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Shirley N. Weber

California Secretary of State Devises ‘Print-Your-Own Ballot From Home’ Program

Did California invent an audit-proof way to steal recall election, and future elections?

By Katy Grimes, August 8, 2021 10:00 am

Has California Secretary of State Shirley Weber has invented a “print-your-own ballot from home” program just in time for the September 14th recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom? Or has this program been around but not promoted – until now?

The Globe received a tip from a source about the Remote Accessible Vote by Mail (RAVBM) system.

It turns out this Remote Accessible Vote by Mail (RAVBM) system, which appears to have been created for the November 3, 2020 General Election, allows voters to mark their selections using their own compatible technology to vote independently and privately in the comfort of their own home. It appears to be a published but not menu-listed page. Are they hiding it on purpose?

And how many ballots in the 2020 General Election were cast using these make-your-own ballots?

CA SOS Remote Accessible Vote-By-Mail. (Photo: CAsos.ca.gov)

Here are more details from the SOS page:

How to Request RAVBM

A voter can request a RAVBM when they review their information on My Voter Status or by contacting their County Elections Office by phone, mail or email or by going to their County Elections Office website for more information.

How to Use RAVBM

A voter using RAVBM:

    • Downloads the application to mark their selections,
    • Marks their selections for each contest using their compatible technology, on their computer or tablet,
    • Prints and returns their marked selections by mail using the postage paid envelope included with their vote by mail ballot or using their own envelope which would require postage. The return envelope used in any instance, must have the voter’s signature on the outside of the envelope. The voter can also return their selections in person to a voting location, drop box, or their County Elections Office. A voter cannot submit their selections online. It must be mailed or returned in person.

The vote-by-mail envelope being mailed to all Californian’s, includes punched holes that will help guide visually impaired voters where the signature is needed. However, if a voter is using their own envelope, they can sign anywhere on the outside of the envelope.

The Secretary of State’s Office currently has four certified RAVBM systems:

Patty Murray at Gateway Pundit asks a good question: “So, how does California prevent ballots that are printed at home from bleeding through flimsy printing paper? The answer—they don’t.”

Well, there are a few more questions that need to be asked:

Can you print out more than one ballot? How are these verified and by whom? Why can’t these ballots be dropped off? Why must they be mailed?

What could possibly go wrong?

Did California invent an audit-proof way to steal elections?

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87 thoughts on “California Secretary of State Devises ‘Print-Your-Own Ballot From Home’ Program

    1. I hear you, Full Stop, but not so fast. There has to be a way of knocking this out, especially since —- just for starters —- there is not even a sliver of a need for allowing “All Voters” to print this thing out, not to mention that — as Katy Grimes has pointed out — it “appears to be a published but not menu-listed page.” Sounds like it is being hidden now and was once added under the radar to me! And who — or what — is behind this thing to begin with? It was available for Nov 2020? Does that mean it was added at or around the time the state was locked down — and everyone distracted —- because of wildly exaggerated ‘death-by-COVID concerns?’ Was it the fine handiwork of now U.S. Senator Alex Padilla, Secty of State at the time this might have been slipped in? Was it passed by the legislature or was it part of the dozens of Gruesome executive orders under “emergency powers” which, by the way, he still inexplicably holds as we speak 18 months later?

      What’s more, this is not the only dicey voting law that looks illegal to the naked eye of all sensible voters but has since been legalized; e.g., ballot harvesting, registering and voting in more than one precinct, same-day registration and voting, (over-)use of provisional voting cards —- not to mention decades-worth of swollen voter rolls and dead people voting, by-mail ballots sent en masse to one residential address or to one P.O. box, and God only knows what else that doesn’t immediately come to mind.

      We cannot have this. It must stop. There must be a way to sue to stop this before the upcoming Recall election. We deserve a clean election so that we can know on September 14 — and not two months later, by the way —- whether the will of the People of California is to remove Gavin Newsom from office!

      1. Look at the version numbers on those 4. They’ve been in the works for some time.
        The next obvious step is Vot-By-Phone: “Press 1 to vote for …”
        But nobody asks about the obvious racist thing: how about all us po’ folks who don’t have them fancy computers?

        1. And after that it’ll be vote by opt-out.

          “we have voted for you, if you would like to choose who you vote for, simply fill out the form located at (insert government building address located the furthest away from voter). Please note, the office distributing these forms is open only from 8-am to 9-am on alternating Tuesdays.

      2. Do you have any evidence of those fraudulent claims you make? I am sure you can provide a link to a reputable source of all this voter fraud.

