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California State Capitol on March 11, 2022. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe).

Have You Seen Mathematical Formulas in California Statute?

California statutes can actually contain not only technical language, but also mathematical formulas

By Chris Micheli, September 25, 2023 12:10 pm

Most California statutes use “plain language,” but there are a number of instances of statutes among California’s 29 Codes that have technical language. And, while reviewing 2023 bills reaching the Governor’s Desk, there is SB 343 (Chapter 213) that actually includes math formulas in the state.

In particular, Section 3 of SB 343 added Section 4055 to the Family Code in order to determine child support orders. Section 4055 contains a formula for making that determination. The following is the new statutory language being added to California’s Family Code:


(a) The statewide uniform guideline for determining child support orders is as follows: CS = K[HN – (H%)(TN)].

(b) (1) The components of the formula are as follows:

(A) CS = child support amount.

(B) K = amount of both parents’ income to be allocated for child support as set forth in paragraph (3).

(C) HN = high earner’s net monthly disposable income.

(D) H% = approximate percentage of time that the high earner has or will have primary physical responsibility for the children compared to the other parent. In cases in which parents have different time-sharing arrangements for different children, H% equals the average of the approximate percentages of time the high earner parent spends with each child.

(E) TN = total net monthly disposable income of both parties.

(2) To compute net disposable income, see Section 4059.

(3) K (amount of both parents’ income allocated for child support) equals one plus H% (if H% is less than or equal to 50 percent) or two minus H% (if H% is greater than 50 percent) times the following fraction:

Total Net Disposable
Income Per Month
$0–2,900 0.165 + TN/82,857
$2,901–5,000 0.131 + TN/42,149
$5,001–10,000 0.250
$10,001–15,000 0.10 + 1,499/TN
Over $15,000 0.12 + 1,200/TN

Moreover, Section 4055 has even codified an example for using the above formula. The following hypothetical is being added to the Family Code:

For example, if H% equals 20 percent and the total monthly net disposable income of the parents is $1,000, K = (1 + 0.20) × (0.165 + 1,000/82,857), or 0.21. If H% equals 80 percent and the total monthly net disposable income of the parents is $1,000, K = (2 – 0.80) × (0.165 + 1,000/82,857), or 0.21.

As a result, even though we do not often see the above language very often, California statutes can actually contain not only technical language, but also they can even contain mathematical formulas and examples for solving math problems!

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4 thoughts on “Have You Seen Mathematical Formulas in California Statute?

  1. Since California statewide math scores have been allowed (by incompetent educators) to decline for decades, why would the public have much confidence in the accuracy or appropriateness of any math formulas written into these statutes by California born-bred-educated legislators and their staff? Apparently some Democrats are finally admitting to their mistakes. A couple of members of the S.F. city council want to reinstate the teaching of algebra in 8th grade. What miracle of miracles? No, just back to sensible instead of stupid policy.

    1. CW, as you and I know, math is the LEAST racist subject because it is less language dependent wrt teaching/learning than subjects like history or sociology, for example. Math is really a universal language in itself. A differential equation looks exactly the same written in English or any other language. But good luck trying to explain this to a leftist Democrat. 🙁

      1. Anything that is true is an enemy of the left. They have explicitly rejected science (real), biology, genetics mathematics, reason and sanity (look up the BLM creed). I am just pointing out their hypocrisy.

        You can bet they use math when selling their stolen goods after looting stores. 😉

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