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Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom (Via Wikipedia)

Gavin Newsom’s Bus Tour Begins

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Kicks Off State-Wide Bus Tour

By Sean Brown, September 12, 2018 8:45 am

Current California candidate Gavin Newsom kicked off his gubernatorial bus tour as he plans to head throughout the state campaigning for himself and to help other Democrats win in key congressional races.

“…we launched our #BlueCA bus tour!! We’re so excited to hit the road, campaigning for Democrats up and down the ticket! Only 28 days until ballots drop and 57 days until Election Day! California — make sure you VOTE!” Newsom tweeted shortly before visiting Democrat candidate Katie Hill who is trying to unseat two-term incumbent Steve Knight (R-Palmdale).

During the announcement, which included an improvisation video of Newsom and his wife greeting his Twitter followers, there were two main themes Newsom said he will undoubtedly address on his tour. First, empowering women and promoting them to run for office and second, taking back the House of Representatives in order to resist “Trumpism.”

According to KTLA5 “Newsom insisted he wasn’t taking his gubernatorial bid for granted by focusing on down-ballot races — he leads Republican John Cox in the polls and fundraising. And while he groused that the governor’s race was overshadowed by daily eruptions in Washington, the lieutenant governor said the future of California and the nation rests largely in the outcome of the midterm congressional elections.”

Furthermore, Newsom said “I don’t want to win the Governor’s race without having the checks and balances that would be representative of Democrats taking back the house because the Republican Party is completely to Trump” and “It would not be much of a victory, from my perspective, winning the governor’s race and continuing the status quo as it relates to Trump.”

While it might appear unclear to some why Newsom is focusing so much on national elections when Trump has little effect over California’s internal state laws, the publicity from rallies with national representatives will surely boost his ratings in their own right. Despite this, the Globe noted last week that Newsom’s opponent, Republican John Cox, has tightened the race considerably. In fact, according to the poll, he has closed within single digits. On top of the demonstrations with national figures, California has and will always be a leader in public policy. If he wins in November, Newsom will surely enjoy seeing more Democrats in office who could implement his own policies in other parts of the country.

On Newsom’s next stop he will be visiting California State Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi of the 66th District.

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