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Gavin Newsom
Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

After Tulare County Votes to Re-open, Gov. Newsom Threatens to Withhold Federal Coronavirus Funds

Governor extracting revenge on counties, businesses and people for reopening and getting back to work

By Katy Grimes, May 22, 2020 3:52 pm

Hours after the Tulare County Board of Supervisors voted to open the county up for business and stop enforcing California’s shelter-in-place order, officials received a letter threatening to withhold some of the $47 million in federal CARES Act relief funds it had been awarded.

“The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services sent a letter to Tulare County Administrative Officer Jason Britt on Tuesday saying the county’s actions are problematic and concerning,” The SJV Sun reported. “The county’s actions could threaten Tulare County’s eligibility for disaster funding,” the letter read. “This funding is designed to assist jurisdictions facing extraordinary circumstances beyond the jurisdiction’s capability.

What is the difference between tin pot dictators who withhold U.S. aid, food and medicine from their disagreeable people, and Gov. Newsom withholding federal coronavirus aid to disobedient Tulare County?

This tactic isn’t new to the governor. In January 2019 weeks after he was sworn in, Gov. Newsom announced he was singling out the city of Huntington Beach, CA by filing a lawsuit against the city over a lack of affordable housing, despite the other 50 cities on the list not addressing the housing crisis as the state has mandated.

California Globe recently reported that in the rural counties which have reopened, the State is sending in agents from the California Department of State Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) to close down bars, and is doing this without notifying the local authorities.

Defy the governor, and the state will find a way to close down businesses.

What is the difference between tin pot dictators who withhold U.S. aid, food and medicine from their disagreeable people, and Gov. Newsom sending state agents to “disobedient” counties and businesses to shut them down?

A friend reported today: “Seems a restaurant in Pacific Beach dared to have some customers without masks or standing 6 feet apart. They’ve been shut down by the fascists.”

An horrific story of more fascistic government behavior is in this account by a Palm Springs restaurateur:

Palm Springs Tropicale Restaurant citation. (Photo: Facebook)

Tropicale Restaurant, Palm Springs

For 2-1/2 months now, I’ve patiently complied with Palm Springs’ and California’s decision to forcibly close my restaurant and have watched my family of 80 employees suffer the loss of their jobs. Most have never received unemployment, and many continue to ask to borrow money from me. At this point, like everyone, it’s become critical. The restaurant sells take out dinners (because government has granted us permission) and we barely break even.

Last night, as we sat and waited for the phone to ring, two code enforcement officers from the City of Palm Springs walked in. They were dressed like police and each wore sophisticated masks on their faces, like they were heading into surgery. I could only see their eyes. I said, “Can I help you?” One looked at me, said nothing, and pointed to his badge. I said, “What’s wrong?” He said, “A state of health emergency has been issued and mandates the closure of dine-in restaurants (like I didn’t know that). You are in violation. I must issue you a citation.” “Huh?” I said. He points and says, “Who are those people?”

Across the patio at a distant table sat my manager, who just got off work, with his wife and 2-year old. He had ordered a takeout dinner and asked me if they could sit there and eat. I told him yes and there they sat, the three of them, eating out of plastic to-go containers. As you might guess, things escalated with these officers who were demanding to see my business license. At one point, one pulled out his cell phone and walked away. In a panic, my manager and his family gathered up their containers and left. A minute later, two real police officers showed up. Two others stayed outside. Now six men and three police vehicles were parked outside. And the City of Palm Springs wonders why it’s broke.

As it turns out, the real police officer was sympathetic and actually apologetic. He convinced me to accept this bogus violation and fight it later. One of the code enforcement officers returned and laid a slip on the bar, like a meter-maid putting a ticket on a car. He said, “Read the back,” and walked out. After everyone was gone, I read the citation. The fines were lined-out by this guy and increased to thousands. He had given me no warning, no understanding, and could care less it was my employee who ate there. He was arrogant and condescending.

This is where we’re at with this shutdown. I will never pay the $1000. Never. Instead, I’ll use the money for more loans to my staff sit who at home stressed about their rent while Palm Springs’ officials sit at their microphones during council meetings to discuss the likelihood of another person catching something or the list of conditions they plan on slamming restaurants with when they authorize reopening. Memorial Day is the restaurant’s busiest weekend of the year and we always beat last year’s record. Not this year.

The Newsom administration made the same threat to Sutter and Yuba counties to withhold federal funding, but according to the Sun, it has yet to follow through and withhold aid.

Sacramento County announced it would allow gyms to reopen Memorial Day weekend, and then suddenly Friday, Peter Beilenson, Sacramento County Health Officer, announced that the state told the County to back off on allowing gatherings and gyms to open.

What is the difference between tin pot dictators who withhold U.S. aid, food and medicine from their disagreeable people, and Gov. Newsom withholding federal coronavirus aid, sending state agents with badges to shut down businesses, and refusing to allow salons and gyms to open?

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8 thoughts on “After Tulare County Votes to Re-open, Gov. Newsom Threatens to Withhold Federal Coronavirus Funds

  1. Go to recallgavin2020.com and get info on signing the petition. It must be signed in person online petitions do not count. It’s time to get rid of this punk!

    1. This story of the Tropicale Restaurant almost makes me cry, Palm Springs PD was always dependable and respected when I lived there in the early 1980s. It’s really the Governor victimizing his taxpayers, not PSPD but I think of all the European legal immigrants I knew there who worked hard to make a decent life and Gavin is destroying it!! ????

  2. Wow, isn’t this a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Is this not the same person who criticized President Trump for saying he was going to hold back federal payment to sanctuary states.

  3. Seriously! Tropical is a great clean restaurant that I have frequented many times as we go to Palm Springs often & have resided there for seven past years. Newsom NEED’S to go but how? Newsome is a spoiled rotten Tyrant Dictator! He has destroyed Calif. in so many ways! To many people are suffering because of his overreach! how is this acceptable to anyone………………. Calif Need’s real leadership, not an insane leftwing liberal NUT! I hate Gavin Newsom, spread the word!

  4. So Gavin decides to punish one of the least tech, most ag and poorest counties in the state for trying to return to work, generate tax revenue and save their businesses and families. Tulare County is part of the backbone of the Central Valley’s multi-billion dollar ag industry and is very culturally diverse. There is no excuse for this madness except to know that the Dem Party is now fully under the control of NWO overloards

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