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Single Digits: Cox Closes Gap with Newsom

California Governor’s Race Tightens to 5 Skinny Points

By Sean Brown, September 7, 2018 10:53 am

John Cox (middle) checks out a California farm (Via johncoxforgovernor)

According to a new poll, California’s 2018 gubernatorial race has tightened up as front-runner Gavin Newsom’s lead has been cut to single digits.

Nine hundred random people across the state participated in the poll, conducted by Probolsky Research which was taken between August 29th and September 2nd. The results show Newsom at 44% and Cox at 39% while 17% of the voters were still unsure. This is a dramatic increase for Cox as he was measured at only 25% back in the June primary compared to Newsom’s 34%.

The survey also shows that Cox is well outperforming his GOP base which is receiving less than 25% of California voters. Additionally, Cox has been able score a particularly well percentage with the Latino voters as opposed to Newsom. The poll puts Cox at 33% and Newsom at 34% which is very shocking as California Democrats usually carry the Hispanic vote handily.

Despite all of this, perhaps the most interesting takeaway from the poll might be that of the 900 people surveyed, 43% were Democrats and 25% were Republicans, while 24% had no party preference. Obviously the best part of this for Cox is that if he scored this well with many more Democrats polled than Republicans, which reflects the demographics of this very blue state.

Cox has been campaigning hard on issues such as the terrible inefficiency of the DMV, the homelessness crisis ranging throughout the state and Gavin Newsom’s lavish and significantly well-off lifestyle. Cox tweeted earlier today “The tragic comedy of errors continue at the DMV” before going on to say that “the DMV needs big changes-no doubt, but it’s also another example why many of our friends and neighbors are ready to move out of CA… Just wait though, help is on the way.”

According to an article by sfgate, in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Cox campaign spokesman said the DMV “is a great reference point for everything John talks about” and that it’s bringing more transparency to the government.”

The same poll showed Dianne Feinstein holding onto a lead over Kevin de León in the Dem-on-Dem battle for US Senate, with the incumbent at 37% and the challenger at 29%. That a 26-year incumbent can’t muscle to 40% with 34% telling the pollster that they’re “unsure” has surely created some worry in Camp Feinstein.

The election between the two candidates will take place on November 6th with the winner assuming office on January 7th 2019.

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