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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. (McCarthy/Flickr)

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Calls for More Border Wall Funding Ahead of his Bill

Kevin McCarthy Arives Home From Border Trip

By Sean Brown, October 17, 2018 4:57 pm

Congressional GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Tulare) has just release a video in an effort to round up more public support for his border wall bill.

The video comes just days after McCarthy traveled to Texas to inspect the current wall standards and visit with border patrol agents. “I would wish every American would spend one day with the border patrols agents. I was down in El Paso; this is the first place that the border patrol began. If they spent on day with them, I don’t think there’d be any question about building this wall” McCarthy states in the video.

McCarthy’s bill encompasses everything needed in order to complete the wall including $25 billion in further funding. The bill also entails parts of previously passed House resolutions which are discussed in the video. Topics such as stronger enforcement for Kate’s Law, cutting off funding for sanctuary cities and federal backing of ICE agents are all built-in.

Many Republicans including President Trump have been calling for a bill such as this; however, Republicans will certainly need to maintain control of Congress in order to get it passed. Perhaps this why Newt Gingrich mentions December in the video when he says “I think Kevin McCarthy has offered the best bill and committed to bring it up in December to do whatever it takes to strengthen the border.”

McCarthy’s district office did not say if this video was related to his current campaign. The California Globe will investigate further.

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