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Gov. Gavin Newsom "marking the full reopening of CA with heroic essential workers." (Photo: @CAgovernor Twitter)

Is California Really ‘Roaring Back’ or Limping Along?

Gov. Newsom is taking credit for creating jobs after killing 40% of California’s small businesses

By Katy Grimes, June 19, 2021 10:24 am

“California continues to lead the nation’s economic recovery, adding 104,500 jobs in May, marking the fourth month in a row of six-figure job creation,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a statement Friday.

Wow! Shazam! Pow! Relief! Whew! The California economy is back according to Gov. Newsom. But he left out a few critical points: He locked down California ahead of the other 49 states forcing “non-essential” businesses to close and lay-off employees.

Yet now Gov. Newsom is taking credit for creating jobs? He’s got a short memory after killing off 40% of California businesses with his COVID lockdown orders in March 2020.

The governor and his marketing team are running ads claiming “California Roars back.”

The best comments on that Tweet were:

Roaring back with a 8.3% unemployment rate…”

“We wouldn’t need to ‘roar back’ if you didn’t destroy it. #RecallNewsom

“Our health-centric approach has saved lives, resulting in one of the lowest case rates and the most vaccinations in the country – now we’re leading the nation in health and economic outcomes,” Newsom said in the same statement.

Other states, which did not force such draconian lockdowns on businesses and residents, also have extremely low case rates, and did not force businesses to lay-off employees.

“We’ve regained more than half the jobs we lost over the past year, but there’s still a long way to go,” Newsom said, “– that’s why we’re making historic investments in small business tax cuts and grants, tax rebates for two-thirds of California families and rent relief for those hardest hit by the pandemic.”

“Investments in small business tax cuts and grants, and tax rebates,” not only would not be necessary had Gov. Newsom allowed businesses to remain open for business, the state “investing in small businesses” is never real. It’s taxpayers who are “investing in small businesses,” and not the governor or “the State.”

Then there was this Tweet from Gov. Newsom:

What in fresh hell was that video?

Responses were all over the place on Gov. Newsom’s Twitter feed, and many made clear their frustration with the governor:

“CA is back and fully reopen thanks to the recall efforts.”

“How can a lot of businesses reopen when they’re already bankrupt??????”

“If it wasn’t for the recall, we’d be in lockdown until 2022.”

The California economy can’t roar back as long as Gov. Newsom pays people not to work.

The Globe has heard from many California employers who report that “hiring is an impossible task right now.”

One employer share this with the Globe about trying to hire:

“The benefits need to stop now. I advertised a month ago – paid more than $500 to each. Not one candidate.”

“I tried again with another service 2 weeks ago. Experience job opening got 3 candidates none of which will return phone call, Text or email. Beginning job opening- Got 3 candidates. Once does not answer one did not give valid phone number or email address and the 3rd one I was able to talk to but will see if he shows up for interview. I would not normally hire him but I need a body.”

An employer told the Globe:

“We have survived on savings and the fact we own the building—and we are blessed with a tenant who has scraped by with the help of PPP loans, and been able to pay rent.”

A restaurant owner said this:

I just got back from a trip driving around Nebraska and Colorado.  Every business in every small town we drove thru had a Help-Wanted posting in the window.  Many promised starting wages of $13/hr.  This in places where the starting wages a year ago were probably $8 to $9/hr.  Every restaurant we stopped at was running limited hours and had new and poorly trained staff.

Higher unemployment compensation DOES reduce the incentive to work.  What a stunning reminder of how government can distort markets.
When a Quarter Pounder meal in Nebraska is running $8.45 you know labor and food costs are going crazy.

And finally, another business owner told the Globe this:

Just got done signing loan docs for additional EIDL loan money from the SBA.  Since the new administration has taken over the SBA is a steaming pile of you know what.  Had to go to my congress member’s office—took 3 tries and a personal appeal—to get anyone at SBA to even look at my file.  And they contacted me originally!!

