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Cox Still Counting on November Surprise

Cox is Trailing Newsom by Double Digits

By Sean Brown, November 3, 2018 12:38 pm

Despite trailing in the polls by double digits, Republican John Cox remains highly optimistic about Tuesdays forecast as he calls for a November upset.

During a bus tour stop in the San Fernando Valley, Cox – the successful businessman, visited Champion Crane Company where owner Mike Konle disavowed Gavin Newson’s likely tax plans while praising Cox’s ambitions.

Cox told reporters, “”Listen, people counted me out in June and I surprised them. I think there’s going to be a surprise on Tuesday. I think people have had enough of high gas prices and high home prices and schools that don’t perform and roads that are clogged.”

Turning the repeal of the gas tax into a major campaign emphasis, Cox outlined his plans to get rid of Newsom’s bullet rain and use that money to make up for a repeal.

“I’m going to end that train in the Central Valley that’s over budget, behind schedule, that he favors that’s sucking millions of dollars out of his budget every single day that’s being spent on those roads and potholes,” Cox said.

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