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McCarthy Fires Away at Pelosi Over Border Wall Bill

Nancy Pelosi has been an Outgoing Opponent of the Border Wall

By Sean Brown, October 19, 2018 1:47 pm

In what appears to be a daily effort to keep his border wall bill in the public eye, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Tulare) has released a second wall video in just three days.

The California Globe has covered several stories, outlining what GOP leader McCarthy hopes to achieve with his border wall bill and now in his latest effort to attract further attention to the matter, McCarthy takes direct aim at fellow California Congress member Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco). In the video, McCarthy calls out Pelosi for her weak stance on immigration as well as her lack of reasoning for opposing a border wall.

McCarthy states “Nancy, it’s time to put America first, but sadly your party and the socialist movement want to have open borders, sanctuary cities for criminals, allowing illegal to vote and you want to abolish ICE.”

McCarthy’s attack on Pelosi also includes a recent clip of the Representative where she is asked in an interview “what would you be willing to trade if you gave Trump the wall?” Pelosi pauses for a moment before stating “nothing”. Also regarding the wall, Pelosi said in the same interview, “that isn’t the only way to protect the border; in fact it’s probably the worst way.”

According to a recent Fox News poll, immigration is the fourth largest national factor American’s are voting on for the midterms.

It should also be noted that both McCarthy and Pelosi are the leading candidates for Speaker of the House should their own party win majority of the House in September.

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