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The California Aqueduct. (Photo: CA State Water Project)

Just the Facts About California’s New Household Water Rationing Law

Right now there is no way to monitor individual indoor usage, nor is there a way to separate indoor watering from outdoor watering

By Katy Grimes, January 2, 2020 11:41 am

What is the real story behind California’s 55 gallons of water per day, per person? California Globe recently summarized some of the state Legislature’s most unforgettable moments in 2019, including some water laws.

California voters have approved more than $30 Billion in Water Bonds which has provided no new water storage, and water rationing on the horizon. 

California Globe spoke to noted water expert Kristi Diener for an update on this complicated matter:

In water year 2019, which spanned from Oct. 1, 2018 to Sept. 30, 2019, an amount of water equal to a year’s supply for 275 million people flowed under the Golden Gate Bridge and out to the Pacific Ocean. Rather than acting to build new, major, reservoir storage to capture all we can when Mother Nature brings us bountiful water for free, California continuously obstructs, and has even used the courts to block putting dam shovels in the ground. In fact, lawmakers recently enacted their own expensive and ineffective solution instead.

Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D-Los Angeles), and Assemblywoman Laura Friedman (D-Glendale), authored two new mandatory water rationing bills. Senate Bill 606, and Assembly Bill 1668, were easily passed along party lines, signed into law, and will gradually keep ratcheting indoor water use down over the next 10 years, until it reaches 50 gallons per person per day. Unlike expanded reservoirs that capture additional new water to meet the current and future water needs of a growing population, Californians will adapt to living water poor. The cost of the new regulatory body, and added level of bureaucracy necessary to enforce these rationing laws, will be passed on to taxpayers. Water rates will continue to rise, and the “use less, pay more” scenario will increase. What’s worse is the actual water savings will be insignificant.

Kristi also addressed in detail the 55 gallon per day limitation per person in household water use, after an astounding KTLA report explaining why a single person living alone would not be able to take a shower and do a load of laundry without going over the limit and being fined $1,000 for each offense.

Kristi Diener:I love that this getting media attention, but the anchor doesn’t have the facts exactly correct. I wrote about this recently.”

Kristi Diener, Fourth Generation San Joaquin Valley Farmer. (Facebook)

“There have been a lot of questions re the 55-gallon per person/per day, indoor water-usage legislation (SB 606 and AB 1668), like how will they monitor indoor water usage or the number of people living in a household? I will first tell you, as much as is known right now, there is an equal amount of unknown. Detailed plans are being developed over time (on the fly) based on a loose outline called the ‘Primer’ which the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and the State Water Board prepared to summarize the authorities, requirements, and schedules included in the new legislation. The State Water Board had until January 1, 2020 to submit their recommendations for implementation to the Governor. These will only be guidelines and methodologies. The bulk of the legislation will be dropped on urban and agricultural water suppliers to figure out or face fines.

Right now there is no way to monitor individual indoor usage, nor is there a way to separate indoor watering from outdoor watering. The ‘standard’ for indoor use has been set at 55-gallon per person per day, eventually decreasing to 52.5 gallons in 2025, and 50 gallons per person per day by 2030. The first standard will be adopted no later than June 2022.

A yet to be determined formula will also dictate outdoor watering usage. This will be calculated by climate and region, how much land one has to irrigate, and will have provisions for pools, spas, fountains, water features, etc. It is unknown how all this will be completed by suppliers for each water account, how it will be amended for new residential or commercial development, or adjusted for all the variables-like changes in the number of members living in a household, or if a family puts in a pool. Dedicated outdoor watering meters have been suggested, which would also provide an indoor number if an overall usage meter is already in place. A water supplier will also have to guesstimate how much water they think they lose with leaks or when pipes break.

The water agency has to create a water budget that combines all usage across their entire service area, and then determine how they are going to meet this budget. If they go over, they may have to give rebates for tearing out lawns, credits for low-flow fixtures, raise water rates, charge for irrigation meter installation, or impose fines for using too much. How they will implement the water budget has not been determined, but they will be subject to monthly reporting requirements and fined $1000 per day when they go over. If they exceed the budget in a dry year, the fine is $10,000 every day they go over. There will also be a whole new level of bureaucracy created with a new ‘governing body’ to oversee water suppliers, and an enforcement arm.

The new laws ramp up over time. Suppliers have to have water use caps for indoor and outdoor watering by the end of 2022. The new water budgets will be fully enforced with penalties beginning November 2023.

Trying to determine the ultimate objective here is not clear to me. I can definitely see that we are going to be paying more for water because water suppliers will pass costs and fines on to users. The paperwork created for suppliers will mean added bodies to their payrolls. Creating a new governing body will also incur expenses/taxes.

I don’t fully understand how this ‘Makes Water Conservation a Way of Life?’ If a supplier makes the first water budget based on last year’s budget, round one’s target shouldn’t be too tough to hit, although ratcheting that number down will progressively get harder. I am wondering what is in between the lines? Could the goal be to find out exactly how much a supplier can do without, so that water right can be reduced and redirected? That’s when water rationing enforcement would hurt most. They already passed the laws, so we’ll have to wait to see what’s really in them.”

UPDATE 1/3/2020: The KTLA video was taken down from youtube. You can view it here on Facebook.

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159 thoughts on “Just the Facts About California’s New Household Water Rationing Law

      1. Democrats progressives in general obstruct progress. They do so because they hate America. And they hate Americans. And in this case they hate the average Californian citizen. You can think of nothing better diminishing your rights. And charging you more for the privilege. And then penalties that will destroy you if you run afoul of them. Penalties which state haven’t even determined how they will be applied. Get rid of them. Get rid of them now. Or expect even worse. it’s

        1. We need to get rid of every liberal politician in California. Next, we need to forget the bullet train and build more dams. I’ve lived in California for my 74 years and am very upset about our state of affairs.

