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California State Senate Chambers. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Bills in the Final Three Days of California Legislative Session

Includes the ’72-Hour Rule Bills’

By Chris Micheli, September 12, 2023 10:17 am

The following lists the bill loads of the two houses of the California Legislature during the final three days of its 2023 Legislative Session:

Assembly – Today at 11am

                Unfinished Business – 77

                Assembly 3rd Reading – 6

                Senate 3rd Reading – 141

                Plus 1 SB from Inactive – 1

                Total measures on the Floor – 225

                Plus 4 ABs in committee and 5 SBs in committee = 234 active measures

                16 SBs on the Inactive File – Today is the deadline to remove any of them

Senate – Today at 10am

                Assembly 2nd Reading – 5

                Unfinished Business – 64

                Senate 3rd Reading – 5

                Assembly 3rd Reading – 202

                Special Consent for today – 57

                Special Consent for tomorrow – 35

                Total measures on the Floor – 368

                Plus 8 ABs in committee and 1 SB in committee = 377active measures

                35 ABs on the Inactive File – Today is the deadline to remove any of them

Total active measures between the two houses – 611

The Assembly has about 147 SBs in its house, while the Senate has about  307 ABs in its house

In addition, the following are the bills that can only be considered on the last day of the Legislative Session, which is Thursday, September 14:

72-Hour Bills September 2023
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2 thoughts on “Bills in the Final Three Days of California Legislative Session

  1. Of the horrible destructive bills I’ve been watching, at least three remain which haven’t yet been passed that are worth our time and effort. Hope you will call your assembly rep and give it a shot. Be sure to mention that you are a constituent. If everyone reading here were to call today, these bills might still pass but at least vulnerable assembly members would shake and quake a bit more than otherwise. Maybe that mental image will motivate you.
    Each bill is supposedly scheduled for 3rd reading (3rd vote) today (9/12), but each, for awhile, has been postponed to the next day, next day, next day. So…

    SB 50 – ENDS so-called “low level” law enforcement traffic stops; e.g., broken tail-light or similar. Many a violent criminal has been apprehended this way. More pro-criminal nonsense.
    NO on SB 50.

    SB 94 – The “let out all the death row inmates and other violent criminals after 20 years” bill. Hey sure, that’ll improve public safety in California!
    NO on SB 94.

    SB 407 – Requires those who desire to be foster parents to submit themselves to an inquisition to determine if they are on board with nodding their heads to every insane transgender intervention for their foster kids the state is pushing and maybe even signing in blood to agree. If this becomes law goodbye cream of the crop foster parents! By the way, this is a Scott Wiener bill if you haven’t guessed already.
    NO on SB 407.

    Please find your assembly rep and find the number to call them here:

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