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Gavin Newsom
California Governor Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Is Politics the Reason Gov. Newsom is Keeping California Locked Down?

The only curve which needs to be flattened is the curve of the anti-jobs, anti-business political majority in Sacramento

By Katy Grimes, April 21, 2020 12:42 pm

While Republican governors are announcing plans to re-open their states, many Democrat governors are being non-committal and stalling. California Gov. Gavin Newsom refuses to even put out a tentative date, even as testing of coronavirus infections shows they are not only leveling off, but dropping. Californians are protesting this lockdown, and there are more coming to the State Capitol, and counties throughout the state.

Early in March, Newsom told Californians to stay at home in order to flatten the curve of coronavirus outbreaks in order to not overwhelm our hospitals. But hospitals in California were never overwhelmed. Emergency rooms have been largely empty, and the state’s 422 hospitals’ ICUs have maybe four coronavirus patients each. With 1,208 coronavirus fatalities in a state of 40 million, this math bears out.

Many don’t know that 780 people die each day anyway in California from other causes: cancer, motor vehicle crashes, suicides, homicides, drug overdose, and coronary heart disease is the top killer.

While California politicians and the news media are still hysterical over the coronavirus, it’s as if the annual seasonal flu never happened this year. Yet it’s the seasonal flu which is so deadly nearly every year, while the media and politicians say show little to no concern. And this year, 2019-2020 flu season, the flu vaccination is only 47% effective.

The CDC reports today there are 746,625 total cases of those testing positive fro Coronavirus in the United States, and a total of 39,083 deaths – the average age of which is 79 1/2. Many doctors and coroners say they are told to count every death as coronavirus if the patient tested positive for it as hospitals receive a larger payment from medicare.

However, there have been 410,000 – 740,000 seasonal flu hospitalizations, and 24,000 – 62,000 flu deaths. The CDC admits to not counting the seasonal flu beyond April 4 because of coronavirus.

As California Globe reported recently:

According to the Center for Disease Control, even with a vaccine, the 2018-2019 flu season, lasting 21 weeks, was the longest in a decade; 61,200 died, 647,000 people were hospitalized. The CDC says that is on par with a typical flu season.

In 2018, nearly 80,000 Americans died of seasonal flu, the kind that more people end up in the hospital with. It caused more deaths, particularly among young children and the elderly.

In recent years, flu-related deaths have ranged from about 12,000 to — in the worst year — 56,000, according to the CDC, prior to 2018.

Looking at these numbers, why is California still locked down?


While most state government employees are sheltering at home, they are doing it with a full paycheck. It’s the private sector business owners and private sector employees who bear the brunt of the shutdown with business closures and more than 3 million jobs lost.

State employees are union members, of which, the SEIU is the largest labor union bargaining unit, and one of the largest political campaign contributors in the state.

Under one party rule in California, between the jobs lost due to the governor shutting down the state, and independent contractors and freelancers losing jobs after Assembly Bill 5 was passed, Democrats are largely silent.

Even with a new exemption carved out of AB 5 for musicians, “the language also specifically provides for unions to continue to organize the work of recording artists, musicians, singers and others, ensuring that current and future collective bargaining agreements will always govern in California,” the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported.

Motive for Remaining Shut down

Governor Newsom also may be getting pressure from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, over California’s competitive congressional races. Of the seven house seats lost by Republicans in the 2018 ballot harvesting slaughter, most of those are battleground seats in 2020. However, under statewide lockdown, Republican candidates Buzz Patterson (CD-7), Eric Early (CD-28), Mike Garcia (CD-25), Andy Caldwell (CD-24), Darrell Issa (CD-50), Jay Obernolte (CD-8), Young Kim (CD-39), Michelle Steele (CD-48), David Valadeo (CD-21) and others, trying to win back those seats cannot campaign, nor can they fundraise. And Democrat incumbents are sitting on war chests, generously funded by labor unions.

California Globe has spoken with several of these candidates and they all express the same frustration.

More Data

According to a report released Monday by the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, as many as 442,000 Los Angeles County residents may have already been infected with the coronavirus by early April, a number far higher than the 8,000 cases confirmed at the time.

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69 thoughts on “Is Politics the Reason Gov. Newsom is Keeping California Locked Down?

  1. Gov. Newsom is doing the right thing. Opening the economy too soon will cause more cases and deaths. I know people are tired of being locked down. But we have to get the numbers down first. It will be beneficial in the long run. He will make a Great president.

