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Kamala Harris (Facebook)

Kamala Harris Issues a Prebuke to Trump SOTU

Senator dissed the speech before it even began

By Evan Gahr, February 6, 2019 6:34 pm

Senator Kamala Harris (harris.senate.gov)

California Senator Kamala Harris, the possibly front-running Democratic presidential contender, attacked Donald Trump for his State of the Union address Tuesday night about an hour before he even gave it.

Apparently, Harris just assumed she knew whatever Trump said would be really bad because he is, after all, Donald Trump. So why bother to even hear him out? Depending on your perspective this makes her either really close-minded or exceptionally wise and proactive.

Speaking for about seven  minutes on her Facebook page with a backdrop of the Capitol, Harris delivered a familiar series of complaints about the President in what was dubbed her “prebuttal.”

“Hi, everyone. Thanks for turning in,” she began casually on Facebook Live. “I believe we are at an inflection point in the history of our nation. This is a moment where we must answer a fundamental question. Who are we? What is the state of our Union? What is that higher purpose we’re called to? And how must our leaders to respond.”

Harris said that the country needed “our leaders to speak truth about the threat of climate change, about our broken criminal justice system, about our weakened position in the world and about the realities of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and transphobia.

And she called for an America “where no mother or father has to teach their son that people may stop him or kill him because of the color of his skin ― and where no parent has to send their child to school with a bulletproof backpack.”

Taking aim at Trump, Harris said the State of the Union is a moment to rise above politics but “if last year’s remarks are any guide we are in store not for a speech that will seek to draw us together as Americans but one that seeks to  score political points by driving us apart. We will hear insincere appeals to unity. But what we need is a policy agenda that calls on the better angels of our nature.”

And don’t let the rosy picture Trump is going to paint fool you, she intoned, proceeding to debunk a series of accomplishments she expected the President to cite.

“When you hear claims that the economy is doing great don’t forget the working and middle class families who are struggling. The teachers who are working two and three jobs.”

And “when you hear claims about re-writing the rules and cutting the red tape don’t forget that means workers will have fewer workplace safety protections. Pregnant woman will have fewer clinics to turn to for care.  Children will have drinking water that is less safe.

“When you hear claims about how America is stronger in the world don’t forget the farmers and consumers hurt by this administration’s trade wars.”

Referring to Trump’s now-rescinded policy of separating migrant parents from their kids, Harris said, “When you hear claims that our problems would all be solved if we just built a wall on our Southern border don’t forget the babies ripped from their parents’ arms and the refugees fleeing violence and abuse who are being turned away.”

Harris concluded by saying that no matter what Trump says it was important to remember that “the strength of our union has never been found in the walls we build. It’s in our diversity and our unity and that is our power.”

“At this difficult moment We can have faith the American people are spirited resourceful and resilient. And because of who we are we can come together around that common purpose.”

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One thought on “Kamala Harris Issues a Prebuke to Trump SOTU

  1. I think the camera catching Willie Brown’s casting couch protégé smirking and acting like a petulant child said more than her prescient prebuttal…
    Get lost, lady, you have done nothing deserving of anything except catch the wandering eye of Willie Brown and Barack Obama….

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