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Senator Scott D. Wiener. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Gov. Newsom Vetoes Bill Proposing to Allow Open Drug Dens

Ironically, Democrats referred to the bill as the ‘overdose prevention program’

By Katy Grimes, August 22, 2022 3:59 pm

Proposing to allow open drug dens in two of California’s most crime-laden, homeless and vagrant-filled cities is the equivalent of taking a recovering alcoholic to an open bar at a large wedding. Fortunately, Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed Senate Bill 57, which passed by both houses of the California Legislature along party lines.

SB 57 would have allowed for the open operation of drug dens in Los Angeles and San Francisco Counties. Ironically, Democrats referred to the bill as the “overdose prevention program.”

In his veto message, Gov. Newsom said he has “long supported the cutting edge of harm reduction strategies,” but expressed concern about the number of drug injection sites the bill would allow without “strong, engaged local leadership and well documented and vetted, thoughtful operational and sustainability plans.”

There is already speculation that with Gov. Newsom leaning toward a 2024 Presidential run, this was a bill too far for the rest of the country to ingest. It also would have provided a cudgel for opponents to use against him.

As the Globe noted in an August 9 article, “this legislation appears to go hand-in-hand with Democrats’ policies on homelessness… or lack-thereof policies. California’s predominantly Democrat state and local politicians have allowed the homeless drug addicts and mentally ill to live on city and county streets, along rivers, in public parks and golf courses, without constraint. Even the low-barrier homeless shelters Democrats support lack restrictions, allowing for open drug use and drug deals, rape, physical abuses, and other crimes.”

“Why would anyone think open drug dens in LA and San Francisco would be any different?”

Notably, there is no pathway to treatment in SB 57, just as with Democrat “solutions” to homelessness – there is no pathway to any treatment.

Senate Republican Leader Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) and all members of the Senate Republican Caucus recently called on Gov. Newsom to veto Senate Bill 57. “Instead of focusing on a strategy to help people get their lives back, get off drugs and into treatment, California Democrats focus on giving people free needles and a safe place to shoot up,” Sen. Wilk said. “This is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation that I’ve seen sent to the governor. Leaving people on the streets in squalor, rather than getting them help, shows zero compassion.”

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10 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Vetoes Bill Proposing to Allow Open Drug Dens

  1. GOOD! I think we finally found the one good thing Newsom has done for Californians. Well, a good thing ‘by omission’ —- this is by vetoing of an AWFUL AWFUL thing. But we’ll take it, right? I’m glad to know that his plans to run for President might possibly have some benefits for CA residents. (knock wood)

  2. Yes, it is an election year and there is a new viral video featuring the latest horrific crime happening in California, while Newsom takes a walk in the woods.

    Lets Go Gavi!

  3. If Governor Climate Change did not have his sights set on the White House you know damn well he would have signed SB 57 into law.

  4. I am a recovering opiate addict and am shocked by giving addicts a place to do drugs & providing them with the forever opiate in place of H & F
    You cannot get off of methadone ever & it is a forever thing. Sometimes Mr Grusom has common sense.

  5. Bill brought to you by Democrat Scott Weiner who can be found on line semi naked with a dog collar and leather harness. I’m gay and even find him vile and disgusting.

    1. So does the straight population…vile, disgusting and mentally ill…. not surprising that his online presence would include such perversions, given his track record of bad legislation….

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