    1. Did you read the article? Do you believe any of it? Is your comment genuine? Are you willing to discuss any method of getting people back to work or walking on the beach or visiting their friends even in a cautionary, transitional way or are you only interested in locking people down? Are you aware of the damage — financial, psychological and even physical — such a prolonged lockdown/timeout can cause? Do you understand that many people will die from the effects of this? Do you understand that many people die every day anyway, not just from corona virus? Are you willing to consider alternatives or do you just back Gov Newsom and those like him no matter what and everyone else should just shut up and do what he says no matter how crazy and unreasonable? Do you know that he hasn’t given us any indication of when he plans to ease up on these restrictions? Do you care about your country and its future or do you want to toss it in the garbage? Do you know that we have a Bill of Rights?

      1. There is no country and no economy if people die

        75 active confirmed intensive care unit patients at my hospital right now in California and you make me sick when you compare different types of and causes of death because they are not the same and we do not have immunity to this unless you have worn a mask for 12 hours for seven weeks in a row at work-you have no right to say opening the economy is the answer and In fact that would be the very worst thing to do with this point as cases are increasing each day at my hospital and others. Only ignorant people compare causes of death and without life we have no economy anyway

        1. A lot of people say a lot of things about a lot of things. Have you noticed? Especially now when the situation is ripe to take advantage of the confusion and bad data thrown at us every day. Where is the evidence? Evidence that is presented in an objective way? Not with scary statements about deaths increasing and orders for citizens to toe the line or else and endless appeals to emotion. We know that an earnest appeal to be cautious would not be presented this way. People can smell that there is something phony about all of this. That it’s more like propaganda than straightforward information they can use.

          1. I agree with all that Showandtell said. The figures are thrown out with huge spreads, so that they are pretty meaningless. really. What is the margin of error? Statistics can be used to tell lies – they have to be more accurate than saying 410,000 – 740,000, for example. The takeaway from this report is that no one knows what they are doing. Hospital staff sees sick people, but none of them know the true diagnosis, because no one seems to know what the heck this virus is, or even if it is a virus or exosomes. Do a search for this term – it makes sense that the virus isn’t even a virus, but exosomes, a natural housecleaning of sick cells in the body. Researchers need to do the contagion test, where a sick person’s mucus is put in a well person’s nose, as gross as it sounds, because if they don’t get sick, it brings up the question as to whether this thing is an actual virus or not. Until more such research is done, we know nothing about what we’re dealing with, and we may be handling it completely wrong.

        2. Apparently even the medical “so called” professionals have been bamboozled… Nurse Shelly please educate us… This is what democrat’s do when they don’t get their way…

        3. God shut the fuck up. Please take you and all your fellow snowflakes back to the North Pole and let America be America again. What is it going to fuckin take for you people to actually believe in corruption?!

          1. Do you all realize that this virus and many of the other ones sars, bird, swine. Devastate people because the Medical industry in there attempt to keep people healthy with drug therapy instead of real doctoring, have destroyed the human bodies NATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM. Buy a Readers Digest and read the contraindications of the Drugs they advertise. Geez wake up, we did it to ourselves.

      2. I agree with Nurse Shelly and the person who said Newsom will make a Great President. I totally agree, Newsom and Trump did a damn good job putting aside their differences in Political Parties did other Democratic Governors to keep the People in their states safe and you want to sit here and wine about caring about our Country like this virus is just another flu virus. You have no idea what it was like being a frontliner or how hard it was for All Governors involved in making the decisions they had to make nor do you have any clue what kind of planning it takes to open up America and Our states again without more people dying if they make a wrong decision. You must have been one of the lucky people who didnt loose a loved one to the COVID 19 virus but maybe you should have so you would quit bashing our governor for caring about the people in california. You are not locked down in your house all day so feel free to go back to work because all you care about is money. It wont do you any good when you catch the virus . Go do what ever you want.
        Lives are always more important than money.

        1. Many more people will be affected by the he economy, suicide rate, unemployment, ect if we do not open soon. 61,000 people in America died from the flu ten years ago and everything was business as usual. If you don’t think politicians are using a tactic they have for centuries by never letting a good crisis go wasted, you are sorely mistaken. Follow the numbers and the facts, not your feelings.

        2. Give me liberty or give me death! When Governors start deciding who is an essential business and who isn’t, when farmers can’t plant seeds, or people can’t go up into the mountains and beaches across our land, it’s time to fight back. We the people can practice safe, common sense measures to protect one another better than these out of touch Governors can. We can’t survive by hiding and shutting down the economy. We have to learn how to safely open our economy back up, or else we will see unimaginable carnage that will make this Corona Virus seem like a common cold in comparison..

