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Labor Statistics and Research in California

DIR is required to collect, compile, and present facts and statistics relating to the condition of labor in California

By Chris Micheli, April 5, 2023 6:49 am

California’s Labor Code, in Division 1, Chapter 7, provides for labor statistics and research to be done. It requires the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) to collect, compile, and present facts and statistics relating to the condition of labor in California, including information as to cost of living, labor supply and demand, industrial relations, industrial disputes, industrial accidents and safety, labor productivity, sanitary and other conditions, prison labor, and other matters in relation to labor as the Director of DIR deems desirable.

Labor Code Section 151 requires the DIR to conduct an annual survey of the ethnic derivation and gender of the individuals who are parties to apprentice agreements. In conducting this survey, the Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) is required to use any pertinent data which the federal government may provide to avoid duplication of effort. The DAS must cooperate in the accomplishment of the survey required by this law.

In addition, this section is not to be construed to authorize a state agency to require an employer to employ a specified percentage of individuals of any particular ethnic derivation or gender irrespective of those individuals’ qualifications for employment.

Section 152 authorizes the Director of DIR and authorized employees of the DIR may issue subpoenas to compel the attendance of witnesses and production of books, papers, and records; administer oaths; examine witnesses under oath; take the verification or proof of written instruments; and take depositions and affidavits for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of the Labor Code and performing required duties.

Section 153 prohibits any use of the statistical or other reports prepared of the names of persons supplying the information required under the Labor Code. Any agent or employee of the DIR who violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Section 156 requires an annual report containing statistics on California work injuries and occupational diseases and fatalities by industry classifications to be completed and published by the DIR no later than December 31 of the following calendar year. All of the reports and statistics are to be available to the public.

Section 157 requires the DIR to provide the Department of Transportation (DOT) with links to existing public registries and databases related to drayage trucks. The DIR is also required to provide the DOT with links to existing public databases that may include information on workers’ compensation fraud or health and safety enforcement activity.

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