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Eric Early (Photo: Eric Early)

Eric Early Announces He is Running Against ‘Liar and Leaker’ Rep. Adam Schiff

‘This is worth the fight’

By Katy Grimes, July 25, 2019 7:11 am

‘This man is a liar and a leaker, and he’s set out to destroy a President that 62 million of us voted for. He’s doing his best to disenfranchise us through his lies.’  ~Eric Early


From media softballs to false accusations of colleagues, to glomming on to Russian collusion, Republican Eric Early says Rep. Adam Schiff has passed his prime and needs to be ousted.

Conservative Southern California attorney Eric Early recently announced he is running for the U.S. House of Representatives to replace Rep. Adam Schiff. Ironically says Early, Schiff is chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which oversees the nation’s intelligence agencies, “despite being a liar and a leaker.”

“I’ve watched Adam Schiff lie to every one of us for two years about Russian collusion,” Early said. “I’m done watching the ever-evolving disaster that is Adam Schiff.”

The “disaster” he speaks of is Schiff’s mounting rhetoric about collusion and impeachment of the President on MSNBC, NBC, CNN, despite Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report which did not find any of this.

“I am unabashedly a supporter of President Trump, and have been from day one,” Early said. “He’s doing so much good for the country.”

After the 2018 election, Early said “the swamp won in California again. They may be strong, but the American spirit is unstoppable. This fight for freedom is a fight we can NEVER give up. I’m proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with hardworking, law-abiding, taxpaying Californians from across the state in the battle against the Sacramento swamp. Fight on.”

California Globe asked Early why he decided to take on Schiff. “This is Paradise – why should we leave Paradise?” he said, referring to his home state and the 150,000 Californians leaving the state every year. “That’s why I am staying and fighting. I do believe the worm is going to turn.”

Early, who ran unsuccessfully for California Attorney General in 2018 agreed that so many people are tired of politics. “It’s such a toxic environment, and people are frankly afraid.”

Eric Early lives in California’s 28th congressional district, which Schiff has represented since 2001. “It’s time to call this guy out for his lies, and hold him accountable” Early said. Early said Schiff never focuses on his district, or the endemic issues in Los Angeles, stretching from West Hollywood to the eastern border of Pasadena, and from Echo Park to the Angeles National Forest.

The communities in the district include: Angelino Heights, Atwater Village, Burbank, East Hollywood, Echo Park, Elysian Valley, Franklin Hills, Glendale, Griffith Park, Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, La Canada-Flintridge, La Crescenta, Los Feliz, Montrose, Mount Olympus, Pasadena, Shadow Hills, Silver Lake, Sunland, Tujunga, Verdugo City and West Hollywood.

“There is not one word out of his mouth about homelessness, or mental illness, or the drug addicts living on the street,” Early said. “Nor has he addressed the illegal immigration issue in California, or securing the border, one way or another. Or even free health care for illegal immigrants…”

“When U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr was appointed, Schiff said ‘Barr is a grave danger to America,'” Early said.

“I’ve watched Adam Schiff lie to every one of us for two years about Russian collusion,” Early said. “I’m done watching the ever-evolving disaster that is Adam Schiff. He’s is a national disgrace. His sole focus has been on trying to destroy this president.”

“He’s been in elected office for 23 years and has nothing to show for it other than vanity clips on national television and tens of millions of wasted taxpayer dollars.”

Yet, Schiff’s official House biography says, “In addition to his committee work, Schiff’s top priority is to create jobs and help improve the economy.”

“Taxes, overregulation of business, Schiff hasn’t said a word,” Early said. “All he talks about is how Donald Trump colluded with Russians.”

“Especially, in Los Angeles, homelessness has skyrocketed on his watch. The cost of living is out of control in California. Crime is on the rise and Schiff, by his actions and inaction, shows that he couldn’t care less,” Early said.

Early said he is confident that Adam Schiff has been involved in the real cover up with the media, covering for former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, preventing a real examination of Obama and his intelligence apparatus. “Clapper, Brennen, Comey, Samantha Powers, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice… every time is starts to point at them, there is Adam Schiff orchestrating the cover up.”

“Look at what he did to Rep. Devin Nunes…” Schiff falsely accused Nunes for changing language in a secret memo alleging law enforcement abuses in the Russia investigation before sending it to the White House for approval of its release to the public.

Early said Schiff is a “media hog.” “Remember when Shaq O’Neal used to talk about a player, and would say ‘back in the day we used to get a guy like that and touch him up a bit.’ well, Schiff needs to be ‘touched up a bit.'”

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35 thoughts on “Eric Early Announces He is Running Against ‘Liar and Leaker’ Rep. Adam Schiff

  1. GOOD NEWS! Very happy to hear Eric Early will be taking on that insufferable and delusional Adam Schiff.

  2. I hope he wins , but little Shiff says the stuff he says simply because he’s bulletproof in his district.

  3. Schiff is a LIAR! cant we remove him from office? He’s a awful person and breaks every law he accuses everyone else of!

  4. Adam Schiff is mental and has an obsession about removing Trump. I live in California but not in Schiff’s district. I feel sorry for people who voted for him. For that reason I will send a contribution to Eric Early.

  5. Schiff is a nut job…you can see it in his wild, wide eyes…
    This Early guy needs to win & go to Washington to help President Trump win against swamp monsters like Schiff…
    Schiff’s entire game is to work the system for personal gain, just like so many of the lying, stealing Democrat Socialists…
    They’re all about power, control & personal enrichment…
    Fire Schiff’s lying a$$….

    1. i dont even live n cal but i wil donate to have shiffty shit removed
      he is not helpin our country
      he is against every Americam
      please take him down with nancy
      they both been there way to long

  6. Adam Schiff hasn’t talked about mental illness or homelessness etc., because he can’t focus on anything but Trump. He is obsessed with the President. It looks like he may need to see a psychiatrist.

  7. I have such a disrespect for Adam Schiff. What a traitor to our great nation. I may be retired with little extra funds but I will periodically $ support Eric as much as possible and I live in the state of Washington.

  8. I Hope the people In California Wake Up I live all the way across the country and life here looks much Better. Democrats Ruining A Beautiful Place Like California. Vote Them Out!

  9. I wish u the best on your election against “pencil neck” He is so destructive to our country. I will 🧎‍♀️for you and your efforts!!!

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