    2. Sorry your elitism and insensitivity make me sick. Glad you have a secure job. Over 60 percent of LA county is now unemployed. People are dying because Newsom won’t allow hospitals to perform heat, cancer and other essential surgeries. Millions of families will end up on the street facing poverty and starvation. Glad you feel safe

    3. Maybe in China.
      Apparently comrade you think an idiot like him who wants to make America look like the dysfunctional and bankrupt state of Kalyfornia is a good idea ?? Just look at the current demorat candidate who can’t recall were he is and what day it is and you think thats a good example ?? really ?? Hmmmm

    4. The numbers are convoluted the numbers are cushioned. Look up cares act section 4409. Hospitals get 15% bonus for every Covid19 admission, discharge and loss. Docs and coroners have been issued new documents with directive to indicate cause of death #1 Covid19 #2 congestive heart failure or whatever the truth was.

    5. Welcome to Microbiology 101, People are exposed to viruses every day by the millions along with bacteria, fungus and many other pathogens. Most are as harmless as a mild cold. Or,, no symptoms at all. Everyone knows a weak immune system could die from a common cold. Also, people die, it is part of life. Taking vitamin c every day is very good to build immunity. Being indoors is bad for your health. Sunshine, fresh air and exercise also boosts immunity and kills pathogens including the covid 19 virus that is mostly just a very mild cold at best.
      All bans should be lifted immediately. All the models were grossly over estimated. Social distancing and wearing masks does not prevent spreading or infection of any of these highly viral and very mild viruses.

    6. I, along with over half of Los Angeles, lost my job over this dick head. I will be homeless by June 1. If he put people out of work, then he needs to find away to help those he has financially devastated. His response was to borrow (more) money from the US government. This is your idea of effective leadership? When the economy doesn’t rebound and homelessness surges, let’s see how you feel about him then.

    7. A good President will not take away US citizens Constitutional Rights. Governor Newsom has no regard to our Constitutional Rights.

    8. Wow! He’s already blown through all the federal money given to him and the California Reserve money is that they had. And the numbers of the coronavirus and death do not justify continuing closing all the businesses. There will no longer be Ma and PAW businesses in the state of California only corporations left who have the money to survive this. And Newsom would make one of the worst Presidents in history if he ever has ever let elected. He is nothing but a narcissist arrogant control freak. And he is not for the American people he is definitely for corporations and unions. Please wake up to the truth. A lot of Democrats are and they’re switching over. Hopefully you’ll wake up one day

    9. Do you not realize the “deaths of despair”? Ruined businesses cause ruined lives and suicides. Not to mention more domestic violence, addiction, lost schooling where vulnerable children lose. It’s not all a party for most people. Some people are REALLY suffering.

    10. Newsom president ? I’ll prefer Obama’s third term or Hillary’s before Newsom . Beside supporting illegal emigrants , he’s done nothing for this state .

    11. The numbers are so out-of-whack as we count every death due to Wuhan Virus. Just because an infected person carrying the “virus” walked into a hospital is no reason to count every death occurring In the hospital from seasonal flu part of coronavirus. As Moses said: SET MY PEOPLE FREE

    12. Sheep! Absolutely no common sense at all ! Obviously you are just an ignorant person. So I am guessing you do not own a business? So you have no clue about why we need to open up. You just want to sit home like always and collect the governments MONEY! One day all you Dems that do own A business might just wake up to the Fact that Democrats ARE NOT ON YOUR SIDE. THIS NEWSOME MORON IS PROVING IT. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

    13. You know that in the months of December through mid March tens of millions were walking around without protection, inside confined spaces, on planes, trains, boats….but tens of millions are not dead. No. It’s not because we were placed in lockdown. H1N1 vaccine took a while to be produced yet 24k Americans died …. why were the numbers so low? Lockdown in 2009-2010? Nope. The numbers of deaths today are a mixture of Coronavirus, regular flu, and the presumed to have been infected. Presumptions are now the new thing now. I presume you’re unaware you’re being duped and simply choosing to ignore the data, facts, and common sense for your own agenda.

