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Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Could Gov. Newsom’s Panicky Quarantine Trigger Virus Among Homeless?

If the Covid-19 virus is like prior virus epidemics it is poised to abruptly end, but what will end the unprecedented social contagion?

By Wayne Lusvardi, March 20, 2020 6:56 am

Most people do not form opinions by reasoning; they catch them by social contagion.

In the case of the recent murky events surrounding the unnecessary and unilateral state and local government shutdowns of schools and businesses purportedly to prevent spread of the Covid-19 Virus, there is a double meaning about the efforts to prevent a mass epidemic. Social contagion and disease contagion become perceptually difficult to separate as evidenced by panic buying of toilet paper in California.

Case in point is California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s California ALL quarantine plan to rapidly spend $150 million of federal emergency funds to stop the spread of the dreaded Covid-19 virus to as yet un-inflicted homeless persons by quarantining them in 1,300 trailers, hundreds of leased hotel rooms and hospital ships.  There are 51,278 homeless persons in California. 

Under what legal basis can the homeless be involuntarily hospitalized in hotels, ships and trailers for purely preventive reasons without due process? Where are the homeless advocates who will only likely be waiting for their share of the panic payola?   And will such panicky efforts only trigger the disease among the homeless by isolating them from fresh air and sunlight? 

There are no reported cases of Corona Virus among the homeless in San Jose, or elsewhere; only conjectured potential spread of the disease by human contact.  One homeless person reportedly died of Corona Virus in the Silicon Valley. But it is not known if this was from the dreaded Chinese Corona Virus (2019-nCoV aka Covid 19) or one of the common, widespread corona viruses and influenzas that routinely spread in humans especially after a couple of months of low sunlight. 

With so much money unthinkingly being spread around so fast the efforts to prevent the spread of the virus have become its own social disease.  What Blue State government entity has the motivation to verify it is the Covid 19 virus inflicting homeless persons when government can benefit from a $150 million windfall and the prospect of turning a presidential election in their favor?  60 million people were infected with the Swine Flu, 200,000 hospitalized and 10,000 deaths (1,500 children) under the Obama administration in 2009-2010 with no panic, shut downs of schools and businesses or involuntary hospitalizations for preventative measures.

Where is Flu Virus in between Epidemics?

Epidemiologist Edgar Hope Simpson pointed out in his 2008 article in the Virology Journal, “The Epidemiology of Influenza,” person-to-person transmission of the virus does not necessarily result in infection with the disease.  Simpson asked some questions that government officials are not asking:

  • Where is the flu virus in between epidemics? (dormant in humans)
  • Why do flu epidemics end so abruptly? (most likely due to sunshine)
  • What explains the frequent coincidental timing of flu epidemics in countries located at a similar north-south latitude? (China, Italy, Iran). 
  • Why, in previous ages, did epidemics spread so rapidly despite the lack of modern transportation? (1918 Spanish Flu, 1976 Swine Flu)
  • Why do volunteers who have flu virus instilled into their nasal passages fail to produce symptoms of the flu in all cases? (because they have sufficient Vitamin D)
  • Why do hospitalization and mortality rates fail to decline when vaccination rates dramatically increase?
  • Why does the flu strike in concert with the earth tilting on its axis away from the sun during the Winter solstice in northern latitudes? (not global warming but seasonal cooling)
  • What is the seasonal stimulus for influenza?  If it comes and goes, where does it go when it doesn’t come? (dormant virus is triggered in our own bodies as well as can be communicated person-to-person).

An accepted answer is that viruses remain dormant in the human body when sunshine vitamin D blood levels are within a normal range.  A plausible explanation of the sudden Covid-19 Virus outbreak is that solar radiation levels are at a 200-year low (not global warming).   Viral disease erupts as vitamin D blood levels decline.  Which is why wintertime infectious disease seems to travel faster than people travel. It is not always the travel of foreign persons but the self-triggering of the virus due to low vitamin D levels.

What Will Happen Next Year?

And what will happen next year if there is no such involuntary school and business shut downs, sweeps of the homeless off the street and there is no national election? 

The Covid-19 hysterics say California is about to become Italy.  But 99 percent of patients in Italy killed by the virus had serious other illnesses. And most of the Covid-19 deaths are in the city of Milan, which has 21,000 Chinese residents.

Is There a Cure?

Is there a cure for this socially contagious hysteria?  Science communications researcher Marina Joubert of South Africa is pessimistic about a cure from this “deadly epidemic inside deadly epidemics” of misinformation, fear mongering and fake news.

If the Covid-19 virus is like other viruses before it (Swine Flu, SARS, MERS) it is poised to end abruptly before the federally-funded programs can mobilize.  But what will end the unprecedented social contagion once it is now federally funded?

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4 thoughts on “Could Gov. Newsom’s Panicky Quarantine Trigger Virus Among Homeless?

  1. A great, must-read article.

    Breaking news that bolsters the idea of blue state leader money grabs for slush fund distribution:
    “Coronavirus in NY: Cuomo orders lockdown; shuts down non-essential businesses”
    “Cuomo’s directive follows CA Gov Gavin Newsom ordering his entire state Thurs. to stay home in a desperate bid to slow the spread of the disease.”

  2. Excellent report. Many important questions.
    If I were King: everyone gets flu and pneumonia shots and consumes daily vitamin C and D3.

    1. Thanks. We have to remember that a flu shot is always for last years strain of flu (Corona 18?) not this years. So vaccination is limited in prophylactic effectiveness. Taking Vitamin D or 15 minutes of sunlight a day, Vitamin A to make the lining of human cells hard so that the virus cannot penetrate and Vitamin C all boost the immune system.
      There is a famous medical experiment where a researcher exposed everyone in a room to a virus for a period of time, then injected virus into the blood stream of another group, and to a third group had them eat a tablet which contained the virus. In all three cases no one got the virus because in all three groups everyone had a normal immune system. It is not the virus that creates the disease – it is those with messed up immune systems from drugs, diabetes, smoking, too many prescription drugs, alcohol or bad diet full of sugar that blocks absorption of essential nutrients. A good source for understanding this is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD, MIT, who can be found on Twitter.

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