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Bill to Ban Rodenticides Coincides With Rat Infestation and Disease in Los Angeles

Dr. Drew warns ‘entire population of California could fall victim to Bubonic Plague due to homelessness’

By Katy Grimes, May 31, 2019 5:50 pm

While Los Angeles, and other large California cities are experiencing rat infestations within homeless camps, AB 1788, by Assemblyman Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) will ban Rodenticides – rodent poisons. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  and Department of Pesticide Regulation already regulate these products for efficacy, human health impacts and impacts to the environment.

Rodenticides have been a critical tool for controlling rodent populations to protect Californians from the spread of disease and illnessRodenticides have been a critical tool for controlling rodent populations to protect Californians from the spread of disease and illness.

California’s largest cities are ground zero of the state’s expanding homeless population. Contrary to most city leaders’ claims that this is a housing problem, it is not that simple. While California’s housing costs are through the roof, many of those living on the streets are not even from California, but come here for the state’s liberal policies on drug use, easy theft opportunities and lack of criminal convictions, generous welfare benefits, as well as the “sanctuary” status – and the weather.

San Francisco has a no-kill, catch-and-release rat policy: “Humane Wildlife Control addresses the problem by sealing holes in buildings that can create entry points for rodents, and then they set up live catch traps to capture rats,” SF Gate reported in 2017. “Once rats are caught, they’re released right in the backyard.”

California Globe has been reporting regularly about the homeless explosion in California. Increased spending on homeless has encouraged public defecation maps, Hepatitis A and Typhus outbreaks. Most recently an officer with Los Angeles Police Department’s Central Station has contracted typhoid fever and is being treated for the potentially life-threatening disease, Fox 11 reported Thursday. “According to the LAPD, a second employee at the station has symptoms consistent with the disease, which is caused by exposure to the bacterium Salmonella Typhi.” Friday brought additional reports of Typhoid symptoms with LAPD.

AB 1788 analysis says, “According to the United States Environmental Protection (USEPA), the most important steps in eliminating and preventing rodent infestations are keeping living spaces clean; preventing rodent access; and, eliminating potential nesting areas.” Los Angeles is so far beyond preventative measures.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, who broadcasts on KABC radio in Los Angeles has gone on several national television shows  reporting of a complete breakdown of the basic needs of civilization in Los Angeles. “We have the three prongs of airborne diseases, tuberculous is exploding, rodent fleas,” Pinsky said on Laura Ingraham Thursday. “We are one of the only major cities in the country that does not have a rodent control program. Sanitation has broken down. We had a typhus outbreak last year, we will have typhus this summer. I’m hearing from experts that bubonic plague is likely, it’s already here, it will get onto the rat fleas. And then now finally we have this oral-fecal route contamination which is tyhpoid fever. Three cases. One confirmed, probably three. This is unbelievable.”

“I can’t believe I live in a city where — this is not third-world, this is Medieval. Third-world countries are insulted if they are accused of being like this. No city on earth tolerates on this. The entire population is at risk. And God forbid is measles. This is a population that’s suboptimally immunized. If measles gets in, I just have an image of myself on my knees in the gutter tending to people.”

With the daily news about homeless populations defecating and urinating on public streets, and encampments infested with garbage, vermin are thriving. It is astounding that AB 1788 has passed every committee since March (see below), and was passed by the Assembly May 6.

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25 thoughts on “Bill to Ban Rodenticides Coincides With Rat Infestation and Disease in Los Angeles

  1. The root cause of the problem is liberal, social-justice profiteers who game the homelessness issue for personal profit and virtue-signaling, not the rodenticide ban.

    Too many of the mountain lions are being killed from ingesting rodents that have consumed anti-coagulant pesticides.

    It’s the liberal mindset that is causing the homeless to descend on SoCal, due to the milder climate, but Denver also has problems with these issues, although not as badly as California…yet…

    The tolerant liberal mindset of acceptance of social deviancy and compassion for the drug addicted and mentally ill is what is causing this descent back into the Medieval times culture of disease and pestilence.

    Rather then enforcing laws and institutionalizing the mentally ill, liberal virtue-signalers are causing the decline of contemporary civilization.

