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Laphonza Butler. (Photo: public domain)

Laphonza Butler to Replace Feinstein

Butler is a central casting modern woke Democrat

By Thomas Buckley, October 2, 2023 6:30 am

Well, at least we got the initials right.

Sunday, Gov. Gavin Newson tapped Laphonza Butler to fill Dianne Feinstein’s senate seat.

Butler, 45, is currently a resident of Maryland but plans to register to vote in California – where she already has a home – before taking office.

Per Newsom’s pre-appointment vow, Butler is a black woman. She is also a lesbian, an identity politics bonus, and leader of EMILY’s List, a fund raising and advocacy political group that exclusively backs pro-abortion candidates, another progressive feather.

Additionally, she is a former union organizer, having led California’s 400,000-member SEIU Local 2015, the union compromised of nursing home, assisted, and home health care workers. If the state is paying you to stay home to take care of grandma, that’s the union you have to join.

It is quite possible Butler’s appointment was in some manner tied to Newsom’s vetoes over the weekend of two bills near and dear to Big Labor – paying strikers unemployment benefits and making every household that employs domestic helps subject to CalOSHA regulation.

In other words, he was able to veto those bills that would damage his not-running-for-president presidential campaign because he was literally appointing a union boss to the United States Senate.

Butler has close ties to Newsom politically, having worked as a partner at the political consulting firm that has run Gavin’s campaigns in the past.

And she even has ties to Vice President Kamala Harris, ties she might not want to be reminded of.  Butler helped guide Harris’ disastrous 2020 presidential run, which saw her leap out of the gate with scads of money and happy press only to drop out before even a single vote was cast.

While Harris is a terrible candidate and reportedly abusive to her staff, Butler playing an important role in that debacle does raise concerns about her political acumen.

She does have other California roots, though – Jerry Brown made her a regent of the UC system and she worked for Uber and Airbnb as a consultant in the past.

X (formerly known as Twitter) exploded with Newsom’s announcement, with many asking how he could appoint a resident of Maryland as California’s newest U.S. Senator.

While Newsom kept his promise to appoint a black woman to fill Feinstein’s seat, he may not have stuck by his plan to appoint a “caretaker” for the seat.  In making the announcement, the Governor’s Office made it clear that Butler is perfectly free and able to run for now re-election to the seat, a statement that has to rankle Reps. Barbara Lee, Katie Porter, and Adam Schiff – the top three current candidates in the race.

Butler has – at most – about two months to decide if she will throw her hat in the ring, though if she does – considering her union, Silicon Valley, and pro-abortion movement connections – she will be able to raise piles of money in nanoseconds.

Butler, it seems, is a central casting modern woke Democrat: black lesbian union leader with deep tech world connections who helps guide pro-abortion campaigns.  

It doesn’t get more diverse than that.

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36 thoughts on “Laphonza Butler to Replace Feinstein

  1. Interesting. Our boy governor couldn’t find a single person in all California to do the job, he had to recruit from Maryland of all places.

  2. You can only pull that off in a states with rigged elections. He basically told the black vote “you ain’t black enough”, lol. He just scuttled his presidential ambitions. “I could not find a more qualified person in California.” Huh?

  3. Newsolini is required to strengthen the uniparty. He had to go fishing in the deep state swamp known as Maryland. No better place to get a uber woke Senator. Washington DC may not be a state but they now have a Senator!! Think about that while you fill up your car!
    Californians, please take notice you are not represented! Newsom “had” to go to Maryland to get a Californian representative!! We the people of California are not important but hey keep paying those high taxes to pump into a bloated, inefficient government.
    Elections have consequences, corrupt elections have devastating consequences.

  4. If this rankled you, please get involved in election integrity investigations like those underway at Judicial Watch, Mike Lindell and The Heritage Foundation.
    This crap would not have happened had he been recalled in a legitimate recall election that wasn’t tabulated by an electronic voting system guaranteed to give dominion to the Democrat party…

  5. And this little stunt should give DeSantis more ammo to shoot at this a-hole Governor in their “debate”…
    But Ron has his work cut out for him because hearing Newsom spar with Hannity (not the sharpest tool in the shed) was like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall…

  6. Out of a state with almost 40 million residents, Hairgel Hitler Newsom couldn’t find a replacement that’s from California? Maybe the Dems 2024 dream presidential ticket will be Big Mike Obama and Laphonza? How many diversity/victimhood boxes does that check?

