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Gubernatorial Candidate John Cox (middle) Talking With Farmers. (Via johncoxforgovernor)

Cox Continues Assault On DMV

Gubernatorial Candidate John Cox’s Campaign Pushes Onward

By Sean Brown, September 11, 2018 10:00 am

Everyone in politics knows that rage gets voters to the polls more reliably than any other emotion. Since the beginning of campaign season, gubernatorial candidate John Cox has been relentlessly reminding Californians of the one thing that universally enrages them: the DMV.

The former accountant, attorney and businessman is running on the Republican card against Gavin Newsom. Cox has been campaigning vigorously on issues such as the homelessness crisis ranging throughout the state and Gavin Newsom’s lavish lifestyle. However, his assault on the terrible inefficiency of the DMV has undoubtedly been his primary focus.

The social media regular tweeted earlier yesterday “Governor Brown needs to bring the legislature back to Sacramento and demand an immediate audit of this DMV fiasco.” While the California legislature is currently taking their yearly interim, Cox’s tweet references the state’s failure to audit the DMV.

Long lines, inefficient workers, complicated bureaucracy and much more have plagued the reputation of California’s DMV as a dreadful experience. Back in early August of this year, an audit of DMV management practices fell short by one vote after three Democratic senators Ricardo Lara, Ben Allen and Jim Beal all abstained from voting. Instead, the state granted the department another $16 million to hire 200 more workers for its field offices. According to KCRA, Gov. Jerry Brown’s office said in a statement “We’re throwing everything at this that we can, and we’re grateful for the legislature’s quick action to approve and fund more DMV staff” and “We share their strong commitment to getting this fixed”.

It will surely shake up California politics if Cox can pull off a win in November, though many don’t believe that’s possible given how left-leaning California has become. Despite this, a recent Globe article highlighted the fact that Cox has dramatically closed the gap between himself and Newsom. The election is now 56 days away.

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