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Gov. Gavin Newsom (Photo: screen capture governor's video press conference)

Gov. Newsom Announces California Lockdown Could Last Until June As Re-Open Phases are Met

Some businesses, schools, child care centers, and factories may reopen very soon

By Evan Symon, April 28, 2020 5:24 pm

On Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom announced in Sacramento that the state lockdown will begin to end in only a matter of weeks, fulfilling a prediction he made in March about the lockdown possibly lasting until June.

A 4-stage plan

Governor Newsom outlined a 4 stage plan to bring California back to normal. Newsom confirmed that the state is currently on Stage 1, which means staying at home, flattening the coronavirus curve, building healthcare capacity, and preparing businesses and schools for reopening through new guidelines. Stage 2 will come online in California in a few weeks, with retail, manufacturing, offices, child care, possible limited school re-openings, and public spaces being opened to varying degrees, such as retail being allowed only curbside pick-up and offices being allowed to reopen when teleworking isn’t available.

Newsom also confirmed that a full reopening was dependent on either COVID-19 immunity setting in or a vaccine being produced.

“We are not going back to the way things were until we get to immunity or a vaccine,” stated Newsom during the press conference. “We will base reopening plans on facts and data, not on ideology. Not what we want. Not what we hope.”

“We believe we are weeks, not months, away from making meaningful modifications,” added Newsom.

Newsom’s announcement comes less than a day after similar reopening announcements from states such as Texas and cities such as Los Angeles. In some cases, such as with Los Angeles, gradual stages like California’s plan will be implemented.

The different phases in California’s plan may lead to some unusual reopening timelines dependent on if coronavirus cases remain stable. Governor Newsom specifically mentioned schools reopening in phase 2 and beyond meaning a start date as early as July or August to make up for any lost education.

“We recognize there’s been a learning loss because of this disruption,” Newsom said. “We might want to consider getting that school year moved up a little bit. That learning loss is very real.”

Movie theaters, places of worship, and sports events without fans may also not be allowed to reopen until the summer as well, as they are part of Phase 3. Any event with a large number of people, which includes concerts, sports events, and conventions, will be dependent on the immunity or vaccine requirement, of which there is currently no definite timeline to.

Lessons from other states reopening and past outbreaks in California

“California will be keeping an eye on other states that are doing a full reopening,” noted event coordinator Madeline Kowalski, who helps coordinate and plan events across 12 states and 2 Canadian provinces. “All eyes are going to Southern states that are opening a lot of things at once. If the coronavirus spreads like it was before, we’ll know in a few weeks. And that’s about the time California gave.”

“California is playing it safe, but they also have a lot more to risk. They also have huge urban sprawls that no urban area this side of the Mississippi has. They don’t want a New York size outbreak to happen.”

“A lot of people in California are frustrated, want to go back to work, and generally resume life, and [Governor Newsom] isn’t backing down due to the protests happening. I have 5 projects in Los Angeles and Santa Monica alone on hold, but I also want to make sure it’s safe for employees here.”

“We’re hurting financially, but not as many are dying. California needs to reopen soon, I agree, but it can’t all be at once or we’ll be right back where we started.”

While many in California say the gradual phases are due to learning from past outbreaks, as in the 1918 and 1919 large second wave of Spanish Flu cases, todays epidemiologists say it’s not a reasonable comparison since we did not have antibiotics and the plethora of modern medicines and vaccines that we have today. Masks and restrictions were not the issue because as epidemiologists say, keeping people restricted at home only lengthens the duration of the virus, and most masks do little to keep virus-infected droplets out of the mouth, nose and eyes.

At Tuesday’s press conference, Newsom warned of mandates being in effect for months afterwards, such as socially distanced restaurants with waiters in gloves and masks, along with mandatory masks in public areas well into the year.

Currently, 45,031 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in California, with 1,809 deaths, according to the California Department of Public Health. which ravaged San Francisco after the city gave a reopening order too soon and residents challenged mandatory mask orders. Masks and other restrictions subsequently became the normal going into the next decade.

CA Dept. Public Health. (Photo: screen capture CDPH)
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Evan Symon
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18 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Announces California Lockdown Could Last Until June As Re-Open Phases are Met

  1. Okay and how will people pay for the childcare? You we should be so grateful 1,200 stimulus check is nothing and you expect people to still stay at home and not work. We are not all rich like you and you aunt Pellossi we need to work!

  2. Newsom has done a great job of ruining California.
    Of course, he has not completed his political agenda yet.
    So, why would he want to reopen?

    The dims should be swept away on a red tidal wave in November.

  3. Newsom has done a fabulous job. It’s why we aren’t in the same place as NY. I’m so proud to be a Californian.

    1. You got to be kidding staying at home and sheltering in your home makes you more accessible to viruses when you go out check your science sheltering in place doesn’t do any good at all.

  4. practicing social distancing. Do not believe that Wearing means that social distancing is not need , all steps and protections work to protect us all. Keep distancing and wearing masks . Stay clear of people coughing , sneezing Or appear sick. I wear . several different mask through out the day. And please, for the safety of You and your are loveS !! I say it is better safe and sorry and if we follow all the precautions and Down the road it was found not needed- no fowl . The other out come , if it is bad a we have seen,,,, would be deadly for many loved ones! I rather error on the side of the least threatening,

  5. If covid-19 has never scientifically been proven to even exist then how can you evens have a test for it and why are doctors given such a high incentive like given 30k for any covid-19 cause of deaths but only given 4k if it’s anything other than covid-19 makes me wonder why is this going down if anyone should of gotten it I should of gotten it because I have been in all of the trash cans getting recycles all over Sacramento and haven’t washed my hands but I don’t touch my face after I am done recycling then I wash then but I am still in the clothes that I wore when I was swimming in the trash I haven’t been sick sence I was a kid and they gave me a technique shot which gave me the virus so fuck there decises don’t give me your poison saying I need to get my amun system up for the shit they are creating on the people my God they have had technology to get ride of gas and oil yet they don’t because they don’t give as shit about anyone’s health they will act like it but in reality they don’t give a shit I am talking about the world’s leaders they got laser guns they can make people sick. magnetic energy is amazing the way we are going this planet well kill us off and this world will recover from the damage we have caused in the ocean and on land and in the atmosphere mother earth will shake us off like a flea that is irritating her period.

  6. If you think, for a split second, that I will accept your Gates/Fauci/CDC/WHO vaccination, you have another thing coming. NO WAY, NO HOW, NEVER, EVER,!!

  7. Let’s not forget the inaccurate numbers being reported, not every case tested was accurate and didn’t weight out other virus antibodies such as the regular seasonal flu, or that the regular season flu has killed more people then this virus, the so called deaths from COVID hasn’t come close to the season flu deaths each year, and not once has AMERICA shut down.! Such BS..! Y’all need to fight for your state to reopen or really consider leaving it.!

  8. Stay healthy, stay home. I don’t understand the rush some people are in. Enjoy your family and the time this has given us to be together.

  9. As a person who believes in science, am a former “sceptic”, has studied prophecy, and unltimately knows about how wicked mankind can be, I find all this “lockdown” monkey business awfully suspicious!!! Sorry, but that’s all
    ” I’ve ” got to say.

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