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De León vs Feinstein Race Remains Bitter

Challenger Has Not Paused Attacks on Longtime Incumbent

By Sean Brown, October 10, 2018 2:40 pm

California Senate challenger Kevin De León (D-Los Angeles) is continuing to bash incumbent Dianne Feinstein (D) with the Democrat-on-Democrat rhetoric taking on a tone more commonly seen amid fights between Democrats and Republicans.

Going after her today, De León launched an attack claiming Feinstein has no idea how to run policy that involves universal healthcare, something both candidates support. The California Globe reached out to Feinstein’s office to offer her a chance to defend herself, but two staffers declined to comment.

In today’s sharply worded statement, De León said “Senator Feinstein says she’s for universal healthcare, but that’s like saying you want everyone to be happy. It’s not a plan. Medicare for all is.”

The longtime State Senate member, who will be termed out after December, also went on to say “It’s been 8 years and still no government panels denying care. Medicare for all is the solution that will lower costs and create a healthier society. We can dream big and save money for all Americans.” Incidentally, he too hasn’t exactly produced any specifics about this plan.

Senator Feinstein took a lot of heat from the Democratic Party last year after she was viewed as having a somewhat conciliatory attitude towards Trump’s presidency. Perhaps this is what has allowed De León to capture the endorsement of the Democratic Party, which he proudly displays on his home website and twitter page.

A poll measuring the two candidates back in June put Feinstein ahead of De León 46-22 percent; however, the most recent poll in late September showed De León gaining some ground as they were measured 40-29 percent.

None of the candidates has yet to lock down a debate this election cycle, which has appeared to be a theme among many other races as well including the Governor’s race where they have only debated once. It seems Feinstein is content cruising with her current lead, despite De León calling for over three debates.

Election Day is now less than 4 weeks away.

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