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Governor Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

CA Gov. Gavin Newsom Warns California May be in Lockdown Through June

Newsom’s announcement clashes with Trump’s April 12 Easter reopening date

By Evan Symon, March 25, 2020 1:50 pm

On Tuesday, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the lockdown in California, including social distancing measures, will continue on through at least April but also possibly through mid-June.

Bending the curve

Newsom cited not relenting on the lockdown until the ‘bending the curve’ happened, meaning a tapering off of new cases and a significant amount of recovered people. The Governor has been largely in favor of a later restart date to keep people in order for hospitals to not be overwhelmed by COVID-19 coronavirus cases.

President Donald Trump. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe))

“We’re trying to bend that curve, but we haven’t bent it,” Governor Newsom said on Wednesday. “April for California would be sooner than any of the experts I talked to would believe is possible.”

Newsom’s statement came 12 hours after President Trump announced a planned April 12th ‘restart’ date, a decision of which has been praised by economists and business owners as an essential need to stave the United States off a depression or recession, but has been derided by health officials as “too soon” and could potentially cause a second wave of cases. Health officials have also advised the president to be flexible in his plans and to possibly do a slower roll out of opened areas to lower the risk of coronavirus spreading.

“I give it two weeks,” Trump said earlier in the week. “I guess by Monday or Tuesday, it’s about two weeks. We will assess at that time and give it more time if we need a little more time. We have to open this country up.”

Newsom also announced ramping up testing in California, a call for more tests and supplies and reminded younger people that the disease does affect them as well. Newsom also noted that half the current cases in California are in people under the age of 50.

“Young people can and will be impacted by this virus. In fact young people are disproportionately testing positive in California,” Newsom said. “This disease impacts everybody.”

Conflicting dates from Trump and Newsom

Both the Governor’s plans and the President’s plans clash, ending a week where both the President and the Governor saw eye to eye on issues surrounding the pandemic.

“Trump is thinking more about the economy,” said economist Helen Rider. “Right now there is a lot at risk. We passed the $2 trillion stimulus package, but that won’t mean much if business doesn’t pick back up. Airlines just narrowly avoided a collapse, and now other industries such as the energy sector and chained restaurants are looking at huge losses. His plan is to quarantine through the worst, then get back out there while taking preventive health measures.”

“Newsom is more concerned about health. He and [New York Gov. Andrew] Cuomo have both said they need more than a few weeks because of the [coronavirus] curve. There’s been a lot of deaths and high disease rates in both states and they know it. For them, with such high populations, of course it might take longer.”

“What’s probably going to happen is a hybrid. For Californians, many won’t be able to decide between Trump’s reopening date or Newsom’s, so there will be at least some reopenings while everyone takes precautions such as masks and sanitizers. We might see baseball games with players wearing masks like how they did in 1919. But the big point is that businesses will open up again, people will travel and the economy starts to pick itself up while the curve stays low.”

“That’s honestly the most likely scenario right now. But then again a week ago there wasn’t a state lockdown in California, so things may continue to change rapidly.”

As of Wednesday, neither Newsom or Trump gave any announcements about which opening date for citizens to follow, with the only thing known about reopening at this time is that it will reopen sometime between April 12th and June 15th, coronavirus rates pending.

California currently has 2,102 cases of COVID-19 statewide with 40 reported deaths, according to the California Department of Public Health.

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Evan Symon
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42 thoughts on “CA Gov. Gavin Newsom Warns California May be in Lockdown Through June

  1. From the lack of personal residents’ concern we are witnessing and bullseye’s on politicians to get things right, June sounds like a possible target date.

  2. I will never follow newsome he is worthless nd gonna cause alot of riots n looters if he puts california on lockdown,I dispose gov.he is a liar nd greedy

    1. Tin God Newsom admires his own puffed-up reflection.
      He couldn’t give a damn about the People of the State of California.

    2. Great idea Karen. Let’s all get Covid19, get our lungs permanently scarred, or worse. I have applauded Newsom’s aggressive proactive approach and the Bay Area’s shelter-in-place even before that. We should be planning for continuing this approach into 2021. How long into next year will depend on what the state of affairs is on testing and prevention. It may be necessary to wait until a vaccine comes which would be *late* 2021 at the earliest.

  3. California politicians such as Newsom, Pelosi and Garcetti have exacerbated the homeless situation in our state by not enforcing existing vagrancy laws. Just like San Diego’s recent Hepatitis A outbreak, the filth of homeless camps may cause a further spiraling of the Coronavirus outbreak. San Francisco has discarded drug needles and feces on the streets but, once again, the “governor” expects decent taxpaying citizens to pay the price. The arrogance is so obvious; for Newsom, it’s all show.

  4. I disagree with this date, he must have a hidden agenda, no wait anything to be on the opposite side of anything Trump. Praying for the earlier date, daily among other things, a wakeup call for America!

      1. Seriously? Think before you make an emotional comment. If you don’t like Trump fine. But don’t be ignorant and blame him for everything that’s wrong with the country. He’s done more for the good of America than any other recent President. Calm your emotions and do some fact checking.