    2. Has anyone ever purchased a pro baseball ticket? Printed them out? You do know you can print out a thousand tickets to the stadium. But here’s the deal, only the person that purchased the ticket will get to print the ticket with their ticket barcode. As soon as it’s “used”no other tickets will be accepted in the computer system – use only once tickets.
      Why is it so hard for people to understand that only registered voters will be able to print the ballot with their own barcode and only one ballot can be valid – any others will be rejected. Is it that hard to understand without all these bogus conspiracy theories??

      1. Simple Bill, we know that certain districts in the 2020 election over-voted. There were far more votes than there were registered voters.

        How is that possible Bill? Because democrats CHEAT. The people that COUNT the votes decide who wins, not the voters. And right now, Democrats control California.

        1. Can you give us a link to those over vote counties, or are you believing lies people tell you? If someone lies and lies again, do you ever believe them?

          1. In this article we embedded the list of counties which have more registered voters than eligible citizens:

            and this article which found 458,000 likely dead or relocated persons to be mailed ballots; 24,000 will be mailed two or more ballots:


      2. Are you a Democrat who wants to promote by any means the continued illegitimate voting to circumvent the body politic ?

  1. SOS Office: 1.8 million invalid voter registrations? Time for a new high score. Hold my chai tea latte…

  2. For fuck’s sake, you can already print out tickets for everything from concerts to Disneyland, and stamps for the US mail. If you guys don’t know the technology by now quit being fear mongers.

    1. I think you comments express everything we need to know…you compared purchasing Disneyland tickets with voting.

      1. Agree @Owednothing, if we are to compare the convenience factor of printing concert tickets to ballot printing and not understand the meaning of voter integrity then all is lost, why even bother with the illusion of a free and fair election?
        @Yrag, some would argue using the F word is a sign of intelligence, in your case I would say not! I hope you come to understand what is at stake.

      2. The print it yourself ticket to disneyland has a unique code identifying it with the purchase, and checked into a database when the ticket is used. Make multiple copies and try to use them and you’ll get caught. Can’t do that with ballots.

        1. And not only that, due to the sale of multiple day tickets by 3rd party scammers, Disneyland takes a picture of you when you first use your “print yourself ticket”. If your picture doesn’t match when you try to enter again on a multi day pass, you don’t get in. But…………………………no voter ID because according to Democrats, Black and Brown people are so oppressed and stupid that they can not figure out how to get a drivers license. What an insult to Black and Brown people, but they still vote Democrat. SMDH! Now that is probably why the Democrats know they are stupid! Oh well. If the shoe fits…………………….

        2. The mail in envelopes use the same technology. Make your own envelope in this new method must have some version of the same thing. I will vote this way next election to see.

    2. Your crassly worded, and poorly chosen comparison indicates the simplicity of your logic and (lack of) reasoning ability…

      Casting a vote to elect or recall a state’s Governor is not equivalent to buying a concert ticket or going to Disneyland…

      That you haven’t made that discernment on your own is deeply troubling…

    3. The print it yourself ticket to disneyland has a unique code identifying it with the purchase, and checked into a database when the ticket is used. Make multiple copies and try to use them and you’ll get caught. Can’t do that with ballots.

    4. It’s like these people have never heard of bar codes. Print one in the ballot and there you have it – a ballot that can’t be duplicated.

  3. All valid questions Katy, and yes what could possibly go wrong with this new avenue of cheat…I mean voting?
    The RVBM page is not out in the open, you had to be patient and poke around to find it.
    Thank you for letting us know that it has been in place since last November, I find that quite disturbing news.

  4. Let us all acknowledge that we have not and will not have free and fair elections. We don’t even have what fellow reader/contributor Showandtell coined, “Fair Enough” elections. We all knowledge there is 1.8 million illegal voters in California’s electorate. We now must acknowledge that our SOS of state Shirley Weber is nefarious creature for implementing RAVBM. There is no other reason for RAVBM other than to corrupt elections…all elections. This is being tested and refined in California to be imposed on the rest of the Country. Damn these demoncrats. As Fed Up With Governor Frat Boy stated above, if Newsom survives, it will only be do to a record high votes from an un-auditable ballots. We will come to a point where we must acknowledge only a fool believes voting is a tool for peaceful change.

    1. You know what, Owed Nothing? You’re right. We all need to acknowledge that there will always be cheating by the skunks who want to cheat. This latest is definitely not the only problem, it is one of many. And I sure as hell don’t want my own screeds to dampen voter participation. So here is the bottom line: If everyone who wants Gavin Gone votes YES on Recall Newsom it will be SUCH A BLOWOUT that the cheaters won’t possibly be able to make up the difference. Let’s follow the adage “if it’s not close they can’t cheat,” and really now, how can it be close? The will to remove Newsom has been building since he was installed. He has been responsible for HORRENDOUS circumstances for Californians of every stripe since the beginning of his ‘reign.’ And let’s never forget that a hefty proportion of Democrats want him GONE, Independents want him GONE, Libertarians want him GONE, and Republicans want him GONE. That’s a lot of people from everywhere who want him GONE.