    1. Making unlivable we’re already there. With the current brainless legislature and governor things will continue down this slippery slope to oblivion with no way to return.

        1. ALL OF YOU FIRST! You want to fine Californian’s $1,000 a day for using more than 50 gallons of water a day, are you flipping crazy! You first!
          You use under 50 gallons of water a day let’s see how good you are at taking a sponge bath or shower. Although it probably would work for you because you don’t work outside in the blistering heat. Nor are you a machanic, or field worker, construction worker, fire fighter, ect, ect. California’s $1,000 a day fine for using more than 50 gallons of water a day is not going to work.
          If anything your not going to loose your job, your just going to loose the tax payors that pay your wages.
          Think about it, .. A person can only aford to stay in a place they can afford to pay for…if you can not afford to pay what do you do?…. You Move to another Place / State.
          You must have been born with a Gold (not silver) spoon in your mouth, to think that people in California can pay that much money a day for a water rationing fine. Now I have to ask, how many people in California make a living that pays over a thousand dollars a day? How about you get off your ass and come out of your air conditioned office and start looking for more areas in California that you can build dams for more water storage. And one more thing …use the water bond monies in stead of taxing or fineing us more money. I have lived in California sense I was born in 1959. But with all that has happened in 2019 and now things that are going to happen in 2020, It’s time to leave California and not look back.

          1. Well said. I, too, am a native California resident and am saddened and sickened of what our once beautiful State has become. Government—God help us all.

          2. Wow the California government collects the fine and passes it to a private business? WOW. And here we are pointing at Washington DC for abuse of power. Hypocrisy


        3. Let met put it to you this way.

          Throughout USA, counties have more registered voters than residents, men, women, children, and illegals combined.

          Furthermore, illegals are allowed to vote in local elections, and are counted in our census. Number of representatives allocated to each state is based on census counts. States with millions of illegals receive more representatives, and thus more electoral votes. Illegals are already represented in Congress, and effect our presidential elections, as well as what bills are signed by Congress into law.

          Do you honestly believe in legitimacy of elections? That we the citizens voted in those fascists?

          Only through the horrors of the Civil War, will we be able to rebuild our nation, restore the middle class, improve the quality of life for our families, protect our unalienable rights, and secure a future for our children to grow up as free Citizens of a first world nation rather than serfs in a communist Banana Republic.

    2. Some people really need to shower for a very long time. Not me. I clean up pretty easily and have a naturally good aroma. Not everyone is so lucky. The nose knows!

      1. Some consider a long shower a sexual right. I had a neighbor who took 45 min showers aka however long to empty hot water tank at apartment block twice a day or more

    3. They-don’t-care! Ignorance and apathy has allowed this level of corruption t grow and fester. Some Californians are getting really angry and soon a whole lot will, as-soon-as they get hit for their dumb ignorance voting. Perhaps revolution will be needed.

      On racket California has built on is has been accelerating is the creation of agency after agency after new position to offer high-paying jobs with pensions to the political well-connected.

    4. It does seem that way, doesn’t it? About the only way they can make this more unpalatable is to announce, right on schedule, that since newly arrived immigrants cannot be inconvenienced, they will be exempt from the restrictions.

  1. “They already passed the laws, so we’ll have to wait to see what’s really in them.”

    And that, my friends, is the real problem – there is zero transparency & accountability coming out of Sacramento. If we don’t fix that issue, we are doomed to more laws passed that will have to be interpreted later.

    1. Just another example of Democratic politicians that have a clear path towards solving a problem but would rather use regulations , taxes and penalties to control people. They never want to solve a problem that has a solution. They want the problem to stay in place so that they feel viable and useful and needed to the voting public. After all if the problems were solved, who would need them?

      1. No, they don’t want to solve a real problem! They are corrupt beyond Californians’ ability to [apparently] understand. They are paid by not-for-good-special-interests and want power and control over every living being. Californians keep handing it over to them. Such fools; how do they think it is gonna end?

      2. What is the clear path towards solving the problem in your view? What is the solution to millions of people and limited water?

    2. Amen to that the people governing this state really need to oull there head out of their ass!!!! Cause they are going to fee, tax, regulate to the tune that I/we will all be moving out of this state of California .Yet instead of building de-salinization plants to convert the seawater into useful water they decided to build a high speed train to SFO . What a waste of money. I sure would like to see where the hell all these taxes are being spent!!!

    3. This one good example of why that idiot Newsom is being recalled. Zero transparency, taxation up the yin yang for 2020 like he’s already stated. The water fines may be the responsibility of the “water agency” as stated, but you can bet your butt Newsom is looking to raise billions in new taxes on the backs of commercial property owners, and when he gets through with them (whoever is left operating in CA), he’ll turn his sights on the homeowner. I swear his agenda must be to get CA residents to actually leave due to his policies.
      Unfortunately, CA has a super majority of Democratic morons like Newsom. Nancy, Adam, Diane and the list goes on. I don’t know what it would take to overcome the Democratic super majority, but the recall is one step towards that goal. Trouble is, until that time, if it’s even possible, how many residents will have left the state due to the exorbitant cost of living and the ridiculous mismanagement of the states resources by the Newsom administration? The game is rigged for now. Those contemplating an exodus are part of the solution to change things, but who wants to wait around in the most expensive and filthiest state in the nation until such a time with the same idiots at the wheel?

      1. I especially like how California becomes the model for other blue states… Californians move to state like Colorado and presto, vote like they did in California and boom wake up in the same hog pen.

