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Chase Center indoor arena, San Francisco. (Photo: Wikipedia)

San Francisco Adds New COVID-19 Mega-Event Vaccination Requirements

Vaccinations, boosters will be required for those 15 and up beginning February 1st

By Evan Symon, January 13, 2022 2:17 am

The San Francisco Department of Public Health issued a new COVID-19 health order this week, changing mega-event vaccination rules above and beyond what is needed by new state requirements.

New state requirements announced on December 31st and to come into effect on January 15th set new mega-event thresholds for indoor and outdoor events, meaning if the event has more than that number of people attending, they would need to show proof of vaccination or recent testing to attend. The threshold, as of mid-January, will be for 500 people at indoor events and 5,000 people at outdoor events.

While the order was issued to help further combat the growing number of COVID-19 cases across the state, in particular the omicron variant, the high number of cases currently affecting San Francisco led to city health officials to add on more restrictive requirements.

In addition to the state requirements, the San Francisco-specific mega-event requirements will include proof of vaccination only for all those ages 12 and up starting on February 1st. For those 16 and up, proof of receiving a booster shot is also needed. Starting March 1st, the same booster requirement will be added to those between 12 and 15.

Children between the ages of 5 and 11 must either have proof of vaccination or a negative test, with those between ages 2 and 4 needing only proof. Event organizers, meanwhile, must submit health and safety plans to the city, with all event staff being required to have vaccinations along with booster proof as soon as they are eligible.

The city health order has also been revised to update the definition of close contact. Under the new revisions, the health order states that “Being within six feet of a person with COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes or more in a 24-hour period while the person is contagious. In turn, a ‘person with COVID-19’ means a person who tests positive for the virus that causes COVID-19 or has been clinically diagnosed with COVID-19 by a healthcare provider. A person is no longer considered a person with COVID-19 once all of the following occur: (a) at least one day has passed since their last fever (without use of fever-reducing medications), and (b) there has been improvements of other symptoms, and (c) at least five days have passed since symptoms first appeared. A person who tested positive for COVID-19 but never had symptoms is no longer considered a person with COVID-19 five days after the date of their first positive test. The person is considered contagious either if they either (I) had symptoms, from 48 hours before their symptoms began until at least 10 five days after the start of symptoms, or if they(ii) did not have symptoms but learned they were COVID-19 positive from a test, from 48 hours before their COVID-19 test was collected until 10 five days after they were tested.”

The San Francisco updates coming in the next few months make this one of the strictest cities and counties regarding large events in the entire country.

“The city is really worried about the spread of COVID,” said “Benito,” an employee at the Chase Center who checks for vaccination proof. “We’ve been told that Omicron isn’t as deadly as regular COVID but does infect a lot more people. So all this doesn’t surprise me.”

“What will happen is that we will be told what to look for from now on. And from experience, I can say that a lot of people from outside the city, especially out of state, have a harder time complying with this. I’ve known people who traveled thousands of miles for a basketball game to be turned away because they weren’t vaccinated. The chance of that happening will only increase now.”

Other cities and counties in California will likely match San Francisco’s new requirements in the coming weeks due to the continuing increases of COVID-19 cases in the state.

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Evan Symon
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23 thoughts on “San Francisco Adds New COVID-19 Mega-Event Vaccination Requirements

  1. As the OhMyGodicron variant slips out of favor it will quickly be replaced by the Symbionese Liberation variant, followed by the Heinrich Himmler/Fauci Jack-Booted Thug variant.

  2. Interesting way to “control” a virus.
    Such credit and power these unelected officials give themselves to control a virus. Can a virus be contained and controlled after 2+ years of exposure?
    Imagine as the fully vaccinated attend their group settings and the Omicron or a forthcoming variant spreads like wild fire amongst them, then what?

    Here is a little secret, the medical facilities and experts know who are most likely infected. Hint, hint, it is not only the unvaccinated!
    Read this letter from the El Camino Hospital CMO in Mountain View, CA. This letter was meant to circulate amongst staff only.

    1. Thanks for posting that, Cali Girl. Very revealing, isn’t it? The truth comes out in funny ways, maybe especially when the bad guys are trying to sit on it in hopes of smothering it.

      1. Exactly, ShowandTell!
        I hold on to a strong belief the truth always reveals itself.
        How much longer will the Hospitals be able to hold the truth with in their walls? And why would they? They had ongoing staffing shortages well before Covid19 came on the scene.
        Hospitals typically run on short margins and depend on 88%-94% ICU capacity to keep the doors open.

