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California State Assembly nearly empty except for a few folks in the balcony.
California State Assembly. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

June 27 Is a Key California Legislative Deadline

Will there be a deal on retail theft, PAGA reform, financial literacy, MCO tax, etc.?

By Chris Micheli, June 17, 2024 4:00 am

Thursday, June 27, is an important day for the California Legislature on several fronts.

That day is when the 12 days expire for the Governor to act on AB 107 by Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel (D-Woodland Hills), the Budget Bill, which also means it is the de facto deadline for having the Budget Bill Junior to the Governor’s Desk. With the 72 hours in print rule, it also means that the BBJ will need to be in print by the morning of June 24.

In addition, we know the following from the Legislative Calendar:

June 27 —Last day for a legislative measure to qualify for the Nov. 5 General Election ballot (Elections Code Sec. 9040). So, if the Legislature wants to place a measure, such as a climate bond, on the November ballot, this is the last day to do so. Such a measure will also have to be in print the morning of June 24.

We also know from the Secretary of State:

Eligible initiative measures will become qualified for the ballot on the 131st day prior to the next Statewide General Election unless withdrawn by the proponents prior to its qualification by the Secretary of State. So, if a November ballot measure proponent wants to pull their measure from the statewide ballot, this is last day to notify the SOS to do so. For example, will SCA 2 (Allen) be pulled from the November 5 ballot via passage of SCR 157?

At this time of year, therefore, there is lots of chatter about which November ballot measure(s) will be pulled because of a legislative deal to replace them. Will there be a deal on retail theft, PAGA reform, financial literacy, MCO tax, etc.?

While Thursday, June 27 is the last day for the Legislature to act (and for the Governor to sign the bill) so that an initiative measure’s proponents can notify the Secretary of State to withdraw their ballot measure (I presume before her office closes at 5pm that day), such a bill must be in print for 72 hours prior to the vote.

That means the bill containing any legislative deal must be posted on the Internet at least by noon or so on Monday, June 24. And the attorneys at the Office of Legislative Counsel will need time to finish drafting the bill(s) prior to then.

So, the clock is ticking over the next seven days towards several June 27 deadlines.

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