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A Farm in California. (Photo: California Department of Food and Agriculture)

UC Berkeley/LA Times Poll Claims ‘Californians Fear Worsening Weather Swings Due to Climate Change’

Gov. Newsom and Democrats know perfectly well that California only emits one percent of the world’s CO2

By Katy Grimes, June 1, 2023 7:51 am

Yes, you read that title correctly: UC Berkeley/LA Times Poll Claims “Californians Fear Worsening Weather Swings Due to Climate Change.” In fact, the Los Angeles Times claims “Nearly 70% of registered voters say they expect that volatile fluctuations between severe drought and periods of heavy rain and snow — what some call weather whiplash — will become more common in the future due to climate change, according to a new UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Times.”

Oddly, there is no link to the Berkeley/LAT poll in the Times article. The Globe went to the Berkeley IGS Poll website, and there is no poll posted. Yet? We sent an inquiry to Mark Di Camillo, Berkeley IGS Poll Director.

Even odder still, the LA Times links to another climate change poll from the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) from July 2022, which “found that nearly 7 in 10 Californians think the effects of climate change have already begun, and 8 in 10 say climate change is a serious threat to California’s future economy and way of life.”

The Globe covered this dubious report last August:

“A new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California cleverly conflates climate change, drought, wildfires and the oil and gas industry through dextrous questions and weighted demographics.”

It was clear that the PPIC was fusing “drought, wildfires and the oil and gas industry” into one great cause: Climate Change.

Here’s the PPIC’s opening salvo:

“With California facing a severe drought and wildfire season, public awareness has risen of the impact of climate change as well as state policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A sharp increase in petroleum prices has led to discussions about expanding oil production and renewable energy sources.”

In one sentence, the PPIC asserts that because of the severe drought and current wildfires, climate change awareness is more prevalent. And just the placement of the second sentence, makes it appear to imply costly oil and gas prices are causing the state to turn to renewable energy.

Very clever.

The PPIC also asked about “increased rising sea levels,” and “heat waves that are more severe,” “droughts that are more severe,” and “wildfires that are more severe.”

As Edward Ring reported in 2021 at the Globe:

Whenever there’s a wildfire, Newsom and all the others in denial over their epic policy failures, come shouting “climate change.” They have the audacity to tell us to turn our thermostats up to 78 degrees and refrain from using electric appliances, and they claim these fires are evidence of why this is necessary. They embark on a “renewables mandate” that jacks utility prices up to the highest in the nation in exchange for unreliable power.

Ring continued:

More than anything else, what Newsom and all the rest of these politicians who want California to set a “climate example” to the world are in denial of is their own misanthropy. They know perfectly well that California only emits one percent of the world’s CO2. They know as well that China and India are not about to stop using fossil fuel to grow their economies. They know that fossil fuel accounts for 85 percent of global energy production, with hydroelectric and nuclear power accounting for another 11 percent. All renewables account for only four percent of global energy production. Four percent.

Further down in today’s LA Times article is the real story – the political ideology divide:

There was an even greater divide among those who are concerned that extreme weather will get worse — 91% of Democrats compared with only 28% of Republicans, the poll found.

“I think Republicans have a different mindset, and perhaps that leads to greater tolerance of some of the hardships that they may be seeing around them,” Mark Di Camillo, Berkeley IGS Poll Director said. “That also probably leads to a much smaller proportion of Republicans saying, ‘I’m very concerned about these weather events in the future that may lead me to want to move from where I live.'”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom even denounces Republicans as “climate deniers.”

The poll found “81% percent of respondents — including 95% of Democrats and 61% of Republicans — said that despite this year’s unusually wet winter, it’s still important for the state to enforce its water conservation policies and programs for residential, commercial and agricultural water users in the coming years.”

What about building more water storage? Did the pollsters even ask respondents about new reservoirs? Without seeing the actual poll, it’s challenging to answer that. However, it is apparent that this poll’s purpose is to show support for the state continuing to enforce water conservation – water restrictions. This allows water officials and lawmakers to continue to nibble around the edges of more severe water restrictions, and tell residents that you can’t water your lawn or landscaping, rather than plan for water storage that would benefit urban water users and agriculture water users for many years.

The LA Times continues:

“Among such efforts are two bills passed Wednesday by the state Assembly. AB 1572 would prohibit the use of drinking water for purely decorative grass along roads, in medians, at public and institutional properties, and at businesses and multifamily housing developments. AB 1573 would require nonresidential projects to eliminate the use of nonfunctional turf and transition to low-water and local native plants beginning in 2026.”

