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Governor-elect Gavin Newsom says "We have to do more." (ltg.ca.gov)

Cox and Newsom Do Battle At Gubernatorial Debate

John Cox and Gavin Newsom Finish First—and Only—Confrontation

By Sean Brown, October 9, 2018 10:27 am

California gubernatorial candidates John Cox and Gavin Newsom have finally squared off in a one-on-one debate.

With topics ranging from cost of living to gun control to immigration, the radio debate hosted by the San Francisco radio station KQED – Newsom’s former mayoral home – which aired statewide, didn’t land any knockout blows. Compared to the hype and expected flurry of attacks some were expecting given all the smack talk leading up to today, the hour long conversation remained fairly civil. This is a dramatic difference California’s are used to seeing from to candidates battling for the biggest state in the country.

Gubernatorial Candidate John Cox Gives Campaign Speech (johncoxforgovernor.com)

Cox, who has been the clear underdog since announcing his candidacy, was quick to go on the attack in an apparent effort to establish control of the debate. He said, “Newsom has been part of a political class that has lead this state downward” while discussing the subject of California’s lack of affordable housing and the extreme disaster of the current poverty and homelessness situation. While Newsom agreed the homelessness and poverty situation should be a priority of the next governor’s administration, but his solution to the complex problem varied dramatically.

Newsom criticized Cox for his lack of political experience and casted Cox’s beliefs as out of touch with most Californians. Pressing him hard on other policy areas such as gun control, abortion and climate change, Newsom seemed to collectively lay out his vision while Cox remained concreted in classic conservative ideals such as the 2nd Amendment and religion.

“This campaign is about change versus the status quo. I represent change,” said Cox just before Newsom reminded listeners of the president’s support for his opponent. “We certainly represent the vast majority of Californians that reject John Cox’s absolute allegiance to Trump and Trumpism,” Newsom said. Cox responded by accusing Newsom of being so focused on contradicting everything President Trump says that he has forgot about the everyday people in his own state.

Both men are on board with adding a vast amount of housing as the state housing crisis is far behind its goal of completion before the November 6th election. Newsom wants to see 3.5 million houses built through 2025, while cox outlined a similar plan that would add 3 million over the course of the next ten years.

Cox tweeted shortly after the debate expressing his disappointment in the questions asked saying “It’s unfortunate that in the only #CAGovDebate that Gavin agreed to that there were no questions on #water, #education and #healthcare. The people of CA were done a disservice.”

The California Globe contacted KQED in order to ask why they strayed from these topics and a staffer assured us it was not a biased schedule. The source even indicated they were on the schedule but that “the other topics ran longer that expected and we ran out of time.”

Is should be noted that according to campaign finance records, Newsom still has over $16 million cash on hand compared to Cox’s rather small $1.7 million. One must expect this to surely come into play as campaign time dwindles.

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