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‘A Guide to This Fall’s Vaccine Options:’ Media Pushing COVID Vax+

Media claims, ‘Most people are under-vaccinated now’

By Katy Grimes, September 6, 2023 5:45 am

“Those who are at the greatest risk of developing disease syndromes caused by the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein are people who are repeatedly exposed to it through the vaccine, boosters, and infections,” Dr. Peter McCullough frequently emphasizes. “Because the COVID-19 vaccines do NOT prevent infection and may even impair natural immunity, those who continue to receive these shots are simply increasing their repeated exposure to the dangerous spike.”

So why is The Mercury News offering up a “guide to this fall’s vaccine options?”

“If you’re like many Californians, you rushed out in the spring of 2021 to get two COVID-19 shots. That was followed by a third ‘booster’ shot in the fall. When a new and improved vaccine was offered in 2022, you might have gotten that, too.

Now another shot will soon be available. Should you get it? The answer: It depends.”

This is cringy:

“While young people are at lower risk of severe illness than elders, ‘most people are under-vaccinated now. Which means our immunity is way down,’ unless you were hit by this summer’s wave of infection, said Dr. John Swartzberg, clinical professor emeritus of infectious diseases and vaccinology at UC Berkeley.”

Not one child died from COVID. Not one. But plenty of babies, children and teens have died from serious complications of the COVID-19 vaccinations, which Dr. McCullough and many other prominent doctors say is the primary cause of serious Myocarditis–and NOT the SARS-CoV-2 Infection.

“I exposed all medical societies who were captured by flows of money from HHS and the White House through the COVID Community Corps Program and as a result, openly supported mass indiscriminate vaccination with no assurances of short and long term safety,” Dr. McCullough said on his substack. “As horrific side effects became apparent, none of these organizations warned their members or patients.”

As Dr. McCullough explains, “Myocarditis may increase the risk of life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias caused by blunt impact to the chest, particularly in contact sports. Screening and prevention measures should be considered to reduce this risk.”

And as Dr. McCullough and John Leake reported, not just young people were spared… “the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein—to which our bodies are exposed from COVID-19 infection and COVID-19 vaccination and boosters—may be accelerating underlying, inflammatory disease processes such as arteriosclerosis and Alzheimer’s. In this scenario, a man who was destined to have a fatal heart attack at 74 due to his underlying arteriosclerosis has one at the age of 54 because the spike protein produced by the COVID-19 vaccine and boosters, has markedly accelerated the disease. A similar acceleration of the Alzheimer’s disease process of amyloid fibril formation in the brain struck me as plausible.”

Yet The Mercury News justifies “a new and improved shot:”

“Even as we grow weary of sore arms, viruses continue on their merry way. Evolutionarily, they’re speed demons. New lineages of SARS-CoV-2 are constantly adding mutations that give them a competitive edge. Meanwhile, our antibodies fade — taking with them important protection.”

“Soon after the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices meeting on Sept. 12, a new and improved shot will be unveiled. It’s a better match for what’s out there. It comes in the nick of time, as the amount of virus present in California’s wastewater is climbing to its highest level since January, causing a worrisome uptick in hospitalizations. The seven-day average positivity rate for COVID tests in California reached 14% as of Friday, among the highest recorded throughout the pandemic.”

The Mercury News does not offer links to this “research:”

“This vaccine offers the most help to people over age 60, who are at greatest risk of severe illness and death. Younger people, who are at lower risk, benefit less from booster shots, research shows.”

It turns out The Mercury News is just reporting CDC talking points, as well as “additional advice from [patient] Swartzberg, UC San Francisco infectious disease expert Dr. Monica Gandhi and others…”

What is extremely unsettling is how they parrot the government’s push for the RSV vaccine for infants and toddlers, and a vaccine for pregnant women:”

“For the first time, a vaccine is available for infants, toddlers and older adults. Two manufacturers, GSK and Pfizer, say it offers 82% to 86% protection against severe illness.”