    2. Thanks for posting that CaliGirl! I too agree the truth always comes out, eventually. Slowly we are starting to see and hear the real truth. Funny how the liberals labeled us level headed, truth seeking individuals as conspiracy theorists. Why in the world would you test a stadium full of asymptomatic people, most with immunity especially when there are test kit shortages? Oh yes, the Democratic logical science!

    3. Thanks Cali Girl! I’ll send this to my liberal cousin (we all have one of those) but she will probably tell me it is “right wing disinformation”.

      1. You are welcome, always happy to share what I learn!
        Oh boy do we, yes I have a rabid, one in my family.
        Maybe this will be the one that sees the light!
        Disinformation essentially is information they do not want to acknowlege.

  3. Virus cases continue to increase rapidly despite Democrat’s mandating COVID-19 vaccine/boosters, masks, and vaccine-passes? Most sane people would conclude that vaccines and masks don’t work against corona viruses, but then this was never about stopping a virus? This was all about the Democrat cabal instituting a police state?

  4. Except… Newsom, Ghaly, businesses and others implementing mandates do not enjoy the same benefits as the pharmaceutical companies with respect to ‘equal protection clause immunity’ for death and adverse reactions.
    Has anyone even been educated on potential side affects, “Informed consent”, prior to receiving the jab?

  5. Don’t forget about the nonprofit event producers such as chamber orchestras and community choruses working on a shoestring budget. This adds significantly to the cost of arts production – the need to hire and train volunteers, install the necessary equipment. In addition, churches sponsor concerts, and they will no longer be able to do so. The city of Arts is becoming inaccessible.

  6. This is a smart and sensible move by the city of SF. With the omicron variant of Covid spreading so fast, this pandemic is raging. Everyone needs to continue to be vigilant. Get vaccinated and wear your mask everywhere, especially at public indoor facilities.

    1. Did not President Poop Pants say you don’t need to wear a mask after you got vaccinated? You don’t seem to read the information that other people have provided in their posts. The only reason so many positive tests are showing up is that people are choosing to get tested. Most don’t come down with symptoms but yet the mainstream news media make it sound like they are all in ICU. If these people had not been tested the positive tests numbers would not be there. Yes make sure you wear your mask EVERYWHERE! Wear it especially if you are driving in your car by YOURSELF!

    2. Trolling for the loser DemocRATS again. If the Omicron variant is so infectious, why have indoor mega-events at all? Because bankrupt SFO needs the bucks, that’s why. That comes first over safety. All the people I know who have gotten Omicron were vaxed and boosted. Now that Lyin’ Joe has been smacked down by the USSC for thinking he’s a king instead of president, American should just IGNORE mandates at all levels of government, live their lives, and throw all the DemocRAT bums out in November.

    3. @W16521
      San Francisco County/city was already one of the most highly vaccinated counties in the state. At the moment that I am posting this they have the seventh-highest case rate per 100,000 people (203 cases per 100k) and the seventh-highest number of new cases in the state (2,304) according to data posted by the California Department of Public Health.
      See for yourself at https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/ca.open.data/viz/COVID-19CasesDashboardv2_0/CaseStatistics

  7. It’s been proved that the EUA clot shots do not provide protection or immunity, and the case testing is manipulated so that case counts are inflated…
    Notice how this psy-op goal has slowly migrated from deaths, to hospitalizations, to now just “CASES”???
    This will never end and is setting every one up for Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates’ “transhumanist” wet dream where they control every aspect of our lives via these nanobot tracking systems, leading to a CCP-style social credit system…if you live that long….

    I personally know two people who have experienced serious side effects, two elderly ladies died of a stroke in their sleep, both with underlying comorbitities, and one 50-something is laid up in Torrance Memorial with a stroke and blood clots on his brain…
    All “fully” shot up …
    Draw your own conclusions…

    1. @Greg: Maybe to see where the Steve McQueen movie “Bullitt” was filmed. After all, that was the last good thing to originate from san fran.

  8. I don’t care how much the right wingers attack me. I don’t care.
    This pandemic is raging and everyone needs to be vigilant.

    1. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!!!

      Everyone must get tested! Everyone must get tested!!!

      Jeeeeez..give it UP already…. You got your boy installed in the White House…do we HAVE to try to keep everyone fearful thru the ’22 midterms, too???

      Or is this the “new normal”???

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