      1. Showandtell, your thoughts do give many of us hope and inspiration that our collective outrage is commonplace and will result in the recall of Newsom. I am enthused vote for the recall of Newsom and will be voting for Larry Elder. I do hope our united energy will translate into an overwhelming vote to recall Newsom that cannot be overturned by corruption of our political system.

        1. Owed Nothing, you’re the BEST. If I knew who you were and saw you on the street, I’d shake your hand, COVID be damned. 🙂
          I’ve been personally involved in many campaigns and whether one is giddy and enthusiastic about a potential win or more pragmatic than that, a loss hurts and deflates either way. So I say let’s get out there like professionals and start the anti-Gruesome trash-talking and the rest. We’re righteously angry, let’s make the argument! It’s a psych game now and a get-out-the-vote game now.
          I should have added before that in the 2020 election —- WITH this and other rigging in place, by the way — we did flip a number of congressional seats from blue to red and won a number of “conservative” (a.k.a. “sensible”) statewide ballot propositions, too. So it can be done. They were apparently unable to make up the difference, even with all their tricks. And that was in a partisan election, Dem voting for Dem, Repub voting for Repub, with rare exceptions.
          In this special recall election we have an amazing coalition of Dems, NPP, Libertarians, and Repubs. It’s a rare event to have such a coalition and the animosity against Gruesome is HIGH. And strong. And determined. To get him OUT, OUT, OUT. And we have two terrific candidates waiting in the wings. I will be voting for one of them.
          I think we can do it, but if we don’t, at least no one can say we didn’t try. That’s not nothing, in the scheme of things. It’s a LOT.

    1. Great point Greg. Great point. What is the use of being a registered voter if anyone can print, mail in a used envelope with a random signature anywhere on the envelope. Real secure voting system. I am so disgusted with all of this. @Yrag will be printing 1000 ballots when he is sitting on his couch dreaming of going to a concert or Disneyland after his next unemployment check comes so we can support his leisure time. The new American dream!

      1. Yikes, hope there are not a lot of Yrags around.
        A new type of useful idiot, typing and printing their way to tyranny.

  5. Your own article says that the RAVBM can be dropped off in person and does not require mailing. This doesn’t sound like a conspiracy of any kind. It’s a way to make VBM accessible to the vision impaired, the inaccessibility of which is one of the main criticisms of an all VBM voting system because polling places have accessible technology. This is a really weird thing to foster conspiracy theories about.

  6. I have to add, all this is from an “appointed” unelected crooked official. Appointed by our one and only Gavin. Probably the only intelligent move he made knowing of his recall effort at the time! The same crooked person who tried to erase Larry Elder off the ballot. Sure we can trust her just as much as Fauci. Money can buy lots of things, including an election. Thank you Katy Grimes and Edward Ring for keeping us informed and educated.

  7. Might as well just let Facebook take polls and count them as votes going forward. Will result in the same outcome.. #clownworld

    1. Thanks for posting Raymond. So their test resulted in what they expected. However, did they test for garbage ballots?
      You know the saying, garbage in, garbage out!

  8. Thank you thank you thank you California Globe and staff for bringing this out in to the light for people to see.
    Particularly “Fix California” EIPCa. and the other grass roots soldiers that are fighting to restore integrity to our election process. The ONLY way, The ONLY hope we have to work our way out of the quagmire created by these fraudsters is through fair and honest elections. It will take time, it will take perseverance, but it will happen.
    Keep the faith California will win, America will win. Fight on and GET INVOLVED!

  9. Here’s 31 pages of very interesting findings re the DVS platform :

    From pg 17:
    7.3 Physical Security Measures
     Security seals, locks, and security screws can be circumvented. For this
    reason it is recommended that the jurisdictions have a procedure in place
    to efficiently manage and monitor security seals and locking devices

    From Pg. 19/20:
    7.4.2 Protection against Malicious Software
     Review of the requirement 7.4.2, showed that on the EMS server, the
    AVAST Antivirus (AV) File Shield (the real time AV monitor) was only able to detect and clean one of the four European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research (EICAR) files. This potentially leaves the system open
    to zipped and double zipped viruses as well as infection strings in plain text
     The ICX system is an android tablet device and contains no form of AV
     The ICE and ICP2 systems are proprietary systems that utilize firmware
    and compact flash cards to run, load, and store election-based software.
    These systems contain no AV protection
     Testing demonstrated that the requirement was partially covered. The
    findings can be mitigated by rigorous adherence to physical security
    processes and procedures, which would preclude the introduction of any
    malicious applications. (My note : basically, the proverbial (Democrat) foxes are guarding the proverbial hen-house.)