“There also is a vaccine for pregnant women that provides them with antibodies to pass along to the fetus, protecting newborns.”

Dr. McCullough and other physicians stress maintaining personal health, as well as a daily protocol of Zinc, Vitamin D3, Quercetin and Vitamin C to keep the immune system boosted agains the virus ahead of another COVID “season.”

We are not medical professionals, but because of many questions interviewed many physicians during the pandemic and continue to discuss this with medical professionals who recommend that each person assesses his or her own personal risk, as well as the risk of children, based on an individual’s health.

And so many physicians put their necks out there during the pandemic as did Cardiologist Dr. McCullough and Stanford’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, challenging the CDC, Dr. Fauci, as well as California’s Department of Public Health, and Los Angeles Public Health Officer Barbara Ferrer.

It appears they are attempting another “pandemic” season and controlling lockdowns.

Assess your own risk. Do your own research. Read what the honest doctors write.

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10 thoughts on “‘A Guide to This Fall’s Vaccine Options:’ Media Pushing COVID Vax+

  1. I highly recommend Dr. Peter McCullough’s Substack .

    We now have fire seasons, atmospheric rivers and the new Covid Season.
    Katy has given great advice. Do your own research, do not deny what you have been seeing with your own eyes. The real experts have been shunned and shut down. The so called experts on your T.V. and newspapers are frauds.

  2. Another round of deaths thanks to V uptake is about to commence again. Sadly, I’m watching my friends and neighbors fall and they have no clue as to why they’ve been hit with this bad luck.

    1. Yes, NorCalSkinny, and if you were to explain to those who survived about those vaxx effects they would likely be in denial as to why they had that heart attack or seizure right after the third booster and maybe they would even angrily retort that you’re crazy and mean and don’t know what you’re taking about.
      Through their evil deeds the bad guys have created (as you know), a very VERY large group of people who will keep getting sick and sicker from the vaxx++ and the rest of their interference, which conveniently the bad guys can then call Covid to keep the game going. Well, isn’t that just SPECIAL.
      If the sheep already on record as being “inclined to believe lies” from lying politicians, swamp members, and media, can’t or won’t be rational and haven’t learned ONE THING to apply to this next round of lies, I’m at a loss to know what can be done to prevent them from dragging us all through this crap AGAIN, which will probably be the last nail in the coffin. Just as we thought we were sorta kinda in recovery mode from the hoax that so disabled us in every arena.

      1. Truth!
        It is very sad indeed. People are not putting the pieces of the puzzle together. There seems to be more illness in people and cancers that accelerate at an alarming speed. One day a person is newly diagnosed and in a matter of weeks they are dying. Turbo cancer as Dr. Ryan Cole forcasted.

        I have begged and pleaded with family, no more shots😔

  3. I know (or have known) all sorts of people who have suddenly dropped dead, had turbo cancer or myocarditis yet none of them or their friends or family have the slightest clue as to the cause.

  4. “This vaccine offers the most help to people over age 60, who are at greatest risk of severe illness and death. Younger people, who are at lower risk, benefit less from booster shots, research shows.”
    ^^^ (That’s because the Social Security system is about to go bankrupt and TPTB wish to REDUCE the payout population…)
    “Safe and effective” : translation – “Safe” in boosting pharma profits and “Effective” in shielding them from legal liability…

    In our small circle of friends, we know of at least THREE deaths within a week of taking their 2nd shot or booster, and FOUR others who have either had strokes, peripheral neuropathy, heart arrhythmia or severe joint pain…

    RESIST and DO NOT COMPLY – this is the most insidious and pernicious psychological operation and crime against humanity since WWII and the horrific experiments applied against those targeted by the Nat-zees….

  5. Those of us with common sense know that The Mercury News, The Sacramento Bee, the LA Times and other “mainstream” media outlets are just part of the deep-state mockingbird propaganda machine and we ignore them. Sadly, the naive and gullible still listen to them.

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