  7. This makes me wonder how many California tax dollars that Ms. Butler and folks that run in her circles have collected from California while residing in other states and working on liberal causes that beat up normal everyday working people. I’m sure that there is a cadre of folks like her that are beating us up on laws and regulations while living on the California taxpayer’s dime.

  8. I guess he could not find any Ukrainian Nazi’s so he had to pick an out of state black lesbian abortion activist. I wonder why a lesbian would be so worked up about baby killing? Could it be that abortion is simply about evil?

    1. Thanks for this, Showandtell. So, if Butler was not actually physically RESIDING in California when she was appointed, she may not legally be a Senator of this state, yet? I think the Senate Judiciary Committee should look into this. Of course, Butler could get on her private jet (not on our taxpayer dime) and do this, but Newsom would then have to re-appoint her afterwards as the article states. Very interesting.

      1. Raymond – Because we’ve endlessly watched these people do WHATEVER they want no matter what, I suspect Newsom & Co. will find a way to slither out of this somehow. You know, the way their installed person, whoever it is, merely appears on the stage, gives “victory” remarks, and for the leftists that’s the end of it; it’s in stone. But we’ll see what happens….

  9. What a bazaar choice.
    Hopefully, this caretaker appointment will end up hurting Newsom more than it does the state of CA.

    1. I am afraid it is not about California anymore. It is about the destruction of the constitution.
      Newsom is just playing his role, this is why he survived the recall and was reelected.
      Hopefully this appointment will not stand.

      1. Exactly: Concurrently Gov. Abbott of Texas is ensuring Texas too falls to the same malaise as California.

        Once Texas joins California America last gasp taken.

    1. Okay, Tfourier. So now, if she accepts the appointment and claims to be a resident of California and has not been paying Calfornia taxes on her income, can she be indicted for tax evasion? This would be the implication, it seems. Well, I guess she could pay back taxes and penalties……hmmmm.

      1. Yeup. the FTB are almost as bad as the NY state equivalent when it comes to recovering whats “theirs”.

        So she is only a resident if she filed 540’s. And if she did spend more than a “transitory” amount of time in CA and did not file 540’s, well that gets very interesting. CA is just like the Feds when it comes to “tax evaders”

        Now she is wealthy enough to employ professional tax lawyers / accountants who should have worked out a way through the tax minefield. But if she relied on just a typical tax preparer / accountant it could get very messy,

        There again she is part of the Organized Labor Machine and they hire some of the best tax lawyers / accountants to make sure they pay the least tax on their huge income. More money to buy off politicians with.

        1. “Now she is wealthy enough to employ professional tax lawyers / accountants who should have worked out a way through the tax minefield. But if she relied on just a typical tax preparer / accountant it could get very messy,”

          I pray that she was letting her sister/brother in law who works part time at Liberty Tax Service do her taxes.

    2. Here’s another one for you two to “think on”: Is our next CA Senator Laphonza Butler on the ‘updated’ voter rolls in both Maryland and California? And has she simultaneously submitted ballots in both states? Sure seems as though THAT would explode —- if it could be verified. Don’t you think? 🙂

      1. That would be a big IF, Showandtell, on verification. The Democrats own the corrupt voting system and SOS Weber would have to throw Lalapalooza under the bus right in front of her governor boss…..Although Weber may secretly WANT to do that, would she have the guts to do it? Probably not, I think.

      1. I know! Half the time they could just stop at the photos, which are almost always hilarious, and not even write anything.

      2. Seriously, though. From issues that people are finding, this thing could very well blow up in Newscum’s face. I’ll bet that folks like London Breed have their fingers crossed that it will. 😉

  10. Newsom’s senate choice is offensive and an insult to Californians. Selecting a resident of Maryland is a disgrace. She is SEIU and a democrat fundraiser to further Newsom’s run for president. Newsom cares only about Newsom. This will not get him the national adoration he thinks it will. The rest of the country does not like California policies and California politicians. Kamala found that out before the first 2020 primary in Iowa.
    His selection is just like Biden’s, people are selected on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. The person is selected on the check the boxes of the day, except merit. What is going to make her a good senator for all Californians and not just the extreme radical leftist democrats? If Newsom wanted to appoint a minority he should have appointed a Republican.

  11. Every aspect of this appointment has a purpose. Newsom had nothing to do with what appears to be a ridiculous choice; ulterior motives buried within.

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