        1. Hence why we must stop welcoming libtards moving into our communities. They are quite literally parasites in human form. They destroyed and consumed everything in their rat holes, move to areas where we the people had built great communities to raise our families, and they proceed to destroy while leeching and enjoying the communities we had created.

          At this point, it’s quite literally self defense, defense of our families, and our children, to be rid of libtards from our communities.

  2. This will push more people out of California. Peoperty tax already out of control. When will California be put un check for lining the politicians pockets.

  3. Wow. What a can of worms.
    Can Katy find the answers to the following questions?
    How does this affect people on a well?
    How will rich people work around these limits?
    Will the governor and legislature be affected by these limits or did they exclude themselves?
    How was it determined that 55 gallons a day was sufficient per person?
    I received 62″ of rain on my property last season, and 81″ the season before. There is more than enough water here. Why would this be a statewide law?
    Is the legislature considering banning rainwater collection?
    I will stop there for the moment.

    1. Well water now belongs to the state.
      Rich people will pay the fines, or lobby their local govt./water districts for flat rates.
      So far there doesn’t seem to be exemptions, but the State Water Resources Control Board is in charge of making these decisions… I expect certain classifications to have exemptions. More on that later.
      Yes, you are correct that there was an abundance of water in the last two years. But even with $30 billion in water bonds approved for more water storage, the state has not built any. And because they allow more than 50% of the runoff flow to the ocean, that is our biggest problem. The environmentalists are winning the water war.
      I will stay on this and get more answers. Thanks for your very good questions. Katy

      1. If my well water belongs to the state, then the state should have to replace my well pump the next time it fails.
        The state should build a couple desalination plants in Southern California. Use the tax dollars that are being wasted on the ridiculous high speed choo-choo.

      2. So. Where is that 30 billion? It’s still there right? Just waiting to. Be used correct? Or has it been used already? Why is it taking so long. Those who lead this state cannot lead this state for the benefit of the people. Those who lead this state are only interested in their own self interests. So disappointing

      3. Katy, since you are an investigative reporter, you might be interested in knowing about the thousands of gallons of water that are gushing out of water hydrants on a regular basis by the water departments. Next to my home the water is dumped into a creek. I wish I could figure out how to get it to water plants on my property. When discussing this practice with the employee who regularly dumps this water, we could only feel better about the practice by just thinking it helps provide water for the wildlife or replenishes the ground waters, which I’m not certain either is accomplished. If you want more information on this practice, feel free to contact me but I want to remain anonymous.

        1. The water you see flowing out of the hydrant is done on purpose. Not many residents realize that water agencies need to flush out water lines on a regular basis in order to provide its customers adequate drinking water. if the water sits too long in a pipeline without getting used, it becomes stagnant and an unpleasant odor and color will happen. Typically water systems are built on a loop so water is always moving, but their will always be a dead-end somewhere. Those are the areas that will need regular flushing. Unfortunately, you have to waste water to provide safe water. It is what it is on that aspect.

      4. That 50% is not wasted water.
        Many industries and lived rely on that water flowing in the rivers.
        Commercial and sport fishing, salmon being the obvious for those that refuse to seek knowledge.
        Tourism is another.
        Also the Sacramento River is used to ship goods. No water, no shipping.
        Unfortunately so many people refuse to acknowledge the need for that water to be flowing, we have to find legal ways however they are to keep it flowing, like endangered fish.

  4. I noticed it was a bunch of Democrats who voted these Stalinist tactics into law. I’m sick of my state being ruined by Leftist. I work hard and pay taxes. I can leave to ANY state in the United States and practice in my nursing professions. Right now, I don’t see a law that forbids people to move from this state (trust me, these Leftists will try). When my healthy 87-year-old mother goes to heaven, me and my family, we’re OUT of this Commie Utopia. Screw this… find some other sucker to pay the governments bills.

      1. Your level of delusion and illiteracy is truly astounding
        You and all like you will collapse when the rest of us are gone
        Get ready

        1. Most Democrats cheated their way into office from votes of illegal aliens. What I see happening is communism being pushed by Democrats who are hell bent on destroying this Nation. Just look at the gun confiscation happening in Virginia by a demoRAT. Gun Rally on January 20. Thousands maybe millions going to be there. People who are willing to die for their freedoms. Once the Democrats heard about this gun rally they arranged for their Nazi goon mob squad ANTIFA to be there to cause violence. People need to wake up and see that the Democrats are working with United Nations to push Agenda 2030.

      2. Mark it’s people like you that need to leave. I wonder which of Gavin’s buddies will be tapped to be board members who will sit and siphon all of this extra revenue for their cocaine and prostitution habits.

      3. How about we get rid of the idiots that voted these fools into office….then we can work on the sanctuary status and get rid of a bunch there?

      4. Many are leaving! Businesses including stores, restaurants and manufacturing. It’s like the leaders of this State want us to give up guns go to a launderette, not shower, not vape in public but you can smoke that dope, crap in the streets, can’t stop a shoplifter with a “billy club”. Democrats are ruining this state.

      5. People like you are the problem. Your time is coming to a end. There is a tipping point that you will feel real soon. The common people will rise and take you parasites out!!

      6. The problem we have, is the libtards who move out of CA aren’t moving to NY, they’re moving to conservative places, where we the people had built great communities to raise our families. Then like vermin, they proceed to destroy our communities, while enjoying what we had built, and violating the freedoms we kept secure.

    1. Wow your actually a nurse? Amazing I guess California let’s anyone get license now days ????????‍♀️

      1. Hey Sharon….you prove the old adage “don’t say a word and only be thought an idiot”….you had to go and prove it.
        On top of it all…try using you’re instead of your in that sentence next time. Didn’t stick around for YOUR english class huh?