    Pg 21 : 7.4.6 Software Setup Validation
     Review of the requirement 7.4.6.b.i, shows that Dominion specifies what is
    required to complete software validation but does not specifically supply the
    required software or hardware to do so. In the case of the ICX third party,
    Android developer tools were required to pull packages from the ICX device
    for hashing
     Review of the requirement 7.4.6.c.i, shows that Dominion specifies what is
    required to complete software validation but does not specifically supply the
    required software or hardware to do so. In the case of the ICX third party,
    Android developer tools were required to pull packages from the ICX device
    for hashing
     SLI was able to modify election specific installers utilizing a hex editor to
    change minor things including mouse over text and digital signature names
    SLI was able to take installers from previous versions of the installation
    package and use them to install older versions of the software from the
    Democracy Suite Installation
     SLI believes it would be possible to inject more lethal payloads into the
    installers given the opportunity
     Review of requirement 7.4.6.f.i.2 determined that the ICX devices have no
    visual indicators showing if the port is enabled or disabled.
     Review of requirement 7.4.6.f.i.3 determined that the ICX devices have no
    visual indicators showing that the port is disabled during voting.
     Review of requirement 7.4.6.f.i.3 determined that there is not a specific
    method to be able to verify or determine exactly all contents on the system.
     Testing demonstrated that the requirement was partially covered. (Nice kick-the-can)

    Pg 29: 6.1.2 Data Transmission
     This requirement was determined to be not applicable for polling place
     Nessus vulnerability scans were conducted on all equipment that were
    connected to the private EMS network. These included the EMS server,
    EMS work station, adjudication workstation, and ICC system, as well as the
    managed switch
     Operating system level transmissions provided appropriate encryption,
    receipt validation, and data integrity
     The managed switch was scanned with Nessus and determined to have
    twelve medium vulnerabilities and four low vulnerabilities (My observation : No definition of what those vulnerabilities are, however…)
     Testing demonstrated that the requirement was partially covered. The
    findings can be mitigated by rigorous adherence to manufacturer
    specifications of hardening of the switch, including encryption and use of up
    to date security certificates. (My observation : More fox guarding the hen-house kick-the-can…)

    Pg 31 – (The Grand Finale) – Final Report
    During the CVSS requirements examination and the OEVT portion of the testing,
    issues were noted related to audit logging, passwords, anti-virus, and installation
    aspects of the voting system. It should be noted that these issues do not directly
    affect the overall function of the voting systems and could potentially (!) be alleviated
    with manual processes and procedures. In many cases the issues discovered were
    not in relation to public facing voting system components and required elevated
    systems permissions for access or manipulation.
    It should also be noted that proper secure utilization of the voting system solution is
    reliant upon properly trained personnel, as well as following all processes and
    procedures set forth by the voting vendor to ensure properly configured and
    secured equipment for use in a live election environment. (My observation : Basically, this systems requires the “honor system” for correct utilization and a user with malfeasance in mind can exploit these internal control weaknesses…)
    As directed by the California Secretary of State, this report does not include any
    recommendation as to whether or not the system should be approved. (So…. where does this leave us???)

    1. @CriticalDfence9
      I appreciate you took the time to post the segments of the security testing manuals from the Dominion Voting Systems.

      I can only liken this to giving a 5 year old a chainsaw, and saying you may get hurt but we tested it and all should be good!

  10. the government has failed us in many ways. Huntington beach has great remedy. recall from the bottom up. much more likely to have a free and fair outcome. we have tried competent representatives which only allow the system to function. whether that representative knows it or not, he is a patsy for the state. if the government is allowed to function and grow, we will continue to suffer its abominations. the answer is to begin locally and change out reps regularly. the dumber the better. vote for candidate with the least amount of experience in government and law. do not vote for incumbents. the idea is to elect a candidate who has no idea of how the system works, by the time the candidate figures it out, we elect another. dysfunctional is the key. search “6 city council members served with recall notices in Huntington beach”

    1. Great news! Didn’t know about that recall. The Orange county board members are on thin ice as well with potential felony convictions for continuing to pencil into the agenda a state of emergency that does not exist in reality-only in claims based on the equally phony pcr test-so they can collect covid $$. That is fraud. “Misrepresentation of information for gain”. 23 states are open and how ridiculous is it that very nearby (honest operating) cities on Orange County have rescinded their states of emergencies (Yorba Linda, Newport Beach, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Nigel) .Residents all over CA are inspired by these people who are just like us and getting off our asses and participating in own town’s meetings-any we can. Just showing these local governments that we do not view people who try to censor free speech or free assembly or conversations as being a leader or leadership. We see them as dictators and we are giving them notice to shape up or ship out.
      They are making their statements-against our consent- and we are making our statements, even if laughed at-because they are ours, and we still have 100% full rights to make them.