  5. Thank you Gov. Newsome for taking a stand up for the people of the state of California. I do not envy you at this time, where either choice is doomed to receive harsh criticism. Instead, people will think you overreacted, or did not react soon enough. I think that you may have hit the nail squarely, and perfectly on it’s head in your answer to this crisis. I applaud as well, your anticipation of a lack of attention we will receive from the Federal Government, and taking actions that may help us to be self-sustaining during this crisis.

    1. You re not to bright. The country needs to be reopened, 660,000 people died From cardiovascular disease last year yet they still sell cigarettes some bacon, seriously open the damn country up Newsom Is an arrogant idiot

    2. Newsome said him self we can not put walls around it and that it spreads so rapidly yet I know no one who knows anyone who has had it or does have it so if the governors words are true staying home and not working aren’t going to do anything for this issue California is full of lazy people who think you should be able to stay home and get a pay check at the expense of the people who work for what they have and work hard to maintain it I will never let that idiot tell me what to do until he realizes that President Trump is his boss I will treat his words like he treats the President’s he is there because America voted him in to office

    3. Tell that to the people that are losing their homes , everyone wasn’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths like you

  6. I bet if Newsom had to take a month off with out pay , he wouldn’t be so quick to keep the state on lock down.
    He needs to be fired ….

  7. FYI I got notice that the Vacaville premium outlets want us to open on 4/8 to the public. I haven’t heard the governor issue a lift date on non-essential businesses. Am I missing something?

  8. Newsome is fear mongering. We know he wants to destroy the state to keep in power. They already started giving it away to the illegals. Lets not skip May all together.

  9. Oh I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if the country stays on lockdown through june since you know… nobody seems to be FUCKING LISTENING AND STAYING INDOORS!!!!!!

    1. And that helps how exactly when everyone is funneling through the same couple of stores? How many infected that can of beans your about to buy? Are they really trying to slow the Virus with their stay at home order while at the same time herding all the sheep into the same pen? Have you not noticed that things are getting worse instead of better since our Educated idiots in high office have taken over? And y’all are letting them do it?

    2. ???????? I applaud his actions, probably with harsh arguments from people. But at the same time these people are the same ones going out and getting infected and spreading it more. The state is the lowest when they show number infected and deaths compared to the rest of the states. That due to the quick lockdown response, but people are dumb and don’t get it. Sorry but it is the truth, get your heads out of your asses and open your eyes guys.

      1. Maybe its because the state is incredible slow in testing people and getting back the results? Maybe its poor coordination and infrastructure?

  10. The “author” is using incomplete information to slant the “article”. I actually listened to Mr Trump and he never set a hard date to open. Typical I’m betting this “author “ is a liberal democrat jus by the slant of the “article”

  11. Since many people aren’t watching their distancing and seem to ignore the recommendations of the scientists that have recommended that we stay home, I will guess mid summer isn’t unreasonable. Since most of the Science community is saying we haven’t even come close to the peak of this. I think we are a long way off. Southern California seems to be ramping up and Northern California isn’t slowing down, I believe they are not being unreasonable. I know this is a very difficult time financially for many Californians but that doesn’t change the fact that this thing spreads like wildfire. I am not discounting that financially this is going to be hell for many people. I just don’t think the governor can win no matter what he does. If he doesnt lock us down and we end up exploding with cases people will say he should have locked us down more. If he locks us down people will say that he’s killing our economy. It is a lose lose situation. We need to stay out of The stores unless they are really necessary. I swear every time I go past Target on the way to the doctor it is packed. I think people are going there and other open stores just to walk around. Target seems to be the worst. Order groceries in or something. Just please stay home otherwise this is all for nothing!

  12. If California’s Democrat Gov. Newsom has dictated that private businesses should be shutdown due to the corona virus so they can’t earn revenues, then tax collections should be suspended until private businesses can reopen and start earning revenues again? Will Democrat Gov. Newsom and the Democrat cabal that runs this state allow this? Probably not?

  13. Do u all know that this Corona virus is a “man made” it has been around for many years they just didn’t call it Corona. The government is up to something for the future. Welcome to “jailhouse”

  14. I think Gov Newsom postpone receiving his paycheck because of the lockdown. People do not earn the money to during the lockdown to pay for his salary. This is simply clear.

  15. Tell that to the people that are losing their homes , everyone wasn’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths like you

  16. This has been a drill…you know, like a fire-drill. We failed to be prepared and are now realizing what measures might work and what probably won’t work. The Covid 19 virus is real and is dangerous…but it is not as damaging as a really bad pandemic would be. Be thankful that the government didn’t decide to do the drill during a more lethal pandemic. Of course there would still be republican, red-neck, nut cases blaming liberals for their own stupid mistakes if millions of people died in this country.

  17. The enemies of America foreign and domestic will never “give us” freedoms. They will cut us off from life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as long as they can, and have for the past year over nothing but a created crisis. Freedom is never given, it is earned, it is won, it is fought for, and it is taken – so take it back! That’s the only way you’ll get rid of lockdowns. THE ONLY WAY. RECALLING NEWSOM is the best path forward.

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