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EDD Job Creation Program

California’s Unemployment Insurance Code, in Division 9, concerns CalWORKS

By Chris Micheli, March 11, 2023 9:29 am

California’s Unemployment Insurance Code, in Division 9, concerns CalWORKS Job Creation Program. Division 9 was added in 1997 by Chapter 270. UI Code Section 17000 defines the Employment Development Department (EDD).

UI Code Section 17001 requires the EDD to encourage and organize the involvement of private sector employers and other community leaders in creating the necessary jobs for recipients of aid from the state to move from welfare into unsubsidized employment.

UI Code Section 17002 requires the EDD to conduct specified activities including establishing a council of corporate executives to provide ongoing advice and assistance to the EDD in recruiting private employers to hire recipients of aid. It also requires EDD to establish a clearinghouse for information on the Internet or other forms of toll-free communication for private sector employers to obtain information about assistance and resources for hiring CalWORKs recipients and to register their pledges to assist the state in finding the jobs necessary to meet the local welfare-to-work goals throughout the state.

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