  11. Gaven Newsom gets an over critical signature verification/audit of the recall petitions, but we the people get assurance Democrats will continue cheating, lying, stealing and creating an autocracy. This vote shouldn’t be necessary. Democrats are treasonous.

  12. Gaven Newsom gets an over critical signature verification/audit of the recall petitions, but we the people get assurance Democrats will continue cheating, lying, stealing and creating an autocracy. This vote shouldn’t be necessary. Democrats are treasonous.

  13. Alex did this last year, that is why he got a promotion!
    The positive side is that the nation is watching these obvious manipulations in California.
    Something good will come of this. Not right away. But this exposure is the beginning of changing the fraudulent systems that have been in place for years.
    Keep the Faith. America will prevail and our system will survive.

  14. A soon to be disclosed new solution IF Sacramento will “buy” it (at no charge): Tuesday 8-10-21 at 7am PST start tuning in to Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium “Live Stream will begin at 9 AM CT, Tuesday, August 10th. Be sure to Tune-In & tell your friends!!” At some point in this 3 day symposium, he will be presenting brand new tamper proof voting machines and demonstrating- to a live audience of Senators and other leaders from all the states-how they work AND making them available to anybody that wants to use them at no charge.

    Whoever wins starts on________and will only have until 1-2-2023 to start getting CA back on track. Any one of these people is good news because that means we sent Gavin and his family to Hawaii or wherever. However, vote for Kevin Kiley! He won the debate. Why? Because he was the only one who answered the question correctly -and without blinking or thinking-about the injections. He said he will just end the (fake) state of emergency. The emergency that the rest of the counties are using to restrict our freedoms and assist the global predators. Newsom declared (as planned) an emergency based on a threat of a “thing” and not any evidence in the first place. Kiley will make it all disappear, as quickly as it started. Quick, simple and done! No more imaginary covid fears , no more imaginary delta fears to make us all crazy and fighting against each other. Back to our free lives. The rest of the governors will follow his lead, then the airlines- and we are all free again, no masks no injection threats-its over!
    Kevin Kiley also knows the people-his current co-workers-that he will be working/leading on “both sides”. That is a huge fast forwarding in any new working environment. Plus he has the most energy.

  15. Good reporters answer those questions listed at the end of the article, instead of insinuating that it’s crooked. Just another hit piece – not journalism. But the remaining trumpers and Big Liars love it, so it’s served its purpose.

  16. You still need the envelope with a signature. And only one ballot can be accepted for each voter. You can print and send 1,000 ballots, but only the first one processed will be accepted.

  17. I’m really confused. How does this make it easier to cheat? When the ballots come in, do they verify that each name matches with a registered voter? Also, I remember watching last years election. They stopped counting at night and then a few days later said that Biden has won. Is it common to not know who won on the polling day? If it is not normal, why don’t they ensure that all votes need to be received by or before the election day?

  18. the only way to electronically secure an election is block chain. everything else to date is corruptable and subject to cheating. including this last minute effort by der kommisar.

  19. If you research these ballots, you’ll see that a vote of “Yes” is visible through the envelope. So the fraud won’t be false voters, it will simply be that ballots voting for a recall will be discarded. Consequently, all of the intellectual power being expended here, explaining how printing disney tickets proves the validity of voting – would be better utilized defending Pluto’s reclassification as a planet.

  20. What the democrats are trying to do is, they are trying to take the votes of the 40-50% of the eligible voters that do not vote in elections. That’s why they have made ballot harvesting legal. Now, they can go door to door and “encourage” the people who were not going to vote, to vote for their candidate. I am sure so of the more stubborn will be offered some type of gift card to “encourage” them to vote. How is this not illegal?

  21. I thought Crazy Kamala said that people didn’t have printers at home or new how to use computers or knew where to find a kinkos!????

  22. Republicans just need to print more votes. Republicans can rent a warehouse, bring in a bunch of copy machines and start voting. If the Republicans start now they may be able to print more votes then the Democrates.

  23. This article asks loads if insinuating questions and answers none of them. This isn’t journalism. It’s more right wing conspiracy fodder.

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