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UC Davis Professor Threatens Journalists and Their Kids with Cleaver, Ax

‘Zionist journalists…have houses with addresses, kids in school’

By Ken Kurson, October 19, 2023 7:14 am

A UC Davis assistant professor tweeted a terrifying and specific threat targeting American journalists and their children. Asked by the Globe what the university intended to do about this, the university responded with a complete avoidance of the topic and PR speak so empty and anodyne it can only be read to be siding with the unhinged professor.

Jemma DeCristo, assistant professor of American Studies, tweeted on October 10:

“One group of people we have easy access to in the US is all these Zionist journalists who spread propaganda & misinformation.

They have houses with addresses, kids in school.

They can fear their bosses, but they should fear us more.”

The tweet is accompanied by images of a cleaver, an ax, and three drops of blood.

The Globe asked UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May and Provost Mary Croughan if there was any effort underway to censure Professor DeCristo. I wrote to them and said, “I happen to be a Zionist journalist and I have an address and kids in school. Should I be afraid?”

A UC Davis spokesperson got back to the Globe and said, “We reject all forms of violence and discrimination, as they are antithetical to the values of our university. We strive to foster a climate of equity and justice built on mutual understanding and respect for all members of the community.”


I thought I had remembered the name Jemma DeCristo. She had, predictably, been quoted in The Nation, blaming London Breed for the death of shoplifter Banko Brown, the homeless 24-year-old transgender Black man who was shot by a security guard outside of a San Francisco Walgreens. DeCristo told The Nation, “Banko Brown had no access to food or safe secure housing,” in a city “where London Breed continues to give millions and millions more to the SFPD, and equally violent proto-police security forces” like Urban Alchemy. “She may as well have pulled the trigger herself.”

That quote caught my eye, because I took it as a sign as that the far left would always turn on even allies like London Breed so long as there was somebody even more repressed and victimized to support.

In Jemma Decristo, formerly known as Jeramy Decristo, we’ve got a trans woman who would surely face torture or death in Gaza, siding with those who attacked not the Israeli army or even its civilian infrastructure, but children and grandmothers and concert goers.

This is the sickness of Intersectionality. The entire moral compass is based not on any recognizable calculus of appropriate behavior. Whoever is perceived as poor and powerless is automatically virtuous, whoever is perceived as rich and powerful is a candidate for butchering.

Another trans professor, Mika Tosca, who is a climate scientist and associate professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, wrote, “Israelis are pigs. Savages. Very very bad people. Irredeemable excrement.”

The fact that these people feel so free to publicly spew these hateful words—words they would never consider writing even if they believed them about any other ethnic group—reveals the depth of the problem. Had the professor said the exact same thing about any other nationality, but especially one so closely associated with a particular religion, she would’ve been fired instantaneously, and correctly so. What parent would pay tuition to have their child be taught by someone like this?

UC Davis Chancellor May earned $596,069 last year. It’s nice work for a state employee, but not outrageous. He seems like a decent fellow, if clearly morally invertebrate. He’s got an entire section on the UC Davis site called “Hate-Free Together.” It advises “Condemn hate, Create safety, Cultivate change.”

I hope May acts, and acts decisively. Professor DeCristo’s bio page in the Department of American Studies has already been deleted and her face no longer appears among the faculty. That could mean the school has taken action but could just as easily mean they’ve removed her page until the storm blows over. The school’s pathetic and empty response to my questions doesn’t shed any light on what it intends to do with the problematic professor, who in addition to advocating the murder of American journalists also cheered the arson of American embassies.

But more than that, the donors, and others who support the University of California must show their backbone. The University of California has 26 Regents, 18 of whom are appointed by the governor. The current Chair is Regent Rich Leib. He is Jewish and has expressed as a goal that he would like to see more support at UC schools for Jewish students. Presumably, threatening to kill the families of those who support the world’s only Jewish State is not what Leib had in mind.