      2. Yes, very much “everyone”, almost like they let anyone enter their southern border, use the streets as a bathroom, masturbate in public parks, camp on the sidewalks, and throw used up needles in children’s playgrounds.

        You should walk into any hospital and declare yourself a nurse, see how that works out for you. But maybe try learning the difference between “you’re” and “your”, it might be useful.

    2. I really wish you would stay; I hate to see good people leave —- especially nurses.
      Of course I know some people have no choice.

    3. The politicians and the rich liberal elite don’t really care what you think as evidenced by those who would say, ‘go ahead and move’. These foolhardy ideas will come back to bite everyone big time. Right now we are being eaten little by little and many don’t notice. The few who can see where we are headed are correct in deciding to move. Life is short. There are a lot a great places to live.

    4. “Right now, I don’t see a law that forbids people to move from this state (trust me, these Leftists will try)”

      Trust ME – Nobody’s going to try to prevent you from leaving.

  5. Voters passed water bonds what 6 or 7 years ago? Not $1 honored as far as I can tell getting it done. No major infrastructure projects completed in this state since San Luis Reservoir about 1960. Voters passed HSR in 2008 how much of that got done? Hate to be a debbie downer but Dems will fight Reps on water storage, R’s will fight the D’s on HSR and the final analysis our state is stuck in the past.

    1. D’s have majority and super-majorities for years now. All you will get are more taxes, higher rates and LESS! You will comply or the heavy-hand of your betters are coming for you. $1000 for using more than 55 gallons or $10,000 is ridiculous. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment.

      Frankly, any Californian that is surprised about any of this is a total ignorant fool. I’m appalled that so many are only becoming aware of any of this.

    2. 0% True.
      There have been several completed
      Not since 2008, many of these projects take decades, but definitely started and completed since the 60s

  6. How about we remove all the people living in this state illegally, using up our resources FIRST? Seems like the logical thing to do to me. I could go on and on, but I think I’ll just leave it at that.

    1. Totally agree! They let illegals stream in at will! They use water! They also hose the crap off off the sidewalks in S. F. from homeless people capping in streets! Politicians have no solutions! They don’t stop problems early, they wait until it’s overwhelming and then do nothing!

      1. No, make you pay dollars and pay-heed-to-their-greatness! Comply or die is their attitude. And they careless about the latter.

        1. A revolution war will happen in this communist state sooner than you think. Over taxation, over regulation, sanctuary b.s and second amendment infringements are about to come to an end. No more catering to Communists Chinese and illegals. This perverted little state will and must change. More militias are already forming here and in many other “democratic” run states in the US. Just wait and see…. these lunatic leftists have gone too far.

          1. You’re exactly right. However, it won’t be just in CA, the civil war is in the horizon.

            Only through the horrors of civil war will we be able to rebuild our nation, restore the middle class, improve the quality of life for our families, secure our unalienable rights, and our children’s future to grow up as free Citizens of a first world nation rather than serfs in a third world communist Banana Republic.

  7. This state is just getting more and more out of control. Governor Newson, lets see your water bill for your residence. We voted for the water shed storage, start building them. We then will have the necessary water for future usage. Start doing your jobs and quit wasting time on stupid ideas . Homelessness is a big problem. Put some more effort into that.
    I have a family of four adults and our recent water bill equated to 54.75 gallons/day/person. I’ve had my irrigation shut off for the last two months and I have all water saving devices throughout the house. How in hell is this going to work?
    There is a way to separate indoor watering from the outdoor watering. The DWP has been offering this for many years. It’s called a sub-meter. I’m a retired plumbing contractor who had installed many of these devices for customers with large pieces of property. The main reason DWP customers installed these was to lower their “SSC or sewer service charge”. You could install it either on the domestic water or the irrigation water system. Most of the time you installed it on the domestic(indoor water) to get a true reading of what was going down the sewer drain. They then based their fee for the sewer usage. I hope this get vetoed.

  8. People only use 10% That’s not fixing the problem…
    How about giving resident incentives to save water, not fining them!!! That’s a thought. How about build desalting plants???? That a thought. You are NOT fixing the issue!!! Dumb, just dumb.

  9. Also turns out that the Recall Gavin Newsom Campaign is facing problems by the collectors of ballots, unelected officials, refusing to give collection receipts for the signatures being turned in. Corrupt California.

  10. More and more and more I feel like the homeowner is getting hit with more taxes. Threats to get rid of prop 13, threatening us every year about our water usage. I had actually considered purchasing the divert your laundry water to water your grass during the drought a few years ago and then we got so much rain and saw how our government was so unprepared for the floods. It just depressed me and upset me even more about California’s leadership.

  11. Bottom line is this……I am a professional paying a lot of taxes, one of many responsible citizens born and raised in CA, and just like several of my millennial staff who have recently departed to other states so they can afford a house and raise their families, I to am planning to retire and leave this god forsaken state. I really do not think the dems get it. Good by and good writ-tens.

  12. In a free market economy the cost of water would go up and down based on supply and demand. This would naturally limit water use, right?

  13. Well you folks can start bathing and doing your laundry in the states rivers and streams that your illegal residents from the south have no problem doing. Good luck to you few they can still take from.

  14. So will we be fined when we have guests during the holidays, grandchildren over the summer, college students coming home during break or any other similar situation?
    Curious how out of the ordinary circumstances will be handled.

  15. I think I’m moving! My question, what if you have family visit? Tell them they can’t take showers?
    What about running a dishwasher?

