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Katie Hill (Twitter)

Former Rep. Katie Hill’s Younger Brother, A Veteran, Found Dead Saturday In His Home

No signs of foul play

By Michelle Mears, January 21, 2020 2:16 am

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department sent out a new release that the man who was found unresponsive at his home Saturday in Santa Clarita was Daniel Brett Bennett.

Bennett was in the Navy and the younger brother of former Congresswoman Katie Hill in California’s 25th District.

Hill wrote on her Facebook page today and on Twitter, ‘Yesterday, my baby brother Danny – a young man who overcame so much in his short life with so much promise ahead – passed away. My heart is breaking and I will miss him forever. Prayers for our family in this impossibly difficult time would be appreciated.’

The California Globe contacted the L.A. Coroner’s office Monday afternoon and the county coroner said the cause of death has not been determined. However, there was no sign of foul play found at the scene according to the Sheriff Department.

Daniel Bennett, brother of former Rep. Katie Hill (Twitter)

On Monday, Hill posted a link to a GoFundMe.com page to help her parents pay for the funeral arrangements.

“In this time of horrible tragedy for our family, I’m asking for your help (because my parents would never ask themselves.) If you’re able to give anything to help with funeral and other arrangements for my baby brother, it would mean a lot. Grateful for your support,” wrote Hill on here Facebook page.

Bennett, age 20 was serving in the Navy at the time of his death. According to Military.com the military will pay the following:

  • Service-Related Death – The maximum service-connected burial allowance is $2,000. If the veteran is buried in a VA national cemetery, VA reimburses some or all of the cost of transporting the remains.
  • Nonservice-Related Death – VA will pay a $300 burial allowance and $796 for a plot.
  • VA Hospitalized Veteran – If the veteran was hospitalized by VA when they died, VA will pay a $796 burial allowance and $796 for a plot.
  • Indigent Veteran With No Next-of-Kin – The VA will furnish either a casket or cremation urn for interment in either a national, state, or tribal veterans cemetery.

The veteran must have been discharged under conditions other than dishonorable, and at least one of the following conditions must be met:

  • they died as a result of a service-connected disability
  • they were receiving VA pension or compensation at the time of death
  • they were entitled to receive VA pension or compensation, but decided instead to receive their full military retirement or disability pay
  • they died while hospitalized by VA, or while receiving care under VA contract at a non-VA facility
  • they died while on authorized travel to or from VA treatment
  • they had an original or reopened claim for VA compensation or pension pending at the time of death and would have been entitled to benefits from a date prior to the date of death
  • they died on or after October 9, 1996, while a patient at a VA–approved state nursing home.

Former Rep. Katie Hill was in a relationship with her estranged husband and a former female campaign worker, and Congressional staffer, California Globe reported.

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4 thoughts on “Former Rep. Katie Hill’s Younger Brother, A Veteran, Found Dead Saturday In His Home

  1. Something really spooky is going on in that district. Katie Hill resigned after a lesbian affair – amid an impeachment. Then press reports said George Papadapoulous was going to run for the seat. Then, there was a so-called “mass shooting” in Thousand Oaks that didn’t make any sense. On top of that, her district started burning up in an area without “power lines.” And of course the military is all over her brother’s death – and the LA Sheriff and Jackie Lacey always do the pentagon’s biddling.

    So – Katie hill was on the House Armed Services Committee. Did she do the Unthinkable and suggest budget cuts?

  2. The article failed to mentioned the fact that next of kin (likely the parents if he wasn’t married) receives a one-time, $400,000.00 payment. Still tragic, nonetheless.

  3. Shame on these commenters. Have some decency, please.
    RIP Daniel. That’s all there is to it – a life cut too short. You will be missed.

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