What about Michael Cohen, the Chief Financial Officer of CalPERS who was appointed a Regent by Governor Brown in 2018. Does he have a duty to keep the UC system “hate-free”? Peter Guber somehow finds time to own four sports teams, produce great movies and still serve as a Regent. He’s also a Jew. Does he have a duty to help the UC system “Create safety”? Are they OK with California taxpayers funding the salary of someone who threatens American journalists – and their children – with a cleaver and an ax and blood?

Professor Decristo’s page on the UC Davis faculty website has been disabled, but the university declined to tell the Globe if the professor had been fired or censured in any way.

And what about the donors. Stewart Resnick has been called the wealthiest farmer in America. He’s also a Jew. He gave UC Davis $50 million for a center for agricultural innovation and research. Does he support teachers who call for American journalists to face a cleaver and an ax? All the other large donors — Ernest E. Tschannen, Deborah Neff, Charles and Nancy Davis, Ann E Pitzer— and their families must demand accountability from a university that funds a professor who threatens murder and celebrates anti-American violence.

It’s time for those behind the money that supports this total capture of academia by the radical left to find their fucking balls, and say enough already. That is starting to happen. Leslie Wexner saying no to Harvard, Ronald Lauder saying maybe not to UPenn, and others are a good start. But make no mistake. The reason Americans are turning off college, which threatens these institutions even more than defunding by wealthy patrons, is that they are depraved, sickening bastions of hateful conduct toward anyone who doesn’t support the most extreme leftist ideology. To hear some of these institutions defend these outrageous remarks under the banner of free speech is completely laughable, considering the way all of them have cracked down on even the tiniest micro aggressions against more favored and protected minority groups.

I urge Chancellor May and Provost Croughan to conduct the following inquiry. Had Professor Decristo said exactly what she said, but not about Zionist journalists, let’s say, Black journalists, or Latina journalists, or even Hamas journalists — and I would argue for the full protection of their homes and their children—she would have been loudly fired by now.

It is only when Jews are being threatened—and not just threatened, but butchered in the streets of the Jewish state and targeted for attacks throughout the western world—that we must deeply consider all of the rights and privileges of those doing the threatening.

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66 thoughts on “UC Davis Professor Threatens Journalists and Their Kids with Cleaver, Ax

  1. Wow!
    The vitriol and outwardly evilness is undeniable.
    This so called professor needs to removed immediately.
    If an institution such as UC Davis cannot condemn this threat then it is more evident that they support this ideology.
    UC Davis a once revered agricultural, science based school is no longer.
    Parents of college age children you have now been given more evidence college is not about learning but indoctrination of marxist ideology.
    Here is another sad fact, people such as Jemma (Jeramy) DeCristo have not studied history nor do they care for the facts history provides. What a dangerous person to be standing in front of an auditorium of impressionable minds.

    Donors and revered alumnus need to address this now. Withhold donations but better yet publicly condemn the threats made toward journalists doing their job. Make no mistake this is to rid our country of free speech by intimidation.

    Also her black flag and black sickle emojis state to me her dark, cold, black heart.

    These are perilous times and her threats should not be taken lightly. All one has to do is look at the jihadist videos and pictures of what they do to their innocent victims, whether they are infants to senior citizens.

    1. An an aside, what comes to mind is all these transitioned men, saying things that could any ‘man’ challenged, are now HIDING behind their new skirts.

      1. Correct !
        There is no such scientific term of “TRANSGENDER” for humans. It is the false language of the Left. Use the term “TRANSVESTITE”. Do not allow the Left to control reality and the truth through language. The truth is that these people have a mental illness and are transvestites.

  2. I dare this troon professor to go to Gaza and see what happens to him…I double dare him in fact. I can tell you right now that the “Zionists” he hates so much will accept his troonness far more than Hamas will.

    1. You’re right, but there are many counties in California that still have tough D.A.s. And just because UC Davis is lost to the left doesn’t NECESSARILY mean City of Davis and Yolo County are also lost.