    1. Lower your standard of living. It’s the only way. You don’t want to see immigrant families turned away at the border, do you? They have just as much right as you do to have a good life. Who are you to expect to live better than them? Who are you to expect better living conditions than those poor homeless people? The governor and celebrities are the only people who can demand that kind of life. Ban plastic straws! Ban plastic bags! Open your home to illegals!

      You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

      Vote R.

  16. This is typical “brainless” California government make a law and then figure out how to implement it. A group of fourth graders could do a better job.

  17. Why not deport all the illegal aliens? It would reduce the water they consume and increase the allotment to actual CITIZENS. Would we even need limitations/restrictions if it weren’t for all the extra water illegal aliens use?

  18. How can we fight this? It doesn’t matter what party you affiliate yourself with…this is just wrong. It’s the working class that gets screwed. Why isn’t there any infrastructure helping to retain water? And yes besides this ridiculous law prop 13 is being threaten. 3rd biggest economy in the world and this is what is happening in Cali? It’s disgusting. I’m all for conserving our water but this law makes no sense. Oh wait the ones governing this state get richer…smh.

    1. I would say, as much as I hate what those in power here in California have been doing lately, the way to fight this is with a petition to overturn this and replace it with something that makes sense. It will take a lot of elbow grease if not money to educate the people and collect enough signatures, but it can be done.

    2. Yes, it does matter which party you vote in. Californians have 99% liberal governments across the state. The outcome is predictable. Detroit = 100% Dem; Chicago = 100% Dem…the list goes on. The largest state economy will be the third in a couple of years.

  19. Every Californian voted for this. Californians voted in the gas tax, as a sub addition to that a bill went through allowing Sacramento the ability to tax without going to voters. The ignorant masses in this state gave these people the power and our right to taxation without representation. This is what happens when education isn’t important. I’m over this state.

  20. Yikes, so my kids, relatives, friends, can’t stay in my home when they visit? What the heck. I finally get to retire at 70 and now can’t enjoy visits?

    1. One question: Did you vote Democrat? If yes, it’s your bed, lie in it. If not, sorry for your luck. Ohio welcomes Republicans and you can use as much water as you want. We have plenty.

      1. Very true! Here in Ohio, it is lush and green, with enough rainfall that we never have to worry about a water allowance for the amount of water we use per person/day. I can take a shower, run the dishwasher, and do a load or more of clothes, and the water rates are reasonable. Property and local taxes are affordable, and there is plenty of reasonably priced housing. Come to Ohio!

  21. Stop voting these Democrat’s into office its really not that difficult to fix California just vote republican and you will get your freedom back. The Stalin left needs to be put in place soon or California will be rich Stalin democrats getting all their work done by poor low wage immigrants. That is why they created sanctuary cities to make sure they have cheap labor. Funny the democrat’s are doing what they accuse Republicans of doing. Republicans are for America first for freedom and prosperity for all Americans. Newsom needs to be recalled all he does is smile and look pretty but he won’t live in Downtown Sacramento with the migrants because he is above all of us he is to good in his mind. No more leftest voted into office

  22. California, an open borders state that has a minimum of 3.4 million illegal residences who consume trillions of gallons of water now decries a shortage of water, will fine citizens thousands with no intent of addressing the real reason for rationing? Brilliant! Now to address the homeless problem, ban grocery bags and plastic straws

  23. As someone who thinks middle income Californians are nuts for living there in the first place, I welcome everyone who voted for these fools to please stay there. Do not infect the rest of the country with your poor voting habits. Vote for actions and platforms over labels. In other words, you made the bed, now sleep in it!

    1. A lot of the voters do not have the time to read the 1,000+ pages for one law (also, do not have the knowledge to understand legal written terms). Inside the fine print there will always be a negative action associated. So, basically, pick your poison. California just needs to stop making new laws and refine the current ones by closing the loopholes.

  24. Big question? I didnt read all the comments, what happens if you have people coming to visit? Does it change for the days you have visitors from out of town staying with you. I know that when I take my family to visit my dad or siblings, that’s 7 adults and 4 kids, will they get fined for the week that we might be there because that’s a lot of baths and with 4 kids, laundry will be done. This is the dumbest piece of legislation I have heard about since we moved out of state. It’s not like everyone can afford to stay in a hotel when visiting family and friends, plus some family and friends get offended if you do stay in a hotel.

    1. Knowing California, they’ll expect us to have visitors stand in the sprinklers, while clothed, to wash and do laundry at the same time.

  25. This is why we all need to leave this crazy state. The wont release the signatures for removing znrwsome from office but they will fine us $1k a day for water usage. Theres gonna be a lot of debt in California because no one will pay that crap. Place will look like Barstow soon if they keep it up. #FireNewsome and quit voting for these crazy Democrats!

  26. Wow. Y’all are declining to ‘developing country’ status faster than my cat catches a mouse. Just keep on electing those Democrats. Bigger government, higher taxes, lower standard of living for the middle class + Sanctuary cities and massive homeless populations erupting in big cities…yeah. Keep on keepin’ on Cali. I see where in San Fran ppl are defecating where ppl buy their food now, not just in the streets. Here, they’d be arrested. I can see next year’s headlines: “California residents required to take one homeless family and one immigrant family into their homes for a year or face $10k fine.”

    I think I just saw Silicon Valley move closer to the Nevada border.

    BTW…don’t be moving east now. We don’t want your voting kind ‘round these parts.