    14. I have received no money and business is ruined. All of Newsom promises are BS. No small business loan, no Edd check and still have over $7000 a month in bills to pay without my business income. Can you send me your money please since you seem ok with shut down

    15. Typical liberal Democrat response. Can you really prove your theory? Or since you are a Democrat, you ALWAY agree with the leaders from your party? What about the slow but surely suffering of the hair, nail technicians, hair salons owners who cannot conduct theirs businesses outside? Your Galvin Newson is just a joker who wants to do serious damage to California economy

    16. We cannot prove that Newson policy had brought down the number of Covid19 cases. But we can be sure that his policy cause financial hardships, suffering and stress for millions of hair, nail technicians in California. Meanwhile, Galvin and his Democrats comrades continue to receive paychecks, doing nothing. This Galvin The Joker only uses Covid19 as an opportunity to do damages to California economy, for his party political gain

    17. I agree with you…I find the folks that don’t like Newsome are generally OC Republicans or Sacramento Republicans. So no surprise they usually love Trump so no surprise how they think. I own several companies and of course they are All sustainable so another reason I love Newsome and California Regulations. Multi generational California Native as well. My family has made it’s success here.

  2. The Politics of getting Federal dollars at work here. He is pleading economic hardship while he gives BYD a Chinese company One BILLION Dollars to produce P.P.E. which the State has yet to receive. Absolute Dictator with Legislature out until who knows when. The fish stinks from the head down.

    1. Unacceptable and full review needed by state and federal authorities, soon! Millions of Californians are being punished while this continues. The Feds can not bail out California and New York and other states and cities. The USA will roll over bankrupt!

  3. how is it legal for him to spend $1B without legislative approval? everything is politics. very little virus.

    1. I totally agree! Have called bullshit on this scamdemic from day one. It just distressed me how many are sitting around waiting….waiting…..waiting for WHAT! ? Out nut job bag of politicians keep moving the goalposts and no one is saying, “I’m mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore”

  4. Of course it is politics, there are ways to safely reopen the economy.

    Something that people don’t pay attention to is the death rate for this virus are based on projections, yet we know the death rates for increased unemployment and we are reaching the point where that death rate is far exceeding the projections for the virus.

    Yet nothing is being done about this.

  5. A complete democratic house senate and presidency will gladly bail out CA once they get control..

    The virus will never completely go away. I can see waiting a couple of more weeks but we need to get moving .

    1. The New(Nazi)World Order was just rolled out 6 weeks ago..Now what? THEY WILL NOT OOEN THE STATES U LESS WE TAKE TO THE STREETS….Either shutdown EVERYTHING or Open up OUR COUNTRY.

  6. Newsom is corrupt and is Pelosi’s puppet. They make me sick! The numbers are down, and many people are losing their livelihoods. The continued shutdown is completely political.

  7. Keep the on point writing Katy.
    One thing I hadn’t thought about, described in the article, is that Republican candidates are at a huge disadvantage going into the November election because of the lock down.
    While no candidate, regardless of party affiliation, can campaign….public employees…all unionized…are still working and thus paying union dues..which will continue to enable the unions to fund Democrat candidates.
    Republicans can’t fundraise, giving Democrat candidates a massive advantage.
    It makes you wonder if this is part of the reason why Newsom hasn’t opened the state.

    1. I had the same reaction you did — I hadn’t thought of that aspect either.
      But the governmental tyranny that has been occurring during this lockdown time — under cover of coronavirus — is a statement that speaks louder than any campaign ad or effort if you ask me.
      Guess we’ll see…

  8. Let me preface by saying that I’m not a fan of Gavin Newsom. At all. Nor do I agree with many of his policies, e.g. his stance on gun control being one hot button for me. But I am a big fan of science, and as far as I can tell, Newsom seems to be following the advice of epidemiologists. If you want to change my mind about how Newsom is handling this pandemic, prove to me that he’s going against what epidemiologists are saying. Anyway, let’s take a look at this article.

    “The only curve which needs to be flattened is the curve of the anti-jobs/anti-business political majority in Sacramento”

    The only curve that needs to be flattened? So flattening Covid-19’s infection rate and death rate curves aren’t a concern? Yeah, I’ll side with science-based recommendations over political tribalism like that from either side of the aisle any day of the week. I haven’t even started reading the actual article yet and we’re already off to a bad start.

    “Gavin Newsom refuses to even put out a tentative date, even as testing of coronavirus infections shows they are not only leveling off, but dropping.”

