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Globe Contributor Writes 3 ‘Practical Guides’ to State Government Processes

Each book contains detailed explanations of their respective processes

By Katy Grimes, February 11, 2024 2:27 pm

Long-time Globe contributor, Chris Micheli, just released a 3-book series of “Practical Guides” to the Legislative Process, Budget Process, and Rulemaking Process.

“I’ve worked for some time to put together three Practical Guides that are intended to provide useful information and suggestions for those involved in the California legislative process, the budget process, and the rulemaking process in this state,” Micheli explained.

The three books are available for individual purchase, but all three are part of a series to assist people in understanding the basics of these three important parts of lawmaking in this state.

According to Micheli, “Each book contains detailed explanations of their respective processes so that beginners understand the process and more seasoned individuals can review aspects of each process to refine their knowledge.”

He also described “these Practical Guides as intended to be resources that could be consulted before embarking on a legislative, Budget, or regulatory effort in California”

They can be purchased on Amazon as a paperback book or an e-book:

Practical Guide to the CA Legislative Process

Practical Guide to the CA Budget Process

Practical Guide to the CA Rulemaking Process

The contents of each of the books are set forth below:


Table of Contents

Chapter            Topic                                                                                       Page

1                      Overview of the Legislature                                                    1

2                      Legislature’s Constitutional Provisions                                  3

3                      Basics of the Legislative Process                                            8

4                      Additional Insights into the Legislative Process                    10

5                      Key Differences between the Assembly and Senate               14

6                      Legislative Calendar                                                               16

7                      Legislative Deadlines                                                              17

8                      Referral of Bills                                                                      19

9                      Legislative Committee System                                               20

10                    Types of Legislative Committees                                            22

11                    Legislative Committee Rules                                                 23

12                    Legislative Committee Staff                                                   27

13                    Legislative Committee Hearings                                            29

14                    Suspense File Process for Fiscal Bills                                    32

15                    Legislative Floor Procedures                                                  35

16                    Methods of Floor Voting                                                         36

17                    Vote Requirements for Bills                                                    37

18                    Reconsideration of Bills                                                          39

19                    Phrases You Might Hear on the Legislative Floors                41

20                    Differences in Legislative Floor Operations                           42

21                    Items on Concurrence                                                             45

22                    Addressing Some End-of-Session Items                                 46

23                    Overview of the Legislative Publications                               47

24                    Legislative Lingo                                                                    53

25                    A Primer on Special Sessions                                                 57

26                    Practical Items for Special Sessions                                       59

27                    Fiscal Emergency Special Sessions                                        62

28                    Governor’s Timeline for Acting on Bills                                63

29                    Influences on Shaping Legislation                                          65

30                    Legislative Process Obstacles                                                 68

31                    Dissecting Bills in the Legislature                                          71

32                    Frequently Asked Questions about the Legislative Process   77



Table of Contents

Chapter            Topic                                                                                       Page

1                      The Impact of the State Budget on Public Policy                   1

2                      Overview of the Budget Process                                             3

3                      State Budget Lingo                                                                 6

4                      Constitutional Rules for the State Budget                              10

5                      About the May Revision                                                         13

6                      Standard Sections in a Budget Bill                                         15

7                      Unique Provisions of the Budget Bill – Part I                        16

8                      Unique Provisions of the Budget Bill – Part II                       19

9                      Unique Provisions of the Budget Bill – Part III                     21

10                    Unique Provisions of the Budget Bill – Part IV                     24

11                    Unique Provisions of the Budget Bill – Part V                      28

12                    Unique Provisions of the Budget Bill – Part VI                     32

13                    Unique Provisions of the Budget Bill – Part VII                    36

14                    Unique Provisions of the Budget Bill – Part VIII                   39

15                    Appropriating Funds                                                               43

16                    Bills that Contain Intent for Future Appropriations                44

17                    Appropriations Limit Disclaimer                                            45

18                    Public Assistance Appropriations Bills                                   47

19                    Reversion Clauses                                                                   48

20                    Governor’s Line-Item Veto Authority                                     49

21                    Frequently Asked Questions about the Budget Process         50

22                    Observations on the Budget Process                                       54

23                    FAQs about the Balanced Budget Requirement                     56


Table of Contents

Chapter            Topic                                                                                                   Page

1                      Role of Administrative Agencies in State Government                      1

2                      California State Agencies                                                                   2

3                      Types of State Agencies                                                                      6

4                      Overview of the California Code of Regulations                               7

5                      Delegated Legislative Authority Under the APA                               8

6                      California’s Office of Administrative Law                                         10

7                      Overview of the Rulemaking Process                                                 12

8                      Outline of the APA Statutes                                                                14

9                      Understanding the Regulatory Process                                               20

10                    FAQs on Regular Versus Emergency Rulemaking                             24

11                    Key Considerations in Emergency Rulemaking                                 26

12                    Public Hearings Under the APA                                                         28

13                    What Does a Rulemaking Agency Do with Public Comments?         30

14                    Economic Impact Analysis Under the APA                                        31

15                    What Is the SRIA?                                                                              33

16                    Underground Regulations and the APA                                              35

17                    Summary of OAL’s Six Statutory Standards of Review                    38

18                    What Are Rulemaking Appeals to the Governor’s Office?                 40

19                    Some Insights on the APA Process                                                     41

20                    Major Influences on the Rulemaking Process                                    43

21                    Judicial Review of Regulations Under the APA                                 45

22                    Frequently Asked Questions about the Rulemaking Process             47

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