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Governor Newsom during a press conference. (Photo: gov.ca.gov Youtube)

Governor Newsom Announces School Reopening Rules For This Fall

Reopening schools will have mandatory masks for all school staff and students

By Evan Symon, July 17, 2020 2:27 pm

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On Friday, Governor Gavin Newsom announced updated state rules for schools reopening this fall in the state, including the directive that both public and private schools in counties currently on the California COVID-19 watch list cannot hold in-class instruction.

Counties in line to get off the watch list will have to meet several rules for schools in those counties to reopen. A county will have to remain off the state’s watch list for at least 14 days in a row before in-class instruction is allowed again to make sure that there is no relapse in COVID-19 cases there.

Newsom committed to having as many schools as possible to have in-class instruction during the press conference while also stressing safety for all those going to school this fall.

“Our default is in-person, but we have to do it in a safe way,” said the Governor. “Safety is foundational. And safety is determined by health data.”

Reopening, Remote learning

Governor Newsom also noted the new requirements for schools to reopen, as well as what districts will need remotely and how schools will be monitored for relapse.

Reopening schools will have mandatory masks for all school staff and students between grades 3 and 12. Younger students are highly advised to wear masks as well. Staff will have to keep six feet away from others at all time, with students being instructed to whenever possible. Schools will also institute hand-washing endeavors, temperature checks, and formulate quarantine protocols in case someone exhibits COVID-like symptoms.

Schools that start the year with remote learning must supply devices to all students who don’t have such items so that they can attend class. All remote learning must also be “challenging and equivalent to in-person instruction” with daily live sessions. Special education and those learning English will have special classes to ensure they learn in-line with other students as well.

Schools will have to return to remote learning when there are multiple cases, or if 5% of the school becomes positive for the virus. And while individual classes can go home for the day when there is a confirmed case in the class, entire districts will have to resume remote learning if 25% of their schools are closed with 2 weeks.

“The virus will be with us for a year or more, and school districts must provide meaningful instruction in the midst of this pandemic,” Governor Newsom said on Friday. “In California, health data will determine when a school can be physically open, and when it must close, but learning should never stop. Students, staff, and parents all prefer in-classroom instruction, but only if it can be done safely.

We have 6.51-million students and 625,000 adults who support schools statewide at risk.”

32 counties are due to start the year on the watch list, and thus, remotely. This includes the largest school districts in the state, including Los Angeles and San Diego. Newsom also confirmed that even if counties were taken off the watch list, school districts could still decide to keep up remote learning, as local COVID-19 rates could warrant it in some areas of an opened county.

Teachers largely approve of new rules

While some teachers unions are trying to politicize the reopenings and not reopen until some demands are met, most teachers tend to agree with the reopening plans.

“I personally thinks this works,” said Mary-Lynn Strauss, a fifth grade teacher at a private school in Los Angeles County, in a California Globe interview. “We’re making sure kids are getting the education they need and they’re letting us reopen at our own pace based on when we think it’s safe.

I would love to be teaching my class inside the school this year, because it is much better for students in-person, but we can’t risk lives over this, especially if they are still learning in a safe way.”

Other teachers agreed with Strauss.

“Even with constant sanitizer and washed hands, you can have dozens of people touch the same surface every day in a school,” Victor Narvaez, a computer class teacher at a public school in San Bruno, told the Globe. “In computer class alone you have people on keyboard, elbows on desks, sitting close by each others, and constant use of things like printers.”

“We need to be sure COVID-19 is on it’s way out and not here when we get back to class. And believe me, teachers want that, students want that, and parents especially want that. We just don’t want an outbreak or 8-year-olds on ventilators either.”

Newsom and the Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly both noted that they themselves had children and understood the importance of both safety and for children to have in-class instruction.

“Today’s announcement is very personal to me as a father of four,” said Newsom.

No projections on how many schools would be open by the winter and spring were given during the press conference on Friday, although officials have remarked that they would like to see more open as long as conditions were safe.

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Evan Symon
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11 thoughts on “Governor Newsom Announces School Reopening Rules For This Fall

  1. I wonder whether Newsom has the authority to dictate to private schools? Seems like a huge over reach, but that’s never stopped him before.

  2. If you’re concerned about the health of students, why did you remove the ability for them to get a medical exemption from their doctor? (Yes, the child’s own medical doctor who ultimately should be able to make such a recommendation.) Why are you forcing children out of the school system if they will not comply to your narrow, inhumane vaccine rules? Your actions are giving us a clear signal that our kids are better off being homeschooled.

  3. Nope REAL teachers do not agree. Someone needs to investigate where these so called “teachers” got their credentials and diplomas. When obama was put in office we were invaded with kids, where did those “teachers” come from? Fake diploma mills are rampant. Sex abuse and now “teachers” want schools to close and defund the police. A investigation needs to be blown open….California teacher here, beyond ticked off.

  4. The devil hates what God holds most dear. This being Israel, The Church and children.

    Governor hair-gel’s batting two for three as his war on The Church and children continue …

  5. Gavin is looking more & more hallowed and empty. Gavin looks like a man who has NO soul. Does Newsom’s 4 little innocent children wear face masks to school and stand 6 feet apart?? Doubtful. Very, very doubtful.
    You reap what you sew Newsom. We see you

  6. I suspect this is all a distraction. A day or two before (or after) schools open he will shut it all down. Gruesome and his masters love confusion and discord.

  7. “Today’s announcement is very personal to me as a father of four,” said Newsom. He’s an out of touch would be dictator who knows that his pampered children will never have to attend public schools?

    1. Out of touch is an understatement. Same goes for the V a c c i n e s – he will find some way to exempt his children from those, too. He is a coward who works for evil and my eyes are being opened now in the sense that it is VERY clear who has chosen to continue trusting these dictators and who has opened the veil to see the truth. Many people who I consider close to me… it’s sad.

      1. K, I agree with you that many things are being revealed now that can also be personally painful and emotionally deflating and that is of course in addition to all the government crap we’re having to navigate and contend with now which is no joke.
        It’s cold comfort, I know, but if it means anything to you, you are definitely not alone in that.

  8. For years voters in California have voted for this group of politicians who believe more government is always better. COVID-19 just put that on steroids. If voters this fall vote for the same state senators and assemblypersons (the governor is not up for re-election until 2022) as are there now who will not pull the carpet out from under King Gavin, then those voters can only blame themselves. If people do not sign the recall petitions regarding King Gavin (https://recallgavin2020.com/) and he avoids a recall election, then voters can only blame themselves. Bottom line: no whining! Do something or shut up. I have signed and sent in a recall petition. Have you?

  9. Let’s recall this Asshat. What a tool. Where’s the science buddy? If everyone home schools then the state we get the message. STOP MASKING OUR CHILDREN.

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