    Epidemiologists have repeatedly warned against publicly declaring an end date to the shutdown so soon, and that doing so now would still be hopelessly premature. The infection rate in California has only just started declining within the past several days, and it’s simply still too soon to tell with any accuracy when the time to lift the shutdown should be. Even announcing a tentative date at this time would be nothing more than a pointless shot in the dark. Set it too soon and we’ll have to postpone the end date, which could result in an increase in public complacency (if not civil unrest) which would subsequently lead to a resurgence in the infection rate. Set it too late and we risk damaging the economy even further. We’ll know when epidemiologists know, and they don’t know yet.

    “Newsom told Californians to stay at home in order to flatten the curve of coronavirus outbreaks in order to not overwhelm our hospitals. But hospitals in California were never overwhelmed.”

    Gee, it’s almost as if the shutdown is working. The whole point of the shutdown combined with California hospitals keeping themselves as empty as possible is to increase the odds of us having the capacity and capability to cope with a potentially massive influx of Covid-19 patients in the event that the shutdown was less successful (think New York City). This is epidemiology 101 stuff. Preparing for the worst was absolutely the smart thing to do, and us straying from what’s working so soon after the peak of the infection rate here stands to undo everything that’s been accomplished and waste everything that’s been sacrificed.

    “Many don’t know that 780 people die each day anyway in California from other causes: cancer, motor vehicle crashes, suicides, homicides, drug overdose, and coronary heart disease is the top killer.”

    Firstly, the fact that ‘people die of other causes, too’ is an asinine reason to ignore an ongoing pandemic. Secondly, this author is ignoring the fact that since March 15th, Covid-19 holds a commanding lead for the leading cause of death in the United States. And despite having a fairly dense population, California has still fared better than much of the rest of the country, but again, that’s due to Newsom listening to epidemiologists’s recommendation for a state-wide shutdown, which California wasted the least amount of time of all states in putting into action. Earlier shutdown initiated, fewer infections and deaths per capita… yeah, there seems to be a cause and effect thing going on here.????

    “California politicians and the news media are still hysterical over the coronavirus, …Yet it’s the seasonal flu which is so deadly nearly every year…”

    Every virologist on the planet will tell you that Covid-19 is far more lethal and contagious than the flu. In 21 weeks, the flu killed 61,200 people in the US during the 2018-2019 flu season, one of the worst in decades. That was with a vaccine (less effective), but without any social distancing or state-wide shutdowns (more effective).
    Covid-19 has killed 45,000 people so far in the US in the past 6 weeks. That’s WITH social distancing AND statewide shutdowns across the nation. I’m starting to suspect that Katie Grimes, the author of this article, doesn’t appreciate how serious this disease really is or how much worse the situation could be.

    “Many doctors and coroners say they are told to count every death as coronavirus if the patient tested positive for it as hospitals receive a larger payment from medicare.”

    This statement is in reference to how hospitals record official causes of death for Covid-19 patients who have underlying health issues, which is almost all of them. If a patient with diabetes and Covid-19 symptoms tests positive for Covid-19, and then dies soon thereafter, the cause of death should absolutely be recorded as Covid-19, not diabetes. We already know that almost all Covid-19 deaths involve some kind of secondary health condition that assists the disease in killing the patient — that’s pretty much a given — so recording the underlying medical condition as the cause of death without any mention of Covid-19 would be grossly misleading and paint an inaccurate picture for policy makers of what’s really happening. But do you know who is “encouraging” doctors and coroners to record underlying medical conditions as the causes of death for all Covid-19 patients? The CCP. For economic reasons, they’re deliberately fudging the numbers in China to cover up the massive Covid-19 death toll that continues to escalate there, just like how they tried to cover up the initial outbreak for economic reasons, thereby allowing Covid-19 to spread throughout the rest of the world. Fuck the CCP. How about we not have our government be like the CCP?

    “…Looking at these numbers, why is California still locked down? Politics.”

    I’ve already addressed why we’re still on lockdown and how Covid-19 is worse than the flu.

    Every paragraph. It’s literally every damn paragraph that I’m correcting blatantly misleading information about this disease in this article. I’m practically writing a novel here. Either Katie Grimes is an anti-science moron or she’s being intellectually dishonest.

    The rest of the article gets into how California Democrats stand to potentially benefit politically from the state wide shutdown and then goes on to speculate that this might be the true motive for the shutdown and blah blah blah I don’t care because it’s all just speculation. I could just as easily say that Katie Grimes’s true motive for writing this article is that she doesn’t care how many people will die from ending the shutdown prematurely so long as the 7 California Republicans who lost house seats in 2018 will be able to campaign for 2020, but it’d just be speculation. Speculation is nothing more than a claim without evidence, and therefore it can be dismissed without evidence. Maybe CA Dems will opportunistically benefit from the shutdown. Ok, fine. Good for them. Whatever. None of that has any bearing on what epidemiologists and virologists are urging us all to do: socially distance and stay at home. Show me that epidemiologists are no longer agreeing with California’s shutdown and I’ll concede the argument.

