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Gavin Newsom
CA Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Gov. Newsom Announces Reimbursement Support for Small Businesses Damaged By Protests, Riots

Assistance may be on final state budget before June 15th deadline

By Evan Symon, June 6, 2020 2:11 am

On Thursday, Governor Gavin Newsom expressed how businesses damaged in the George Floyd protests and riots should be reimbursed for any accrued losses.

Newsom, in Stockton Thursday, called for government assistance and philanthropic organizations to help those businesses hurt by the protests and riots.

“These businesses otherwise simply cannot survive,” said Newsom.

Earlier in the week while surveying damage in Sacramento, Newsom had given a more tangible idea for helping those businesses.

“Businesses matter. We care and we have a special responsibility to help support them,” noted the Governor. “As a small businessperson myself with a lot of experience in this space,  a few little grants here and there aren’t gonna do it. You need something much more concrete, rational, and robust. And it’s gotta be localized so each city, each county and the state in helping support them. Some haven’t recovered since 2008.”

“I already talked to legislative leaders about this. We have less than two weeks to get a budget done. We’ve got to be creative and I’m committed tow working with them and I’m confident we’ll do something to recognize this scale.”

While many businesses were insured for damages, many smaller businesses had either cut premiums or went without insurance as cost-saving measures during the recent coronavirus pandemic and economic downturn. mall businesses loans and grants that could have helped have also dried up due to budget cuts nationwide, with California small businesses in particular showing a great need due to hard hit areas such as Los Angeles and Oakland.

“This is why Newsom is trying to increase the number of small businesses grants and micro-loans,” explained small business financial adviser Quentin Sykes. “Small businesses have been slammed hard twice this year with the economy and the coronavirus shutting down many for months. Now some have been hit a third time and there isn’t much left. Not with a budget deficit, and not with so many other areas needing funding.”

“He’s also pushing non-government entities because there isn’t much left in the tank budget-wise. It’s odd. The same people he and his supporters have spoken out against are now being asked to help them out.”

While the Governor and state Legislature come to a budget compromise during the month and decide how to manage the $54.3 billion budget deficit, some small business help has been virtually assured of making the budget. Most notably, a $100 million micro-loan program for woman and minority owned small businesses has already been approved of in both the Governor’s budget proposal and the Legislature’s budget proposal.

“We have a budget to negotiate with the legislature that has $100 million in micro-loans targeting woman and minority owned businesses,” Newsom said in Stockton on Thursday. “That’s a small amount of money at the end of the day and we need to support that with federal loan programs.”

Businesses damaged by protesters will know for sure of any budget-approved grants, funding, or micro-loans by June 15th, the state budget deadline.

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Evan Symon
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15 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Announces Reimbursement Support for Small Businesses Damaged By Protests, Riots

  1. A little law enforcement would have prevented most of this damage. The number 1 priority of government is law enforcement and public safety. Gruesome gets an F.

    1. My business burned down on Melrose Avenue. I was there as the police watched the looting and fire bombing of businesses. A simple tear gas canister would have prevented millions of dollars of damage.

    2. Totally agree with you. Too little too late. He shut down businesses and most could not hold out until the restrictions were lifted. We are the only state in the nation to still have an Declared Emergency!! Newscum is just trying to make himself look good after all his disastrous polities!! He is also sending out checks to millions right before the election. Give this guy the hook!

  2. This sounds more like a plea for a bailout since he has ruined the states finances with his draconian shutdown and out of control spending. Why not use the choo-choo train from nowhere to nowhere funds to help the victims of BLM and Antifa?

  3. Incompetent rich guy that has no idea what he is doing. He just throws tax payer money at what ever problem arises. He is like the rich teenager that wrecks his parents Rolls Royce while driving drunk. He knows that mommy and daddy have the money to fix anything.

  4. @ CW

    I have a feeling you’re right. His actions are not only an attempt to harm President Trump, but also to create sympathy for California citizens and use that situation that he created mind you, for a federal bailout. He’s gambling VERY recklessly and probably knows it since if President Trump gains re-election he’s going to have to start raiding piggybanks and robbing banks for the amount of money he needs and wants. He’s allowing cities to be destroyed and ordering the CHP to arrest law-abiding citizens, such as with the May 1st capitol protest, while running from criminals and standing down to rioters. He might be better off grabbing a bag of dough and throwing in on a roulette wheel in Vegas. I honestly think his odds would be better.

    As far as his bailouts for these businesses DESTROYED due to his lack of concern for them, if I was one of those people I’d take the money, leave the state and give newsome the finger.

    I think he knows he’s in BIG right now and has NO clue what to do. He seems like a 7 year old who went to work with his dad and sits at his desk pretending to be the boss while shooting rubber bands at the employees.

  5. There is a clear agenda in California that is unfolding in steps. First let all the criminals out of jail, criminalize working for a living or going to the beach (high unemployment and lots of frustration) and then unleash the domestic terrorists on the street to loot, burn, assault and kill. Next step is to cripple or eliminate police departments so the looting can go on unopposed. After this he will decry all the “vigilantes” who dare protect themselves from the mob. Door to door disarmament can’t be far off. I don’t see any good endings for this story.

    With “ballot harvesting” and mail in voting I suspect Gruesome has little to fear from the voters.

  6. @ CW

    I’ve been wondering how they might try for a full-bore NAZI gun-grab. Rioters hit many gun stores obviously for the weapons, but maybe also to keep citizens from acquiring them since guns sales have gone through the roof.

    If they do try a door-to-door approach I doubt they’ll have much to track down in the cities other than the firearms owned by criminals, but they’re not interested in those. The city police answer to the mayors say and the CHP answers to the governor, but the Sheriffs answer to the voters. They are not appointed but elected and they have a lot of authority. Newsom may have to send in secret cops or maybe even an army of blm or antifa to your door. But a Sheriff Department can protect it’s county, deputize citizens or even call in the guard as Sheriff D’Agostini proved last week. Who is one awesome Sheriff with incredible deputies.

    Whatever happens I agree with you there is not any good scenarios here. Either the thugs are stopped, and most likely with brute force, or the people of California are going to live locked in their homes in fear. Scaring us with the flu HOAX didn’t work so now I guess plan B is fear of physical harm. Unless there’s a way to remove the Governor and these mayors the people of California may have to fight and fight very hard for their way of life to return.

    1. “Rioters hit many gun stores obviously for the weapons…” such a genius observation. I heard the rioters were hitting many shoe stores for the shoes.

      I live in California and have not seen any signs of a “full-bore NAZI gun-grab” but will be sure to report back the minute that changes.

  7. “We have a budget to negotiate with the legislature that has $100 million in micro-loans targeting woman and minority owned businesses,” Newsom said in Stockton on Thursday. And screw everyone else says the incompetent buffoon who did nothing to prevent the rioting and theft.

  8. You would think Santa Monica, the cradle of SoCal Marxism, would not get obliterated by the roaming marauding mobs…

    Lots of people gotta be reassessing their brick/mortar local futures, community safety, political and law enforcement support.
    …..possible commercial deserts coming to your neighborhoods?
    Ain’t we all in this together?

  9. That’s rich coming from Gavin Newsom who single-handedly destroyed all small businesses by keeping them closed indefinitely, then fined them if they dared try to work to make money to survive.

  10. My name is Co Ba Duong, I’m was a victim of protester riots destroyed small Jewelry businesses, last May 31st, in Long Beach, CA.
    Name of businesses is Beach Jewelry Center. 121 Pine Ave, Long Beach CA 90802.
    I need Financial help for rent. My tell: 562-787-1590

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