unclear to the CCCCO if local community college districts can even be considered “state entities.”

The UCLA Center for Immigration Law and Policy claims that “when Congress passed IRCA, they did not curtail states’ historic power to determine the employment qualifications of state employees,” so “hiring undocumented persons does not bind state government entities.”

Assemblyman Alvarez said “California has the opportunity to continue to serve as a model for the rest of the Nation. By allowing undocumented students to be eligible for work opportunities, California will ensure all students have equal access to the opportunities they need to provide financially for themselves and work to obtain their degrees. Only then can our state truly maintain its status as an economic powerhouse and the place where the nation’s future is invented.”

However, Assemblyman Alvarez never once acknowledged the fact that taxpayers are funding this vast illegal immigration experiment, nor did he consider that California students should be prioritized for any CSU, UC and Community College campus jobs.

Notably, Carl DeMaio says he is running for State Assembly to help fight bad bills like AB 2586 and work to secure the border. His plan includes a proposal he calls the “California Secure Borders Initiative,” which would do the following:

  • Deploy the CA state guard to the border
  • Repeal the Sanctuary State Law
  • Immediately revoke recently-approved state and local funding for several state welfare programs for illegal immigrants – including taxpayer-funded health insurance and legal defense programs.

To read the many bills passed by the California Legislature on behalf of illegal immigrant students, here is the April Assembly Higher Education Committee analysis, starting on page 3:

202320240AB2586_Assembly Higher Education
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14 thoughts on “California Democrats Pushing Bill to Require CSU, UC and Community Colleges to Hire ‘Undocumented Noncitizens’

  1. Okay, so we employ them with the state, then they must travel to work, so we give them a drivers license which translates to “motor voter registration” then they join SEIU and then the union bosses drive them to the polling location and tell them to vote for the union bosses politician OR they lose their job!
    Easy peasy.
    This happens in Clark County Nevada every election cycle!

  2. Gee, what a surprise. More EXTREME wacko destructive policy attempts, following numerous others, from the Dem/Marxists in the mega-Dem/Marxist majority legislature. GREAT! Not

  3. Instead of working for legal California voters, no doubt the criminal Democrat mob in the legislature that controls California answers to the likes of the cartels, UN and the WEF globalists and are probably getting paid to do so?

    A prime example is Democrat Assemblyman David Alvarez who is pushing Assembly Bill 2586. He’s supposed to be representing legal voters in the 80th district, which includes Chula Vista, National City, and parts of southern San Diego, instead of illegals? He started out as a social worker but he quickly became involved with Democrat politics in San Diego which was probably more financially lucrative for him? Alvarez was installed on the San Diego City Council in the 8th district in November 2010 and again in 2014. About one year after he left office, he helped San Diego Gas & Electric push an energy infrastructure project in the city which violated San Diego’s prohibition on elected officials influencing city decisions after leaving office. In 2022, Alvarez was selected to represent California’s 80th State Assembly district in a special election to succeed Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez, who resigned to take a union mob boss leadership role at the California Labor Federation. He’s a typical member of the Democrat mafia who is completely devoid of any ethics and is probably getting payoffs from nefarious sources?


    1. Maybe California Globe could include photos of Democrats like Assemblyman David Alvarez who author these outrageous bills so readers can identify them much like the FBI used to put out photos of their most wanted mafia members?

      1. That’s good, TJ. Mugshots. Booking photos. Law enforcement calls them “six-packs.” A row of three on top of a row of three. Seems to me we have a lot of “six-packs” in the legislature and elsewhere in CA state and local government. Great that Katy Grimes posted one of the mugshots above.

  4. California Democrats in the legislature favoring illegal aliens over US citizens follows what the Biden regime are doing at the national level. An article in Zerohedge today reports that Wall Street analysts have found that there has been ZERO INCREASE in jobs for native-born workers in over five years, and that since October 2019, native-born US workers have lost 1.4 million jobs while over the same period foreign-born workers have gained 3 million jobs. (https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/wall-street-admits-biggest-economic-shocker-all-jobs-past-year-have-gone-illegal-aliens)

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