  27. Who is kidding who??? Democrats…hey you have Rhinos that call themselves Republican…and Republicans that call themselves non Democrats but they are so far in deep that they can’t tell substance from fact… Look at Religious people…Not all but many… Are all bad?? NO! but we have one Goal here and that is to profess and work for Liberty and freedom…Ever heard of the American Flag, loyalty, so called supporters of freedom that ” cross state l lines” ( figurative statement meaning they are loyal until the liberal evening news comes on at 6 or their local news guy drops off the New York times, or Local Nazi liberal news paper to read the latest Narratives…almost on the Net Flix level…There is corruption that is Rampant and getting worse daily…TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY,,,THIS IS A REPUBLIC… REMEMBER THAT BUT… IF YOU HAVE A BUNCH OF LACKYS THAT SIT ON THEIR DEAD A&& and whine and complain…( its not going to change the price of tea in China….A lot of blood has been spilled for freedom so fight back…and ask your neighbors to join you….this is Tyanny and screw the narratives from the left and so called right… Hold that Damn Flag High TODAY.!!! AND HIGHER TOMORROW!!! THE PUBLIC IS HELD HOSTAGE BY SACRAMENTO AND THE MEDIA BACKS THEM UP… Remember…no one steals from a thief….and lives to tell about it…so watch your Flank…and stand as an American and lover of liberty…this whole corrupt Narrative the Left wing media is supporting is ruling you… and me…. and IS BASICALLY AN EXACT REPEAT OF 1776 WHEN ENGLAND TRIED THIS SAME JUNK and it started the Revolutionary War…. We will not play the Games created by narrative and the system they have implemented…We will take back what is ours by self determination and the mighty ballot box and not the corrupt Courts in CA…Will they throw your ballots in the Garbage Can??? you betcha. why??? because they already do it!!!! case in point… Real subtle ways such as ignoring voter approved bonds to build water supplies and then telling the public that ” they are working on it” … They might implement in the next 75 years so so…. after the DNC pays the money back ..but….. We will prevail…. and we will as American Citizens take our country BACK!!! Don’t play into the complacency of being lied to…. YOU..THROUGH YOUR PRESS, COURTS, STUFFED BALLOT BOXES, SHAKE DOWNS AND PAY OFFS..AND FLAT OUT EVIL PEOPLE!!! NARRATIVES ARE HORSE MANURE…DIME A DOZEN AND THEY WILL NOT FORCE NOTHING…. NO OFFENSE TO THOSE OF YOU THAT BELIEVE IN THE ” TOOTH FAIRY”

  28. Completely brainless Ca government. No plan on how to execute. Pushing it all down on the suppliers. Why not just take aim at the almond industry. That is a quicker solution.

  29. $1000 buys a lot of ammo and solves the problem of people trying to fine you over this bs.
    Just sayin.
    There are a lot more of US than there are of THEM.

  30. This bill leaves many unanswered questions, for instance: 1) How will they separate indoor water from outdoor watering? 2) Will they install new outdoor water meters? 3) Who will pay for those outdoor water meters and the installation of them? 4) How will they determine the amount required for outdoor watering? 5) Is the 55 gal/day accumulative? In other words, if people are on vacation will those gallons add up as being unused, and then be available later? 6) What if families have overnight guests, and those guests stay for weeks at a time? Will the daily water be increased for them and how will the resident provide that info? P.S. With CA’s ongoing fires, I had many evacuees stay with me for a full week; another neighbors had a family of evacues for 3 months. 7) How do the fines work? How many people in one district does it take to incur a $1,000/day fine and is that fine distributed to all the people in that water district? What if half or all of the people in a district exceed their limit, then what happens? All these questions need answering. I don’t know how you (CA politicians) expect anyone to live under these conditions. Can you? I’d like to see you, with your huge mansions and professionally landscaped yards, live like this. Or are you exempt from this rationing?

    1. The article clearly stated that the fines will be incurred by the water agency, not the resident. It is up to the water agency to ensure that its customers are staying within regulations, otherwise the water agency will get fined $1,000 a day ($10,000 a day during enacted drought). Please read the article fully before making comments. Also, I do not know about your local water agency, but mine has us on a tiered system already. We are given a specific amount per month. If we go over that amount we pay a higher price past the allotted amount.

      1. Common misery, increased rates, but of course de facto exemptions for the foreign nationals illegally present in our nation, as the citizenry subsidizes their had, electrical, and now water bills, since they’ll be “low income”.

  31. #1, Our city already has “Water Police” that go around taking photos of people they “deem” are over watering their yards, ect.
    They somehow fine home owners, but I would really like to know how they enforce these fines if we ( and I will) refuse to pay them.
    I pay for all the water I use, and my payment doesn’t go to the city as our water is supplied by a private company… If a city worker attempts to turn my water off, they would be trespassing and I would take appropriate action to defend my property.
    Our Government had created this water crisis, this homeless crisis, this illegal immigration crisis.
    I for one am tired of our ELECTED officials not doing the will of the people who put them in office.
    Californians are leaving in masses and soon there will no longer be a taxpaying workforce left.
    Then what will Sacramento do???

    1. They are doing the “will of the people” or at least the idiots who put them in office because they’re so ignorant they don’t bother to read the facts and do some research before going to the ballot box I’m not a native CA but have lived here for 60 years and the CA legislature has been overwhelmingly democrat since the days of the RR barons & the rest of the whole time. Even the few times w/Republican gov still demo legislature so hard to get anything sensible done. So why has OC, once Republican hotbed, now more demo registrations than Republican? Is it because they hate Trump so much they’ve lost the ability to think? Like that’s going to help us? Go figure!

  32. What about visitors from out of state. Do you have to tell your relatives to bring their own water and sponges to take a bath. Or do you just hose them down when you water the yard. Keep electing these idiot Democrats so they can keep wasting your money on illegal aliens and lazy welfare bums.