    1. The unintended consequences of SGAR is evidenced by the deaths of many of California’s protected species such as mountain lions, owls, fishers, etc. Necropsies have shown high levels of these poisons in their systems. Also, rats are developing a resistance to these poisons which they pass on to future generations. The key to reducing the rat population is to control their prolific reproductive capabilities. A single pair of mating rats can be responsible for 12-15,000 offspring in a year . This is scientifically proven. So, we must eliminate poisons and reduce population growth

      There is a product approved for use in California which does just that. ContraPest is a contraceptive for both mail and female rats, which does not poison their predators, and is environmentally sound. With the short lifespan of a rat in the wild (approximately 1year)positive results could be evidenced within a few months. We can do both, eliminate poisons, and reduce the rat population with ContrPest.

      1. What you point out about unintended consequences may be true and rat contraception would be a good idea if it is actually effective and not some kind of a lame token feel-good effort that doesn’t do the job. But these nuts probably wouldn’t even want to limit the rat population anyway! Sure, human abortion, go for it with every ounce of your strength, Democrats, but for God’s sake don’t kill those precious baby rats!

        All anyone has to do is simply look around with their own wide-open eyes and see that with the environmentalists in charge and Democrat policy in full force the state has become a noxious cesspool — and not just limited to the big cities either — far beyond the wildest imaginings of anyone who grew up here. So what good are environmentalists and Democrats doing? We have the opposite result of what they have been constantly tsk-tsk-ing us about for decades.

        1. The product definitely is effective. Over 20 years in development, approved by several government agencies including the FDA, approved in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, this product has been well scrutinized.. it can almost be said that “to not try it would be irresponsible “..

          However we are dealing with politicians whose primary goal is to get re-elected. Whose knows what they will do. For me, I would trust the science. Google “ is rat birth control effective “, and read some interesting articles.

    2. Measles is less dangerous than a common cold, give it a rest. Instead worry about illegals bringing TB and many other serious diseases. But no. They don’t care about our health. If govt cared about health, they’d make certain your teeth fillings were called mercury fillings and not silver. Then at least you’d get suspicious and say no to dentists putting mercury is n your head, near your brain.

  2. Gee, if you had any doubts that these so-called “progressive” legislators are all about destruction and death (for you but not for their precious rats), this should convince you. Otherwise, what a coincidence — to take steps to ban rodenticide at the very moment we are faced with a teeming population of disease-causing vermin!

    This is scary and beyond crazy and cannot continue. To say these legislators aren’t doing their jobs is now an understatement. They’re not rational. Forget about “the resistance,” they are not only resisting civilized life but rejecting it. They are now threatening our lives.

    Are Bloom and the rest of these people even representing their constituencies? I guess they think so, but I doubt very much that even the lunatic limousine left-wingers in Santa Monica and in the L.A. Westside Bubble want to put themselves at risk of contracting highly contagious deadly disease.

    It’s tempting to say what do you expect from someone who declared Kathy Griffin “Woman of the Year?” (See Richard Bloom’s website: https://a50.asmdc.org/ ) Which of course is nothing compared to this. No wonder these people are against state mental hospitals — they would probably be in them.

    In the meantime — who knows? — it might be helpful to bombard Richard Bloom’s office with phone calls and correspondence:

    Capitol Office, Rm 2003
    P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0050; (916) 319-2050

    District Office
    2800 28th Street, Suite 105, Santa Monica, CA 90405; (310) 450-0041

    To find everyone else who voted for this, go here to the State Assembly website and click “Members”

  3. It makes you wonder if these policies are on purpose? It’s not a secret to anyone that modern progressives see human beings as the “rats”, especially homeless people who don’t contribute to the ‘collective’.

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  5. I am heart broken over what my beautiful home state has become. I don’t know wtf people are thinking to keep voting for more of this. Welcoming endless streams of illegals and now providing them Medi-Cal. A few years ago I had serious health issues and was lucky to qualify and got the treatment I needed, had to show up at 5am to stand in line in a super sketchy part of town because they could only handle 30 patients per day, at 7am someone would hand out numbered cards and if you didn’t get one you had to come back and repeat the process. Once inside the cramped and dirty waiting room it took another 5 hours to get your 5 minute doctor visit. I kid you not, I would make it out by 2pm. This was in the Pre-Trump era, I cannot imagine wtf is going on now. As it stands my neighbors and I have to compete for parking with junkies living in cars trashing our community. It’s rare not to see human feces, some mentally ill person doing something disturbing/disgusting, trash piles, tents, uncapped hypodermic needles on or near the beach in prime family and tourist areas. Last summer I saw a 20 something dude stop traffic in the middle of an intersection, pull his pants completely down and pee while rotating in a circle at like 12noon on a Saturday. I have to peek out my windows and make a conscious plan to avoid certain areas every time I walk my dog. I don’t know what world these people and those that support it are living in.

