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Governor Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

California: Where the Public Health ‘Science’ Is Destroying the State

The public lost trust in politicians and public health officials who issue arbitrary restrictions

By Katy Grimes, December 27, 2020 4:01 am

Politicizing the coronavirus made it deadly for many, and created mass chaos. No one really knows what to do. Can we go anywhere? Is hugging a friend allowed? Is a mask required outdoors? Which stores are open? Why?

The rules have changed so many times that the public lost trust in politicians and public health officials who issue the arbitrary restrictions, and especially now that the number of “infections”  appears to be growing.

If lockdowns, business closures, and masks work, then why is the governor reporting more and more “cases?”

California’s lockstep media has lately reported breathlessly and non-stop that the state’s hospitals are being overrun with coronavirus patients.

“California officials are desperate to reverse an unprecedented flood of new coronavirus cases up and down the state, and even their critics acknowledge the impossibility of the situation,” the Los Angeles Times reported earlier this month.

But wait… isn’t that what California’s public health officials want? More “cases?” They and Gov. Gavin Newsom ramped up COVID testing, and have used the increased number of “cases” as justification of the now 9-month lockdown, while creating near hysteria in many.

The massive credibility issue in California is a top-down problem. The only way for politicians (Gov. Newsom and Mayors) and public health officials to gain credibility is to abide by the rules they have imposed on the 40 million California residents, and share the difficulties they’ve inflicted through their orders.

From cutting off access to the state’s beaches and parks, to closing restaurants, “non-essential” businesses, personal services including gyms and hair and nail salons, to losing income, the governor, his top staff, state and local department heads and Mayors all should have to share in the pain.

The governor showed us through his actions there was no evidence that outdoor dining poses any risk. Public health officials, including CHHS Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly, have admitted that they had no science proving this. Dining in a restaurant is so dangerous that Gov. Newsom and Los Angeles County Supervisor Shiela Kuehl were caught dining in restaurants after ordering restaurant dining banned.

California’s entertainment industry has been given exemptions to operate during the COVID lockdown, thanks to efforts by lobbyists close to Gov. Gavin Newsom. If industries can buy themselves an exemption from Gov. Gavin Newsom’s COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, then there is no real deadly pandemic.

This is what is known as “political theater,” failed, incongruous, deceitful, and now disastrous policies.

The “flu season” every year typically lasts October through March because people spend more time indoors for much of the winter and infect each other.
Infectious disease specialists and doctors say there is no evidence that lockdowns are effective or that mask mandates do anything except make the wearer feel more secure and comfortable. Even doctors and nurses with full access to Personal Protective Equipment and N95 masks contract the virus. It’s a contagious virus… and the survival rate is still 99.98%.

Again, why are state and local government employees still being paid their salaries when the governor and Mayors ordered small businesses to close? We aren’t advocating cutting off government employees’ salaries, rather only trying to give the lockdown orders perspective. If a clerk in a law office was let go, then why not a clerk at the California Air Resources Board? No one knows what they do anyway. With so many courts closed down, why is the California Department of Justice working full time? Are their lawyers and clerks more important and more “essential” than a private law firm’s lawyers and clerks?

Why aren’t all teachers back in the classroom? Some teachers are – private schools and some Charter schools are back in session. Why not public schools?

Why are playgrounds closed?

Why are churches closed?

Why are malls open but boutiques closed?

Why are airports open and airlines flying at capacity with passengers packed in like sardines, but Californians are not allowed to sit inside a restaurant and eat dinner with friends? Are strangers on a plane less contagious? Why can people travel by airplane but the governor and Mayors ordered residents to cancel Christmas gatherings?

Why were Antifa and Black Lives Matter protests and occupations allowed, and re-open-the-state protests shut down?

Why can’t we get the real breakdown on hospitals’ bed and ICU capacity? How many are really in the ICU for covid, or for the seasonal flu, or pneumonia, or other health issues? Why has the seasonal flu all but disappeared this year?


Why do California residents distrust the information being parsed out by public health officials? Largely because they’ve been lying all along. This is government at its abusive worst.

Who made the decision to lock healthy people down as the only way to deal with this contagious virus? A friend posited a scenario: Imagine if state and local governments ordered lockdowns during the 1980’s HIV-AIDS crisis. National Institute of Health’s Dr. Anthony Fauci spread the lie back then that the disease was spreading into the heterosexual community as well as rampant in the gay community. He claimed that AIDS could be transmissible by “routine close contact.”
Just imagine if the government ordered a lockdown then. Why now?
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15 thoughts on “California: Where the Public Health ‘Science’ Is Destroying the State

  1. That’s because Gavin is owned my China. Newsom destroyed the California economy to help China claim economic dominance in the world..When Newsom shut down Disney for a small moment I thought Disney would take him on, then realized Disney is also controlled by China as are most large corporations. RICO Lawsuits are coming we are going to have to rely on each other…..