Did we mention that Californians are being set up for more water restrictions? It is important to note that one-size-fits-all water restrictions are patently arbitrary.

Here is one example of water use and restrictions in Northern California we reported in 2021:

Sacramento has a Mediterranean climate with dry hot summers and mild winters. The Sacramento region is covered by approximately 75 percent of grasslands, more than 20 percent crops, and about two percent forest land. Average Sacramento temperatures swing from a low of 38 degrees in January, to a high of nearly 100 degrees in July.

San Francisco occupies the tip of a peninsula halfway up the coast of Northern California, surrounded on three sides by bodies of water.

While Sacramento is arid, dry and flat, San Francisco is laid out in a grid over more than 40 hills, which causes wide variations in temperature and sky conditions in different places in the area. San Francisco’s average temperature swing is significantly less dramatic than Sacramento, from a low of approximately 55 degrees, to an average high of just 65 degrees.

Of course San Francisco residents use less water than Sacramento Valley residents.

For pollsters, California politicians and water officials to start conditioning and manipulating water users, on the heels of one of the most magnificent winter snowpacks in state history, tells you just how corrupt this state it. The LA Times even characterizes California’s wet winter 2023 as “a shockingly wet winter.”

California’s drought conditions are actually historically normal. So are our occasional heavy wet winters. It’s not hard to plan for this – if politicians were honest. Our water projects were built and designed to provide a steady 5-7 year supply of water for the entire state, even in drought years.

50% of California’s water supply goes to environmental uses right off the top. Of the remaining 50%, urban use is only 10% and agriculture uses 40%… and state water officials and legislators are talking about a ban on decorative grass.

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21 thoughts on “UC Berkeley/LA Times Poll Claims ‘Californians Fear Worsening Weather Swings Due to Climate Change’

  1. Born and raised here in California…
    Weather changes,period.
    Carbon is not bad, it is necessary to life.
    What people should fear is the lack of education their children have received over the last couple of decades, that is the real threat to quality of life in California!

    We can plan for dry seasons and build more water storage but then what would the grifters have to use for their schemes.

    LA Times needs to wrap their rag in feathers because they are the new Henny Penny.

  2. Another hoax perpetuated by the elitists.
    Indoctrinating elementary school children to believe all of this hocus-pocus.
    Once we all on the same power grid the climate mob will have ultimate control and power over all of us who do not live behind a gate!
    The all powerful on/off switch.
    Go ahead, call me a silly conspiracy theorist, my skin is thick.

  3. Clearly those that responded to the poll are paying more attention to the news media propaganda than they are to the actual climate and weather because anybody really watching can see they are monkeying with our weather almost every day. Our skies are trashed with jet aerosols constantly.

  4. Do the people doing their best to scare Californians ever mention the two wettest years in recorded history (over 100″ of precipitation in Nevada County) were in the 1800s? Or that some of the hottest, driest years in the state happened in the 1930s?
    No, I didn’t think they’d bother to mention inconvenient truths like this.

    BTW, Grass Valley and Nevada City this year, a year of a record snowpack, haven’t received 70″ of precip YTD.
    The ‘weather’ is funny that way.

  5. free range Chicken, meet Little bike shorts…
    Polls measuring the public fear of something the media has been screaming to be afraid of for years are inherently pointless.
    It’s like a poll about monsters under the bed – it doesn’t matter if 70% of people fear them IF THEY ARE NOT ACTUALLY THERE

  6. These days polls tell us what to think, not what the public sentiment is. If there was a poll at all it was at the Berkley student union.

  7. Wow. Looks like IG-Berkeley and PPIC are just COMPLETELY making stuff up nowadays. As opposed to partly making stuff up as in years past. And oh yes! —- couldn’t help but notice (as Katy Grimes mentioned) that these polls are meant to scare us into conformity, oops I mean, PREPARE us for water restriction decrees to ramp up AGAIN! If you can believe it! Because of course constant downpours all winter and record snow packs mean nothing when Dear Leader wants to yank your chain and force your compliance in all things by pretending CA is bone dry again, or will be again SOON. With a little help from dumping most of that precious stuff into the Pacific Ocean, don’t forget. And of course there is the time-tested fold your arms and hold your breath until you turn blue REFUSAL to even MENTION, never mind PLAN for more desperately-needed water infrastructure. You know, the only thing that makes sense, and which the CA citizenry has already repeatedly voted and paid billions for since 2000. Shameless liars and crooks.