    1. Maybe if the Liberal Democratic Politicians would stop doing inhumane things for political gain and actually care of the citizens California these issues would be resolved. How can democrat politicians turn down building restrooms for the Homeless? There are over 3.1 million illegal immigrants in California and 127,798 Homeless citizens in California. So explain WHY DEMOCRATS passed providing Illegal Immigrants Food, Housing AND free Health Care that will cost all you legal residents Billions of dollars a year in higher taxes to pay for this-and mind you 3/4 of Illegal Immigrants do not pay taxes at all….but they never even considered building shelters for the Homeless providing them food, restrooms and place to sleep and building public restrooms so the Homeless had a place to dedicate instead of in the street?? And over 90% of the Homeless are citizens???!!!! If illegal immigrants want to enter your state and not become a citizen fine but make them get a dam job like everyone else and pay for their food housing and health care!! Your state doesn’t do anything like that for Homeless and sure doesn’t sound fair or right now does it?? Homeless people aren’t even provided Mental help that is desperately needed for many that may end up assisting them to get meds they need and just maybe turn their life around. But NO let the taxpayers pay for perfectly capable undocumented peoples Food Shelter and Health Care but the homeless can go screw themselves and deficate in the street and leave food everywhere that will cause an even bigger Crisis in Rat Population and the airborne diseases will spread like wildfire throughout the State and thousands of people will die!! Maybe even Millions ! Typhus, The Plague, Tuberculosis, Hep A to name a few and eventually measles. Illegal immigrants are not usually vaccinated so the diseases will be contracted eventually even Measles people will start dropping like flies and the genes will eventually mutate becoming immune to the vaccinations that everyone else had received and then everyone is trouble!!

  6. Anywhere near encampments you NEED rodenticides. Wtf is wrong with these idiots. Limit them in the canyons, but, in any ground zero urban neighborhood that has gross encampment fallout, you must have rat killers or the rodent population will explode in a seriously alarming rate. Since city hall is forcing us to live in biohazard zones, we need all we can use to protect our health. Wtf is this jawless bloom thinking.

  7. All of the rodenticide on the planet isn’t going to solve this problem. CLEAN UP THIS MESS! SANITATION! This is a NO BRAINER!

  8. Far too many people making comments are either ignoring the obvious or simply do not understand some basic facts about rats. Firstly, they are highly intelligent and cautious. Often, they will avoid Rodenticides because they are viewed as a new source of food. If they see another rat ingest Rodenticide s, and become ill they will avoid it entirely. Secondly, they reproduce at an horrific rate. Capable of producing pups at 4 months and every two months thereafter, 2 mating rats and their offspring can produce 12-15,000 offspring in a year. Thirdly, in the wild, they have a short lifespan of 12-18 months.

    So, how best to control rat infestation and avoid the unintended consequences of killing off predator species? Rodenticide are band aids, and in the long term not effective. There is an answer. ContraPest is a birth control for rodents that does not poison predators, and renders both male and female rats impotent. If they cannot reproduce, rats will eventually die off. Studies done have shown measurable effects in as little as 3 months. Poisons have been tried for decades.. Time to try something new.

    1. Well according to reports they are not doing ANYTHING at the moment — in L.A. at least — unless you consider a bunch of bureaucrats pretending “to put together a plan to deal with the rats” something that is worthy of anyone’s attention. From experience I know it means nothing, so look for those rat cities to grow and grow. Apparently even the vagrants are complaining about the rats! duh

  9. This bill only bans the very worst rodenticides, *some* of the anticoagulants that are killing the state’s non-target wildlife. This article is spreading lots of misinformation and hysteria. The city still has access to lots of other poisons and other methods of rodent control. Where are the fact checkers?

  10. The push to allow humans to live on the sidewalks pooping in common areas to attracts rats and disease is by government design. Big pharma and satanic politicians will use this to spread disease and fuel a need for toxic vaccines and other pills. Big Pharma’s business is your illness

  11. Stop the Rats Dump the democrats as they are the reason we have huge issues such as thus. Common sense and good decision making and follow through are needed.
    We need HELP

  12. The combination of overprescribed antibiotics and a new homeless population right next to hospital-grade sterilization and overly clean but anti-vax parents seems like a perfect storm for some undetermined super-bug. Scary stuff.

  13. A group of pre-schoolers in my neighborhood watched a hawk bleed to death in front of them on a field trip, after a neighbor had a pest control company set bait to kill rats. This is unacceptable.

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