    1. Oh wow, the arrogance of your answers is mind boggling. There are so many politically biased comments that I cannot even begin to address each but I will say this.. B.S. – there are MANY virologists AND doctors who do not agree this is deadlier than the flu. It’s not. In fact, those who speak out have shown how testing for covid is done and it’s not very scientific (look it up). The problem is that media is censoring anyone who goes against the narrative of “live in fear.” They claim if news stories and medical doctors don’t preach what the WHO and CDC says to be true, then it will be removed from Facebook/Youtube, etc. (Nevermind that both have been found to be corrupt and the WHO has already been wrong about numerous facts regarding covid.) The CDC admittedly has instructed hospitals and doctors to add covid to death certificates only if suspected (not tested). In California, doctors and nurses are being LAID OFF for lack of work, and I have had 2 family members in 4 ERs in the last 2 weeks – not covid related. In all four ERs, no outbreak, no covid patients and even nurses and doctors were telling us to turn off the tv as that is the only place there is a pandemic. My dad is a 79 year old smoker and did not get covid when in the ER – but his doctor credited his seizures to inactivity due to being locked down (he used to play bridge and socialize 7 days a week.) Elderly people are being forced to stay in and die a slow death “for their own good.” Our economy is being crushed while the politicians have released over 3,000 criminals INCLUDING rapists and murderers who are being arrested within days of release, but they are putting citizens in jail for protesting. How is this okay??

  9. Great article, but the 47% effective rate of the flu vaccine is inaccurate. According to the CDC’s own website, the flu is 47% effective against the strains that the vaccine is manufactured for (which is usually about 3% of all flu virus strains at any given time). According to the Cochrane Group (formed by research groups around the globe to perform unbiased reviews of the studies), the actual effective rate for the flu vaccine is between 1% to 2%.

  10. Funny how a few deaths from COVID is more important that the social/economic breakdown of an entire state/nation.

  11. The corona virus is much deadlier than the seasonal flu. Can’t compare, and there is a vaccine for seasonal flu. We need to figure out how to inject bleach disinfectant and getting light to the inside of our bodies as recommended by the President.

    1. Your statement is untrue and not supported by facts. Firsly, the numbers of covid being deadlier than the flu have, so far, not panned out. In fact, the rate is even less than they have been claiming as the CDC has admitted there are many people who probably had it and recovered (no medical intervention) and not tested, bringing actual numbers down. There is no effective vaccine for the seasonal flu (as already mentioned, it is only 45-55% effective against the strain it is made for – NOT the other hundreds of strains we come into contact with each year. The true effective rate of the flu vaccine is only 1-2%, according to the Cochrane Group (organization that does systemic reviews on medical interventions). Lastly, Trump did not advocate that – he was replying to William Bryan, chief of science and technology for the Department of Homeland Security in the Trump administration, who made a presentation at the White House briefing on April 23 about ongoing studies on how warmer temperatures and light, including sunlight and ultraviolet rays, affect the COVID-19 coronavirus.

  12. EVERYTHING is about politics. The Democrats are responsible for all of the turmoil our country is in right now. All they have done is to perpetuate fear and isolation. They should be held accountable for the chaos they have created.

  13. Newsome is Nancy s Puppet. They have struck again. This will not stand. Grow up Californians. Every year hundreds of thousands get sick and die. The only difference -this year is an election year and the whining liberal crybaby’s won’t be satisfied until they have destroyed the economy.

  14. Pharaoh Newsom is Political with his Shutdowns as Political Blackmail to force everyone in California you WILL vote democrat this fall. IF you fail to do so He WILL come against everyone who will NOT register as Democrats and shut their businesses, churches and their other institutions to be put on the state’s Martial Law and be put in prison. He will double taxes and call people to California state courts to be charge each $500,000 and a year’s jail time for NOT voting democrat. He really is NOT about protecting people from the virus. Totalitarian Power is his ultimate goal.

  15. Need to split California in half. Jefferson County. He has zero authority to impose his will on us. I did not vote for this idiot. Newsolini go to the French Laundry. No where in the Constitution are you allowed to impose your will on us. He can shove the covad up his lily ass. The increase i n suicide, domestic violence are far worse than any fake chinese flu.

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