    1. Why? Because Americans are simply very dumb tax slaves. They just roll right over and play dead.
      Government = Politician = Thief
      Cut off their funding and you cut off the head of the snake.
      WhatisTaxed c o m

      1. Could not agree with you more Sam. But the Politicians are not the head of the Snake. There really needs to be a revolution in this country and world. The kind that is not televised where lives are lost. But I don’t think it will happen. This is the “New Normal.” Has anyone here actually been to a hospital to verify what is being reported? Is it true that the state and hospitals are being paid thousands per covid death?

    2. Disney’s still closed. The goal is for the state to seize that land via eminent domain and build large low income housing projects on the land in order to make OC no different politically than LA, SF, and Alameda Cos.

  2. Gov Newsome follows HIS science you know the science that says we need to build 10 different bathrooms to accommodate all the new species he keeps discovering. His science book says that if you rent motel rooms for the homeless they are no longer homeless!!! California elected the village idiot for Governor.

  3. Why? The Obama/Pelosi Cartel want to drive public opinion to support government run health care! Fauci the HIV guru was going to be de-funded when the mandate for Obama-care was elimintated and California stood to loose billions of dollars. Every county and every state has a different set of protocols for Covid. A national health care would solve all of this “confusion”. Recall, Obama-care was driven through the House by Pelosi. Trump dismantled the Cartels signature legislation. The Democratics and the MSN drive public opinion, which drives legislation.

  4. So many great logical questions that politicians refuse to answer. If this virus was SO deadly wouldn’t the federal government shut down all flights, ban any travel in and out of the US? Wouldn’t the Giant airbus that my daughter flew on weeks ago have sparked rapid transmission? The flight was packed, not an empty seat on a four hour flight and no word of ONE COVID positive person from that flight. I am so happy to see a few small businesses fighting back, wish more would follow suit. Newsom has lost credibility as his “science” based lockdowns has left California in a worse situation than those states that have been open with modifications. For some reason, he has a long line of stupid people supporting him. He has people brainwashed like a cult leader. He should be thrown in the same tank as Charles Manson. Thank you Katy for continuing to put the truth out, for trying to ask the questions at press conferences. I have lost respect for all of our Bay Area news stations. It is time for people to fight back. Including, the cost of health insurance when treatment is being denied and delayed. Shouldn’t we get a credit when healthcare is not accessible? This uncalled for lockdown and scare tactics will have Californians paying the price for many many years economically, physically, and mentally.

  5. I sure would love for you to follow up on this “elephant in the room” for Los Angeles. Please give us an update on St. Vincent Medical Center “Surge Hospital”. I used to be thesenior proerty manager when the Daughters of Charity owned it abut 15 years ago. If i remember correctly from the start of this scam-demic in March – Gavin decided to spend tens of millions of my tax dollars to retrofit and re-open St. Vincent as a dedicated “surge shopital” for Covid. Made agreements to lease it for 6 months; to pay over a million bucks a month to Kaiser and Dignity Health to professionally manage the Covid response and staff. And then within 60 days it was closed because it was no longer needed??? Why can’t it be reopened now? Was one of Gavin’s buddies the owner? If LA had that extra patient capacity NOW for Covid cases, could the region come off lockdown? These are valid questions that I have heard NO ONE asking or answering! PLEASE PLEASE look into this for us! https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-04-17/la-surge-hospital-opens-westlake-coronavirus-covid-19-st-vincent

    1. It’s all propaganda – the dressed up the “Surge Hospitals” as part of the script to spin a P/R talking point there was going to be a “curve.” Now that the P/R has moved on to a new talking point right out of a bad Hollywood screenplay “There’s a Mutant!” The hospital got used as prop in a NewsPlay.

  6. This is an intelligence operation – a globalist intelligence operation. We need to look at who our politicians actually are: intelligence assets. Not of China, but of the Globalists in which China is a beneficiary, so of course China is partnering in the lie – and this goes back to Kissinger and even earlier to the Silvermaster Spy Ring and the Sassoon family. We also need to look at our propaganda media who take marching orders from the intelligence agencies – and why California Globe has been out of the loop. It was a relatively new media initiative focused on Sacramento which the intelligence agencies simply overlooked in the run-up to the the big Covid operation. I’m a very progressive Libertarian person in terms of politics, but I take the time to read and follow the state’s conservative media, and I’m glad that Katy Grimes especially has been questioning this narrative – and with this comes an immense responsibility – to cut across and make this intelligence operation a cause of concern for all Californians. Sadly, nobody wants to be labeled a “conspiracy theorist” but that’s what we are dealing with here: the same folks who got away with 9/11 and are at large and in the goverment and murdered thousands of Americans are striking again. This will not end well.

  7. And quite honestly, this chapter is beginning to take on more sinister overtones as the Democrat party overreach appears more and more to be a concerted effort to weaken the independent business owners in favor of the large, corporate interests that both contribute to the Democrat party and also have business interests in China.
    Who released the virus?
    Who was locked in a trade war with Trump and was LOSING?
    Who has global power aspirations to take over the world economically with the ultimate goal of global dominance???
    Who did a deal for N95 masks with Gavin Newsom?(who’s probably sending Newsom money for keeping the state locked down???)
    Who wants to weaken the United States?
    Where is the majority of our manufacturing now located???
    Hint : The answer is the same for all questions…

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