  33. Are we aware of any proposed ballot measures for 2022 to revoke this law? We have the power to do that in CA and that seems a more reasonable approach than sitting and waiting for draconian fines.

  34. I’ve been trying to vote the bums out for the last 25 years… Yet they still keep getting elected.

    Different tack now… I retire in September. I’m moving to Wyoming… You guys can come and visit whenever you’d like…

  35. I am not going to piss and moan right now, maybe later. Since no one has any idea how to implement this, the odds of it actually happening anytime soon seems remote. Having lived through similar rationing programs in San Jose 30 or 40 years ago, rationing implemented by the privately owned water company there, I do have something practical to ask. Will people be able to “bank” the allotted water not used? That was the case in San Jose back when. If you used less water one month, it became a surplus in your account. For people who do not use a lot of water one day, they were able to have the water available as “extra” for another. If it is going to happen, at least press for some bit of sanity.

  36. Our money is going to these crooked democrats. I want to know how they make millions serving the people. They taxes us more and more to pay for pensions that should be STOPPED and line their pockets. They rig the polls also. Look at Orange County. We need to vote them out and Make CA great again

  37. The Water issue will be a non-starter IF the State repeals Prop-13. Most people today are not aware of the protections Prop-13 provides every Californian and most believe it only benefits those who owned homes in 1977 which is NOT true, Prop-13 continues today to benefit every Californian Property owners both Home and Commercial, Renter, if you lease property or just a consumer of services and goods. Every part of our lives are touched by Prop-13 and provides protection from the State jacking up property taxes and or reassessing at their desire to wring more money out of the people. The State enacted rent control as a first shot across the bow with the intent to make those who rent believe the State is protecting their interests. What it really was meant to do is gain the support of those renting when they moved to attack Prop-13 and commercial property owners thereby preventing those who own commercial properties from raising rent. While it seems as if thats the case read closer and there is NO protection that once you move or a vacancy occurs the cost of housing will not change. Eventually those higher property taxes will be passed on to the consumer, and there’s a sunset clause in the language so eventually that protection will end and rental costs will skyrocket.

    So while the new water laws are certainly a concern and again will impact every single Californian with yet another way to wring and squeeze more money out of our pockets the larger threat to our ability to live in California is looming at the next election. Sadly the proposition is not labeled clearly and is yet another hidden lie by the State Attorney Generals Office to fool the uninformed population into voting on a bill supposedly to help “schools” when in fact its a complete lie to confuse and hoodwink the people into voting to repeal the safety net of Prop-13.

    1. You are spot on!!! Unfortunately you are also describing pretty much every bill or law passed in the last 2 decades. They keep passing off bills as the opposite of what they actually intended to do to scare people into voting for them because the average American doesn’t research anything and just votes as a knee jerk reaction. It’s sad to say, but laziness and a lack of educating oneself has set the decline of this country in motion with no way to stop it in site. It also doesn’t help that when researching any topic there is now an overload of false information that it has become almost impossible at times to decipher the truth which only helps to further detour people from making choices on their own. America is ruled by scare tactics rather than truth. Throw the human ego in the mix since it has also become more important than facts in regards to people seeing things in multiple lights so to speak. Just this topic alone has caused so much panic and conflicting news about what the bill actually entitles. The one thing for sure is it will definitely lead to Californians taking a big hit financially In some form.

  38. Not to worries guys…. California will have all the water her heart desires, soon as the state starts sliding under the tectonic plate! It really is a good idea to move now. I live on a hill now which most likely will be a future island. Got my boat stored in the back yard and my waders ready!

  39. Can anyone explain to me HOW they are going to know HOW many people live in a household? They said 55 gallons PER person, is this BIG DADDY looking into our house to see what we are doing!! I have a home based business that uses water, are they going to pay for the loss of income when I cannot use water because I need to take a show, flush a toilet or do a load of laundry. WE need intellect people in government, not the monkeys we have.

    1. Hmmmm…. there may ways we can fight back. It will probably soon be legal for all to urinate and defecate in the streets. So save your “products” in a bucket and dump them in the street each day. Don’t rinse or clean your dirty recyclables, so all will go into the trash for someone else to deal with. I live near several colleges with an open locker/shower facility that anyone can use. So I can use them and let the state pay for my water. The city can clean my gutters.

  40. Hmmmm…. there may ways we can fight back. It will probably soon be legal for all to urinate and defecate in the streets. So save your “products” in a bucket and dump them in the street each day. Don’t rinse or clean your dirty recyclables, so all will go into the trash for someone else to deal with. I live near several colleges with an open locker/shower facility that anyone can use. So I can use them and let the state pay for my water. The city can clean my gutters.

  41. Idiotic laws for the masses, too many people on the planet using up the limited resources, take shorter showers and wear a condom

  42. I think that’s fair as long as oil companies pay us, Californians $1000 for each 55 gallons of water they use fracking per day.
    Let’s do math! shale-gas water use ranged from 390,000 to 6.27 million gallons per well, while shale-oil use ranged from 70,000 to 2 million gallons of water per well.

  43. Instead of spending billions to put the water meter readers on every. single. households water meter, why not use that money to put in a desalination plant in?? and jesus please don’t fret about “draining the ocean” HA!

  44. I’ve lived in southern Cal since 1943. I am now 78 years old. My dad was in the Military (WWII, start to finish) and we lived in/at Roger Young Village, Griffith Park, What a great place to live! All Dad’s there were in the Military or just getting discharged from the military. I’ve seen California be a great state (til around 1965) to live in to the sad state it is now. We (the Stacy family) want to move out of state but can’t afford too. When I win the lotto my family (Kids, grand-kids great grand-kids, all 10 will be leaving this state after 75 plus years for me and that’s sad. Thanks for listening to me grip. Guy Stacy US Navy retired, Vietnam Veteran

  45. Democrats are the dumbest freaking himans on the planet. I literally have horsecrap in my pasture smarter than all the california Democrats combined.

