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California Receives Federal Funding at Governor Brown’s Request

Funding will go to Help Victims of the Wildfires

By Sean Brown, November 13, 2018 1:23 pm

Acting-Governor Gavin Newsom Declared a State of Emergency last Friday then current Governor Jerry Brown requested a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration yesterday, his wishes have been granted.

In an effort to bolster the ongoing emergency response and help residents recover from the devastation, the White House has approved California’s request for a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration submitted yesterday.

“We have a real challenge here, threatening our whole way of life,” said Governor Brown at a press conference yesterday. “It is a time of sadness, but also one to reflect on where we are and resolve to pull together and do everything we can to help those in need,” he added.

“A Presidential Major Disaster Declaration helps people in the impacted counties through eligibility for support including crisis counseling, housing and unemployment assistance and legal services. It also provides public assistance to help state, tribal and local governments with ongoing emergency response and recovery, including the repair and replacement of disaster-damaged facilities and infrastructure, including roads, bridges and utilities. The declaration includes hazard mitigation, which helps state and local governments reduce the risks and impacts of future disasters.”

Between the Camp Fire in Butte County and the Hill and Woolsey fires in Southern California, more than 210,000 acres have been burned and 44 tragic losses of life have been discovered. The Camp fire, already the deadliest in state history claiming 42 of those lives, is only 35 percent contained while the Woolsey Fire remains roughly 30 percent contained.

During a ceremony today marking Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, President Trump called the wildfires “devastating” and “the likes of which we’ve never seen before.” He also stated “and we pray for the victims, and there are more victims than anybody would ever even think possible.”

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