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Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Gavin Newsom Owes California an Apology 

‘The lockdowns are the biggest public health mistake we’ve ever made’

By Jim Desmond, March 30, 2021 2:08 am

California Gov. Gavin Newsom owes the citizens of California an apology. Telling someone they’re not essential, is appalling. Every person and the work they do is essential. Just because a bureaucrat may deem you non-essential, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Florida, Texas and other states lifted their lockdowns and allow businesses to open at 100%. Here’s a novel idea- provide guidance and education and allow business owners the opportunity to safely operate their businesses. Each day it becomes clearer and clearer; the lockdowns did not work in California. Florida, Texas and many other states are open and have fewer cases, fewer deaths and lower hospitalizations per capita than California.

A study by Scientific Reports looked at 87 regions world-wide and found there was little to no evidence lockdowns work. The European Journal of Clinical Investigation peer reviewed a study in January that examined the effects of lockdowns in 10 countries. The doctors compared the countries that had strict lockdown orders like England, France and Germany and compared them to countries that remained more open throughout the last year, like Sweden and South Korea. There was “no clear significant beneficial effect” from the stay-at-home orders and business closures. A study published by Frontiers in Public Health concluded that neither lockdowns nor lockdown severity were correlated with lower death rates. One of the doctor’s involved in the study was Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a professor of medicine at Stanford University. I spoke with Dr. Bhattacharya when he warned against the dangers of closing businesses and keeping people inside. Recently, he called the lockdowns, “(the) biggest public health mistake we’ve ever made.” I could not agree more with Dr. Bhattacharya. The long-term effects of not having kids in school, of businesses being shutdown, in many cases forever, and people being deemed non-essential will be felt for decades to come.

It is estimated that 75% of restaurants will close permanently due to the lockdownsYelp reported that 55% of businesses have shut down for good because of the lockdowns. Teenage suicide rates are up, at devastating levels, due to isolation and not being allowed in the classroom. 

While Californians have suffered, the Governor’s children have not missed a day of in-person schoolhis wineries remain open and the thousand dollar dinner at the French Laundry is a slap in the face to those deemed non-essential.

As the Governor prepares for a recall election, it would do him a lot of good to apologize to students, to business owners, to the restaurant industry, to the events industry, and to the millions of Californians whose lives he’s ruined. He needs to stop putting politics before human lives. An apology is the least he can do.

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17 thoughts on “Gavin Newsom Owes California an Apology 

    1. The economic restrictions put into place in California and around the world were never intended to “slow the spread”, they were implemented to weaken the evil middle class that got too big and powerful and put Disruptor Trump into office, voted for Brexit etc… The lockdowns were done intentionally and are working as planned.

    2. Cheating isn’t winning. No need for mail ballots. We know what happen in 2020 election. Can’t let this happen again.

  1. I would like a live debate of Recall Candidates. Each describing how they would address the REAL issues affecting California, as described in Katy Grimes articles (EDD, No-Bid Contracts, sham Valencia Testing Lab, Lockdowns, etc.)
    I would like Newsom to address illegal election changes; immoral sex crimes bill recently signed; illegal Executive Powers; illegal lockdowns, illegal Covid Nursing Home legislation, etc. …And a DEMAND to produce the science he is using to justify lockdowns, when open states are thriving. An apology from Newsom is moot.

    1. Excellent suggestion Marilyn. You covered it all.
      I want to to know how will they put out the big dumpster fire that was started years ago along with Newsom, Brown and their progressive supermajority!
      I see the train to nowhere is still stuck at the station, which I think is a blessing in disguise. What will they do with that? Scrap it, I hope.

    2. Let me in the beat that SOB when it comes to healthcare and the biggest fraud company that he has given authority to take over not only the developmentally disabled but now the elderly! Yeah keep your ion him and Regional Center biggest money laundering government agency that is posing as a non-signed me up to be a front runner and DaBaby Newsom on the healthcare! I getting signatures for the recall would that make me eligible to be in the debate!

  2. I think he’s lost control, everything would be open if the schools would do their function as funding intended. How would it look if they were the only entity not back to normal after he opened everything. Unions won’t so he can’t.

    In future elections I would like to know as much about the union leaders that will actually be running the shit show of state politics as the ‘candidates’ on my ballot. Does this fall under transparency?

  3. As someone mentioned, an apology is moot, and it will never happen from that arrogant, egotistical person. I pray that he is recalled, but have doubts that it will happen, since Pelosi set 600 million aside for San Francisco through her “Covid” relief proposal. Much as I would like to see real help for San Francisco, my opinion is that money will be used to keep Gavin in place.

    1. I believe the money will be recycled back to Pelosi in a non profit. SF peeps will never see that. We , the people have to step up and fight back. Kevin Kiley can’t do it all and we have to have only one candidate running on the recall not the cailtlin wanna be or the other person. If we have 3 conservatives running we lose to a democrat. It’s that simple.

  4. The state is going to hell NEWSOME has no idea what is going on….maybe all the gel he uses on his hair is causing brain damage because he’s an idiot

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