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Mimi Walters’ Lead Shrinks into the 1,000 vote Margin

Katie Porter Gains Ground Late in the Game

By Sean Brown, November 13, 2018 6:00 am

Following the most recent vote count in California’s 45th Congressional district, Democratic challenger Katie Porter has closed in on Republican incumbent Mimi Walters, with the incumbent’s lead now shrinking into the 1,000-vote margin.

As the current line stands, two-term Republican Waters leads Porter at 50.23 percent (110,852 votes) to 49.77 percent (109,841). Perhaps the most interesting facet about the race is that on election night she enjoyed a lead of nearly 6,000 votes.

Unlike what is being suggested in other states’ races such as Florida’s gubernatorial, CD 45 hasn’t experienced any hints of fraud or illegal activity. Rather, experts believe a historical trend is playing out.

Older, more conservative voters have a tendency to vote earlier while younger, left-leaning voters usually cast their ballots closer to Election Day. Furthermore, in California, any ballots received after November 6th are viable so long as they were postmarked by midnight on the same day. So what does this mean? Porter’s hopes of turning the district blue remain alive as thousands of votes have yet to be tallied.

The ongoing battle over the largely Orange County district is one of several tight races that have been haunting Republican incumbents attempting to hold their seats. Democratic candidates have been able to win in at least three major swing districts and if this theme continues, the national gain reflecting House numbers could rise into the high 30’s.

Due to the Veterans Day holiday, every jurisdiction besides Orange County was closed. New totals for other races are expected to be released later today.

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