This is what happens when “the State” gets involved in businesses. Feeling the ROAR yet?


Business owners, send the Globe your stories about reopening – the good, the bad, and the ugly to katy@californiaglobe.com

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32 thoughts on “Is California Really ‘Roaring Back’ or Limping Along?

  1. 1.4 million views of this contrived Hollywood set that looks like something at Disneyland. Newsom and HIS people are going to be hearing the “roar of anger” from the people they are INSULTING with these IDIOTIC commercials.

  2. Vote the Recall!
    Its up to us, the great unwashed, unwoke out here to carry that ball because the issue is suspiciously absent from the mainstream media.
    Dont forgive. Don’t forget. Vote.

  3. Gavin Newsom and his Hollywood friends really have their nerve. Roaring Back? Please! Katy Grimes is right: Newsom was the first to shut down his state, after which he killed off 40% of CA businesses, never mind that he held us captive on the scariest and most annoying roller coaster ride ever invented — for 16 months. Probably most of us suspect that Newsom’s shutdown torture chamber will be revived at any moment. And now we have to listen to him brag about California roaring back with job creation thanks to him?

    Meanwhile, it’s difficult to imagine how Californians could be in worse shape culturally and economically than we are now. (knock wood) Is it incompetence on the governor’s part? Or is he unlucky, he just happens to be cursed somehow with the opposite of the Midas Touch? Or is it purposeful? I think it’s purposeful, but it hardly matters, we just know we’re in a mess in every category one could name. Businesses closed forever, skyrocketing crime, out-of-control homeless/vagrancy, closures of public schools (which were apparently only indoctrination centers to begin with), rapid rise in cost of living, constant fearmongering, lies, and nagging about COVID and the sketchy vaccines, government corruption and incompetence, government-created drought, open border chaos, disintegrating rule of law, lack of trust in election integrity, etc., you get the picture.

    We have to start somewhere and that is to recall this shameless and destructive Gavin Newsom.
    We have to do this, we have no choice.
    Also please donate to the campaign if you can possibly spare it.

  4. Jobs that returned are low end, not at income levels that would support a family. Small business is missing big time.

  5. Dear Dear Comrades
    Do you really believe these puff pieces?
    In old days we never read, heard an enlightened word…..familiar?

  6. For a second there I thought I was reading the Babylon Bee!
    “Roaring Back” Huh!
    If this is roaring back then we are living in an upside down world!
    I do not think that is excess hair gel anymore, he has sh*t for brains and it just is oozing out all over!
    He was and is a job killer!
    May we all be mindful of his B.S.

  7. Saw the Fantasyland commercial for the first time yesterday during the US Open Golf & wanted to shoot my TV set…
    What a load of utter bovine excrement…

    And the observation about Colorado and Nebraska are 100% true & accurate as we recently took a similar trip to visit family and had the same thoughts…

    Newsom was amongst the most egregious and energetic offenders, but all Democrat governors were complicit in the plandemic-related steal of the 2020 election after their multiple impeachment claims failed…
    Now Newsom and his BYD Chinese mask deal partners and PLA funders are doing who knows what type of shady deals…

    Agree 100% with the other commenter about the RELENTLESS propaganda about very questionable injections and something tells me that something VERY nefarious is underway….

    1. Yeah, they love to give benevolent , nondescript names to shady programs and laws.
      They will call it the “Freedom Pass” Only those that have subjected themselves to the experimental shot are allowed to travel freely and live life as once before.
      And it allows you to collect spiffy prizes like Taco Bell Tacos, amusement rides,Chipoltle, entry into a lottery, free vacations….
      Enjoy it now you may not be around a in few years or too sick????

  8. Newsom says “California is roaring back.” It’s a good thing that any person with a brain will see through his lies. Its a overhyped positive spin to portray things are great to protect himself from losing when in reality many Californians are struggling.

