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(Photo by Randy Licht)

California Globe Editor Katy Grimes Moderates Dennis Prager Event

1,200 Prager and Cowan fans attended hoping for good news

By California Globe, March 20, 2019 1:46 pm

California Globe editor Katy Grimes moderated the Shutdowns and Showdowns event Tuesday March 19, featuring Salem Radio Network talk show host Dennis Prager.

Katy Grimes (Photo by Randy Licht)

The event, attended by 1,200 area listeners, was held at William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA.

AM1380TheAnswer Sacramento morning talk show host Phil Cowan (wearing a ‘wall’ shirt) joined Prager in fielding Grimes’ questions about building the border Wall, illegal immigration and the changing demographic, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s HR-1 to control free speech, as well as California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recent dubious mandate granting reprieves for all 737 death penalty murderers on California’s death row.

Lively conversation ensued in discussions of Socialism vs. Capitalism, and California lawmakers ignoring Constitutional law. And there were many laughs, including when Prager referred to some wimpy leftist men as missing a spine and a pair of “nuts,” which he corrected to “balls,” which Cowan then corrected to “pelotas.”  “Well, we are in California,” Cowan said.

Grimes asked Dennis Prager about the banning Prager U has experienced by Google and Youtube, as well as his lawsuit. Prager explained he has sued Google and youtube and it actually may go up to the Supreme Court.

The 1,200 Prager and Cowan fans attended with the hope they’d walk away with good news about the state of politics in California and Washington, D.C. Prager primarily addressed the depth of the problems voters face with the Democrats moving so far left in their quest to unseat President Donald Trump. Grimes had a little more hope for California, albeit acknowledging there would be more political and economic pain before the state corrects itself. Cowan talked about the lack of accountability in all levels of government and the detriment to society.

Dennis Prager, Phil Cowan and Katy Grimes (photo by Randy Licht)

Before the show ended, three William Jessup college students joined Cowan and Grimes on stage and asked several thoughtful questions.

After the show, Grimes talked with many listeners who said they love the Wednesday segment she does with Cowan, and are ardent California Globe followers.

Phil Cowan is the morning talk host Monday through Friday 6:00-9:00am on AM1380TheAnswer. Katy Grimes joins him in-studio every Wednesday and fills in as guest host when he’s on vacation.

You can listen to all of their Wednesday podcasts at KTKZ.


Dennis Prager, Phil Cowan, Katy Grimes (Photo by Randy Licht)


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