      Unfortunately, I had a look at the Yolo County website and its District Attorney page and they have indeed embraced all of the stupid so-called ‘justice reforms’ (which don’t reform ANYTHING) and ‘restorative justice’ B.S. and other leftist nonsense. Thus unless there is intense pressure on the D.A. because of this case, it doesn’t appear likely that the Yolo County D.A. wlll arrest, charge, and prosecute this extremely unhinged and dangerous individual.
      Yolo County D.A. page:
      Yolo County D.A. Jeff Reisig bio:

  3. DeCristo, I cordially invite you to come to my home and to back up your words. But, I would advise to have your affairs in order before doing so. It’ll be a lot of fun, I can assure you.

  4. It’s ironic that those who complain the most about the affects that they suffer from hatred, racism, bigotry seem to be the first ones to adopt and propagate the same tactics.

  5. This mess gets solved only when the good people of California take up arms and solve it. Targeted assasinations of leftist scum would be a good start to possibly avoiding a general rebellion. Start at the top and work your way down.

  6. A tranny shot up a Christian school in Nashville earlier this year, now another one threatening ‘zionists’. Nothing to see here Feds.

  7. This is so on its face wrong. What kind of “professional” (or any person) would post such a thing? Decristo is not worthy of the job and deserves to be fired immediately. This incident also says a whole lot about UCDAVIS and its falling standards.

  8. CA vs Hate
    People also can report an incident by calling (833) 866-4283 or 833-8-NO-HATE, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and talking to a trained civil rights agent in over 200 languages.


    All are welcome to report hate incidents and hate crimes. If you want to report a hate crime to law enforcement immediately or you are in present danger, please call 911. This is not a law enforcement reporting portal.


  9. I would think that certain people could take civil action against the school sending a message that creates an environment of fears. And certainly against the gender confused so-called professor. Geeze! Who gives these morons a podium in the first place?

    1. This creep is not simply gender confused. He is mentally ill and should be in a lockdown facility that keeps mentally ill people off the streets.

      1. YES, he should. Also seems that being charged with a criminal act is another option.
        Since it looks like the County locals (D.A.) probably won’t do anything shouldn’t we look to Federal law enforcement and prosecutors? Not the swamp ‘leadership’ but it seems to me the rank-and-file often step in when the locals stand down.

  10. If you don’t have and carry firearms these days, you simply deserve whatever might befall you. Stupidity and neglect have prices. ARM YOURSELF! PROTECT YOURSELF! SHOOT TO KILL! DEMAND A JURY TRIAL! Take out the garbage…in a sealed plastic bag.

  11. According to TRANSParentcalifornia.com, he received $110,275 in taxpayer provided compenstion for 2022.
    What I could not find out is whether this “genius with a penis” has attained tenure yet since the University of California does not have a standard minimum number of years published anywhere- which is extremely odd for a publicly funded entity- but the general rule is 6th year (https://career.berkeley.edu/grad-students-postdocs/academic-job-search/the-transition-from-grad-student-to-assistant-professor/).
    Clearly, this is someone completely undeserving of continued UC employment and I hope he is denied tenure if not already terminated.

  12. Of course, Gavin and Weiner have effectively taken away that right beginning January 1. Also, it is very difficult to get a CCW in many counties anyway.

  13. Seriously America, how does this clown – and others like him – ever get to be a professor of anything ? What has happened to your country ?

  14. Mr. Kurson,
    Please update your article with a correction. There is no such scientific term “TRANSGENDER” for humans. It is the false language of the Left. Use the term “TRANSVESTITE”.

  15. Everything we’re seeing has has all happened before. These are the signs and symptoms that pretext every single mass Geno/Demo-cide in history. We as a society have very little time to get a handle on this. Should we fail at doing so, you can be rest assured all the scriptures detailing the horrors of an impending apocalypse will no longer be a potentially misunderstood prophecy. Before anyone dismisses that statement as “dramatic” I implore all of you to consider a scenario where America becomes a tyrannical blood bath protected and advanced by the state…..there will be no where else in the world in which to run.

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