  8. Perfect example of how the mainstream media has become the equivalent of the Pravda newspaper in Russia! Growing up it was a funny joke how they would make up fake news. Now our news has become the joke!

  9. Californians with common sense know better than to believe any poll from the propagandists at UC Berkeley and the LA Times. They also know that Newsom and Democrats use “climate doom” and create water scarcity to control Californians.

  10. I was a skeptic on chemtrails, and yet I see the cris-crossing of jets in our skies all the time. Particularly in southern California, it is insane. I don’t want to believe our military and government are messing with the weather, and dumping chemicals on all of us, however, what I am seeing today, and I’ve been in CA for 40+ years, there is something really disturbing going on, and it is not climate change. Drought has always been something that goes in cycles, and now our CA population has tripled, with so many not paying for the use of our expensive resource, we need more. water. Not climate change, social changes made by irresponsible politicians and hence the climate hoax, perpetrated on all of us.

    I do today believe our weather is being tampered with, and it is not far fetched to believe this idea. Our weather in CA, both North and South has takin an extreme turn in just a few short years. Messing with the Sun, the atmosphere, is not something that would surprise me- it the narrative, baby. The climate change agenda, it has too much money and power attached to it and no matter how much it is not true, it doesn’t matter, the powers that be are willing to destroy a whole lot, to get what they want. We are being duped-again.

    1. I, like Deanna, was a chemtrail denier, until about a month ago on a crystal clear Sunday morning, when the entire sky over Ventura County was covered by super high-flying jets putting out a perfect grid pattern of contrail/chemtrails that went up in perfectly tight lines before 7 am, but had mutated into a milky haze by 10 am….
      These jets were so high one could barely see them, as commercial aircraft going into LAX were about a third as high as these contrail generators…
      Given how our Government lied to us about Covid just to get millions to take their experimental gene-modification bioweapon, I am now convinced in the weather modification programs intended to create the political problems that these corrupt Democrats purport to resolve.

  11. ARCTIC Summer Ice Hasn’t Declined in a Decade, Climate Scientists Covered It Up. The press and the global warming crowd deliberately suppress the fact that ANTARCTICA has had record cold, snow and ice accumulation for decades. Even the last few years, ANTARCTICA , snow and ice have hit record numbers. The number of catastrophic hurricanes and tornadoes has dwindled the last couple of decades. The so-called doomed Great Barrier Reef is thriving and growing. The oceans have not risen appreciably other than the normal waxing and waning of ice melt and evaporation cycles. If you try to google it, the first few pages will be pro global warming but when you drill down to the more reputable “scientific” sites it says no global warming. Also droughts, cold snaps, and weather extremes are the rule all throughout recorded history. There are records clear back to the 1400’s verifying this fact. One has to dig for this data because the political and globalists agenda has big-tech, the leftist media, et al working at sequestering real facts as the “Brown Shirts” did for Hitler. Most folks don’t even go past the first page and these hyena Globalists at google know this. Lastly, look up the sun-spot cycle which is an eleven year cycle. The weather patterns on earth are affected profoundly by this cycle. In 1989, a NASA scientist and leading researcher on global warming projected that the Earth’s average temperature would increase by 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit “by the year 2020.” What was the actual increase? 80% lower. In 1989, Dr. David Rind of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies wrote that his agency’s “model’s forecast” predicts an average global temperature increase of 3.6 degrees F “by the year 2020.” According to both ground-level data from the Goddard Institute and satellite data from the National Space Science and Technology Center, Earth’s average global temperature increased by about 0.7 degrees F between the 1980s and the decade that ended in 2020. This was 81% lower than Rind’s 1989 projection. Which is in the ball park for the usual waxing and waning of the temperatures. Explained away with all kinds of mental gymnastics but it doesn’t pass the smell test. Funny one never hears of this, but then again suppression of reality by ideologues is commonplace.

  12. The leftwing envio-weenies have been predicting our doom ever since someone handed them a microphone. Like death row inmates we have been scheduled to die several times over! Weather goes in several cycles right around the time the government is giving handouts.

  13. LA Times / Slimes?
    UC Berekely ???
    Two COMPLETELY LEFTIST entities united to MAKE PUBLIC OPINION, rather than reporting on it…
    100% unreliable…

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