  9. Be grateful for the pittance he doles out. First he beats the cr@p out of the people of California and then he offers to drive you to the ER . Whataguy.

  10. Well – as I understand it, there are three choices. A business can require masks for everyone, inquire whether people are vaccinated, or just leave it be and don’t police masking at all.
    I for one will not be disclosing my vaccination status to anyone just for the asking and I will not be shopping or patronizing businesses that insist on masks.

    1. WeareNOTallinthistogether, I was at Walmart yesterday. The sign on the door said that masks are not required for anyone who has been vaccinated. However, no one at the door was checking people entering. So, even if you are NOT vaccinated, you could enter the store without wearing a mask and no one would know the difference. This mask wearing requirement is total nonsense.

  11. Katy Grimes, I am so grateful for you journalism. Always enjoy your perspective and have respect for you. When I read this article, I still couldn’t help to think of the 6600 farmers who have been notified of the loss of water to #1make an honest living, and #2 feed Americans. IMO that is destroying economy and our food sources. Roaring back, My ass! I have been silent the last week because I was out of state purchasing a new home. It is time for me to leave my state, born and raised. Personally I do not have a good outlook for CA. I can always come visit. My future home state I visited, they all knew who the governor of CA was, referred to him by his name and his one man rule and laughed in disgust. Everyone wished CA would break off the US and fall in the ocean, not my words. Very little respect for CA and Newsom. Most people, for example the car rental agents, hotel etc. felt CA was a state of idiots, which did hurt my feelings but think it was mostly focused on citizens and our governor not taking a stand as Americans. So I learned not to say I was from CA! I am not willing to wait it out for things to get better in my home state. I find it sad, really sad. I’ll be hanging around in CA a few more months but will always read and respond on CAGlobe. After all I will always be a Cali girl, Newsom can’t take that from me.

    1. Stacy,
      I have appreciated your comments here. You probably do not want to disclose where you are going but I hope it gives you some room to breathe and feel safe. I think many of us have one foot out of this once beautiful, safe well managed state.
      My husband would leave tomorrow if I was willing. For now we will stay put and voice our opposition to the waste and fraud consuming this state. This state is bleeding good hard working families. When will voters wise up and say enough?
      Hope to keep hearing from you on here.

      1. Thanks Caligirl! The past week was refreshing. There wasn’t a bit of white racism. Matter of fact, everyone, including the local news, was color blind as it was before George Floyd. It is the first time in 2 years I felt like I was in America. It felt normal. There weren’t multiple commercials pushing COVID vaccine safeness down your throat by Hollywood/politican/union wanna be doctors or stupid governors playing wheel of fortune for a taco. I swear I just got home from a yoga retreat. I appreciate your tenacity to continue the fight for our state. I plan to come to my favorite beach town in CA for 4-6 weeks in the summer months.

        1. From one Yogi to another,namaste????
          It sounded like a nice respite from the nonsense in this state.
          I like your plan, you can enjoy the best parts of California without the high taxes and elitists attitudes.
          Best to you.

    2. @Stacy, I wish you well and hope your future adventures will be full of joy and good people. I agree with your decision. CA is too corrupt to be redeemed. CA’s media, educational institutions will only continue to produce compliant individuals. Full Speed Ahead!

    3. Stacy, I’m so sorry to hear you will be leaving California, but I certainly understand it and admire that you took action. I wish you nothing but the best in your new home. Have appreciated your comments very much and hope you will continue to weigh in here occasionally.

  12. OK, catching up. I just was reading Evan Symon article on Gavin Newsom being hit with water bottle, saw comments were closed. Why?

    1. Hi Stacy, We closed the comments on the article about Gov. Newsom being attached by the homeless guy because too many were breaching decent discussion. Readers can always go to our social media pages, or I can be reached at katy@californiaglobe for thoughts, comments and discussion. – Katy

      1. Thanks for clarifying and sad to hear that indecent discussion creeped in! CaGlobe transparency appreciated!

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