  46. Wait. What? How about building the wall and keeping out millions of people illegally flowing into California. Wouldn’t that reduce the need for water consumption? If we can’t handle the water now, why would any sane politician want MORE PEOPLE to come to California, especially illegally coming into our state? Duh.

  47. How is it possible that a law can be passed restricting human consumption of the ONE elemental compound that is REQUIRED to live? If I shower or do laundry my limit more so, peaked. So I cant go to my kitchen faucet and grab a glass of water. I’m being left in a conundrum pay 1000 for this glass of water or go thirsty or as they’ll see it buy bottle water but that’s basically forcing me to spend MY money in a matter I may not so choose to because who is going to pay that 1000 for that glass of water. Off track some RESTRICTING LIFE is what the government is doing by limiting the amount of water attainable in ones home. This is every typical “END OF DAYS” or “post-apocalyptic” film ever made. Where water is the prized commodity and the “superiority” rule the water. Force people into committing atrocious acts to gain a small amount of water should be readily avaliable. WE NEED IT TO SURVIVE and watch it will lead to this post apocalyptic world only to this point ever expressed thru imagination and film. These government laws and regulations of ALL KINDS are what will in turn land our great society in the mud and muck of desolation and despair. Our government will be the downfall of our ways of life it wont be a nuclear bomb that levels our cities, they will go BY (not from) the direct RESULT(noun) of the government this will be in the form of scared and desperate citizens reacting to the surrounding developing conditions in the attempt to preserve ones life. TO SURVIVE. Citizens will respond to this government control of life, ways of life, where life is, who gives life and the government will respond BY TAKING LIFE. We will be blamed by the government they media and the propaganda will spread until a civil war between STATE & CITIZEN finally erupts and our society implodes within itself. Survival is the base human instinct water is the base human life force. Without it we cannot survive. This may have gone alil farther than a mere waterbill passing legislature but pay attention folks this minute water bill is the beginning of the end. If this bill takes affect with drastic and sincere enforcement our society and ways of life will take a HUGE LEFT TURN AT THE NEXT FORK IN THE ROAD. This is no longer government BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE RAN BY THE PEOPLE. This is now a monarchy of individuals out to seek control and bend the will of life and self into whatever means they want for whatever ends they have hidden it’s only a matter of time until this S*** I’m saying is our reality. And I FEAR it’s a reality I WILL SEE IN MY LIFETIME. Push a fox into a corner what’s it gunna do? The human is only an animal with thumbs BASE INSTINCTS SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST NEEDS TO LIVE . Let these resonate in the back of your mind for the next few years while all this develops at least you’ll be aware and preparing subconsciously until the time strikes dawn and the government initiates the next set of FREEDOM RESTIRCITVE REGULATIONS. What happened to “Make America Great Again ” where is that in this water ration law. How bout “Take America Back” see we citizens can have a motto aswell. #FTP#FTG#FTS

  48. we all had a chance to get rid of some of these yahoos, instead we elected NEWSOME, perhaps we all need to convince our friends and relatives to vote these no good for nothing people out of office and get back the Real California!!!

  49. A lot of misinformation in the comments. The fines and limits for indoor water use apply only to municipal water departments, or CPUC regulated water companies, not customers. But the biggest oversight in this discussion is the only way to regulate indoor water use is separate meters for outdoor and indoor use. How much will it cost to install such meters statewide in every home? Another issue: some people need to take epsom salt baths daily for medical conditions (kidney disease). Do such people need to now go through some bureaucratic process of obtaining an exemption just to take a bath? Additionally, restrictions on outdoor water use have not been written yet but will depend on climate zone. What will happen with home values with empty swimming pools that become stagnant ponds that will end up a hazard for vector (mosquito) control? And shouldn’t the daily water use restrictions apply only to those cities that depend on imported water (LA, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, etc.) rather than cities like Riverside or Downey or Blythe that are 100% water self sufficient? The Big Blue Cities along the coast are the major water hogs that use most of the imported water. One Size Fits All is stupid but the Democrat legislature does not want to have any Republican cities exempt from the law apparently.

  50. and the illegals continue to receive free medical, education, etc…and now free showers at the tax payers expense. All the costs filter down to the true payers, the taxpayers. The supporters of this type of legislation will one day wake up and it will be way to late.

  51. It has been asked how the enforcers will know how much water is being used on a daily basis? Smart Water Meters that are being installed by many water companies is the perfect mechanism to provide water usage information for the 55 gallon limit as these connected meters would be sending real time water usage information to a central collection point where it would be a simple matter to catch users going over the 55 gallon limit and charging them $1,000.00 ($10,000.00 in dry years) fines for each time it happens. (If your water company is installing smart water meters and has an opt-out option to keep the old meter in place, it’s highly recommend to consider doing the opt-out).

    Regarding how the indoor and outdoor usages could be monitored, they could easily amend the daily water limit to be a combined total of indoor and outdoor water usage.

  52. These comments are hilarious. YOU CANT LIMIT OUR WATER! HUR-DUR. umm yes they have to or no water will come out of your Tap when you turn it on because there WILL BE NONE LEFT. fucking morons. Do you think it’s unlimited. It’s already happening. People just want to drive the bus at 100mph even though there’s a concrete barrier 100 feet ahead. Your all doomed. Have fun with 1 gallon a day when the reservoirs are dry.

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